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The Schoolboy And The Farmers Wife. Part 4 (Final)

Please read the earlier Parts as this is the end of the story.

Due to the nature of my work, I was living away from home for a couple of years and I didn’t get a lot of opportunities to have our lovemaking sessions as frequently as Sally and I would have liked. When we could, we did, and they were frantic and were physically exhausting. We fucked and sucked like there was not going to be a tomorrow. It surprised us both that I never failed to ejaculate even after so many orgasms. My balls were often quite sore from all coming and being thrashed against Sally’s cunt. I was now twenty two and Sally was twenty eight. Suzie, our child was two.

We had been lovers for almost six years but our meetings were getting fewer and we were fucking less and less. I was missing my regular meeting and sex pleasures with Sally. I was not seeing both my women as often as we would both have liked, and I did have to make a living. I occasionally availed myself of an opportunity to sleep with other girls. None could suck and fuck like Sally. She was my wonder woman. When we could get together it was mayhem and we would enjoy naked sex in all forms for hours on end. She never refused to cooperate and often drove me to extremes of sexual passion. Tom was not helping and she was relying on me, and her dildos, to satisfy her craving for sex.

I had begun to share myself with a few other women by now, seeing that my regular visits to Sally were becoming more difficult as fewer opportunities existed. It no longer concerned me about the age of women that I could tempt. There were single girls, who were more than willing, but they were always husband hunting and I wasn’t interested in settling down yet.

I had a few opportunities with wives and daughters of cattlemen or their domestic staff. While the dog is away the cats will play. There is something in that saying; absence makes the heart grow stronger. It wasn’t my heart I was concerned about,

I soon learned I was not getting anywhere and I was getting more knockbacks than fucks. I also had my job to consider. I didn’t want any complaints or embarrassing situations from the farmers wives. Some of their men could beat me to pulp if they knew I was fucking their wives or daughters, so I became very careful and selective. I planned my visits to the properties so that the station owner was always home when I visited. This usually ended up with me getting drunk with him rather than shagging his wife or daughter to death.

After a few months I found some of the more willing and available women were becoming a little too demanding so I curtailed my activity. I decided to concentrate more on the daughters of some of the cattlemen, rather than their wives and was reasonably successful with a few. The visiting professionals, like nurses and casual school teachers etc who came through the town on fairly regular occasions, were often interested in a casual affair and I had a degree of success there. The nurses particularly, they were all nymphomaniacs. Some women stayed in the same residence I used, it was fairly easy to bed them and nobody was any the wiser. They liked a regular guy to service them too as they didn’t want to get a reputation for sleeping around, which I might add they already had as far as I was concerned. I might have been THE man in this town but I think they had another man in every town they visited.

I was invited to Susie’s third birthday. Sally and I managed to get together the day before. I was staying at home, and she rode out to meet me and we had a few hours together under the tree and used the saddle blankets and the cattle trough again.

She also had a nanny living there now so it became more difficult at her place. If Tom was away, Sally would give the nanny a night off to go to town and stay overnight, and didn’t we make up for lost time then.

It was there she told me she wanted another child – by me. It seems Tom had lost interest in sex again.

It was harder to work out when we could both be available to make babies. We managed somehow and it took two months this time to impregnate her and far fewer efforts. Previously I had probably ejaculated a bucket of cum into her at our get me pregnant meetings; now we were down to a cup full. On the occasions we could meet it was back to the old days. For some reason we had changed to quality, not quantity when we had our sex. She had let her hair grow again and we decided to shave her, it was better for my oral visitations which Tom did not perform for her. She said she would think of something to tell Tom.

Almost a year later Jack was born, he did look a bit like me but nobody put one and one together to get me into the equation. I had a feeling my mother had a suspicion but she never said a word. Women’s intuition? I don’t know.

Seven years after we had our first fuck, we were still lovers; by then, I was twenty four. Sally had found out that Tom was having a casual affair with town girls and a bar maid so she soon divorced him. The property had been her father’s so she retained it after the divorce. Tom never found out about Sally and me, or that I fathered her two children.

After her divorce we discussed the possibility of marriage but and we both agreed it would never work, and it would never be accepted by the community for that matter. It just wasn’t done in those circles. Also the two properties were too big for me to manage as one. She had employed a manager and he was running the place far better than Tom. He was married and Sally had no desire to bed him.

It was now an accepted fact; we would never marry.

That day was the first that we had a serious discussion and remained fully clothed. Later on after dinner we sealed the agreement with another of our most wonderful experiences of lovemaking… and a cup of tea.

The visits to Sally were getting fewer. I was also getting serious with another woman, my own age. I was open with Sally about that and she had no problems with it. I had slept with Robyn and we both were happy that we could be partners for life in more ways than one. Robyn was the daughter of another property owner, so we had a lot in common, including sex.

Sally told me she had been seeing another man. It was beginning to get serious, but so far she had not been to bed with him. That would be necessary before she agreed to marry him. She didn’t want another Tom. She laughed and said if he is half as good as you I will marry him the next morning.

Sally married him within three months. I think that was the longest three months of our lives, Sally and I never had sex with each other once during that time. She was busy breaking him in, and he was learning how to manage Sally’s property which would become theirs once she married him. Her new husband loved her/our children; he would never know Tom was not their father or that I was. They also planned to have children of their own. That made me very happy.

