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The Pleasure - Pain Principle

Lovers testing their limits with SM
How did I find myself here? Staring up at the darkened ceiling, waiting. The flickering of countless candles scattered about the room causing the shadows to jump about the walls. Each time I assume the shifting forms that frolic at the side of my vision are you, but my heart sinks in disappointment when I glimpse the nebulous forms laughing at my frustration. The ruffle of a nearby candle flame breaks the quiet calmness & brings me back from my thoughts. Did movement in the room cause that? Have you come back to me? Or was it just a wisp of a breeze? I lift my head to peer about the room but once again I feel dismayed by your absence. My thoughts slip back to my situation & I profess to myself that I would be far more frightened if I was blindfolded.

The breeze that challenged the flame glides unseen across the room towards my prone, naked body. Its icy cold fingers nuzzle at my feet, pinching my toes before clawing its way up my legs. My nipples harden as it climbs further up my restrained form & I feel the hairs at the back of my neck stand on end & the skin around my breasts tightens as goose bumps blossom. Your soft, deep chuckle startles me & I raise my head wrenching it from side to side as I squint into the shadows needing to see you. But all I ‘m met with is the implication of your presence & obscurity.

Anticipation can be such an exquisite torment. I feel pity for those who don’t know or never experience the true joy of the erotic. For most it’s all about the release, that one single moment when an injection of dopamine into their brains is the only form of reward they understand. But in my world you showed me how to focus on the journey & not the destination. Pleasure & intimacy will be found not in finishing the act but in performing it. Never focus on the pot at the end of the rainbow but instead caress the spectrum of lights with your eyes & your mind, appreciate the beauty & savour the moment as if it was your last. Tonight began with just a few words from your lips. Your commanding tone told me to strip, lay down, & then you secured my arms to the middle pole of our metal bed head before leaving me alone with my imagination.

Fuck. I'm getting excited at the prospect of what’s to come.

The gentle wisp of your trousers as you casually stroll into the room makes my pulse quicken. I don’t look up this time; instead I stay very still, waiting for you to come to me. I smell the sweet aroma of your aftershave before I see you; the smell washes over me like a lace curtain billowing on a breeze. No words are spoken as you approach the side of the bed & look down at me; our relationship requires no words to awaken the thrill inside us. I turn to look into your piercing gray eyes as you stare into mine searching for a hint of my thoughts & desires. I want to whisper to you that there’s no need to look there to find the answers but instead slip your hand between my soft thighs to know the lustful truth.

I notice for the first time the large, metal tray you’re carrying. From my prone position I can’t make out what’s on it, but I can surmise from your devilish grin & my constraints it will be wicked & delightful. You turn away from me & walk to the dresser placing the tray on it & begin to organise your instruments of torture. My gaze admires the way your black trousers fit, snug against your body & as a flush spreads from my cheeks & travels downward as I imagine my fingernails imbedded in your firm cheeks as you thrust inside me.

My breath catches as you turn to face me & our eyes lock. I thought I'd be able to handle this better than what I ‘am but I'm so nervous, but more than that I'm turned on. I feel like the first touch will be too sensitive, as if there is a live electrical current running through my body. The slightest touch from your fingers, lips or tongue will cause my body to spasm in shock, assailing my senses & making me ineffective at restraining the cries that would escape my lips. My mind will struggle to comprehend if its pleasure or pain your exposing me too, which makes for a delicious appetizer to our main course.

I ‘m slow to realize that our stare has been severed. Your eyes are slowly caressing my body with a touch I can almost feel, you’re leering over my breasts, watching them heave in expectation. The way you follow the contours of my stomach & hips, lingering a moment to tickle my belly button before plunging over my bare mound & into the V of my thighs. Oh god, I hear your soft groan at the sight of me, I shiver as you worship my naked body & luxuriate in the fact that I can’t do a single thing about my nakedness. Damn, I'm getting wetter and you haven’t even touched me yet. If men only knew it has nothing to do with size or how it’s used, but instead it all comes down to the one simple step of making us women feel special, making us feel like a goddess.

Attempting to reverse the role of dominance, I close my thighs forcing you to stop your close scrutiny of my bare sex & in the process torment you as you do to me. But your smile tells me I have failed & embarrassed myself in the attempt. Instead I ‘m left staring at your back again as you turn towards the tray, highlighting once & for all who is really in charge tonight. There is no logical reason for me to be frightened tonight, especially in your presence. I feel safe & secure, yet the flutter of butterflies in my stomach causes me to swallow with a dry, audible click as my mind begins to speculate at what you have planned.

