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The Story of Me and Ken

The Story of Me and Ken

A young Jewish woman meets the man of her dreams at Disney World in Florida.
I had never been to Disney World before, but I had heard that it was really crowded and that you couldn’t see it all in one day. So I was glad that my friend, Natalie, had agreed to come with me. I had to book us two months in advance to get the Contemporary Resort Hotel. It’s that big modern one on the Disney complex that has the monorail running through it. It was expensive, but I went ahead and booked us for three days. That should be plenty of time. Two months from now it would be cold in Buffalo, New York, so sunny Florida in February was going to be nice.

We got through the Orlando Airport easily. It was the nicest airport I’d ever seen! Then we took a shuttle to the Disney Park. The parking lot we passed through was huge and completely packed with cars, and each section of the lot had a different Disney character name like Dumbo, Mickey, and Pluto. Really cute.

As our shuttle approached the hotel, it took my breath away. It was so huge and futuristic with the sides leaning inward and the monorail running right through the center. We got checked in, quickly took our bags to our room (well the Bellman did) and took off to explore.

I wanted to see the monorail first, so we took the elevator to that level and one came through and stopped just as we got there. It was so sleek and futuristic looking, like a rocket ready to launch! I guess you can tell I was very impressed and I felt like a kid ready to explore the world.

We had brochures that explained how we could take the monorail into the park anytime we wanted. We had 3-day passes, so after a late lunch we planned to make our first trek into the Magic Kingdom.

The monorail was a thrilling ride, and so quiet; it took us right to the Magic Kingdom gate at Liberty Square with the beautiful landscaping and Mickey made of flowers. As expected, there was a long line to get through the turnstiles, but Natalie and I could always find something to talk about, so the wait didn’t bother us.

Just as we got to the turnstiles and I was fumbling for my pass, I dropped my handful of brochures and maps, along with my pass, and a gust of wind scattered everything away to the other side of the entrance! Oh dear! What was I going to do now? I couldn’t go inside to catch everything without my pass! But a really nice man saw what happened, gathered up all of my maps and my pass, and brought them over to me.

“Oh thank you so much! You are a life saver! I’m so sorry you had to do that!”

“That’s okay miss. No problem. Glad to do it. Have a great time today.”

“Thanks! You, too.”

After he walked away, Natalie said, “He was handsome, Leah! You missed your opportunity.”

I looked at her in amazement, “Opportunity to do what…get his phone number or something?”

“Well, I don’t know. You should have done something!”

“You’re crazy, Natalie. Besides, we didn’t come down here to pick up guys.”

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt to have a guy like that take you to dinner.”

“Okay. I should have said, ‘Thank you sir. I’m in the Contemporary Hotel, room 1207. Call me.’”

“No! But did you notice he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring?”

“No, I didn’t notice. You’ve been married too long, Natalie. You see opportunities everywhere.”

I didn’t say anymore. Natalie was being her normal spontaneous self and trying to plan everything around what ‘she’ would do. I had to laugh.

But he was kind of nice looking. He was maybe in his late forties, salt and pepper hair, maybe six feet tall or more, nicely dressed. And he was nice enough to go chasing after a total stranger’s stupid maps! Hmm. I thought, “I’ll never see him again anyway.”

* * * *

Our first day at the Magic Kingdom was fantastic and really tiring. We saw almost everything in Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Liberty Square. It was great, but we just had to go back the next day to see the rest, if that was possible. Natalie wanted to buy all sorts of souvenirs on Main Street U.S.A.

“Natalie! If you buy all that stuff it won’t fit in your suitcase! And you’ll have to pay extra if you go over the weight limit.”

“Oh yeah. I didn’t think about that. Maybe I’ll just buy a Mickey Mouse for my grandson.”

“That’s a good plan.”

* * * *

We ate dinner in the hotel and decided that we couldn’t afford to do that again. It was a nice restaurant and the food was great, but it was just too expensive. So we planned to eat in the park tomorrow night. We were going to stay late to see the fireworks anyway.

