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The Player, Ginger and I

I grabbed his hard cock and said, “I am baby, come on put that big hard cock anywhere you want,
I was working my usual late shift at the tables, the last night before the weekend that I was so looking forward to.  It was getting toward the end of my shift.  It has been a pretty quiet night, not a lot of players coming through the doors.  There was three players at my table, one very good looking guy I would guess was about 30, and two older men, both with graying hair.  There was not a lot of winning going on; the house was taking in most of the money placed on the table.  Then something changed in the luck of the younger player.  He started hitting Black Jack after Black Jack.  My Pit Boss was watching over my shoulder as the wagers became bigger and bigger.  It really got his attention when the player doubled down with two aces showing!  He placed a sizeable bet on both and asks to be hit.  Wow, a jack and then a king!  His winnings, almost $100,000 in just that one hand.

Taking his chips, he was escorted to the payout window at the end of the room.  My table was shut down and I was told to take a break.  I only had about an hour left on my shift, and it would not be unusual to just let the time pass and then leave for home.  I went down to the main floor and walked into the bar/lounge, it was just after 5 AM and there was only one couple setting at a corner table.  I sat down near the stage area, kind of off by myself.  

My friend Ginger was working the bar and came over and sat down across the table from me.  Ginger was very pretty, long black hair, green eyes, and a pair of boobs that looked every bit as big as mine.  I had always kind of secretly wondered what it would be like to be in bed with her.   She smiled and commented, “must be things are slow on the third floor this morning, I usually don’t see you down here by yourself this early.”   “Would you like something to drink, “she asked?  “Sure I replied, I’ll have a Mountain Dew with just a small shot of vodka. “  

Ginger walked back to the bar and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone enter the lounge.  It was the young good looking guy that had won big at my table.  He walked right over to my table, looked at me and smiled, and said, “I was hoping to find you and give you a tip for being my dealer.”  “You really dealt me some very good cards, and I wanted to do something to say thanks.”  He went on, “my name is Duncan and I am here visiting from the East Coast.”  “Came out here for a series of business meetings, had some extra time to spend in the Casino before calling it a night.  I am not booked to fly out until later today, so I am just looking for something to do.”

Ginger brought my drink to the table, saw Duncan sitting there and said, “Hey good looking, what can I get you to drink?”  He looked her up and down for just a moment and then slowly said, “You can bring me a Whiskey and water, with just a twist of lemon.”  Ginger walked toward the bar, Duncan watching her ass as she walked across the room.  Looking back at me he said, “You have just about the most perfect breasts that I have ever seen, and I really love the way you show them off in that skimpy top.”  He continued, “When I was playing at your table, I could not take my eyes off of them.”  “You are so beautiful to look at!”  I gave him one of those I feel a little embarrassed looks and replied, “I am glad you like them, I get a lot of nice comments about my body.”  

Ginger brought Duncan’s drink over to the table, and sat down, saying, “It’s been a long night, and I am sure glad that my shift is ending.”  “Do you mind if I join you both for a drink before I leave?”  “Would love to have you,” Duncan said, “I’m buying get yourself a drink and have a seat.”  Ginger went back to the bar, poured herself a drink and came back to the table.  Setting down she said, “My feet are killing me, these heels need to come off!”  You could hear the shoes fall to the floor under the table.  Duncan looked at her and said, “Might as well make yourself comfortable.”

We sat there for some time making small talk and sipping on our drinks.  You could see that Duncan was really enjoying looking at both of us.  I would catch his eyes staring into my cleavage, and sensed he was doing the same with Ginger.  It seems like it was quiet for a long time, him looking back and forth at us, and smiling.  Then he said, “Ladies, I hope you don’t think that I am forward, but I would sure love to take you both to bed.”  “I think the three of us could have a wonderful time together.”

Ginger looked at me, and I looked at her, both with a kind of devilish look on our faces.  “Well Girl Friend,” she said, “I am game if you are.”  I looked over at Duncan, a very big smile on his face, and said, “Tell me babe, do you have a room here in the hotel?”  “Well yes I do,” he replied. “And it is all stocked with lots fruit and drinks.”  By now it was well past both Ginger’s and my quitting times.  Ginger and I both stood up at about the same time, each of us taking Duncan by the hand.  “Let’s go,” I said, I am ready for some fun and relaxation.”

We walked across the hotel lobby and got into a waiting elevator.  The door closed and we started up.  Duncan reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple of chips.  Taking one in each hand, he carefully pushed one of the chips into our cleavage, giving us a small kiss on the cheek as he finished.  From the color I could tell it was a $1000 poker chip.  Looking at us both, he said, “I did not want to forget to show you my appreciation for spending some time with me.”  We walked down the hallway, Duncan stopped at a door and said, “And this is my room, come on in and let’s gets to know each other better.”  The door opened, it was a modest room, a nice big hot tub in the living area.  Through an open archway you could see a king size bed in the next room.  