Turning to face me once again I see your first instrument of torture & my breath catches as I watch my worst fear swing like a pendulum from the tip of your finger. The black, satin material promises a world sealed off from the light, depositing me in a realm where I must entrust myself to you. I raise my eyes searching your face for a hint of jest, but your attention has been drawn back to my naked, harnessed body that’s subject to your whim. I try to speak to get your attention but my mouth is suddenly dry & barren of any complaint. The action of licking my lips draws your gaze up to meet mine. The pleading in my eyes speaks volumes but your gaze ignores my silent cries & instead you make your way across the room toward me, slow and steady, savouring every tormenting step.

As you lean over my supine form & raise the blindfold towards my face, a soft mewl escapes my lips which causes you to pause briefly & look into my eyes. You wordlessly question me, asking for my permission to continue. I know it’s my own naivety that frightens me more than anything & there is no one I trust more than you so I give a single, subtle nod of surrender. Your eyes soften & you smile. You lean in closer, bringing your mouth down to mine. You pause to savour the moment. To cherish the smell of each other’s skin, to breathe each other’s breath, looking into each other’s eyes, our lips meet.


It feels so good to have you touching me that I strain against my bindings, striving to bring myself closer to you, but the sudden snap along my arms reminds me of my restrained limitations & instead I moan into your mouth in a union of ecstasy & frustration. But oh god, you taste so fucking good. Your full lips & tongue linger & caress me, you invade my mouth, probing, tasting, revelling and I love every moment.

Our kiss slows and you take my bottom lip between both of yours, holding me for a moment before releasing & trailing your touch across my cheek. Your hot breath skims over my ear making me shiver and whimper as you hold your cheek pressed against mine. I press closer to you waiting for you to whisper your desires to me, but you draw out the moment & I almost question my expectations before your words finally resonate throughout my body, stoking the ache within my sex & leaving me gasping.

“I can smell your excitement.”

I arch my body, pushing my chest towards you, needing to feel your warm, naked skin pressed against me & I groan from deep within as you slip the blindfold over my eyes & my world becomes indistinct.

"Please.” I beg. “I don't think I can stand being teased tonight."

Silence is my only answer.

"I’ am ready now." I try again in vain.

I cock my head slightly to the side as the rustling of clothing is all I can hear. Are you getting undressed? Moving about the room? Preparing some form of torment? I can only guess at your actions, while encased in my dark prison. I push my other senses to their greatest extents, searching, plying for any information, My body tenses instinctively and my thighs rub together & I realize that I ‘m straining against the bindings but I can’t relax, not now, not tonight. Without my vision I ‘m listening too closely, breathing too deeply and bracing for the unexpected.

I listen as you move around the room completing tasks that for all I know are immaterial & their only purpose is to prolong the torment. I feel the deep thump of your footsteps on the floor vibrating up the legs of the bed. Suddenly like a scream in the night I hear something unzipped. What was that? Was it your trousers? The image of your erect, swollen member flashes through my mind & my desire soars. Are you standing next to the bed staring down at my naked body? Have you reached into your pants & taken yourself out? Are you touching yourself while standing over me? I rub my thighs together at the thought. This delicious forced waiting, the exquisite sounds of things unknown makes me feel helpless & wetter.

When it does come, that first touch, I'm so anxious that I jump. I feel ridiculous & ashamed at my action as your warm hand rests flat against my heaving chest just below my throat. I turn my head to face away from you, biting hard into my bottom lip in an attempt to rein in my emotions that have bubbled to the surface & revealed my inexperience. Forcing myself to take deep breathes I slowly calm & relax my body. The warmth of your hand seeping into my skin & your reassuring presence assists me, but my sensibility is walking a very fine line. Your breathing pronounced in the silence of the room is deep & rhythmic, almost hypnotic & I concentrate, imagining your face, your bright, gray eyes and the penetrating way they probe into my subconscious seeking out what excites me. I wonder, when you slip into my mind do you see an image of what I desire?

A subtle movement from your hand, was it real or imagined? No, there it is again. A miniscule slip downwards, before pausing, making me wait as anticipation is being forced on me each & every step. I can feel my jaw tightening & a scream of frustration building deep, down inside me.

And what happens when that scream escapes my lips? What then? Will the bindings holding me suddenly come undone? Will the blindfold be torn from my eyes? No, nothing will happen. I do expect to hear your smug laugh torment me further but would you take pity on me at that moment & give me a morsel of relief? Probably not & even though you make me grind my teeth & want to scream out so loud the neighbours would hear, I still wouldn’t want it any other way.

