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The Schoolboy and the Farmer's Wife - Part 3

A school boy and a married woman fall in love and have a child.
Please read Parts 1 and 2 first. The story continues.

This was my final year at school, next year I would have to find work somewhere. That was going to be difficult as my parents wanted me to study to be a Stock & Station Agent. It would give me excellent experience and background before taking over the farm from dad. That would mean I would be away from home for at least three or four years.

Fortunately one of the guys at school also came from a rural property and he and I both managed to get a job, starting the following year. We would be working for a firm of Stock and Station Agents. While this was a town based job I would be out of town a lot visiting properties and customers. I managed to convince them I could learn a lot from the districts around our place as I knew the country.

Fortunately I was to be allocated to a local agent in a town a few hours away from home, (and Sally), that would tutor me in the work requirements in the general vicinity. It would mean however that I would be living away from home.

Now I could organize to see Sally occasionally. By then she should be pregnant and making our baby. I knew the agent a bit as my dad did business with him occasionally. Whilst I was near home I would have to be careful with Sally as you don’t keep secrets for long in the bush. This was one secret affair that would create a scandal the whole district and company would be aware of and be broadcast far and wide if it became known. I know my parents would virtually disown me if it got out.

I was in love with our neighbor’s wife. She was six years older than me. I had thought about her proposal and had agreed. I would father her baby. That’s what we both wanted.

I had not graduated yet and was still in school.

“I am ready to conceive during the next few days,” she told me over the phone, “Can you get leave this weekend?”

This was the second month of our effort to impregnate her and luckily it coincided with a weekend. After sport she picked me up and we didn’t even get back to the hotel. We drove to a secluded place not far from school I knew about. It’s where the day boys took their girls at night for passion sessions. We had one quick shag on the back seat. God that felt amazing knowing as I came into her that my sperm may have our baby in it. We both laughed about fucking where we were. She said “Maybe she would conceive on the back seat of her car.” God knows how often that had happened before.

We went back to the hotel after that and we showered together. Then we talked about what could happen and all the things that may or may not happen. The more we talked the more we wanted to make love and as we sat there, drinking tea, I could not take my eyes of her beautiful naked body, and those wonderful tits I loved so much.

She said, “Please do it for me, you know we love each other but we are too far apart in age and everything else but love making. That is something we really are good at and we can do it with no problems. You fit me and I want you in me as often as I can. I even visited a sex shop and got a plastic cock that looks like yours to masturbate with. I will show it to you later. Now can you take me to bed and make love to me and make a baby… Please.”

I wanted to make love to her even more now she wanted me to make a baby with her, that is the ultimate desire in both our lives now…to make a baby. She wanted me to impregnate her and not have her husband do it. We had been having sex together for almost a year. She said we have made love more often than she and Tom had ever done in four years of marriage. We loved each other, but knew both it could never work as a married couple due to our age difference; at the moment.

Before we went down to dinner we had two more fucks. We told each other how much we loved each other and she cried a couple of times when we were making love and she could feel me inside her, doing what we had decided to do together. Every time I came inside her now was a really special sensation for both of us. We knew it could be the time we made the baby and the feeling as I came was something really special now. Cumming inside her had a whole new meaning.

She always wanted to know when I was about to cum so she would know that this might be the semen that makes the baby. She really got all worked up as I came in her. She would wrap her legs around me and pull us together to get me as far up inside her as possible. We kissed passionately as best we could as I came into her. This baby would be a baby made with love.

I know when I came it felt different, knowing that it could get her pregnant. It was a very strange feeling. We had fucked hundreds of times now, and every time we had not worried about her becoming pregnant, the pill had worked; now we both wanted her to conceive. We had gone from one extreme to the other. There were times she still sucked my cock for me and said “It’s a pity I can’t swallow it and get pregnant, it seems a bit of a waste of cum.”

Even though we wanted to make babies we both still enjoyed the pleasures of oral sex together. It was a pity we couldn’t get her pregnant by swallowing cum.

Our biggest problem was trying not to be seen as lovers and just as a brother and sister as we had decided to tell anybody who asked, not that anybody had…yet. It was hard not to look at each other without love in our eyes.

After dinner we went for a walk and held hands in the dark. I wanted to kiss her passionately.

