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The Power of The Moon ch.6

What could happen next?
Matty sat on the kitchen counter staring down at his feet. It was the day after the incident between him and Grace. He heard Landon wake up and walk down the hall and into the kitchen.

"Hey man, wanna play some videogames? I bought the new Assassin Creed game."

Landon looked at him. His face showed he was pissed off at someone. And he was not in the mood to play any game what so ever.

"What’s wrong, Lan?"

Landon burst into a pissed off laughter. "Matty, you seriously have the nerve to first ask me to play a videogame with you and then ask me what is wrong?!"

Matty looked at him totally confused not knowing that Landon was mad at him for the way he had treated Grace last night.

"You should be trying to make it up to Grace!" Landon said pouring his glass of orange juice. "She was scared and she was the bigger man and came to apologize, which she wasn't the one who needed too. You got drunk and you said some of the rudest things I have ever heard!"

Landon turned left leaving Matty to sit on the counter alone. Matty ran his hands through his hair and sighed jumping off the counter.

"Will you talk to me after a fix things?" he yelled to Landon.

"As long as I get to play the Assassin Creed game first!”


Matty knocked on the door to Grace and Sam's place, starting to scratch the back of his neck. "Hey Grace I am really sorry. I never meant any of that it was just, all the beer that I drank!" he said to himself slapping himself in the face.

"If it would have been me your face would be red with how many times I would have slapped you!" It was Sam; she had opened the door while he had been rehearsing what he was going to say and he hadn't heard her open the door.

"Sam! Is Grace here? I need to talk to her. I didn't mean any of the things I said. I was an ass and I am so sorry!" Matty said as quickly as he possibly could.

"She is here. She didn't go to work, hasn't touched her computer. Hasn't eaten or had anything to drink at all, just stayed in her room, crying and beating herself up about stuff. You can try but last time I did her door was locked...” Sam stepped out of Matty's way and he ran in sliding to a halt outside Grace's door.

He softly banged on it. "Grace, I know you hate my guts and I would to. But please let me talk to you or just let me apologize for what I did!" he said loudly his eyes watering.

After a while with no response he tested the door knob. It was unlocked. So he stepped in, looking around the room for Grace. Matty found her sitting on her bed looking down at what looked like a scrap book.

Matty sat down on the end of the bed. "Grace, all of those things I said; I didn't mean any of them."

"I know, I know you didn't mean them but you said them. Why did you say them? Why were you drunk?" Grace asked not looking up from her book.

"Two reasons, one bigger than the other, but two," he said moving closer to her, "One was because I thought you were mad at me for something so you tricked me into getting that close and then leaving." He looked at her for some kind of a response but there was none, so he went on. "And because... because they're shipping us out in about a month or two."

Grace's head shot up and she threw her book onto the ground and tackle hugged him. "Matty you can't leave! They promised you those days off!"

Matty hugged her back, happy she was back in his arms. "They can do whatever they want. They need my unit overseas so I have to go, unless I have a family and I don't."

Grace had begun to cry holding tightly onto his shirt as she did as though he was going to be taken away from her if she let go.

"Hey, stop crying, Sweetheart!" Matty said pulling away from her and sitting up with her on his lap. "You have shed too many tears over me. I am certainly not worth all of them. There is no guy out there that is worth all those tears you have shed since you have been with me."

Grace looked at him forcing herself not ot hug him again, "When did you find out?"

"A few days after Christmas."

She sat there just nodding her head not knowing what else there was to say to that. Tears started to flow down her cheeks again and Matty wiped them away.

"Remember that story about the moon you told me about? With your grandma and your grandpa?" he asked and she simply nodded her head. "I promise I will look up at the moon every night and tell it to protect my sweet missy Grace Ann!"

Grace smiled through the tears. "And I promise every night that I will thank it for my handsome knight Mathew!" And she brought her lips to his kissing him as he kissed her.

They kissed for a long time neither of them wanting to stop the kiss. Grace moved her lips down to his jaw line running her small fingers through his soft hair. She slowly lifted up her shirt and unclasped her bra still managing to kiss him moving down to his neck.

Matty moaned and opened his eyes seeing her beautiful breast about to make contact with his shirt. He quickly through of his shirt and he heard her giggle a little. Grace laid him back on the bed letting him grab her boobs and lightly move his hand over her nipples arousing them. She let a moan escape her lips.

Grace slowly slid her shorts down and off throwing them to the side. She caught Matty trying to see what kind of panties she was wearing but he didn't have enough to catch a glimpse before they were off and lying next to her shorts.

Matty rolled so that he was on top of her his cock was as hard as a rock and throbbing. He quickly got rid of the rest of his clothes and lay back onto top of her. He kissed her roughly this time hoping she was not going to turn back now.

Matty let his hands touch her shaven pussy lips and he was happy to fell how wet she was when he touched her. He slowly started to rub it going in fast small circles. Grace moved her hips moaning with pleasure as he played with her. Right before she was going to orgasm he stopped and guided his cock to her wet cunt.

Grace looked up to see him looking down at her not as if he was nervous about doing what he was about to do. She moved her head up to kiss him, telling him to go ahead. And that is exactly what he did. He slowly pushed his large cock into Grace.

It was more than she was ready for it was easily nine inches. After a little it felt great to have him inside her and she started to want more of him. Matty must have known because he started going faster making Grace moan like crazy.

"Oh, fuck! Fuck, yes Matty!" she screamed as she started to orgasm. Matty followed right after her rolling over both of them heavily breathing.

"Matty," Grace said moving closer to him and he put his arm around her.

"Yes, Grace?"

"I love you, and you are the perfect man for me," she said, kissing his cheek.

"I love you way more, Grace. You have no idea."

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