You raise your palm off my skin & begin to glide your finger tips between my breasts, slowly dipping down the slight decline onto my stomach before stopping above my naked sex. My breasts heave at the promise of what’s to come but instead your touch evaporates from my skin just when you’re about to get to the heart of my ache. Instinctively I still raise my hips trying to force your hand but no matter what I do your touch doesn’t return. A cocky laugh washes over me & I grind my teeth in delightful constraint.

Your movement off the bed & footsteps away cause me to pull against my restraints as I attempt in vain to loosen a wrist. My struggles swiftly stop as a freezing chill reverberates through my body at the sound of ice cubes being swished around in a bowl. My breath catches as the tinkling & clunking of ice is a frigid mockery that makes my nipples harden & the hair on my arms stand on end. The silence that follows is even worse, waiting for that first chilling contact against my skin but instead I ‘m shocked from my thoughts by your warm breath on my cheek & your soft command.

"Open your mouth for me." You whisper.

Without thought or protest, my mouth opens.

I startle slightly as the first frigid drop splashes onto my tongue. The cold liquid floods into my mouth & trickles to the back of my throat soothing the dryness. A second drop bursts over my bottom lip & trickles over my chin & down my throat. I wait for the shock of the third drop but instead the direct chill of the ice cube is rubbed along my bottom lip to the corner of my mouth & then over my top lip to the other corner. My tongue slips out to lick at the ice one moment & the next your warm mouth is on mine & our tongues chase the cold away. Lost in your lips, revelling in the warm moistness of our kiss it takes a moment for me to realise the slow descent of the ice cube down my throat & across my chest. As your lips leave mine we find ourselves both panting from the passion & I arch my neck & groan as the ice melts a path to my erect nipple.

I wait like a statue, one that has been sculptured to capture the instant before ecstasy is endowed. And when your touch does come, I cry out in delight or is it discomfort? The circling of the ice shard around my nipple is a symphony of pleasure & pain; a fusion intermingled so that my mind cannot comprehend where one starts & the other ends. The tip of the shard glides over the goose bumps of my areola once, and then pauses before circling a second time. A chilling drop of water trickles down the side of my breast & into the sheet leaving a wet trail glistening in the candlelight. Heat follows cold as you swallow the chill with your mouth, encasing my frigid tip you devour it like candy, sucking its proud firmness before crushing it between your lips & pulling, stretching it, holding it & then releasing. Just as I start to breathe again the combination of your lips & teeth propel me once again into a realm of confusing perceptions, the pain-pleasure principle will be a constant companion tonight. I want you to devour my whole body, I want to shiver as your tongue tantalises & gasp as your teeth torture me but either way I melt at whatever touch you bestow.

The burning itch at my wrists reminds me of my bindings & their unyielding devotion to constrain my impatience, holding me back from you, stopping me from taking what I want, what I need. Your lips & mouth continue to pleasure & punish my nipples, as I raise my head, expelling my heaving breath into your ear, I groan loudly in approval, inciting you on to do more. My hands are tight fists fighting against the restraints, my body shudders & my thighs dance to a rhythm all of their own. Letting my head fall back onto the pillow I raise my torso off the bed, pushing my breasts against you, the desire to touch you is beginning to hurt & the force of that frustration is so erotic.

For the first time I ‘m aware of my own sounds. The noises coming from my throat are breathy & unrecognizable as words but their meaning is so clear. Soft moans & cries of desire, pleading, angry mumbled demands that sink to a whimper of need when ignored & finally I reach that plateau. I raise my head, smelling your closeness, hearing the smacking of your lips on my erect nipples and I know what words to seduce you with.

"Please... I need you to touch me." I whisper in a husky voice. I can feel it building; the ache between my legs. It's already reached a fever pitched level and with your touch it will quickly boil over. You’re pleasuring stops & the cold air chills the wetness across my nipples. I can tell by your laboured breathing that you’re excited. You take so much pleasure from my enjoyment.

"What do you need?" You ask.

Your mouth is inches away from mine & your breath caressing my lips. My only thoughts are primal; I need you to kiss me again. I need you to slip your hand between my legs and touch the warm wetness you created. But I don’t believe for a second that you need me to answer your question. It’s just more teasing, allowing me to believe I have control only to turn around and show me I have none.