“No, it was a bit TOO public and we don’t want to take unnecessary risks now that we are serious about this,” she remarked.

I could not wait to get back to her room.

As we undressed and seeing her naked was too much for me; I said, “I want to make a baby, let’s go to bed and try.”

We would have scored an ‘A’ for effort if there had been grades for baby making.

She came to me, kissed me, and hugged and held me and said “I love you; I love you more than it’s possible to love anybody.”

I said “I love you too sweetheart; I still can’t believe you want to make a baby with me.”

We went to bed and we made love as we had made love dozens of times before, if that could be possible. We were trying to fertilize the egg inside her with my semen. We made love, it wasn’t fucking now. I told her I could not believe I could love her any more than I did before, but I do. What I was feeling now was the strongest sensation of emotion I had ever had for her. I never wanted to leave her.

If we failed it would not be for the want of trying. Surely with all the semen I deposited in her vagina she must get pregnant.

I think I must have cum into her four or five times so far that night. That was the first night. We had a day and a night to go. Surely one of those lots of cum had the magic sperm in it.

“What is the most important thing in your life now,” she asked.

“My cock and balls,” I replied. “And yours?”

“My womb” she replied.

The next morning we lay naked on the bed, and kissed and hugged. I rubbed her tummy, the home of the result of our love making for the next nine months we hoped.

“Can I have a look inside you? I want to see where it will all happen.”

I got down between her legs and used my fingers to spread her cunt lips and look inside her and see all the pink warm wonderful flesh my cock rubbed against as I fucked her. I had looked and fingered her insides many times before, but now her insides were something special to me. She would make a baby and that’s where it would start, with my penis in her vagina and with the baby coming out of her through there.

The occasion was overwhelming and I could not control myself, I went down on her and spent ten minutes licking her wonderful opening, rubbing each of her labia between my lips and finally sucking her wonderful clitoris out of its sheath and licking it with my tongue as I held it firmly with my lips.

This was something we both enjoyed and she had the most amazing orgasms when I did this to her. She bucked and bounced about so much I often lost contact with her. I had to lock my arms around her legs and force my mouth over her opening to get my tongue to finish the work I had started. This prolonged her fantastic orgasm that we both loved. There were a few times she said she had two orgasms immediately one after the other. She was always exhausted afterwards if that happened and took a while to recover. She really made a noise when that happened.

I often wondered if the people in the next room could hear her. They must have thought I was killing her. I was really…with love. Fortunately the bed head was not against the wall otherwise it would have been banging on the wall half the night …and all day.

She told me a few times that she never had such wonderful orgasms with Tom her husband, who never ever uses his mouth to satisfy her.

“That is not going to make a baby, but I will never reject any offers you make to do that. It is wonderful, I only hope when I do that to you that you enjoy it as much as I do. I know I enjoy what you give me when you do.’” Sally told me.

I loved doing it with her all the same. I still could not get over the fact that it didn’t matter how often we fucked together, I could always cum and ejaculate reasonable quantities of cum.

We had a shower together and went down to the dining room for breakfast. Something unusual for us. We had fucked incessantly since I had arrived. It would also give the maid a chance to make up our room and air it. It reeked of sex. I would imagine she thought we were honeymooners.

We spent some time out and about doing a little sightseeing and decided to risk being seen holding hands now. We both needed a rest from the constant sex we were having. She said to me while we walked, “If I am not pregnant by this I don’t think I ever will be; you must have put a bucket full of cum into me.”

I quipped, “There is plenty more where that comes from.”

That night we made love again. That made six or seven times that day. We were not counting. Surely one of those would make her pregnant. In the back of my mind I didn’t want it to happen that fast, I wanted more opportunities to make babies with her. We slept together in each other’s arms, with the smell of our hot sweaty bodies pervading the bed clothes. It was wonderful.

I woke the next morning and lay there while she slept next to me. The room was warm and we slept naked and now we had no bedclothes over us, I got up on one arm and looked at her beautiful face and body, her breasts were still quite firm and resting on her chest and rose and fell with her breath. I looked again at her firm tummy that would soon begin to fill with our baby and the beautiful little patch of hair above her vagina. I passed over her belly button which I no longer filled with my cum when we fucked, if I came on her body.

