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The Snow

A story about passion and independence
The snow was falling heavier now, it hadn’t taken long for it to settle.

‘Amazing what a difference a couple of hours had made’, she thought. When she’d left it was cold but had given no indication of what was to come.

She quietly cursed her independent streak and for not the first time that afternoon, she wished she’d simply stayed in. But no, foolish as she was, she’d thought a quiet walk in the countryside in the middle of winter would be a good idea.

She realized she was at least half an hour from the house and the snow was now falling so fast she could barely see anything much. 'Thank goodness she had actually made it back onto the roads' she thought as she wrapped her coat even more around her, thankful she’d worn her warmest snuggest boots so at least her feet weren’t wet. She was now really cold.

The traffic had slowed and there was an almost quiet softness around as the snow cushioned everyday life and gave it a gentle whiteness, as if in hiding all the not so pretty things under a snowflake blanket it would make the world right again.

She laughed at herself for the way her thoughts were wandering all over the place, mostly to take her mind off things.

The mobile in her pocket rang, making her jump. Fumbling clumsily in her pocket she grabbed it out, almost dropping it and then with a sigh, slipped her glove off to slide the screen down and then quickly putting her glove back on.


“Honey where are you?” the soft deep voice with its gentle traces of different accents, warmed her in a way that her coat couldn’t.

“Hello to you darling”, she replied “I’m on the edge of town. I went for a walk”

“I’m coming to pick you up” he said, in a voice she knew meant there was no point arguing…

“I’ll carry on walking” she said, “be careful it’s a little snowy out here…”

He shook his head as he put the phone down. He loved this woman, but boy did she drive him nuts sometimes. Mostly over little things like her independent streak.


He thought back to the first time they’d met, almost two years ago. There she had been on the side of the road. He chuckled at the memory. He’d been confused as to what she was doing as she appeared to be jumping up and down at the side of her car.

Only when he got closer did he realize she was trying to jump on the lug wrench. Her small frame was clearly not making any impact on loosening the wheel.

He had pulled in behind her car in his 4x4 and eased his 6 foot firm muscled frame slowly out of the car.

“Are you okay honey?” he had called.

She had jumped, literally and almost fell over the lug wrench, knocking it off they tyre. She’d picked it up and he saw the fire in her eyes

“Whoa honey,” he smiled and stuck his hands up as if he was surrendering

“My name’s Henry, just checking you were okay, want some help?”

He had seen her mentally check him over from head to foot, apparently it was his footwear that did it, because when she got to his (clearly expensive) boots, she had visibly relaxed.

“I’m Xena ”


“What can I say, my Mom loved Xena the Warrior Princess, so I got Xena and my sister got Gabrielle. Good job she never had boys. Never know what they would have ended up being called,” she laughed, offering her hand for him to shake.

He had shaken her hand, oil covered though it was, but he’d never forgotten how small her hand felt in his, making him feel immediately protective of her. A feeling that had never changed.

It was clear within minutes to him that it was a good job he’d come by. There was no way even he was going to get the tyre off. The nut was stuck in there.

“Have you got relay service,” he’d asked and the look in her eyes answered him before her words did..

He asked her to hang on a minute and made a call, talking quietly into his cell. Then he had handed his cell phone to her, answering her look of confusion.

“This is my sister Marion, she’ll reassure you I’m quite safe”

Xena took the phone, (he never did find out what his sister said). But whatever it was, it clearly did the job of reassuring Xena and as she handed the phone back to him she said, “Marion says she’ll set another place”.

It hadn’t taken him long to arrange for relay to take her car to his mechanic and then for him to take her to his sister’s to stay the night, as it was too late to get replacement parts that day.


And here they were two years later and she was still as independent as ever, he thought as he poured two coffees into metal mugs and slid them into the holders in the car; he already had a blanket on the back seat. And in no time at all, he was on the road carefully driving to where he was pretty sure she’d be.

As he drove he thought more about how they’d met, how she had been such hard work and how, an unexpected word and new softness in her responses, had melted his heart… His mind wandered to the equally unexpected deep sensuality he had discovered she had, under that ‘Little Miss Nice’ exterior. Not that she wasn’t nice but heck his body, certainly certain parts of his body, really liked that she was so darn sexy in the most unexpected of ways…

Henry grinned as he found himself perking up despite the cold, at how hard he had become at the thought of her sweet mouth and the things she did with her hands.

So wrapped up in delicious thoughts the few miles went by quickly and almost in no time he saw Xena before she saw him… She looked tiny in the snow, as it swirled around her and the wind kept lifting her hair and playing with it , sending snowflakes to wrap themselves in its long length. Even under a hat her hair had a mind of its own and every few moments he saw her move it out of her face as the wind was behind her pushing her along.

