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The Start of a Beautiful Weekend

Two lovers meet for a romantic rendezvous
He sits in the restaurant... waiting. She was supposed to meet him here... well, it seems like hours ago, but really just 10 minutes ago. Still, he is anxious to see her again. They haven't seen each other for a few months, and this little rendezvous is the only thing they talked about for months. They decided to meet in the restaurant in the hotel rather than in the hotel room just to add to the romance - even though they booked adjoining suites.

He noticed that there was a door between there rooms, and his mind has been on overdrive thinking about the weekend that lay in store for them. But the waiting for her is taking its toll. Maybe she decided not to come. Maybe she met someone else and couldn't tell him. Maybe she was in an accident. All these thoughts, and more, were flooding his mind.

He checks the time for what seems the millionth time, when he sees her. An audible gasp escapes his mouth. He can't believe how beautiful she is. He first sees her hair. Oh how he misses the feel of her hair brushing his cheeks... in his hands as he's kissing her. He remembers the scent of her hair, and takes another breath. He has a flash of a memory of the feel of her hair as it glides down his body as she kisses him... moving all over his body. Next he notices her lips.

Oh, what heaven they are. Her red lips... red as a rose, as cliched as that may be, but still, those full lips - those are the lips he's dreamt of that his warmed his cold nights. The thoughts of her lips on his, on his cheeks, his neck... and all over his body has given him something to look forward to. He craves those lips. And as she sees him, and smiles, the whole room lights up. That smile makes his heart skip a beat. He sees those lips one more time, and falls in love with her all over again. But not just because of her lips, but because of her eyes as well.

In fact, if there is one part of her that he just adores, it's her eyes. They captivate him. He could get lost in her eyes. Her beautiful eyes melt him when she smiles like that. Whenever he is down, all she has to do is smile at him, especially with her eyes, and it will put the biggest smile on his face. He can't remember a time when she couldn't make him smile with her eyes... no mater how low he was. ANd of course, he remembers the times when in a very passionate moment, she looked at him. Looked at him with lust, passion, with a hunger that produces in him those same feelings. And the look on her face when she climaxes ... even the memory of that is enough to make him erect.

She walks over. Perhaps a little more seductively, than she needs, but he appreciates it all the same. Her makeup is impeccable. Her dress lies on her body and accentuates her curves. He cannot believe how beautiful she looks. How sexy she looks. He cannot believe how much he would love to take her right now and make love to her.

He gets up to meet her, and they hug. Her body is so warm. Soft, yet firm. Her perfume is just as he remembers it - which means, divine. They kiss. Just a soft kiss. But enough to make both of their hearts skip a beat.

He pulls out her chair, and she sits down. After he returns to his seat, they look over the menu, and the waiter takes their drink orders. They begin to make small talk. How was her flight? Did she like her room? He noticed throughout, that she was gently flirting with him. Didn't she know she had him already? Didn't she know that she would do anything for her already? He found the flirting a bit tortuous as he just wanted her in his arms right now.

The waiter returned with their drinks and took their food order. Their conversation turned more serious. They talked about how much they've missed each other. How hard it has been to be away these many months. She told him how anxious she was to see him again. She apologized for being late. Her flight was delayed. It took forever to get her luggage. And then when she did get to the room (which took forever), she wanted -- needed to relax before getting ready. She had been so stressed. He told her all the things that had been running through his mind as he waited. She touched his hand and apologized and smiled. He melted right there.

She told him that she would make it up to him. At about this time, their food had arrived, and at first they ate in silence. The food was delicious, and they both enjoyed their meal. Of course, their eyes spoke volumes every time they looked at each other. The love they felt for each other. The longing. The passion they've shared. All that was spoken silently with their eyes.

He began to feel her foot on his leg. First rather coyly, then more teasingly. He noticed the look on her face change to one of a tease. Her foot moved higher and higher up his leg. It wasn't long that her foot was between his thighs. Which made it a bit awkward when the server removed their dishes. He began to caress her legs as she placed her foot at his groin, and felt how hard he was for her.

The waiter took their dessert order, and he groaned when she ordered ice cream. He was certain what she can do with ice cream must be illegal in 13 states. Afterwards, she said she had to use the restroom, and would return. He was disappointed that she would be leaving his company. And her certainly would miss the feel of her leg in his hands and the feel of her foot on his groin. But the sight of her walking away made up for some of that. She looked amazing.

Shortly after the dessert arrived, she came back. He decided that while he enjoyed the sight of her walking away, he much preferred the sight of her coming towards him. With her beautiful eyes and hair, and an ample bosom that most women would crave. He noticed for the first time how low cut her dress was. How much cleavage he could see. His erection was just getting stronger.