Duncan looked at us and said, “shall we get undressed and get into the hot tub, or am I being to presumptuous about what we are going to do?”  I looked at Ginger, she looked at me.  At almost the same time off came the uniform tops that we had been wearing.  Both of us were braless, our breasts out in the open, there in front of Duncan.  It was amazing how much our breasts looked alike.  We were about the same age and build, and it was obvious that Duncan was pleased with 40DD’s in front of him, by the size of the bulge in his pants.

I bent down and slipped out of my short skirt and panties.  Ginger was doing the same almost at the same time.  Our bodies now complete nude, standing smiling at Duncan.  He started to slowly undress, first taking off his shirt and shoes.  Slowly he bent down and slid his pants to the floor.  Standing there in his boxers, it was obvious that he was pretty well hung.  The thick bulge in his underwear was standing almost up to the waist band.  I walked over to him, reached down, unsnapped his boxers, and let them fall to his feet.  I grabbed his cock, holding it tightly in my hand, and give him a small kiss on the lips.   Ginger had come up behind Duncan and together we put our arms around each other, holding him between us, our breasts pushing hard against his bare skin.  He kind of groaned and said, “how about we get into the hot tub, I want to just look at you two just setting there in front of me.”

We stepped into the hot tub, Ginger and I across from Duncan.  Slowly we all settled into the nice hot water, enjoying the feel of the warmth it came up our bodies.  The hot tub was quite small, with our legs out in front of us; we were touching each other’s hips, and having a nice cozy feeling from the warm water all over our bodies.  Duncan looked across at us and said, “I like to watch, and I want you two to make out with each other, OK?”  I did not need any more invitation than that.  I had always wondered what it would be like to be with Ginger, now was my chance.  I put my hands on either side of her face, pulling her closely I kissed her on the lips, she responded and I felt her tongue enter my mouth.  I could feel the good feelings come over my body as we kissed and tongued each other.  

I felt Gingers hands all over my boobs, her thumbs circling my nipples, as they got bigger and bigger and harder and harder.  I returned the touch as we continued to kiss deeply.  I could feel her nipples swell as I slowly and carefully rubbed across them.  Ginger reached down and started to slide a finger up and down my pussy, carefully she found my clit and started making small circles around it.  I reached down and found her cleanly shaved pelvic area, carefully inserting a finger inside of her.  She was very tight and I could feel her clit swelling as I rubbed up toward the top of her pussy.  The passion was rising in both of us.  We broke off our kiss, both panting with desire.  Almost at the same time we said, “I want you to make me cum.”  We looked at each other and kind of giggled, at the same time finger fucking each other with more intensity.  “Ginger looked at me and said, “Let’s set up on the edge of the hot tub, I want to eat your pussy and taste your juices.”

We slipped out of the hot tub; I noticed that Duncan was slowly stroking his hard cock, its head just above the water, as he watched us squirming around on the deck.  With Ginger on top, we turned around and carefully positioned each other’s pussies over each other’s mouths.   I started licking her pussy, my tongue going deep inside, tasting her juices.  She was doing the same to me, spending a lot of time sucking on my now big and hard clit.  I started sucking and tonguing her harder and harder.   At almost the same time I felt the passion overflowing my body, my pussy was contracting in spasm after spasm, I felt my juices squirting into Gingers mouth, I yelled out with pleasure as my body started going limp.  

Gingers was still sucking on my clit and licking the juice from my pussy as I slowly put my hands under her boobs and sat her up on my face.  I slid out from under her, and turned around.  She laid back; I spread her legs widely apart, her smoothly shaved pussy being pushed up toward my face.  I pushed my lips against hers, my tongue deep inside of her pussy.  I started kissing and nibbling on her clit, while at the same time, slipping my fingers inside of her pussy.  I was finger fucking her and eating her clit as she started humping my face and fingers.  She let out a loud scream and I felt the warm juices inside of her pussy flowing over my fingers as her pussy tightly grabbed onto my fingers.  I carefully removed my fingers from her pussy, licking them one by one as I enjoyed her taste.  I spread open her pussy with my fingers while licking deeply inside of her, tasting all the hot cum that she still had dripping from her pussy.  Exhausted we hugged each other, as we slowly slid back into the hot tub.

Duncan was still slowly stoking his cock.  He looked at us and said, “I love seeing to women make love to each other, especially when you are both so beautiful and love eating each other’s pussies.”  He continued, “now I think it is my turn, let’s all go jump into bed, I want you both to take care of me now.”  Without even drying off, we all went to the bedroom, pulled back the blankets, and laid down on the cool clean sheets.  Duncan’s cock was a lot bigger than it first looked.  It was about 8 inches long and quite thick.  Looking at us he said, “OK Ladies, now it’s my turn and I want to fuck you in the mouth and deep in your hot tight pussies.  Who is first?”  

