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The Professor, 2° Part

After so many years I could say: Bingo!

We began to kiss softly at the beginning, then wildly; I had the impression this woman didn’t know a damn about how to kiss, despite she had been married and was a mother of four. I also realized   she had never been caressed or fondled in such delightfully,  coz decency and morals was an impediment for her right to enjoy lavishly. I think she was surprised at realizing she  lacked courage or spirit to fight back so nobody fucked her.   

Elena is short, 1.55 meters tall. Her measures: 90, 65, 85.  Her flesh, muscles are firm and well shaped legs as resulting  daily  gym work.    She’s  also the owner of such gorgeous breasts.   A tiny waist that resembled a cute  mouse with long neck.  She has   blue eyes, thin sensual lips, especially perceived when she sometimes bit  them shily, or if a stranger hand   sneaked under her skirt.  She also is a natural blonde,  that  dress discretely, but… if she ever dressed up for me.. Hell, she really drives me mad! Despite she is no longer young, her body looks better than her daughter's.  

After she made sure she liked me after I kissed her,  touched her, play with her body.  Subsequently,  I was allowed to pass my hand around her waist,  touch  her  legs under the  blue jean she was wearing now.  It was here where  she   resisted,  didn't  give up to me,    still kissing me.  I kept pressing  by repeating   the  same stuff over and over.

I immediately unbuttoned her blouse -one button.  She started to protest, but it would be a good idea to begin    kissing that part of her bare neck which paid good results here as  she stopped complaining, and got still.  My stroking resumed above her top, feeling her fleshy  boobs until she uttered: “Please, no, don’t do that to me!”

This request, was totally ignored, for I kept kissing and   fondling,   until I was done with the last button, and her blouse was wide opened for me now.  This sudden outcome, made her object; her face expression showed disapproval forcing  me to stop. 

Out of the sudden, her womanhood took over,  in complete control, as she realized I was  on my wasy  to fuck this   50 yo woman.  Only one breast portion was on sight now, so I worked on this part nice and easy.  I felt their volume,  tiny freckles, and the limits  of bra,  how it could cover such large   boobs all together with nipples, a magnificent view.

The white tits and nipples got hard just the moment I touched them, driving me mad. The areola was almost gone in her boobs, no wrinkles, no flaccid or flabby, or dangling boobs.  On the contrary,  this  stimulus  spread  all over  to her tits as they received  woman’s message: "Get stiff now!!"

I had to take off  her  top myself,  but  it was necessary to unfasten her buttons at the cuff.  My  lack of practice  didn’t  assist, undoing   one after the other, so her arms became trapped on her back, like handcuffed. This way her breasts were now on plain view, swaying, still covered by the bra though.  Oh, what a wonder to admire here!!

Her tits were at the mercy of my hands, abandoned. She claimed mercy:

“Oh, no please, stop it!” 

I wouldn’t pay any attention.  I got down those bra strips starting from shoulders, then down to arms.  This had been enough for her, being naked in front of a guy,  in a long time,  too bad,  for she already was stripped off  her blouse.   A woman this old was too difficult to handle, having the bra strips pulled first, and then the bra cups.  As I tried to unfasten this piece, she’d resist.  She felt my kissing and said: “No, enough stop it!”

This sounded like an order to me,  the woman obviously hint me:  "Go ahead, come on, you're good at this!!"

“Oh, please, don’t go any further … I said: no!”

Touch her legs and asscheeks had been the tough job here, due to unatended long periods. Well, I finally progressed into next level:  loose her pant  belt.  I had to unzip her pants, my hands around her waist and hips.  This stuff became a complicated task without her cooperation. 

Laud screams were not heard any longer,   for she was already lost in the middle of confusion, go astray.  Her womanhood had  imposed over her willpower and her  femenity was now in command.  We sat in the couch next to each other and Elena knelt over me kissing me passionately.  After a while, I pushed her on the cushion  and she agreed to take off her pants herselfl.

She immediately stripped off her panties herself, while emitting sounds like uttering strange groans,  already turned on. This seemed more to a rape at instances… up to now, for she kept screaming: "No, please.!" 

This opposition was contradictory to her desires: she wished to get laid down, actually.


Well, yes, it looked like a rape for I had been forcing within her while her mind  struggled for so much hesitation:   “Yes, go ahead.  No, please stop it!!”

She never imagined that after kissing her I’d dare to fondle her body,   and would dare to  fuck her brains out,  to carry on with my plans. One part of her mind fought back, decency is the most important stuff here: she disapproved, guided  by the  conventional.

