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The Realization

The Realization

I wanted to try and write something a little different, hope you enjoy it. Please let me know your thoughts.

My boss and I walked to the coat check to get his wife’s and your jackets. It’s the end of a very enjoyable business dinner with the sales staff of the company I work for.

While you had not met anyone there before, you handled yourself even better than I thought you would.

My mind though was thinking back to a comment by my boss about how my numbers were again the highest in the company as a result of my complete self-control of my emotions with all situations most of the time.

That was the part bothering me, he said “most”.

I had heard his little speech before and he always said all the time not most.

I was wondering what had made the change, possibly a complaint from a client. No; that he would call me on right away.

Just as I was about to ask him, he turned and handed me your jacket and said “she is special, beautiful and smart, never seen you with that look on your face you had tonight.”

That was it; I quickly snapped “that’s two statements tonight you have made that leaves your little hidden meanings, what’s up”

A smirk came across his face as he looked pass me and with a bit of a chuckle said, “Oh right on time girls, we already have your coats.”

I turned to see his wife and you walking towards us and put away the thought of catching up with the S.O.B. until Monday morning.

I smiled before giving you a small kiss and helping you on with your coat and the four of us walked out to the parking lot.

I said my goodnights to his wife and then turned to him and gave an extra hard hand shake as I told him I would see him Monday morning.

I walked the short distance to my car and opened the passenger door. I looked back to see George and Sally both giving you a big hug goodnight. I smiled thinking again to myself how well you had handled what could have been an uncomfortable night for you.

You then came over and slide into the car and as I closed your door, George smiled over the roof of his car and said “don’t worry you’re a bright guy, you will figure it out.”

He then jumped into his car and drove off as I slide behind the wheel.

As I drove back to my place the comments kept going through my mind until I felt your hand on my upper thigh and heard you ask, “What’s wrong have I done something to upset you?”

I quickly gave my brain an unseen shake, “no, you didn’t do anything wrong, if fact you couldn’t have done anything more right than you did tonight.”

Seeing a smile come across your face that lights up the car I continued, “It’s just a couple things my boss said tonight that are bothering me”

I then told you about the usually in control comment and that I pride myself on my ability to control my emotions which give me an advantage in negotiating.

You tell me it was probably just a slip and then ask, “What was the other thing?”

I smile and tell you, “you’re probably right let’s just forget it, it has been a great night, and I hope you enjoyed yourself. I know I play the company politics and didn’t always look after you tonight.”

You assure me that you had a wonderful time and fully enjoyed talking to the various people I work with.

“Yes they are great people and it was obvious they took a liking to you as well” then I added “George doesn’t usually listen to his employees that well never mind a girlfriend of one.”

I feel your hand squeeze my thigh as it inches higher and you lean over to kiss me gently on the neck. “It didn’t bother you that I was involved in the company conversations did it?” you ask with a concerned voice.

I laugh as I assure you that while I am usually the centre of attention in conversations because I like it that way, I didn’t mind at all and had to admit you talked more intelligently than some others I work with.

Then turning to look at you while stopped at an intersection I pull you to me and kiss you deeply before looking into your beautiful blue eyes and telling you “I was very proud to have such a smart and beautiful woman by my side tonight.”

As I look at you and see your face turn from concern to sheer delight another funny feeling comes over me that I can’t quite shake or figure out but whatever it is gives me a warm feeling inside.

The honk of the car behind me telling me to get through the intersection wakes me from my fog and I continue down the road.

A short distance later I pulled into the drive and parked the car. I got out and walked around to open your door and as you turned to get out your skirt slides up your thighs causing me to think to myself; what pleasant rewards there are for being a gentleman.

Walking arm in arm we get to the door and go inside where I take your coat and while hanging it up you carry on into the kitchen to fix us both a drink.

Watching you at the counter with your back to me, my eyes travel from your slender shoulders across your back and fix on the greatest ass I have ever had the pleasure to admire. Once again I find myself lost in some trance for a few seconds before wrapping my arms around you and kissing the back of your neck.

I feel you press back against me as I tell you “You deserve something special for being so great tonight”

“Mmmmm, a new car, million dollars, what did you have in mind?” you jokingly reply

I start to laugh letting you go and give your butt a smack, saying “I know you have a perfect ass but didn’t know you were such a smart ass too”

As you pick up the drinks, handing me one, I take your other hand and lead you to the bedroom. The drinks are placed on the nightstand beside the bed and I pull you to me.

Our lips meet and I feel a comfort as well as excitement flow through me. As I slide the zipper of your dress down you start to unbutton my shirt. Without ever loosing eye contact we slowly remove one another’s clothes and then I lower you to the bed.

My lips move to your breasts as I circle your nipples with my tongue before sucking one into my mouth. The feeling of it getting hard turns me on so much and I start to give each nipple light bites as I tease them both.

Your hands move to the sides of my face but I take them and push then above your head.

Looking up at you I tell you that tonight is all for you. Then reaching over I take a drink from my glass and place it back on the night stand. I slide down between your legs and push them open as I stare at the shaved mound in front of me already showing moisture on its lips. Spreading your sweet lips open and teasing your hard button with my fingers, you start to moan and pulse your hips off the bed.

I lean forward and feel you jump as I push the ice cube I kept from the drink against your lips with my tongue. A deep breathe escapes your mouth as I push it into your hot pussy and my cold tongue attacks your clit.

Sliding two fingers into you I feel the last of the ice as it melts from your warmth. My attack on your clit is continued as I finger you until you reward me with an explosion of your juices covering my face.

You reach down to my face and try to pull me up but I take your hands and push them back up to your tits, as I continue to make love to your sweet pussy causing you again start to quiver as your body still reacts to your orgasm until your hips collapse on the bed.

Then move up I kiss you, sliding my tongue into your mouth as my cock slowly enters you. You raise your hips up, but as you do I pull away just enough to only keep the head of my cock inside you. I then slowly slide half my length into your warmth before again pulling back.

You look into my eyes and tell me “I want you so bad, please fuck me’

I continue to enter you half way and retreat slowly three or four more times before plunging hard and deep as I can. Your legs wrap around me and your teeth sink into my shoulder. We both thrash around the bed as we wildly fuck as hard as we can, then slow the pace to again stare into each other’s eyes. My hands gently hold your face on each cheek as I support my weight on my elbows.

My mind again goes into a fog as I look at your beautiful face and think how I can’t get enough of you. My thoughts are shaken as I feel the pressure build in the base of my cock and as I push deep into you I explode with a loud groan as my feet dig into the bed sheets trying to push me deeper inside you. My body shakes uncontrollably as wave after wave takes over me.

I start kissing you as fast and much as I can while I am still shaking, fighting for breath.

Then as my mouth opens to talk, time seems to stand still. All of a sudden what seems like minutes but really only a split second; my mind races over the events of the evening. From tonight’s dinner, seeing you talking and smiling with everyone at the table and them hanging on your every word, the way my problems disappeared with the touch of your hand on my thigh, the way I felt whenever you look at me, the different look that was on my face at dinner, the delight on your face when I told you I was proud of you. In that split second it all falls into place, I figured it out, as I heard the words leave my mouth….I love you.

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