"Pleeeease..." Is all I’m allowed to utter before your lips are on mine again. My mouth opens at the same time my legs do, giving you access to my bodies most private part. I plant my feet firmly on the bed & I raise my hips to greet your touch. As soon as your fingers slide across my bare lips, I feel the chill from the ice cloaked upon them but only for an instant as the heat from my sex quickly warms your touch. My orgasm hits as soon as your fingers delve into my depths & circle the erect bundle of nerves inside. I explode in your arms, my thighs clamp shut on your hand & my hips buck as my scream flows into your mouth & you swallowed it as if it were sustenance for your passion.

I collapse & lay spent on the bed, pushing my heaving breath towards the heavens, a tingle dancing up my arms, my hearing muffled as if stuffed with cotton & my mind is foggy with satisfaction. Your fingers continue to move through my wetness, gently guiding me down from the edge of orgasm. My body spasms & jerks due to the sensitivity that, as gentle as you are, is almost painful.

"I love it when you cum in my mouth." you whisper.

I moan at the image & to let you know your words excite me just as much if not more than your sweet touch. I also still want more, much much more. I want your fingers to glide further inside me. Two or possibly even three fingers exploring me. I want to touch you, taste you & explore your hardness. My appetite for you has not diminished with my orgasm but instead has escalated to the point I ‘m finally able to articulate my needs.

"Sir...?" I ask in a croaky voice.

"Tell me what you want, sweetheart." You whisper so sweetly across my lips.

"Please, I... I want to touch you.… now."

Your fingers cease their delicate swirling and I immediately regret my request, when your soft fingertips leave me altogether I mourn their absence with a whine of frustration. Your full, warm lips touch the corner of my mouth and then glide over my cheek. Your hand reaches up and your fingers meld into my hairline & your thumb caresses my cheek as you cup the side of my face, holding me in place as your tongue slips up & down my neck. You pause a moment & take in a deep breath savouring the unique smell of my skin & hair.

"Sweetheart, I’ m sorry but that’s not possible. You see, as soon as you touch me I'm going to explode." You confess.

My wetness is still coating your fingers when I feel them slide either side of my nipple & clamp down, gently squeezing & pulling. My chest lifts of its own accord, wanting more & your mouth quickly answers my plea & envelopes my nipple. I luxuriate in the insistent sounds of sucking & smacking as you take delight in not only my unique taste but also the act of cleaning all my juices from my skin.

"There is another reason I can’t let you touch me.” You whisper across my breasts. “You see when I do finally cum; I need to be buried deep inside you."

Sudden movement and you’re gone from me.

No, no, no!! Don’t go please, after hearing your confession I want you more than ever, I need you more than ever, I want you to inside me, I want to feel you swell & explode in me. I want to dig my finger nails into the muscles of your back as your body tenses in orgasm. But I’m wasting my time, my only companion is silence & once again I realise what you have done, you have intensified the anticipation, like waving a red cloth at a bull & I charged blindly towards your perceived desires.

Instead I wait for what comes next. Will it be pleasure, pain, torment, relief, love or lust? My wait is short lived as my head arches back as an infinite number of fingers glide their way starting from my foot up my leg, shimmering across my hip, over my stomach & caresses my breast. I shiver & goose bumps explode all over my body, not from the coldness but from the delicate, lover’s caress that surprises me. The fingers cavort about my chest & throat, tickling & grazing my nipples before travelling back down the other side of my body, teasing & taunting me all the way.

When the erotic fingers leave my now inflamed skin, the voice inside my head screams out, what the fuck was that? Suddenly they are back but this time they caress both my inner thighs at once & even though I know what’s coming next I still can’t prepare for the sensation. Fireworks mushroom in the inky darkness behind the blindfold as those delicate fingers earnestly glide over my bare lips, lingering, doing a slow, sultry, salsa upon my sex. My whole body solidifies in delight, unable to move, moan or breathe; all I can do is hang in time, frozen in space. Finally when the fingers do stop their cavorting, the release of my held breath has me gasping for air, but instantly they are back again & once more my body becomes rigid in pleasure.

I will never know whether it was the noise or the change in sensation, but either way when the first swat of the whips fingers echoed across my naked thigh & about the bedroom I couldn’t suppress the shriek that escapes my lips. Another sharp slap ripples across my other thigh & I feel my whole body jump in fright. Biting down hard on my lip in a feeble attempt to stifle another yelp, I’m left shocked & confused at the mixed feelings of pain, fright & arousal. Oh my god those fingers are dancing across my bare mound again, how can an instrument of pain be so delectable? I shake my head from side to side at the smorgasbord of feelings & emotions that bombard me, lust, helplessness, fright, need, fear & desire. I ‘m left paralysed for an instant when I grasp the truth that I want the fingers to caress me but I also want the sharp sting of the whip.