Now everything was to be put inside her as part of our baby making effort. Earlier I had learned to lick my cum out of that little belly button cum bucket, and off her nipples. She really loved me doing that. Then she always wanted to kiss me afterward with the taste of my own cum on my tongue. I was reluctant to do that at first but she wanted me to. She argued, she swallows my cum why can’t I do the same?

After the first time I practiced drinking my own cum back at school. I would wank off into a spoon. I found it easier in the beginning to drink it off a spoon like medicine. It took a little bit of effort to overcome the reluctance to do that at first, but after a couple of times I was having no problems swallowing it. I can’t say I enjoyed it as much as Sally did, but I would do anything she asked; my adoration for her had now become my undivided love for her.

She had let a bit of hair grow back as I told her I liked her with some hair rather than none. Tom it seemed enjoyed the fact she shaved herself but he didn’t really care whether it was all shaved off or just some there. He certainly didn’t appreciate what a beautiful woman he had.

I must have woken her because she opened her eyes, kissed me and said, “I want some baby juice,” and we fucked once more. Neither of us ever felt that we were fucking ourselves to death. We both enjoyed every moment of it and she never ever refused to let me fuck her and always seemed pleased that I wanted to. She was no different, if she wanted to fuck me, she did, and she often got me hard by sucking my cock until it was hard enough. I only needed that sort of treatment after we had fucked two or three times earlier.

I had her get on top of me as often as I could. She was magnificent riding me as well as she rides a horse. The sight of her tits bouncing up and down and her heels raking my buttocks was out of this world. She only wore spurs that once than heavens. I would have some explaining to do in the shower room back at school with bruises down my thighs and legs after a session of her doing that. Fortunately she never used a whip on me either.

The ‘Do not disturb’ sign remained on the door all day and the room service was used to provide the substance we needed to keep up fucking. Just as well my cock didn’t fall off with all the use it was getting, and I don’t mean pissing.

The next day on the way back to school she reiterated she would be back at about the same time next month when she was ovulating, whether she had her period or not. We would make doubly sure she was pregnant even if she was. She said “it won’t matter, it will be fun.”

If she didn't get pregnant it wasn’t going to be for the lack of trying.

For the next two days at school I was miles away from the class room I was sitting in. All I could think about was her naked body and me making love to her. I even imagined me suckling on her tits and that our baby would do the same. I needed to find out how long she had to wait before we could have sex again after the baby, and if I can suck on her tits and taste her milk.

After those two days I managed to get my head around my studies again and luckily didn't miss too much important stuff.

On the day after her period was due, she texted me again. “I am late. Maybe I am and maybe I am not. It won’t matter we would do it all again, if only for the fun of it”.

If it had worked I was going to be a daddy, either way we had another fuck fest ahead of us. A week or so later she sent another SMS. ” It’s looking good, but just in case, I will be in touch with the school.” She never mentioned her period.

The two of us went through the same routine only this time we assumed she was pregnant as her period had not arrived. We both acted like she wasn’t and we made love as often as before, but with far more feeling, knowing she may already have a baby inside her that I had implanted in her. Rubbing her tummy now had a new meaning.

It was two of the most emotional days of my life, I was truly in love with her, and her with me too I believed. Having got her pregnant added a lot of meaning to the word love now.

I had become a man; I was fathering her baby.

I asked about Tom and she said “I am letting him do it to me whenever he asks, which is not often. It won’t matter from now on if we are pregnant.”

After this we talked on my mobile phone when it was safe to do so. Tom would be away for a day or so working on the property so she could talk safely. I always made sure I was well away from any other person and used the sports ovals where I could see anybody that was nearby.

She was pregnant and we did it the first try. The doctor confirmed that. I was going to be a teenage father to a woman six years older than me and married to another man.

I wonder which of the many many times we made love that it happened.

She came to town fairly regularly to see her gynecologist and I got to sleep with her each time. Tom never came with her. I watched in awe as her tummy slowly grew with our baby inside her and rubbed oil into it for her, she said to stop the stretch marks. It was great fucking after that too, as she was really slippery.

