The Power of The Moon ch.2

By Youngandperfect

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Matty and Grace learn more about how they feel...
Grace smiled at the guy who had gotten mad at her, "I think this is where you tell me what your name is." She said after a few minutes of just staring at him and having her hand out. The man laughed and shook her hand. "Ya I guess you are right. My name is Mathew but most people call me Matty." He replied his eyes looking down at her warmly.

"Nive to meet you Matty!" Grace said returning the smile he was giving her.

"So what kind of drinks do tehy have here?" Matty asked trying to make small talk with Grace. Grace couldn't help but giggle at what he asked her. "Well I am pretty sure they have what other bars have. But I love there Margiritas and the Miller lite...I f you wanna know my favorite drinks." She starting to play with a lose piece of her hair.

"Well then do you mind if I buy you a drink?" Matty asked grabbing her had and jumping a little. He was amazed at how well her hand fit with his. How her little fragile hands fit prefectly with his very large manly hands. "I mean I don't wanna force oyu ot have a drink with me but it would really make my night." Matty said not wanting her to think she had to do anything.

Grace started to become worried that he had felt her scar and when he finished talking she dropped his hand. "No I was just leaving acutally. I have a lot of work to do tonight, but thanks." She said and turned away. Even though her heart was telling her to stay and take a risk she made herself walk out.


Sam had stopped dancing and walked over to the bar to take a little break. She ordered a Sam adams and when the bar tender handed it to her she turned around and leaned her elbows against the bar. As she looked aorund and saw her best friend talking to a very sexy guy. She almost sput out her drink at the site of it. Grace hadn't looked at anyone that way in a long time. "Come one Grace! Come on!" She whisper yelled to herself trying to make sure no one else heard.

"Do you know the girl?" A low voice behind Sam asked. She turned her and pointed in the direction of Matty and Grace. "Those two people?" Sam asked and the guy nodded. "Yes the gilr is my best friend. We have been for about 3 years now. My name is Sam by the way." She said turning away from the guy for once not checking someone out.

"My name is Landon and the guy, Matty, has been my best friend since we were in high school. So that has been awhile." Landon smiled and kept watching the two his heart leaping when Matty took her hand. I have never seen him so happy before!, Landon thought. "Damn it Grace!" He was snapped out of his thinking by Sams comment. Grace was walking away from Matty.

Sam wanted to go over to Grace and slap her across the face to make her stay and talk to the guy, but she didn't move knowing that Grace would hate her for live if she did. "She is so worried about work!" Sam said knowing that was why she was not going to sit and have at least one more drink. "Work isn't it Saturday?" Landon asked looking over at Sam and she nodded rolling her eyes as she did.


Matty stood there not knowing weither to shrug it off and walk the other way or go and follow her. He didn't really stop and think about he just did, pushing past people he made his way to the door. Slaming the door open and running out inot the street hesaw Grace half way to the next stop light with out a jacket. Did she really forget her jacket to get away from me? He asked himself. Whatever the answer was he sprinted down the street calling her name.

Grace heard her name and stopped, she had tears rolling down her face. She had felt bad for not staying and having at least a drink with him, but she had shut down. Grace had made herself this way ever since her break up in junoir year of high school. When her boy friend and her had broken up and he had told everyone her secerts not caring if she got hurt or not.

"What are you doing Matty it is freezing cold out here!" Grace yelled at the man who she had just met.

Matty stopped a few feet away from her taking a second to catch his breath. "Well you forgot your jacket," He said holding out his jacket. "But I didn't get your jacket I just took mine and hoped I could catch up with you...I guess I didn't think it thorugh very well." He said scratching the bakc of his head embrassed that he had forgotten to at least get her her jacket.

Grace smiled and laughed expecting his jacket, "Thank you, but what are you going to do?" She asked not going to be able to just steal Matty's nice jacket.

"Well, um, we could get a cab together and when weget to your place I can walk you up and you can give me back my jacket!" Matty said smiling and sticking his hands into his pockets while he looked at the ground. "I eman if you want to and all...I'll pay!"

Grace smiled and put her jacket on, "Ok as long as you pay!" She said punching him playfully in the arm.


"She is such a stupid bitch!" Sam said it was obvious that she had already had to much to drink this made Landon chuckle. "I mean one drink wouldn't kill her! Just because her sister died 2 years ago when a drunk gu-" She cut off and turned to see Landon looking her boobs. "Babe didn't someone teach you that when a girl is ranting you never look at her body?"

Landon shook his head no, "Nope I was taught by myself when a women is upset you take her out and dance with her!" He said pointing to where Matty had been standing, "He ran after her while you were ranting." He said taking Sams hand and bringing her to her feet. "Would you like to dance?"