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The Schoolboy and the Farmers Wife -. Part 2

Please read Part 1 before reading this.
The weeks passed slowly. I had to study hard but my mind often drifted back to Sally and her wonderful body, and the love I had for her. I knew that was crazy as I would never be able to marry her. I nearly wore my cock out masturbating, wishing my hand was her vagina.

Two weeks before I was due to go home she sent me an SMS, she was coming to town again and could we meet up.

The SMS read, “Same place, same time. I have some good and some bad news.”

I asked the office for a weekend pass and they granted it. My auntie was coming to town again. One question was asked, “Doesn’t your family ever come to town?”

Sally arrived and rang the school and left a message for me. That more than satisfied the office as I think they were beginning to doubt my stories. The lady in the office said, “I wish I could stay at that hotel, that’s really classy.”

I felt like saying what we do there is classy too. Actually, I wouldn’t have minded taking her there, I was beginning to like women a bit older than me no, and she had a great tits.

I had football practice so I couldn’t go straight after school, also I was getting blue balls waiting to fuck her.

It was late when I got there and I was in agony. We met in the dining room, and I badly needed a fuck. After dinner we went back to the room and got ready to make love again.

As we were undressing she was looking at my hard cock and said, “I want you as badly as you want me, but I want you to use a condom this time. I have my reasons and I will tell you as soon as we have finished.”

I didn't query her, she must have had a good reason. It was the first time in my life I had ever had a condom on my cock and she showed me how to roll it on. It looked weird with this thin skin covering the entire length of my cock, and this funny little bulb poking out at the end.

It felt strange. I asked, “What does it feels like when you fuck using one of these.”

Sally was ready for us to fuck, and getting the bed ready.

“It’s so long since I have ever used one. They are so much better and thinner now than they were before and have lubricant already on them. The guys used to tell me it was like having a bath in an overcoat and hated using them. I told them in no uncertain words, If it’s not on, then IT doesn’t go in. It didn’t really make any difference to the feel of them to me, but the guys hated them. I wasn’t on the pill then so it was very risky letting a guy cum in you. They all promised to pull out before they came and a few managed it but most didn’t. There were a lot of pregnancy scares back then.”

I couldn’t wait any longer I was desperate to get into her. She was ready; I was up on the bed and had my condom covered cock heading for the pleasure palace between her legs immediately.

The first time I went into her I was so worked up and excited I did a Tom. I came after a few strokes inside her. I was so randy and the feeling I got as my cock went into her blew my mind, despite the condom. I was so excited and had thought and pictured this in my mind for weeks.

The sensation of seeing her beautiful naked body lying there with her wonderful smooth vagina, ready and waiting for me was too much. My cock went in too hard and too fast. The warmth, wetness and firmness of her were more than I could bear and I just came. The condom was filled in less than a minute. It was like she had covered my cock with her mouth and I blew my load of hot cum right into her. I was completely out of control.

Sally laughed and said, “I seem to have that effect on my men, don’t worry about it, I know that you can do far better than that.”

I was devastated.

I pulled out and cleaned my cock and replaced the condom with another one. She had come with a box of them. I was hard again very quickly fortunately. I didn’t need her mouth to help me.

I took my time and this time took things slowly and quietly. It was far better. The two of us managed to control the passion for a while and we just fucked. I was back to my normal self thank heavens. I was so embarrassed at doing that. The feeling of being inside her and our warm naked bodies pressed together was once more a trip to heaven for me.

Once we were back into our rhythm, and we were both enjoying the sensation and feelings of the way we were enjoying ourselves together. I asked, “What is so important? And why am I using a condom?”

“Tom wants me to have a baby; I have stopped taking the pill.”

I stopped fucking her in mid stroke…I was shocked.

“Shit,” I said.

I immediately thought she was going to tell me everything between us was over. This was going to be the finish of our association. I was extremely disappointed. This was going to be our last time together. It was going to be a Dear Mike… its over.

Then she dropped a bombshell.

“I want you to be the father of my baby, I can organize it but you have to approve. What would YOU say if you made the baby with me? “

I was flabbergasted; “Shit,” I said. That is something almost beyond MY comprehension. “God that would be amazing; getting you pregnant and me being its father, are you sure of this. MY cum making your baby. Holy shit, I was not expecting this…ever. It was probably my greatest fear… getting you pregnant. Won’t Tom find out or know it’s not his? You are not joking are you?”

We were in the middle of a great fuck and for some reason I didn’t want to keep fucking her just yet. I needed to get my head around this, there was a lot to be discussed and it could be very dangerous and if anybody found out, it would be the end of their marriage.

There was no way she could marry me; that would be disastrous.

I knew how, and I would be so proud of myself. “I would love to but it wouldn’t look like him."

Sally said, “Let’s get on with this, and get it over and done with first. I need it too. There are too many questions for me to concentrate on them and this as well. Come on I haven’t cum yet. Let’s finish this and we can discuss it. Obviously my timing was wrong; I should have waited until we had a couple of good fucks before I mentioned it. Your quickie has upset all my timing.”

We finished the fuck in silence. I had my head full of questions for myself and for her. I wasn’t concentrating on what we were doing and it took a bit longer for me to cum. Fortunately she came twice while I contemplated what she had told me while I went through the motions of fucking her.

I finally came and withdrew from inside her with this soggy looking thing dangling from my cock. I went to the bathroom and got rid of the condom and cleaned myself up.

