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The professor

I definitely awakened her desires for the first time in her life

A mature student makes out sex and insinuates for the first time.

I was able to  manage quite well  to  exploit this submissive, obedient attributes in this woman  who had begun to  reveal.  I still wonder how I succeeded in using my best  method ever.

She was submitted, I became her master,  and   finally could penetrate within her;   she amazingly   liked this.   When she felt her body playing with mine,    she began to  discern  lust, desire and envy.  I definitely was a man who  awakened her desires for the first time in her life.

This story is a complete account on how I began an affair with a student in her fifties, arousing her sexuality, until absolute satisfaction, making her   enjoy  while  having    a splendid time with me.

But… I wish to start now… well,  we had met from time back and were close friends since then       -almost seven years ago.  She was a pre-graduate  on her way to become an attorney    while I had to guide   her, supervising her work.  She not only  found stimulus,   spur, incentive, but motivation as well  at  her duties,    so she decided to  volunteer for permanent social work.

This woman had asked me for orientation about her thesis work, help her,  and I began  to lead   her through this, until  I had trouble in approving   her thesis work  due to lack of  good argument to support it.    I decided it would be better to act discretelly,   watching  her progress instead.

At first, I'd refuse any involvement or messing into this, so didn't  interfere with her counselor teacher. Nonetheless I ended up giving her a hand.  As a matter of fact, during her unpaid junior social work, I gave her tips, hints,  back up, and thus she learned her job skill at organizing  and  decision making, carefully considering  facts.  A friend of mine – a professor  - once approached to me, said that me sees me in her,   my accurate method, her careful attention on all facts,  resulting from  my teaching and counseling job.  This friend had been her professor for quite a while at Law School and he had assisted her at getting her Ph.D,  a Doctorate Master of Arts (m.a.) but  he didn't know I was fucking this girl since time back.  

I must say I'm not a handsome guy in any way…  not so ugly though.  I'm not the typical Casanova and I'm not the owner of a monster dick either, nor a miniature.  I'm just  the standard guy in what to a penis size concern.   I'm 1.75 meters tall, medium weigh, 80 kilograms, and I never exercise -a heavy smoker.  I'm smart intelligent above standards, and people gets fascinated too quickly by my easy speech.   I like to take advantage of this, with the highest standards as professor in college.

Besides, I've attended to the best schools in this country, and have received  education of best quality. My hard, tough work  -I've applied myself for years now-  along with the good masters that guided me, both in high school and at college,  finally lead me to gain a reputation as veterab professor.

I not only  have read many authors but   worked like a dog as well.  Hell, I didn't enjoy my best years, my adolescence, devoted to tough preparation to ensure myself a future.  As a consequence, I lacked sexual experience in the arena. Besides there exist  the many books I've published on a whole variety of subjects,  which  hopefully will endure reader's interest  for 100 years to come.

The moment I began to work as a professor,  women ceased to ignore me. I began to attract them -probably I was too sympathetic-  and that changed the panorama:  opportunities always   showed  along the way… until my first sexual adventure came up.   I thought, ok, Marcos, just   like  it goes the saying: "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, here's your chance."

I still recall as this woman was completely fulfilled as progressed.   She had gotten back her self esteem while attending my classes and she also began to dress differently   during social work: tight skirt, not so long, showing legs; and working at a writing desk in an office across from me, so that I could see her concentrated any moment I interrupted my reading on my papers, to see her legs slightly spread to show me her panties, or lingerie, as well as her thighs. If she came closer to me, I stared at her big bra which I noticed it was unable to hold such nice tities.  This was a chance for gratification -only once a moth we were together-   so I made my day.

The fact she was so embarrassed about her body made her a woman who never flirt at all. You could guess her beautiful legs through awful blue jeans, and looked like if trying to get rid of embarrassing breasts.

By doing social work, Elena –this was her name- realized she was  a different person now, and was able to achieve goals never imagined. Of course, she was doing her best, trying hard. It was a wonderful opportunity as  different scenarios came up, and began to wear tight blue jeans, showing a gorgeous, superb ass, as well as convincing everybody she wasn't a stupid. Nobody would mock at her anymore. I worked hard to get her gain confidence through those years, and make her believe she was beautiful, too beautiful indeed… until I made  an outstanding exceptional girl out of her, as a good manager here.  This way I began to get her attention:   she had progressed a lot but it would be necessary to complement  by wearing a mini skirt. This scared her away and said:

"No, thank you, Marcos.  I appreciate your advice very much, but… I'm not willing to wear  this kind of outfit!  Don't you even think!