* * * *

We got an early start in order to make our lunch reservations at Cinderella’s Castle. If you don’t book early you don’t eat at any of the popular restaurants. That’s what we were told.

As Natalie and I were waiting on the monorail platform for the next train, I heard a voice behind me.

“Hello again! Getting an early start I see.”

We turned around and it was him! It was the nice guy from the day before!

“Well hello! Fancy meeting you again!” I said. What a trite comeback!

“Yes! You two must be staying here in the Contemporary.”

“Yes we are. Apparently so are you.”

“Yes. I always stay here. I love the cavernous wide open spaces.”

“So you must really like Disney.”

“Well, my company has a contract with them, so I come here a lot. I’m a computer engineer and our company maintains Disney’s computer systems for the Magic Kingdom and the EPCOT Center.”

“Wow! That must be a big job!”

“It keeps us busy, that’s for sure.”

Just then the monorail arrived and we all boarded the same car.

He introduced himself, “Hi. I’m Ken Rosenberg,” shaking hands with me and Natalie.

“Hi. I’m Leah Bateman and this is my friend, Natalie Fischer.”

Natalie’s eyes were fixed on Ken. I think she was swooning. “Hi Ken.”

“So, what are you ladies planning for today?”

“We plan to see what we missed yesterday, have lunch at Cinderella’s Castle, then stay late and watch the fireworks.”

“Well, that’s a full day!”


“If you ladies would allow me to tag along, I can show you areas of the park that the public never gets to see. I have the day off from work.”

“Really? You would do that?”

“Sure! Two lovely ladies to spend the day with? What could be better?”

Ken really was handsome. And a real gentleman, too. Should I see this as luck or fate?

I turned to Natalie, “What do you think?”

“Sounds okay to me!”

“Well, Ken, looks like we have you all day.” That didn’t come out right.

Natalie laughed and said, “No, he has us.”

I blushed. Natalie can be so forward sometimes! But she was right. We would be with Ken all day and I was thrilled with the prospect. If I had known then what I know now, I would have been blushing all day!

* * * *

Ken took us to so many mysterious and wonderful places. He took us down into the tunnels that lead all over the park that the employees use to move quickly from one place to another. Then we had lunch on a private outdoor balcony at Cinderella’s Castle that no one ever gets to use except Michael Eisner, the CEO of Disney! The view was spectacular and I took loads of pictures.

Ken was turning out to be so nice. He was forty-eight, but didn’t look a day over forty-two…and I told him so.

“Really? That’s an awfully nice thing to say to a guy. The last thing we want is to look older than we are.”

“That’s true for women, too, of course.”

“Of course. That was silly thing for me to say.”

Natalie injected, “Leah, would you like to go to the lady’s room with me?”

“Sure. Excuse us, Ken.”

In the ladies room, Natalie said, “Leah, you two seem to be hitting it off really well!”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well, he’s talking mostly to you. Haven’t you noticed?”


“Well, he has. I think he likes you.”

“It could also be because you are married and I’m not.”

“Maybe, but I would run with the possibility that he likes you.”

“Oh, Natalie.”

“I think I’ll excuse myself later so you two can go on without me. And if you don’t come back to the room tonight, I’ll know where you are.” Natalie winked and gave me a mischievous grin that spoke volumes.

“Don’t do that, Natalie. It will be too obvious!”

“Oh don’t worry. I’ll be cool.”

“Don’t do it Natalie!” But I knew she would.

* * * *

After lunch we continued our personal guided tour of the Magic Kingdom. We couldn’t believe our luck to have run into Ken, the one person who could give us special treatment. He was so knowledgeable of everything and how it all worked. The tour included the computer room for all the rides and attractions in the park.

Then we went to Space Mountain in Tomorrowland. It’s a big indoor rollercoaster that we had avoided the day before. The line was very long, so it gave us more time to talk.

I asked, “Where do you live, Ken?”

“In Atlanta. The company is based there. I’m thinking about moving down here to Orlando though. I proposed it to management and they’re considering it. I’m down here so often and what with the airline tickets, lodging, and meals, the company would save a lot of money if I just lived here locally.”