‘Hello darling, going my way?’ Xena looked up at the man in the car the English accent had made her jump but she knew it was just one of many he could play with at will.

‘Only if he comes armed with coffee’, she was laughing before the sentence was over because by the time she’d got to the word ‘armed’ his hand had dipped down to reappear with what was clearly a steaming mug of coffee.

Xena jumped in the car and tried to do the seatbelt but her hands were too cold so Henry did it for her kissing her softly on her lips as he did and then placing the blanket over her legs…

"Hmm an ice princess, always fancied trying one of those out," he winked

She rolled her eyes and hugged the coffee he handed to her, trying to warm up.

It didn’t take long to get back to his house. He came around to her side, opened the door and then opened the front door. She stood just outside and took one boot off and then the other, stepping inside with just her socks on placing her boots by the door.

He took his coat off and then helped her off with hers. She was cold, so cold she was shaking.

‘I’m going to run a bath,’ he said. ‘Come with me, don’t worry about drips’

Henry took Xena’s hand and led her upstairs to his huge bathroom. In moments he had hot water cascading into the bath and had added a bubble bath he knew she loved. Big warm towels were on the hot rail and somewhere there was the sound of gentle music mixing with the rising steam.

She started trying to get her buttons undone but her hands were so cold she couldn’t manage them, he saw her struggling and said, “Let me help you”

“Thank you.”

His hands undid the buttons quickly and then slid the coat off her shoulders and with a quick delve into the pocket where he knew she had her mobile he put the phone on the shelf in the bathroom and dropped the coat in the corner.

“I’ll have it dry-cleaned, you can borrow one of mine,’ he smiled. “Not that you don’t always, anyway”

He lifted her arms and took her jumper off, the heat of the bathroom warming her cold skin. She took her socks off and added them to the growing pile and then straightened up to see him looking at her. Under the jumper she’d been wearing a silk top. As she’d bent down to take off her socks he’d seen the gorgeous bra and the soft swell of her breasts that promised of so much.

Henry couldn’t help himself he moved forward and bent to kiss Xena, his mouth warm against her still cool skin. He heard her breath escape in almost a sigh as he wrapped one arm around her back pulling her closer and with the other he cupped the nape of her neck, his hand entangling in her hair . His lips opened hers, his tongue softly pushing against her mouth, whispering a promise of things to come. He could feel her heart beating harder against his chest as his tongue explored her mouth and his hand wandered over her back in slow easy strokes coming to rest on that absolutely gorgeous ass of hers… He squeezed it and heard a soft moan escape from her lips as she moved closer to him.

Henry’s lips left Xena’s and using the hand entangled in her hair; he gently moved her head and trailed hot kisses down her neck, along her collar bone and to the edge of her shoulders where her straps were. He pulled away just long enough to raise her arms and slide her silk top off. He then realized that she was shivering.

‘Let me help you,’ Henry smiled. Xena blushed and he thought she looked so cute right then. It didn’t seem to matter how many times they made love, sometimes she’d still blush as if it was the first time he’d seen her naked.

Each time she blushed it just made him want her more.

His hands came down to undo her jeans as his mouth trailed a path back across her collar bone and down between her breasts, and nice though her clearly expensive bra was, it was her breasts that his eyes couldn’t get enough of. They filled the bra beautifully. He kissed them tasting her skin, a gorgeous mix of the perfume she wore and her own natural scent, the mix made him jump to attention.

He bent down and with gentle flowing movement took her jeans off and kicked them away.

Xena turned towards him and tugged the bottom of Henry’s t-shirt free from his jeans and pulled it over his head, it didn’t take a moment for his jeans and socks to join the rest of their clothes. Bending down to kiss her again, Henry pulled her to him. This time his kiss getting more urgent and his hand roaming over her back. With one quick movement he undid the clasp of her bra and stepped back to remove it.

His already hard cock shot up almost completely to attention at the site of Xena’s breasts. They were not too small or too big, her beautifully shaped nipples so hard that they demanded his mouth upon them. He bent down cupping her breast in his hand he lowered his mouth and kissed then covered her nipple with his mouth.

Xena felt his tongue rolling the nipple and licking it, driving her crazy. She moved closer to him, feeling his hard cock against her tummy. She rested her hand on his hips pulling him closer, stroking his back with her other hand. Henry took her hand off his hip and placed it on his hardness.

“See how much I want you,” he whispered.