I replied:

"May be you'll make up your mind later and wear a mini skirt for me to see."

She said: "It's ok with me. I accept."

I don't mean she was young at the time , not a 20 or 30 yo. I reckon she must be  60  by now.  She is a mother of three, and I get along pretty well with her sons and daughters,  my same age. Elena got divorced after she got kid's custody in a court law, and she supports them by managing her own business, quite successfully.    Her daughter often gives her a hand at her place, so does one of her sons, I figure out. She also got economic Independence as business progressed too well.  In this way she had a  chance to  pay and pursue a career at college. She is on her final stage now , a pre-graduate, working on a thesis. She eventually returned to playing piano, which she loves a lot.

Elena has a great energy and vivacity , moving around like a young girl  in her adolescence years,  ingenuous  naive   and innocent, Sheis amazing,  even though she's a mother of three. I'm happy to declare she isn't a virgin anymore,   for I've fucked her mouth and asshole many times.  If virginity means a concept defined as the moment a woman achieves an orgasm,  I believe she had one with me for her fist time:   never  had an orgasm before with her ex.

I courted her many times but she would get scared and  got away.  She claims  she had  liked me since time ago.  On one occasion, she handed over her papers assignment and I graded them with low mark.  She refused review of her work so I forced her into sitting in front of me at the cafeteria.  Her classmates were there too and they heard over as I made an analysis or scrutiny and comments on the text, passing judgment on what she had written, by saying I already knew the author’s approach on this theme, but I wanted her to be unique, original. This would be her chance to trade sex for grades, so I was embarrassed to make this indecent proposal. 

Next semester, she was more dedicated, constant, and she even adapted the subject, personalizing it; no need to show off her legs: she got a nine -top grade.  Her classmates believed her inferior -they supposed she was always falling  behind-   so I had to assist her sometimes to make it,     she would stay away from me, though. She still was too shay so I wasn't able to start anything with her pretty ass!!

As a new project emerged, Elena was now in group work -with another beautiful chick, 22 yo.  I liked this  new girl  and people thought I was courting her.   Elena and her new partner made an excellent team.  I learned this chick married somebody my same age, so I had missed the chance with her.

We were like this for almost 5 years now, working intimately, individually, until finally I let her on her own, to work autonomously, independently.  Elena was so shy, introverted, that she wished she had no breast, she wished they were gone, trying to pass unnoticed.  We used to kiss good bye, and occasionally I brushed her lips and my hands would touch her legs and arms slightly.  On one occasion,  I spanked her, she turned around in disapproval, to censure me.  I replied:

"Oh, what can I do about it?  You're so gorgeous and attractive!"

She stopped complaining as these unexpected response came along with the compliment, this made her cool down.

On another occasion, I ordered her to stand up erect, so her boobs could be priced as they showed off in its maximum splendor.   I dared to put a hand at the bottom to raise them.   It took me only seconds and we both enjoyed that.  Yet moral was a point here and she would go dignified, a decorous girl, again.

She wore a tight blouse next week and you could notice that unfasten button in her blouse. I waited patiently,  hunting my prey, and finally paid her a visit. She was nice, kind, that Monday, and was wearing special clothes at home, too serious  for an age.

As I left her apartment, she kissed my good bye, close to my lips so it was my chance to go ahead now, and made my move: I  kissed her in the mouth. We both knew in advance what was coming next: I got back to the sofa,  as  she lived alone,  no one would disturb us.  I grabbed her hands, weaved our fingers together, looking in the eye. I let her hands go and put my arms around her shoulders to hug her. We stared at each other, and she said:

"I've been thinking in the preacher's speech on Sunday mass. He said that love is everything worth it,  if  it’s constructive.  I've made up my mind and… yes, but this affair is gonna be a secret whatever we do here, ok?"

I thought to myself: "It's in the bag."

This story to be continued…

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