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The Power of The Moon ch.1

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Grace and Matt meet...
This is my first story and it does not have a lot of sex in the first two...but if you love love stories than I am pretty sure you will love this!!

 "Grace please come out with us tonight?!?" Sam said flinging her arms around as she talked. Grace just rolled her eyes.

"Sam I have told you before...I don't go out and I don't drink not since...since Joe...and you of all people should know that!" Grace whispered harshly the scar on her hand began to burn. Not wanting to draw attention to herself and Sam, she slowly started to type again on her computer knowing her best friend was going to put up a fight.

"Come on," Samantha began her arms had stopped flying about. "It has been two years! What happened was not your fault you couldn't have stopped it if you tried!" Sam was the only one Grace had told about that awful night and she was being to regret she had.

"Here," Sam handed a ripped piece of paper to Grace, "this is the bar we will be at. Hope you will come." And with that Sam left giving a flirty wink to the boys that had been drooling over her since we had walked in.

Samantha was perfect, men waited in line just to take a picture of her! She had long straight red hair that smelled like honey. She was roughly 5'4, when she wasn't in heels, and had the darkest brown eyes Grace had ever seen. And damn did that girl have boobs! Grace had never asked Sam what bra size she wore but could only guess she had to be at least a D.

Grace sighed and started to pack up her computer. She began to think about what Sam said, It's been two years, She was right Grace had to go back out sometime. She glanced down at her body, Will people still think I look good? She asked herself as she looked down. Grace was 5'9 with curly blonde hair and these light blue eyes that almost looked like ice. Her boobs were no where close to Sam's they were about a C cup, but she had an ass that men would die for!

"Looks like I need to find something to wear," she said to herself as she walked out the coffee shop door.


Matty woke up and smiled happy to be back in his condo with his best friend Landon. They had been best friends since they were both on the high school freshman's team together and so Sunoir was about to beat up Landon when Matty stepped in and took a bloody nose for him. After that they had been best friends, went through high school together as each others wing men. And later they had enrolled in the Army together. It was finally there break.

"Matty!! You up!! Man you better be up I just had the best idea!!" Landon yelled from the living room. Matty groaned and walked out of his room torwards the living room. "What is the best idea ever, Landon?!?" he asked sitting next to his friend on the couch.

Landon was in his boxers his large muscles rippling. It was funny to Matty how much they looked alike. They both had amazing bodies that were ripped but not to the extreme. Both of them usually had shaggy hair that was a dirty brown color and there eyes were both a hazel kinda color.

"Let's go out!" Landon said his eyes feeling with mystery. "To the bar down the street!" Matty froze up, "Landon you know I hate bars!" He said punching his friend in the arm. "No not the one I took you to last time! That was like a bad dream! Come on man I need my wing man! I plan on getting laid!" Matty sighed that was always Landon's plan. "Fine but only because you are going to be really drunk by the end of the night!"


Grace stopped in front of the mirror to get one last look at herself. She was wearing a short red dress and her hair in a messy but nice bun that let her blonde hair fall out. She had on a long black coat that would keep her warm when they were outside. Her boots went half way up her calf and looked great with her legs. "Come we are going to miss the cab I called!" Sam yelled dragging Grace away from the mirror as she put on her shoes and headed for the door.

Matty stood by the door humming and tapping his foot as he waited for Landon. Matty was wearing dark blue jeans and an old green t-shirt and his black leather coat his dad had given him when he turned 17. Landon walked out of his bathroom and spun in a circle. He had on old tennis shoes, his favorite pair of old worn out jeans and a t-shirt that read, Army. "Come on stupid lets head out!" Matty said tossing Landon the keys and walking out the door.


Grace glanced down at her Margarita and then over at Sam who was dancing with about five guys at the same time all trying to grab her ass. She sighed and asked for her check the man asked her if she was sure. She hadn't even finished her first drink she just nodded and the man turned to get her receipt. Grace knew that she shouldn't have come. She paid the man and put on her coat gulping down the last half of her Margarita.

Landon talked about his plan on getting a girl and how easy it would be once he told them he was in the Army. Matty just rolled his eyes at every word he said, "Is sex all you think about?" he asked teasing Landon.

"As a matter of fact! Yes!" Landon said back pushing past the last of the people at the front of the crowd. Matty again rolled his eyes and turned to look at the little sign talking about what was for sale.

As he bent over someone pushed him. "Hey watch it!" he barked, turning around to see who pushed him.

"Oh, sorry! Someone tripped me!" It was a gir'ls voice; she was in all red and the prettiest girl that Matty had ever seen.

Matty smiled at her and she smiled back sticking out her hand quickly, "Hi, my name is Grace."
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