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The Retired Headmaster and the Schoolgirl 2

She was my dream come true -
Continued from part 1

I tried to persuade Tayla to take the ten pounds but she would not. In view of what had just happened I thought it best not to insist. We spent some time after that just looking at each other in a kind of marvellous wonder. Could it be? Yes, our eyes replied, it could be.

I left her on the bridge and passed my mobile number to her (the mobile my wife is not aware of). She would not give me any contact details whatever but promised to be in touch. I wanted to know when and persisted with this question but she would not say. "Soon" she said. I wanted to embrace and kiss her one last time and made a move to her but she backed off a little "no", she said, "it's best not to" and she looked around. There was an old dear dragging a shopping trolley on the other side watching us.

She went off and I watched her until she was on the other side. My eyes would not leave her - she had a sweet and feminine way of moving - and her shape! So petite and sexy. I had a strong desire to see her naked all over.

She looked one last time before vanishing from view and she blew me a discrete kiss. And she was gone.

When I arrived home my wife looked annoyed.

"Nice walk?" she snarled.

"Rather", I replied, "most invigorating".

"The toilet is blocked" she snapped. "You had better get it taken care of".

"Blocked!" I said with some amusement, "What have you been doing?" Nobody could ruin my mood.

Later I checked my mobile. There was a text message.

"I Love You"

She was mine. I knew it. In the bag, as they say. A racing certainty.

Despite my wife's tossing and turning, pulling of the duvet to her side and other bad bed behaviour I slept peacefully - savouring the time I was awake and thinking of what had been and what would be. A thousand delights occurred to me.

Towards morning my thoughts took a strange turn. During my years as a teacher and then headmaster I had been conscious of powerful desires for many of my students. It was a torment which had been difficult to endure. I had also abused my position of power while head at ..... secondary school. I had kept the occasional girl in my office after school on the pretext of detention and drooled at my desk while she wrote out her lines. I had longed to spank countless scores of young bottoms. In the sixties I had caned countless boys with indifference - and was forbidden by propriety and department protocol to bring down the stick on a pretty feminine behind.

In short - I spent twenty-six years living in a world of fantasy powered by neverending visual stimulii.

I think that in Tayla I could see all my private intimate desires would be fulfilled at long last. But I put her above any female I had ever seen in my life. She was the epitomy of femininity. Her face had a matchless radiance which I think had drawn me to her. She shone with the light of young sexuality. There was a sensual charisma about her which, if you had the eyes to recognise it, made you first conquered and weak and at the same fuelled your strength to remain with it.

What she saw in me I do not fully understand. A large aging, though kindly looking, balding and slightly pot bellied pompous looking fool who could not believe his luck. She had no father - maybe that was it? But what she had done for me on the riverbank did not indicate daughterly love. And I did not want her for a daughter. I loved her as a woman and my soul ached to achieve every kind of sexual act with her.

The next day I phoned the headmistress of her school and straightened out Tayla's problem. She would not be expelled. She would be given another chance.

In the afternoon I switched on my mobile privately from my wife and saw two messages:

"Thank you!!!!"


"Come to the Station Cafe at nine tonight. Love . T"

The last message got me excited.

I made an excuse in the evening and took leave of my wife, saying I would be back around midnight.

"Do what you want" she said, "I'm having a night out with the girls"

I imagined my wife and her old cronies out on the town handbagging on the back of the head anyone who looked like they were enjoying themselves.

At nine I went to the cafe. Tayla was not there. Five minutes later I noticed her outside the cafe and she signalled to me to come out.

She'd done herself up nicely. Her skirt was short and her stocking dark - I liked that - and on top she was wearing a casual shirt which showed off her beautiful round shoulders. Her breasts pointed at me - I wanted to hug her and hold those tits against me. I remembered the hand-job and her cum covered nipples.

Dammit I wanted to fuck her! But where? I could not take her to a hotel - and my house was out of the question.

"Let's go for a drive" I said. I asked if she was hungry and she said no.

She took ker seat next to me and I set off out of town towards the M1 motorway. I looked down at her legs now and then - of course I had an erection. I wanted to touch her legs so reached out with my left hand and felt the firm warmth of her thigh through the stocking. I stroked and squeezed gently.

"I saw Mrs Riley today", she said, "I am not being expelled after all. Thank you, it was very sweet of you to do that for me."

I did not reply, just smiled. Then she reached over and undid my fly - using her small hand to feel my penis. She began to stroke up and down gently. Unbelievable sensations and emotions flowed through me. She was so gentle. Touching all the right places - not trying to make me come - just pleasuring and teasing a little with her fingertips.

I drove to a service station and parked. There was a motel.