I went back to bed and we both lay there side by side holding hands, looking at the ceiling.

Sally then said. “Nobody would ever know it was you. Believe me I have given this a lot of thought.”

“I really want to too. Shit that would be amazing.” I was so pleased it was me that she wanted to be its father. ”What happens to me when 'I' get married? I will also have another child running around somewhere I won’t know."

Sally was almost crying as she hugged me and told me, “You will always know; I will never forget you. I will make sure nobody but the two of us ever knows, and it will be the biggest secret of our lives. You will be told everything about it. You will be its father except on the birth certificate.”

“How can we? I am here at school and I will be here for another few weeks. He will want to know why you aren’t pregnant after a month or so if you keep having periods.”

She laughed, "You didn’t listen to me. Didn’t I explain my periods? I have fertile days just like farm animals only we have two feet not four. As a farm boy you should know when animals are on heat. I am like an animal and get on heat when I am ready to get pregnant. You should know that. You know me well enough now to know when I am randy; I fuck YOU half a dozen times.”

“How can we do it then if I am here and you are up there?”

“That’s why I am here now, to get your ideas about it and to talk about it, and I hope work out how we can do it. I will arrange to come back to you when I am fertile and we can have a day or so doing nothing else, just like when we are always together. My cycle lasts about a week to ten days. If it doesn’t work the first month I will come back next month to do the same. After that you should be home again.”

I was totally confused; I wanted to father her child badly, I was so proud, but then there were more problems that I had no idea of or control over either now or later. I already had sex with her twice and with a condom, and I was sure there were going to be a few more times. I would be sleeping with her in the hotel tonight and tomorrow night and I am sure she will want me to have sex with her as often as we can.

“Why the condom?” I asked.

“I had to talk to you first, you had to say yes. It’s quite likely I will conceive at this time of the month. I gave up the pill after my last period. If you didn’t agree and we made the baby now, it would be yours and you might not have approved of my idea.”

“Shit you really threw me a curved ball. I want to, but I am shit scarred now. There are so many things to think about. Lets fuck some more and see if I can get my head sorted out. I know my cock won’t care. How about Tom, wont he know when your fertile days are, and want to fuck you on those days?”

“I don’t think Tom knows or cares about when I am safe or not. He said he wants a kid so I will give him one, but it will be mine and yours, not his. He won’t know. He hasn’t a clue I have been fucking you for months, and really sex to him is something he does to keep me happy I think.
I do get a bit horny and get him to fuck me occasionally and he is cool with that. He doesn’t last as long as you and its over in a few minutes. I tell him it was good and he is happy.”

“What happens now if he fucks you and he gets you pregnant?”

“Well that would be possible I suppose, but I have my ways and means to make sure it’s not his.”

“How come?” I asked.

“It’s a suppository I put in preferably before we fuck and it kills the sperms when he cums, so I can’t get pregnant. I have put them in afterwards and they seem to have worked. They are not very reliable though. I have used them before I was married when I let somebody fuck me and I wasn’t sure of my cycle. They worked then. Don’t worry it’s unlikely he will impregnate me, and he won’t know if you do. I won’t put it in before he does me, so he won’t know. Now fuck me or we will be here for another week. No condom from now on.”

It was a wonderful feeling. I didn’t know much about getting pregnant apart from a guy cumming in a girl at the wrong time. I was learning. I asked her, “Do you have to cum too to get pregnant?”

“You really want to do this don’t you? I am so happy. No I don’t have to cum, but if I did I certainly wouldn’t have a problem with you. I can’t remember ever cumming as much with anybody as I do with you. You are my wonder boy. I love you.”

Every time we fucked after that and I came it had completely different feel. It was almost emotional. This is the one that may do the trick and get her pregnant, I kept thinking. I felt that even kissing her now was more passionate; if that was possible. I wanted this woman more than anything else in the world.

I went back to school and my head was spinning. I had my final exams in a couple of months and I had to get Sally pregnant at the same time.

As the holidays were approaching, Sally and I were on the phone nearly every day. She knew my timetable for lessons and rang when it was convenient and Tom was working somewhere on the property. She told me after she came back from our fuck fest that Tom had asked her why she wanted sex twice that day. She said, “you want a baby don’t you? It doesn’t happy automatically.”

“He wasn’t that interested in doing it more than once so I masturbated until I settled down again. I was still horny after you agreed to inseminate me, and I used one of those suppository things after he had cum. I wanted to be sure it is yours.”

I was counting the hours to seeing her again and holding, kissing and fucking that beautiful body, and as an added benefit, making a baby.

When I masturbated I looked at my semen and thought, how can that make a baby?

When I went home for holidays, we had to organize ways and means of meeting without creating any undue interest in our baby making activities. That tree would lose all it leaves with the ground shaking as much as it did with us fucking beneath it. I was now filling her full of baby juice as she now called my cum.

My mom kept asking me why I wasn’t going into town or dances anymore; maybe I could meet some girls there she told me. If only she knew I already had the most wonderful woman alive.

I went into town a couple of times just to keep her happy. I went to the pub so I would be seen. I arranged before hand to meet Sally by the river a bit later just outside town. I wanted mum to think I was on the lookout for girls. I drove the 1 ton pick- up into town and we went down to the river and we fucked in the back under a tarpaulin. Girls didn’t interest me: Sally did.

Maybe we would make the baby in the back of a pick-up under a tarpaulin. That is if we hadn’t achieved it already.

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