I passed all my exams and my school education was behind me. My life would be totally different from now on. Seeing Sally was pregnant to me, I believed I had graduated in sex education and baby making as well.

I was to go home for 6 weeks before I had to start my new job, early in the New Year. It was difficult not showing my impatience to get to Sally where we could be naked and do all the things we enjoyed doing together.

There had been a drought for a few months and the cattle had to be moved from place to place to get feed and water so I had to give the men a hand at droving. As the boss’s son it was expected of me. I didn’t get to see Sally as much as I would have liked to. Tom had to do the same but he didn’t have as many men so he didn’t get home as often as I could.

I always came back through their property and surprised Sally a couple of times and we didn’t wait for me to have a shower, I had been in the bush for days without a good wash and I stank, but she was more than happy for me to make up for lost time. Even afterwards I couldn’t shower with her as I had to arrive home dirty and smelly after droving, and in need of a good soak in the bath. If I had arrived all clean after a week in the bush there would have been questions asked for sure.

While we were out droving a few of the guys went into a nearby town one night to get drunk. They found a woman who was prepared to give them what they wanted and they came back and told me what I had missed. I was very glad that was one occasion I missed out. I am not into gang bangs and you could never be sure you didn’t get a dose of something nasty. Some of those women were not very particular about who they entertained.

I started my job early in the New Year. I worked odd hours and the town I was working in was a couple of hours drive away from home. It was harder to keep in touch with Sally. She could only ring me when Tom was out on the property and since she had been pregnant he had not stayed away for as long as he normally did. I never rang her just in case Tom was around.

I went home every chance I could, but sometimes it was a few weeks between visits. Sometimes I would be there for a couple of days and not see Sally as Tom was home. That was so hard.

On the times we could meet it was amazing. Her tummy was getting bigger and bigger and having sex with her was a whole new experience with her tummy bigger each time we did. It was so much fun trying the various ways of fucking each other. We said that the baby would be a sex maniac if the times we had sex had any effect on our baby in her womb.

After a couple more months her tummy was huge and so were her breasts, they actually rested on her bulge now and had huge areola which I still sucked on and she loved it. I couldn’t wait for her to have milk in them and for me to suck on them and taste her milk. She made jokes about how big her tummy was getting and my cock wasn’t.

She was still more than happy with it and the way it made her feel when we made love. I could not believe I had done it to her and that I had caused her bulge. Making love to her now was still the most amazing sensation I could ever imagine. We both had fantastic times when we had sex together as her vagina was now becoming more difficult to access. We giggled a lot as we actually had sex in so many different ways to get around her huge bulge.

Getting into her vagina from behind was fun and her tits swung like a clapper in a church bell as I went at it with her from behind. We tried anal once or twice and she didn’t like it and it never really turned us on. It was like our early days together when we tried every possible of way that I could get my cock into her.

We had many hours of fun following the ways and means in a couple of books she had. Getting ourselves together and trying to fuck in some amazing positions was awesome, and often hilarious. I looked at her and wondered how our baby was going to come out of her vagina. I had tried to fist her a few times and it was always difficult and painful. I had yet to witness a birth apart from animals, and unfortunately I don’t think I will be around when it happens to Sally. That would be a bit obvious.

We both continued to have oral sex with each other and now it was so different when I went down on her, and when she came. It was a whole new experience with the way her body was now shaped. She said every time that she swallowed my semen she was swallowing more of my babies and that one day we would make another one.

That was something I didn’t want to think about, the future was becoming more difficult now. I was getting older and I couldn’t marry Sally even though I was fathering our baby. I would one day meet another woman I hoped I could love as much as I loved Sally. We both declared our undying love for each other even so.

There were a couple of times we talked about what would happen after the baby and what would happen if I found another woman to love. We both knew that our love was undying but WE could never marry. The circumstances of that were impossible and we both talked about it a quite a few times even though we both realized that it can never happen. It was something I didn’t want to think about then.

Gradually her time came and she had the baby. She had it at home with a mid-wife and everything was perfect. I took my mom over to see her and we saw them both only hours after the birth. They made a video of the birth and she told me quietly she would show it to me as soon as it was safe. I couldn’t wait to see it but could not display what I was feeling. It was a big event in the community and Tom was really proud of himself.