"Wait here", I said. I came back in five minutes.

"I have just booked a twin room for me and my daughter. Let's go in"

We walked in together and with a big smile I asked the receptionist when breakfast is served and after she answered wished her goodnight. Of course, I knew that we would be checkout out well before breakfast.

I was glad that ten years previously I had had a vasectomy, very glad.

The room was adequate - two single beds next to each other. As soon as we got in she was on me - hugging me strongly and pressing her face to my lower chest and telling me that she loves me. I said to her "Just a minute", settled her on one bed and began to undress. I wanted to expose myself to the full in front of her and see her reaction. I stripped all the way down and threw my clothes on the other bed. There I was - totally naked and erect - standing before a nubile teenage girl - just what I always wanted.

"You've got a big one" she said smiling, looking at my penis pointing at her face. I thought that was funny and chuckled. "Much bigger than Lloyd's". Of course that flattered my ridiculous manly ego. She got up off the bed and began to touch me aroud the navel - sending me wild with sexual delight and my penis surging to greater states of firmness than ever before. I let her continue with the touching for some time. She went around my back and grasped my ass and hugged me strongly from behind - then she put her hand between my legs and massaged my balls - pulling on the base of my cock now and then. This tease went on until I took back control - lifting her skirt and pulling down her stockings and taking them off while she stood, lifting one foot, then the other, as I removed the garment. I touched the sensuous thighs and heard her little shrieks as I came near her private parts. I put my face under her skirt and nuzzled my mouth at her silky knickers where her pussy is - gently pulling them down and again off.

"Lick me" she commanded, much to my surprise.

She sat down on the bed and then lay down flat while I used my lips and tongue on her clitoris - her ankles on my shoulders. She began to squirm and moan "Ohhhh, mmm" and gasped now and again - arching her back.

"Touch my breasts while you do that", she said softly in between deep breaths.

She sat up and removed her top and bra. Two gorgeous breasts, already familiar to me - stood out invitingly. She lay down again and while I pleasured her most intimate parts I used my hands and fingers to caress both breasts.

"Ohhh, play with my nipples" she begged me and I used my fingertips on her nipples.

"Squeeze my tits", she commanded and I obeyed. I moved away from her vagina a little and started to kiss the area just above her hair - she seemed to like that - producing a long "mmmmmmm" and I noticed she was grinding her ass on the bed. I thought, she's ready and pushed her legs apart to come inside her.

"Take me from behind" she said. I was happy to accept this command and she turned around - sticking her pretty bottom in the air and resting her face in the pillow.

"Take me by the hair", she ordered me. I took her hair a bit hesitantly and she said angrily, "go on, pull!" So I pulled so that she came up onto all fours andmy rod rested at the entrance to her vagina.

I nearly came when I saw her in that position but just steadied myself and felt her hand on my dick - guiding me to the warm place. The feel of her hand on my cock and the position we were nearly made me come - but I held back and she slid me in and I felt a beautiful slippery tightness wrap around my delighted prick. Ahhhhhh. So this was heaven. Mmmmmm. She began to move slowly at first. Yes, mmmm, yes - this is heaven. I thought and smiled - looking at her lovely behind going back and forth on my ready to come cock - me tugging at her hair and hearing the sounds of pleasure from her pretty mouth.

Suddenly she quickend the pace and gasped "pull harder I'm coming" so I pulled hard with both hands on the long frizzy hair and in the same moment decided to let my self go and come with her - she reached down and squeezed my testicles quite hard and I felt her pussy contracting against my cock - a bolt of ecstasy hit me between the eyes and in my body - I tensed and then let years of frustration explode out  - and her sexy pussy milked my cock - she pressed my testicles - helping her hot vagina to drain every last drop from my balls. There was a high pitched scream - prolonged for a second and as I felt the most powerful spurts I tried to penetrate her to the full - hugging her ass tightly to my navel and her grinding violently against me -  until the orgasm peaked dissolving me into her. Then I collapsed onto her sexy little ass and lay fully buried inside her. Gasping for breath - savouring the sensations - still hard in her - my penis all the way up into her belly.

"That's nice", she said, "stay there - your cock feels good". She brought up her legs from behind I felt her tiny child like ankles pressing and massaging on my hairy middle aged ass trying to push me yet deeper and not allowing me to withdraw. I had no intention to withdraw.

Her dominance shocked me. And she so young and me so old! Her commands and manipulation of me were a revelation to me about my own desires. I wanted to be dominated! Something I had never known. The power of my orgasm proved it. And I was still hard inside her. Not daring to disobey this little sexy kitten. I would stay hard inside her until she decided to let me go. I would serve her!


to be continued - comments and suggestions please.

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