What is wrong with me?

But all my thoughts begin to calm as your teeth & mouth return to my swollen nipples & I utter a soft moan as your mouth resumes its sweet punishment. My body begins to relax as well after the onslaught of conflicting sensations & I concentrate on easing the straining of my arms against the ropes. But no matter how hard I try my thighs continue to ignore my cognitive demands to settle and they persist in their insistent, demanding attempt to quell the deep ache within their apex.

Your lips begin to work their way down the side of my breast with the tip of your tongue following its curvature. Your fingernails quickly join your mouth so that the combined sensations trickle down the side of my torso. I follow your path down my body & in my mind your course begins to veer towards my pussy, your touch arches over my prominent hip bone & glides towards my ache. My breathing quickens without any thought, but all contact evaporates within reach of my need. I feel your body shifting on the bed and then I hear your long deep breath in through your nose, followed by an animalistic groan of lust followed by your hot breath on my bare lips & thighs. Oh god your smelling my wetness.

You’re so close. My reaction is automatic as I arch my pelvis up hoping against hope that I could touch your mouth & sweet, soft tongue. Your warm breath washes over my naked skin like ripples in a bath. I imagine you staring at my lips, naked as the day I was born, plump, swollen & inflamed with arousal. I revel in your act & coax you by slowly opening my legs wider so you see the glistening of my juices like sparkling diamonds in the candle light. I’m met with a sound of approval as I know how much you appreciate seeing me wet with excitement.

“Roll over now.” You command. “Onto your stomach.”

By slowly wiggling & with great difficulty I inch my way onto my side & then onto my stomach. It’s obvious you had this action planned seeing as you tied my hands to the centre of the bed frame. With my hands now crossed at the wrist I find the bindings are even more constricting than before. But I’m now able to pull myself closer to the head of the bed & prop myself up onto my elbows. This may not mean much to most people but at that moment it was a semblance of control that I felt starved of. The silence that follows screams to me that you’re once again voyeuring me. Most probably you’re standing at the foot of the bed, or better yet kneeling on the floor, placing yourself at eye level. I feel your gaze like the finest silk cloth settle over my skin, glancing over the soft skin at the back of my knees, gliding up my tender thighs & then moulding itself over the heart shaped contours of my ass. I widen my legs & arch my lower back, offering myself to you. Knowing that you’re staring at me, seeing how red, swollen & ready I ‘am. The silence that follows is tormenting & the lack of movement is just as agonising. Fuck!!! Do something, please.

The mattress to my left dips as you kneel next to me on the bed, your soft finger traces the outline of the tattoo imprinted across my lower back. I know you find that part of my body erotic, the soft skin, the curvatures of my back, hips & cheeks, my long hair cascading & the prominent tattoo framing that portion of my body. So many times I have cried out in pleasure as your desire erupts across that part of my body, feeling you rub your slippery, warm essence into my skin, knowing that as the bliss flows through your body at the moment of orgasm, I ‘am the centre of your arousal. Your fingers gently press into the sides of my hips, enticing me to raise them. I note the pillow being placed under me & then the pressure of your hand easing me back down. With the pillow under my waist my ass is propped high into the air.

To some this position may seem demeaning, but I truly adore it. I feel exposed, so out of control. And it’s a position where you can pleasure me in so many different & wonderful ways. Your tender caress over my ass cheek followed by a moan of adoration has me sighing within; a warm flush flows through my body & my knees begin to shake. You could spend all night touching me like this, and I wonder if there are people out there who would ask you what pleasure you get from that. Your reply would be, if you have to ask, you will never understand the simply joy in a woman’s form & their satisfying noises of delight. Still propped up on my elbows with my head up I begin to relax & allow your gentle touch to lull me along like a leaf on a current, guiding me slowly towards the culmination of all your actions.

The slap is loud & shocking, fuck!!!

My cry of fright follows the echo of the paddle off the bedroom walls. The confusion of my thoughts & feelings as they tumble through my mind overwhelms me. Was it the loudness of the paddle striking my bare behind, or was it the shock of the smarting pain or possibly was it the delectable feeling of submission? Or just maybe it was a heady combination of them all. Just to confuse matters further I feel you lean down, your lips kiss the hot welt imprinted across my cheek, quickly followed by your soft, warm tongue which eases the biting sting. Hot & cold, sweet & sour, pleasure & pain, opposites do attract. Raising yourself back up your delicate touch continues to trace the raised outline of the paddle; the gentleness & warmth easing the remaining sting.