I had to sit back and wait for things to happen so I wasn’t conspicuous. The feelings I had inside me were so confused. I almost cried with the emotion and passion of seeing Sally and OUR new Suzie and I could do or say a thing. I wanted to hug and hold Sally and our baby but it was just impossible. I managed to get about a minute alone with Sally and a quick kiss on the lips from her and a “I love you” whispered in my ear. I nearly cried.

A week later mum said she was going over to their place to take something for the baby. Would I like to drive her over?

This was going to be difficult. It was the first time I would see Sally and the baby after the birth apart from those few hours afterwards. It was only the second time I would see my daughter. I would have to be really cool about everything.

Sally’s mom was there, and together with my mom, the two of them had a lot to talk about. Sally was marvelous, she took me in to see our daughter and I cuddled her. I kissed Sally holding Suzie and it was amazing. Quietly she said can you make it over here next week for a few days? Tom is going mustering for a week and I am dying to get to taste and feel you inside me again. As I kissed her her milk began to run down and she had to leave us. I was alone and holding Suzie on my own. I felt so proud. I could not believe all that loving we had done together had produced this wonderful little bundle of joy.

When I drove my mother home I could not get the smell and the feeling of both of them out of my mind. Both of us wanted to make love then and there but it was far too risky.

A couple of weeks later I organized to take a few days off. This wasn’t hard as things were quiet and I went to Sally’s after dark one night. The both of us couldn’t wait. The moment I pulled up she was waiting for me – naked. It was the most beautiful sight I had seen for weeks. Her breasts were much larger still, filled with the food for our baby, and me. I virtually stripped off as we ran to the bedroom and the first moment of me entering her warm body again was one of the most wonderful sensations I have ever had.

The both of us just lay there locked together once more. It had been almost a month since we had done this together. Once I was inside her and enjoying the sensation and feeling of us as we were and kissing, her milk began to run down and I drank from her breasts. That was as wonderful as being inside her. We made love non-stop for an hour, I came three times and she must have cum five or six times. She really needed me.

The next morning we put the car in the barn and covered it so nobody would recognize it, and me being there.

I asked about Tom and if they had they were having sex yet?

She told me that he had asked her if she wanted him to on one occasion. He had seen her rubbing herself after her shower. She told him it might be too soon after the birth. She said she nearly did it, but decided she wanted me first. We really made up for the month we had not been together. We made love constantly for three days and nights and I drank from her breasts after every time she fed Susie and I drained every drop of her milk after Suzie had her fill. On occasions she covered my cock with her milk and sucked me off. That felt awesome. We didn’t put clothes on once, it was hot and we didn’t need them, and it made little quickies very easy. I don’t think an hour passed by without some form of contact. We were in love and sex crazed. I now had two women to love and one to share my body with.

A couple of other times she sucked me and when I came she held my cum in her mouth until I sucked her breast milk and then we kissed with the mix of my cum and her milk in our mouths. We were depraved but doing what we loved doing together so much.

We were naked and as we kissed my cock slipped into her so we made love again with the mix of our body fluids now mixed together at both ends of our bodies. I shuddered with the emotion of being with her like that. This was sex personified.

I held and cuddled my love child Susie every chance I had. I actually changed Susie’s nappy a couple of times and bathed her. I could not believe the first time I saw her naked. . Sally pointed out a small birth mark on one of her labia. Sally had one the same that I had seen so often. Fortunately I have no marks on me to show on her.

It wasn’t until many months after our baby boy was born I began to think about the time I would marry and I would make another woman pregnant. One day I would have to face it that I had a love child somewhere in the world. If things kept going as well as they were I would know every week about her progress. She told me Tom was besotted with the baby and would never know it wasn’t his.

There had only been one instance where there had been a question about the father of her baby. At a check up for them both the doctor asked if she was sure her husband was the father. She was shocked. He told her maybe there was a problem with the blood test, It happens sometimes. Inwardly she thought our secret may have been found out. Sally asked the midwife the next time she saw her why they would ask. She said it wasn’t a problem it was just a blood test they took didn't seem to match. She said it happens sometimes, but Sally could see she knew the truth.

From then on she said she was extremely careful her husband never heard of the question she was asked.

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