In her discussion with me she made it very clear she still wanted us to continue the relationship with me despite her new marriage. As she put it we have been through so much together I could never turn my back and walk away from what we had, and have. That was a problem and I would deal with it. It was an obsession with us and I don’t think it would ever be over. It would however be very infrequent; I was now living at home again and would be getting married shortly. Robyn was practicing being a wife and I was enjoying it. Also I was gradually taking over the management of the property as dad was handing it over to me.

As soon as we determined our lives would now be quite different, I was to be married, and I was marrying for love. I knew I had loved before, but that was a love for sex with a wonderful and older woman. My wife Robyn, would never know I had fathered two children with an older woman; one as a teenage schoolboy. I would take that to my grave. Sally’s new marriage confirmed that Susie and Jack would be well and truly looked after and treated as their own.

Our children were at my marriage as were their mother and new husband. My wife Robyn would never know they were fathered by me. When I looked into their mothers eyes we knew it was not over; yes, I knew then I would be unfaithful but only with one woman; the mother of my first two children. We both aged together but our love for sex with each other still existed but our ages and society would prevent us from ever being a married couple. We would be lovers forever but the bond was different. Our sex was still magnificent even after all these years and the number of times we had made love together in so many different ways.

When I made love to my wife she never realized it was Sally who had trained me to be the perfect lover. She often said she was the luckiest girl alive to have me. If she only realized she was one of three women in my life, so far. She was to be a longtime partner and mother to any children I might father in future. The other was a naked beauty that made love to me like an angel who had borne two children to me. The third was my daughter, Susie. Jack was also in that special category.

Sally’s new husband was a great bloke. I was at their wedding but I found it hard to look him in the eye and tell him how lucky he was to have her. I hoped he would never know the relationship that existed between his wife and I, He was also going to be my neighbor, as I was gradually assuming responsibility for my father’s property.

Sally and I continued being unfaithful, Sally to her second husband, and me to my new wife Robyn.

I had sex with Sally a month before ‘their’ John’s birth. She had to visit the gynecologist. I was in the city myself and I found a way to be there with her. It was just like old times. Sally cried with the emotion of loving two men and having sex with her lover whilst carrying the baby of her husband. I should have felt like a real bastard, but I didn’t.

My meetings with Sally became fewer now for good reasons. We both had children to consider and we were happily married and we had both had children by our own partners.

We saw each other at their christenings which we arranged for the same day at the same church. That was more for convenience of the minister rather than us.

Somehow we managed a year of abstinence, we saw each other socially but we both knew we yearned to be together. We were trying hard to break the sexual link we had between us. We had seen each other at social occasions but had resisted the urge to find somewhere where we could get together intimately. On one occasion Sally and I found ourselves alone at a function. Her words to me that day proved that our relationship had only been suspended not ended. “Oh God I want you so badly, I love Jim but I really do miss what you and I have together. There are days I really yearn to be with you doing those wonderful things we do so well together. I really envy Robyn.” she told me.

In the meanwhile I had taken over my father property but we were still living only fourteen kilometers apart. I had a family, a pregnant wife for the second time, and a property to manage now.

It was not far enough.

One day Sally came over to our place and Robyn was in town at the doctors and visiting my parents, who were now living in town. It shouldn’t have happened but it did. We made love like we had done many years before and we both knew we could never stop. We both knew deep down there was a deep feeling between us, the amazing feelings of fantastic and wonderful lust for each other. I could never forget that first time I entered her body and the feelings that overwhelmed me, and what must be hundreds of times since.

I could not believe that after so long and so many times, that this time felt like our first time all over again. As soon as our bodies were joined in that wonderful intimate union it was the most the most amazing sensation, it was as good or better than the first time she invited me to make love to her. The emotion was overwhelming and we kissed as we had kissed so many times before whilst my tongue explored her wonderful mouth and her vagina massaged the length of my penis as if it were her mouth. I was deep within her vagina as I had been so many times before. The sensation of our bodies pressed and locked together as they were was overwhelming.

I managed to control the urge and my climax until we were both ready to share that pleasure together. She always had magnificent orgasms and Sally did her thing and came twice before I managed my one and only. It was her third time and she shared her pleasure with me. I could not believe that after all these years and the hundreds of times we had both enjoyed wonderful sex together that it could still be a wonderful as it was.

Sally cried when I came inside her as I had done hundreds of times before. This time she said she would never utter the ‘L’ word again with me. We had enjoyed an old fashioned fuck; that was it, but it was absolutely amazing. The union of our two bodies was something that was impossible to replicate, except between the two of us. I had fucked many women over the last few years but not one ever got as close to perfection as Sally did.

As hard as we tried we could not help ourselves, and we met secretly from time to time. Now we had to be even more careful. Not to prevent pregnancies, as this was now under control, but to shield our sexual desires from our partners. Somehow we managed to meet occasionally and be together naked and do what we had done hundreds of times in the past. It was no longer love, it was purely sex and even though we kissed it was not the kiss of lovers anymore. Never did we utter those words “I love you” between us even while revisiting some of those amazing sessions of fantastic sex. We never lost that passion for being intimately locked together or the taste for oral sex.

That tree and the horse trough continued to be the scene of now two rather than one adulterous affairs. As we aged we seemed to spend more time naked and drinking tea than having sex. We managed to engage in our passion at least twice each time, never six or seven times anymore. We still sat naked together and drank tea after we had our fill of sex. Her breasts still provided me with untold pleasures, even after four children, but I never tasted the nectar of the gods from her again. Her hand now did things to me and I now spilled a different seed upon the ground, but it never germinated as it had done so brilliantly within her.

It seems that we would be together until death do us part, and still fucking, drinking tea, and peeing.

That’s the end of the love story, I hope you enjoyed it.

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