“I can see the real appeal in dominance.” You admit. “Starting with the sharp crack of the paddle on your perfect ass, followed by the misleading cry of what? Pain? Or was it fright? Either way it was conflicting with your body’s reaction. Next time don’t open your legs & arch your back offering me your pussy.”

Leaning down you whisper “I also adored the way your cheeks quivered, it made me very hard.” directly into my ear.

“Now, would you care for another?" you ask.

Do I want another? So many questions & doubts are going through my mind I honestly don't know. My cheek still feels red hot, I imagine the soft white skin starting to turn a light shade of crimson. What do I want? I have to answer him. And suddenly it's crystal clear. My wetness has increased, my ache is more powerful. Yes, yes I do. I want the shock, I want the turmoil, it's naughty, it's new & I want to curl up and lose myself in all these varied feelings. Your hand continues to gently caress my skin, calming my beating heart & reminding me that this isn't about pain, it's about me offering myself to you & in return you repay this trust with pleasure & love.

“I won't ask again"

I feel the authority in your voice. It's scary but also your dominance makes my inner muscles clench in desire. I can’t answer, my mouth is too dry. I try again & this time I emit a subtle squeak of yes. It doesn't come out sounding overly convincing. But that doesn't faze you in the slightest. No sooner does the word escape my lips then the second slap follows with a resounding smack. Your response, so quick on the heels of my answer makes me wonder if the arm holding the paddle wasn’t already upraised, anticipating me. I still jump at the shock & surprise but this time I stifle the cry by biting my lip. And this time I don’t allow my body to reveal my true feelings by arching my back. This time I absorb the mixed sensations into my being, this time I squeeze my thighs together when the paddle strikes my other cheek, feeling the warmth flow through me.

Your hand strokes the new sting & cups my cheek squeezing & fondling. Your little finger slips in-between my cheeks & travels down towards my sex. I emit a gently intake of air as you slip inside me, testing my level of arousal like a swimmer checking the temperature of the water.

“Oh my." you groan. “So very, very wet"

Your finger disappears and I hear the soft sucking as you taste me. There is a sudden, muffled movement on the bed & the mattress dips between my legs. Your hands firmly grasp my hips & drag me up onto my knees. There seems to be urgency in your actions as my thighs are pushed further apart by what feels like your shoulders, your warm breath washes over my pussy & I realise that you’ve worked your way underneath me, your face, your wonderful mouth is poised directly below my soaked pussy. All I have to do ease my legs apart & lower myself. Your arms encircle my thighs, pulling me down. I resist, I finally hold the upper hand. The pressure pulling me down increases, I feel your urgency. But what if this is one of your red cloth at a bull moments & I try to lower my sex onto your face only to have you stop me inches, millimetres away from your mouth. I will scream…

Your grip loosens from around my thighs & your hands slide their way up cupping my ass cheeks. I feel your fingernails slowly pressing into the fleshy skin, enticing me, begging me to lower my pussy & it makes me shiver with a promise.

“Please.” You whisper from underneath me.

I hear the need in your voice, the indescribable urgency to taste & pleasure me is palpable & I need no further encouragement. I lower my mound directly onto your warm, moist, waiting mouth. The first incredible swipe of your tongue through my sex forces a cry of lust from my lips & I grind my pelvic bone against you as my head goes back & my mind is lost to pleasure. Your grip tightens and you force me intently down onto your waiting mouth, holding me locked against your mouth. Like a starving man at a banquet, you lap at me, sucking, licking with your muffled moans vibrating through my sex. You hold nothing back in your enjoyment and neither do I, moaning and screaming with abandon. I no longer see darkness behind my blindfold but instead a full spectrum of lights, a kaleidoscope of images all resounding from the movement & delight of your tongue.

The third slap from the paddle at the instant you penetrate me with your tongue is the spark that ignites the flame inside me. The relentless motions of your tongue have me riding the edge of my climax & when I reach my pinnacle my orgasm flows through my veins & from my body like water from a dam. The enchanting light that swallows me whole is warm & comforting, the love & solace I feel can only ever be felt in this situation & with the one you love gifting it to you. Somewhere, somehow I scream out that I’m cumming, the final, definitive slap of the paddle during orgasm only increases the indescribably delight that is flowing through me. Pain & pleasure join hands and show me a new world of erotic depths I could never have imagined.