I grabbed his hard cock and said, “I am baby, come on put that big hard cock anywhere you want, I want to feel it inside of me.”  He grabbed the back of my head and said, “I want you to swallow my cock, I want to fuck your face first.”  I licked all around the bottom of his head, from time to time sucking on the head and sliding a couple of inches inside of my mouth.  After teasing him for several minutes, I suddenly went all the way down on his cock, I felt it touch the back of my mouth and slide down my throat.  I then throat fucked his cock just a fast as I could, he was moaning and telling me not to stop.  Just about the time I thought he was going to cum, I pulled back, letting his cock fall back on his stomach.  I looked over at Ginger; she was fingering her pussy, and tasting her juices.  “It’s your turn to eat his cock,” I said, “get over here and get busy.”

Ginger slid over beside me, grabbed Duncan’s hard cock and pushed it all the way into her mouth.  It was obvious that she had done this before.  She was deep fucking his cock, his balls slapping on her chin.  I said, “Don’t make him cum Ginger; I want to do that later.”  At about the same time, Duncan let out a yell and said, “I’m getting ready to cum, don’t stop.”  Ginger pulled back slightly and started deeply sucking on his pecker head and shaft, suddenly Duncan let out a yell, his cock exploding filling Gingers mouth, filling it with his hot cum.  She sucked it hard and long, getting every last drop of cum that she could.  She opened her mouth and showed me her mouth full of cum.  I grabbed her face and started kissing here, sharing Duncan’s cum back and forth between us.  It was hot and slippery and had a slightly salty taste.  After playing in it with our tongues for several minutes we both swallowed and it was gone.

Duncan laid back relaxing and enjoying the afterglow from shooting his big load.  I took his now limp cock in my hand, and very carefully started licking and sucking off what was left of his hot cum.  I was really surprised when I realized that it was again getting hard, swelling up to almost the size it was before he shot his big load.  He kind of pushed himself up on his elbows, looking at me and said, “surprise, I am almost ready to start over, only this time it will be a lot longer before I shoot my load.”  “Both of you are going to get the fucking of your lives.”   He looked at me and said, “I want you to sit on my cock, so I can play with your big tits.”  I took his cock in my hand, carefully pushing it into my pussy as I slowly sat down on his hard cock.   He started playing with my tits and my nipples.  I started riding up and down on his cock, each time taking it in up to his balls.  It only took about 5 minutes of this deep fucking and I started feeling that feeling deep inside of my pussy.  I reached down and started playing with my clit, in minutes I was exploding, Duncan’s cock deep inside of my pussy when I exploded, gripping it even tighter with my pussy.  

I pulled off of his still hard cock, Ginger had been fingering herself while I mounted and fucked his hard cock.  She took his cock in her hand, carefully inserted it in her pussy, and started humping it as hard and fast as she could.  Duncan lay back, enjoying every thrust, reaching up and playing with her big boobs and nipples.   It only took a short time and Ginger was getting ready to cum.  I reached over and turned her head toward me and started kissing her.  At the same time I reached over and started playing with her clit.  She started fucking his cock faster and faster, her pussy swallowing his big hard cock.  She broke off our deep kiss, letting out a small scream as she exploded; Duncan’s cock deep inside of her wet tight pussy.  As she lifted up, exposing Duncan’s cock, I could not help notice that is was still very hard and erect, with his bulging head slippery with her cum and pussy juices.

Duncan looked over at me and said, “I want you to make me cum, I want to fuck you between those big tittles, I want to shoot my load into your mouth, I want you to swallow my hot cum.  I lay back on the bed; Duncan got on his knees over me, his hard cock above my tits.  He grabbed my tits, pushing them tightly together and starting fucking them like it was my pussy.  Every couple of minutes he would slide his cock into my mouth.  Each time I sucked it as hard as I could while he fucked my face.  He fucked my tits and my face for a long time.  He stopped, and taking his cock in his hand, started jacking off.  He looked at me and said, “Get ready baby, I am going to have a big lot load to shoot into your mouth in a couple of minutes.”  I looked up and him and said, “put the head of your cock in my mouth and let me suck on it while you stroke it, I want to feel it swell up and shoot your big hot load.”

It only took a few more minutes, him stroking his big hard cock, its head in my mouth sucking as hard as I could, and he was about ready to cum.  “Fuck my face baby,” I said, I want you to cum deep in my mouth.”  I started to deep throat his hard cock, I could feel the head swelling as he got ready to shoot his load.  He let out a big groan, his hot cum filling my mouth.  I sucked and sucked as he pumped every last drop down my throat.  He pulled out, falling back on to the bed.  I swallowed hard, cleaning out the last drop of cum and enjoying the lasting salty taste of is big load.

We must have all fallen asleep.  When I woke up, Ginger was asleep beside me, Duncan was gone.  I got up and looked for Duncan.  His suite case was gone.  On the table was a note that said, “I will be back in town next year about this same time.”  “I hope that you and Ginger will be here for me then.”  I woke up Ginger; we talked about our adventure as we got dressed.  We agreed that we would be ready for the next time, when ever that would be.  We both took the elevator down to the parking garage, getting into our cars and heading home to start the weekend we were so looking forward to.


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