As she reached the table, she went over to him and kissed him. This was a much more passionate kiss than what they had shared earlier. And while she bent over to kiss him, she gave him something. He quickly realized that it was a piece of clothing. Though small, this moist piece just about made him climax where he sat. He discreetly brought it to his nose and inhaled her fragrance. Not her perfume, but her own fragrance. The smell he knows all to well and has dreamt of many times. He recovered from his brief day dream only to find that her foot had resumed its position at his groin and she was eating her ice cream so seductively, he'd swear she was licking him. In fact, he noticed a few women nearby were speaking harshly to their companions.

After the bill had come and been paid, he led her to the elevator. As they waited for the elevator to arrive, he gently held her. He noticed that the material of her dress was so very thin. It was as if he was really touching her... with just a thin film separating his hand from her luscious body.

THey entered the elevator and found themselves alone. She found herself backed against the wall of the elevator as he moved in and started kissing her. Slowly at first, their kisses began to become more and more passionate. His hands went from firmly holding her close to him to quickly moving up and down her body. Their tongues began to search each other out, and he was wondering if the elevator would get a workout. However, the elevator slowed, and the composed themselves. When the doors opened, a well dressed family boarded the elevator as they exited.

They finally made it to his room. He opened the door for her, and she entered. He tossed the key onto a table and moved in behind her. His arms found themselves around her. Holding her tight. He began to kiss her neck and shoulder. He could hear her sigh as he did. His hands began to move up and down her torso. The side of her breasts. Her stomach. He then began to massage her breasts through the thin film. He could feel how erect her nipples were at this point. He turned her head to him, and they began to kiss so passionately, it was incredible.

As he began to squeeze one nipple, his other hand reached inside her dress and began to massage her cunt. She groaned at this. For a few minutes he just reveled in kissing her, squeezing and twisting her nipples, and running his fingers along her cunt and clit. Her breathing became so erratic. He could feel her move her ass into his hard, stiff cock. she grinned her ass into his cock. If he wasn't careful, he was going to explode right then and there.

He stopped and guided her to the bed. Nearly threw her onto the bed, and kneeled in front of her. He slowly removed her stockings. Rolling them down her legs, as he kissed and caressed the skin as it was revealed. Once her stocking were removed, he began to kiss her legs as he moved his way back up. Once he reached her center, he blew warm air on her cunt. She gasped. He then kissed her cunt, then slowly began to lick her. Gently spreading her lips and the licked her more and more passionately.

He then began to lick her clit. Her body began to writhe with each lick. He knew he had her. He began to lick her faster and faster. He licked her clit... sucked it... faster and faster. Soon she was moaning, groaning, panting. He felt as if she was about to cum at any time.

He stopped.

Then licked her slowly along her cunt.

He then began to lick her clit again. To suck it. Faster and faster he licked her, sucked her. Faster and faster. Harder and harder. More and more passionately he brought her as close to cumming without cumming before...

He stopped.

Just stood there for 10 seconds as she calmed down. He then lick her from her ass to her clit... he thought for sure she was going to cum. Not yet. She grabbed his head and held it closer to her. He started to lick her clit again. Faster and faster. Harder and harder. She told him not to stop. She told him she wanted to cum. That she needed to cum. And just when she thought she was about to cum (and when previously he stopped), he inserted his finger into her and finger fucked her while he licked and sucked her clit.

She screamed as she came. What just a little while ago he smelled on her panties was now squirting into his mouth. He was in heaven.

However, before he knew what happened, she was now on her hands and knees before him. Still dressed, she was now begging him to fuck her from behind. He quickly removed his pants, and teased her with his cock. Up and down her clit with cock he teased her. But he cannot stand it any further.

He has been hard for so long, and the sight of this beautiful woman whom he desires so much on her hands and knees in front of him is too much for him. He slowly enters her. The feel of her warm, wet cunt surrounding his hard cock his incredible. Starts slowly. But it isn't long before he is fucking her so very fast and deep. He tells her to rub her clit, and she does without hesitation.

His hands were digging into her hips, and released her only long enough to spank her ass. The feel of his cock thrusting into her cunt with some occasional slaps were driving her wild with lust. Seeing her writhe in ecstasy just fueled him to fuck her that much harder.

He was now fucking her as hard as he ever had. He could hear their bodies slapping together. He could hear her begging him to fuck her hard. He could hear her say that she was about to cum. And soon after she did. As she did, her cunt clamped down on his cock and, in doing so, made him cum.

Spent and exhausted, they fell on the bed, and caressed each other, kissed each other. Ready for a nap, but also, excited at the prospect of the coming weekend.
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