"I can't wait any longer." I hear you say in my drowsy and disoriented state, it’s like fighting your way up from a deep sleep as it takes me a moment to focus on your words. I'm still positioned on my elbows & knees facing the bed head, my hands are now numb from the constraints of the bindings. The left side of the mattress dips directly next to my elbow & the distinct sound of a zipper lowering is loud. Light suddenly floods back into my life as the blindfold is removed & I blink several times in surprise. I turn my head to the left & drink in the gorgeous sight of your erect member encased in skin tight, sheer Calvin Kleins. From the warm, flickering glow of the candles I can make out every single contour, every curve & every vein. I can follow the prominent outline of your swollen head, pulsating, begging to be unleashed. I bet its sensitive, the slightest touch will have it spasming threatening to erupt. A dark, wide wet spot tells me how you adore worshipping my body & how you love to make me suffer your dominate ways.

I lean in closer to you, closing my eyes & doing what you do to me. I take a deep breath through my nose; your smell is so unique. It’s a combination of your natural skin, body wash, the musky odour of your manhood. From childhood I have always associated smells with events or seasons of the year & when I savour your scent it infuses me with a strong positive emotion of regard and affection . I truly adore the added aphrodisiac effects the sense of smell has on my libido. The raw delight I feel only makes the frustration of not being able to touch you even stronger. Tonight has been a night of firsts & like you I utter a low, animalistic groan of lust. Your thumbs hook under the band close to your hips & you slowly start to wriggle & push your Calvin’s down. I move back, away ready to watch your manhood spring out. I catch myself absently licking my lips at the possibility of running my tongue over the soft, smooth head, tasting your saltiness across my tongue. Closing my eyes for a second I swear I can already taste you, already feel you slide so slowly between my lips & over my tongue.

Opening my eyes just in time, I gasp loudly & arch my ass further into the air as your rigid cock appears. It points to the roof, proud & commanding, demanding reverence & attention. My fervour swells as I notice for the first time the black, leather harness that’s locked tightly around your beautiful organs. I angle my head to follow the material as it clenches your balls, pulling them away from your body & encircles the base of your cock tightly, forcing the blood to remain in your shaft, making it thicker, longer, much more dominating & powerful than ever before. My muscles ache & contract at the thought of its domineering presence pressing against my opening, forcing its way inside me, slamming in & out, over & over, taking me, using me for its own pleasure.

I lean in towards your cock; my mouth is literally watering at the prospect of tasting you. Your swollen head, engorged a deep purple colour throbs with each heartbeat. Moving in I let it gently rest against my cheek & close my eyes, feeling your pulse against my skin, feeling our hearts beat in unison, it’s like fine tuning our bodies so that they are in sync. As much as I love this action I need something else, something more primal. I open my eyes & turn to face your cock, my eyes drift upwards over your stomach & your sun darkened chest, finally coming to rest on your reflected gaze. The look in your eyes frightens me with its intensity but also arouses me with its passion. I know what you need; I know what we both need. My tongue eases from between my lips & your gaze dives down to watch as it snakes out, lubricating, making my lips shiny in the gleaming light. I partially open my lips, so that you see a flash of my bottom teeth, my breath cascades out & splashes across your cock as I close my eyes & finally lick the sensitive spot just under your head.

The groan you emit & the spasm of your cock incites my senses & I find myself panting hard & fast along with you. I take my touch away, tormenting you. I look up again into your eyes and your gaze is far more burning now & your breath hisses out from between clamped teeth. Again, I thought I was in control but again I was wrong. I planned on teasing you, teasing myself in the process but with my wrists still bound I was given the allusion of power. Your hand reaches out & your fingers glide into the folds of my hair, wrapping around to the back of my head & pulling my face, insistently towards your cock. I resist, or I pretend to resist before succumbing to your demands. I fight half hearted as you pull me against your cock, crushing it between us. The smell of leather harness wrapped around your cock is synonymous with dominance and it pervades my nostrils as you rub yourself against me.

Pulling back away from me your other hand reaches up to grasp your cock, pulling it down aiming it directly towards me. The glittering sparkle of your essence flashes from your tip, telling me of your arousal as you again pull my face towards your fixed position, you don’t move any closer, instead you force me to come to you. My lips part again, I don’t want to wait for your command telling me to open my mouth, I may pretend to feint reluctance but in fact I don’t want to waste time, breath or energy, I just want your cock in my mouth now.