This hot woman had figured out it was just a platonic, nonphysical game: only a kiss here and there, to touch her, literature and music, especially if   I didn’t ask her to have sex beforlehand. She never thought in getting  on her four so soon, her back facing me waiting to put my rod inside her naked on a sofa, legs spread wide,  giving up  her tight ass while playing bouncy bouncy on my fat dick.
A conflict within her mind was apparently over  perhaps had come to a decision.    Lying on the coach, still saying: “No, please, stop it!” I wondered why this woman kept hugging, kissing me.  Probably she  had revealed her secret:   she had fell in love with me,  but believed she could  manage her body her way.  Damn, she was wrong, and would pay the consequences from now on!!

I took off her panty with one hand while with the other I fondled her. I began to work my hands into her upper inner thighs, then to  touch the vulva. Oh, yea, there is nothing better than a fresh shaved pussy that is dripping wet and screaming for cock!!

Most likely she had noticed my capability doing love,   a passionate lover, that's why she had shaved her pussy, her gift to me.  She go the point,    cooperated by laying on her back and beginning to spread her legs wide. Suddenly, she made her move and pulled me against her so I’d poke my dick into her delicious shaved box.

She was longing for a god fuck so I was looking for some trim,  going up and down upon her, to brushing my penis against her vulva and  get her horny.  This   way   her clit was invited to the party too.  I aimed carefully at her labia,  and began to poke, slowly. This vagina was too tight and Elena gave signals meaning it hurts sometimes moaned while moving her head to one side.  It’s out of the question,  she  had wasted  time finding a partner.

This tunnel of love was appetizingly tight, and I began to force within her, sometimes she cooperated and consented.  It was so lusciously to be within her after so many years courting her,  and finally taking off her top, rubbed her tits, kissed them and grabbed her asscheeks like a depraved, immoral.  I even parted her asscheeks and played with them,  her prohibited goodies, hard to believe,   like a dream, fucking the lady’s cunt.  Anybody would think I was forcing her to make love, but she cooperated by grabbing her asscheeks,  and parted them with both hands, screaming:

“Oh, no, stop it!”

I was nailing her, demolishing her pussy,   yet she didn’t resist, totally silent.  After a while I turned her around on doggy position, her back facing me, and started a caress at the neck, then down to her buttocks which   drew  my attention, so I focused on  them, rejoicing the view as  she shook her buttocks  on my request.  Finally, I penetrated her from behind into her vagina, without difficulty. I could see my rod getting in and out, and the vagina gripping my shaft, lubricated by a thick creampy, as well as her asshole…  I suddenly cummed after I shoved my rod into her a few more strokes.  I even saw cum load flooding out her cunt: her menstruation is gone forever  -she’s 50-  so we fucked frequently -any time I wish and call her. No way she’ll get pregnant  or having  necessity for condoms.

Minutes later, Elena lifted her head with difficulty,  hair covering her face, and I could see Elena smiling for the first time since we had met, pretty fulfilled.   Elena looked as if a train had run over her!

I think she faked her orgasm,  yet   she claimed the contrary.  She said was now convinced why sex existed: not precisely for human procreation, but also to enjoy having sexual intercourse. She had been penetrated despite her reluctance, inexperience, innocence.   We fucked in a sofa in a hall with walls adorned by paints and pictures of her marriage.

One week later I dropped for a visit at her place. She showed me around, while she proudly kissed me and hugged me, after  e-mailed me and I came on short notice.  At the lounge where we used to drink  coffee, I slid her pants down, then slowly lowered her thongs,  and made her bend over, her hands on a chair to hang on.  She spread her legs wide and I penetrated my shaft without any warm up or preparation -her pussy was not yet wet.    She invited me over to her bedroom. I touched her freshly shaven labia and placed a finger gently between her saturated lips.  This woman began to weep without prior notice  after  having her  orgasm, so I asked her what’s the problem:  She had just   distinguished an orgasm for the first time in her life, a  deep and prolonged one, and  according with what she  declared, got momentarily  blind in the middle of an explosion of fire and happiness.

On one occasion, she believed she was the perfect bitch, giving head, bobbing up and down,  trying different sex positions and learned to enjoy a new pleasure: spanks, then tied to the bed. She won’t be embarrassed any more  if having orgasms with no penetration.   Definitely,  this mature is   open minded!

                                                                       THE END

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