Xena’s hand stroked Henry’s through his shorts, not that they were doing any useful job of containing him. Helping him remove his shorts took no time and his hardness almost fell into her hands. Taking it in both of her hands she began to stroke his full length, feeling him grow even harder. She knelt and cupping him in one hand and holding him in the other she gently ran her tongue over the head. It was like an electric shock to him, causing him to jerk upwards. She smiled and then licked up its full length until she came to the head again. She softly traced the shape of her lips with the head, then nudging the head against her lips, her tongue slid out and licked over the head as it rested there.

Then she slid him into her mouth, one sweet, slow inch at a time. He felt the wetness, the heat, her tongue stroking him. Her hands suddenly seemed warm against him as her mouth and hands found a matching rhythm, stroking licking sucking on him getting him harder still. He could barely think straight other than how good she with her mouth, her tongue licking him and her hand moving up and down, faster, slower... He didn’t know which was sweeter, feeling her touch, how she aroused him or watching her on her knees in front of him.

Henry stopped her, not that he wanted to, but he had to taste her, had to have that sweetness. Pulling her to her feet he kissed her again, this time his hands didn’t stop at her breasts, they travelled down to the g-string she was wearing, cupping her in his hand, feeling her heat. He could feel how wet she was, the soft cotton damp against his hand. He couldn’t wait any longer and he peeled the G-string off and slid his hand back to her, fingers gently stroking her clit.

The way Henry’s hand cupped her, made Xena twitch with desire. Almost without her realizing it, he’d taken off her g-string and his hand was back, stroking her clit, slow deep gentle deliberate strokes. So intense, it was she who couldn’t think straight now… His hand slid further and started teasing her pussy.

She put her hand behind his head and almost without realizing it guided it down, she wanted, no she needed to feel his mouth on her.

Henry lowered Xena gently down to the oversized bathroom rug. His mouth couldn’t wait, she felt his tongue moving over her and then side to side driving her crazy, his fingers opened her gently. He slid his tongue deep within her, drinking up her juices, feeling them drip over his chin. She pushed against him wanting him more. His hand came up lifting her leg slightly, then slid his hand along her inner thigh until it was next to his tongue on her pussy. Gently Henry slid first one, then two fingers, slowly deeply inside her seeking out her g spot. With deftness, he moved his hand in a gentle steady rhythm to tease her. His mouth caressed her clitoris, feeling her legs begin to shake as she moved gently against his fingers, her hand stroking him at the same pace he was stroking her.

He felt her begin to quiver, he kept the pace steady though desperate to go faster, feeling her orgasm building and her nipples grow harder still, her juices soaking his hand filling his mouth, he loved the taste of her, that sweet subtle change that told him she was getting closer and closer. Her orgasm took over her body as she rocked herself against his fingers his mouth filled with hot sweet juices as she came so intensely that she lost track of time… Henry held Xena as she came; reveling in how gorgeous she looked at that moment in time…

Xena’s heart began to slow a little, her breath calming but she didn’t want to wait a moment later she moved his hand and whispered.

"I want you so much." 

Without needing a second bidding Henry slid up her body and opened her legs further, the head of his cock nudging against her clitoris sending a bolt of ecstasy through her body. In one firm slow move he slid deep inside her, feeling her stretch as he did. He leant forward and softly kissed her lips as he gave her a moment to adjust to him, and then he pushed deep inside.

Xena raised her hips and pulled him deeper still, wrapping her legs around him and lifting her hips so till he filled her all the way. He slid his hand under her ass and pushed himself gently, deeper still, starting a deep intense sweet rhythm that took both their breath away. First deep strokes then shallow, just the head inside, building the rhythm, shallow shallow shallow, deep deep.

She felt another orgasm rising, as he moved harder faster, pushing deeper still, stretching her, filling her. Her second orgasm took them both by surprise, pulsating around him, with her pussy squeezing around him he couldn’t hold back anymore. His orgasm exploded deep within her… shuddering his world stood still, filled with no other thought than coming deep within her…

They lay entwined for what seemed like an eternity, and then gently kissing her lips he slid himself out of her, kissing down her neck over her breasts trailing a gentle path to her pussy, then licking her sweet clitoris tasting both of them as an unexpected third orgasm began to build fast. Holding her to his mouth, kissing licking sucking as his tongue took her over that edge again, then gently sliding back up her body to hug her close to him…

“Wow,” Xena said, for once speechless

“Wow indeed,” Henry replied, grinning as he helped her up and they both climbed into the huge bubble bath…

“Is now a good time to ask you to move in with me?”

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