But you have other plans, instead you let go of my head & lay down next to me. You reach downward & tap my left thigh, coaxing me to lift it off the bed. Confused for a moment I quickly envisage your effort to get me to cooperate is so that you may slide underneath my body. You hiss when my legs clamp closed on your hips and I lower myself down so that my wetness makes contact with your erection. You hands urgently reach up to clasp my hips in an attempt to stop me.

"Just... Wait." You command through clenched teeth.

Not fucking likely. I finally feel like I have control here and I want to take advantage of it. Your head is between my crossed arms and I can feel your breath against my neck. I press myself closer to you, rubbing my erect nipples over the thin veil of hair on your chest while curling my hips, rubbing my now gushing, soaked pussy against your cock.

"Kiss me." I whisper. "I want your lips on me. I want your tongue in my mouth and I want you as wild as you've made me feel."

Fuck, you’re still fighting me but I still manage to slide my wetness against your cock again & again, despite your hold on my hips.

"Kiss me, Kiss me now." I beg while pressing & rubbing harder against you.

"Damn it." You hiss like a white flag spoken against my lips right before our mouths meet.

Finally, my inner voice screams in triumph, as you surrender to my passion & your tongue invades my mouth. Your hands leave my hips, one arm encircling my waist, squeezing me tightly against your body while the other reaches up grasping a handful of hair & holding my face in place as we kiss. I feel my breasts crushed between us, nipples erect & hard as your hairs tickle them. Our kiss never slows nor falters as your hands release their grip & slip lower. Your fingers dig into the delicates flesh of my cheeks as you lift me up and bring me down – hard, impaling me with your hard cock, filling me completely.

There's no finesse, no gentle love making. You've finally lost all control; all the will to deny yourself, is gone. The crescent shaped furrows left by your finger nails will mark my soft, white flesh for days to come but at that moment neither of us notice nor care as piston me up & down, over and over. Fucking me like you mean it, dirty, sweaty, rough sex, it feels as if your only purpose for living is to be inside me. Your mouth leaves mine as your head goes back, your eyes are closed & your mouth is wide in a silent scream of ecstasy. You're getting close, I can feel it. I can feel you expanding against my inner walls, stretching me wider. And when you finally let yourself slip over the edge & scream your release into the darkness, my eyes open.

And I'm looking up at the ceiling in my bedroom.

My breathing is laboured and my body is sweaty. I lay there a moment blinking, trying to comprehend where, when & how as I watch the shadows of the tree outside my bedroom window swaying in the late night breeze across the ceiling. A dream, I was having an incredible sex dream. The type of dream which comes along once every few years, one that you swear was real. So real that when I raise my head & look down along my body I can see that one of my breasts has escaped my singlet, my nipple is erect in the cold morning air. My wrist is caught up in the sheet as if….. As if I was tied up with a rope. But like a puff of smoke that dissolves on a wisp of a breeze, the images of the dream begin to fade.

My face screws up in anguish & disappointment, my hands close into tight fists that grip & pull at the sheets as I realise that not only can I still feel your lips pressed against mine but I can still feel your cock inside me. Remember, think, and don’t forget. In my dream I let you do things to me that I never let anyone else do. Didn't even know I wanted to do. My hand brushes over my nipple and I shudder. When I slip my hand under the covers and feel between my legs, my fingers slide into a pool of moisture. I'm so wet that my lips are slippery, my thighs are coated & I can feel the sheet damp under me. How could this have happened? It felt so real. It still feels real. As my fingers play through the wetness and heat I realize that I'm already so close to orgasm.

I turn my head & from the street light coming in through the bedroom window I look longingly at your sleeping form next to me. A seductive smile dances across my lips & a delicious thrill courses through my body bought on by my boldness, a repercussion of the dream I guess. I roll onto my side facing away from you & slowly, gently begin to wiggle back. Trying in vain not to wake you I spoon against you, I feel the warmth of your body; I feel the tickle of your chest hair against my back & I feel the heat & hardness of your erection against my lower back. I reach around, my finger tips seeking out your cock, finding it I pull it down; I let the inflamed head brush along my thigh & up towards the saturated mess of my groin.

I know you’re awake now because your breathing has changed, it was lethargic & slow but when your cockhead brushed my leg I heard the soft intake of air. I didn’t want you asleep anyway, I want you to enjoy this very intimate moment, the instant you feel my wetness & you wonder why. Pressing your rigid cock against my saturated lips we both hear the erotic squelch. There is no resistance, you enter me so easily & I close my eyes as your length slowly delves into my depths. No matter how good your cock feels, it’s your words, your tone & the pleasure in your voice that sends me over the edge into pure bliss.

"Oh’re so wonderfully wet."

The End.

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