“That makes sense. And you wouldn’t have to suffer all those airline flights either.”

“Right. And I could respond to a problem more quickly. What about you two? Where do you live?”

“Buffalo, New York. We grew up there.”

We continued to talk and found out a lot about each other. Ken had been married for twenty years and had lost his wife about two years earlier in a car accident. They had no kids because she had trouble getting pregnant. Ken did seem to concentrate his questions toward me. Natalie would occasionally give me a thumbs-up when Ken wasn’t looking. I had a hard time keeping a straight face. She was being a pest and she loved it. She’s like that.

We finally reached the head of the line and “ingressed” one of the cars. You can ride as couples, one behind the other, if you choose, so I let Ken ride behind me because I’m not really thrilled with rollercoasters.

Most of the ride down was in the dark, so you didn’t know when the car was going to suddenly turn left or right. Ken held me close to help stabilize me. Natalie, however, was alone in the car behind us.

When we got out of the cars at the end of the ride, Natalie was holding her neck and was in a lot of pain. She said that the ride had whipped her around so violently that her neck popped and it was hurting pretty badly. So Ken took us straight to the nearby nurse’s station, where they examined her and gave her a neck brace. That ended the day for Natalie.

When I got a chance, I asked her, “Natalie, are you really hurting or is this part of you exit strategy?”

She whispered, “My neck really hurts, but not very bad. This worked out better than what I had planned.”

“Natalie! You don’t need to do this!”

“I know, but it is obvious that Ken has zeroed in on you, so make the best of it. I won’t wait up for you.”

“Oh hush! You’re so bad!”

* * * *

Ken agreed that Natalie should go back to the hotel and lay down. He would finish the tour with me. After that Ken would kind of put his arm around me when we would move through a line. Nothing overt, just like a guiding touch. I thought he was probably “testing the waters” so to speak. Anyway, it was kind of nice to meet a guy who didn’t come on to me in the first five minutes after we met. That’s why I avoid the whole bar and nightclub scene. I just can’t take those phony, pushy kind of pickup attempts.

Ken was different. He was a total gentleman. He didn’t even flirt. Not outright anyway. But he did let me know with a fleeting glance now and then that he was interested. He was growing on me.

We had dinner at The Plaza Restaurant, a nice table-service place in Main Street USA. The food was good and it was nice to sit and rest for an hour or so after walking all day. Ken told me all about his job and I told him all about mine. He seemed genuinely interested in me and life in Buffalo. And he didn’t fail to mention his concern for Natalie and the fact that she would miss the fireworks display at nine o’clock. I was beginning to really like the guy and it’s not like me to do that. I’m usually pretty, how should I say it, stand-offish when it comes to meeting guys. I’ve been burned often enough to learn.

But Ken never gave me any reason to be suspicious. Not once did a red flag go up about him. I felt that he was exactly how he came across as being: warm, friendly, very intelligent, gentle, caring, and never pushy. He was just really nice.

I kept asking myself, “How did I meet this guy? Why did I meet him? Was it fate? Was it an accident? Was it G-d giving me someone? Or was it Natalie and her encouragement that was responsible for me sitting here alone with Ken in a restaurant looking into his emerald green eyes.”

“Leah, can I tell you something?” Ken asked as his stare wandered from my eyes to my hair and back to my eyes.

“Of course.”

“I just have to say that your hair is really beautiful! That’s the first thing that grabbed my attention yesterday at the entrance. You were standing in the sun and your hair was shining like it was on fire. It is just so gorgeous!” Then he tentatively reached over and took a few of my curls in his hand and twirled them in his fingers for a few seconds and let them go.

“There. That’s what I needed to tell you.”

I was so mesmerized by his words and his touch (and the shiver it sent down my back) that I couldn’t respond. I just sat there looking into his dreamy eyes and didn't say a word! He must have thought I was cuckoo!


“Oh sorry! I was just thinking how nice a thing that was to say. I think my hair is a mop most of the time.”

Ken reached his hand over again and ran his fingers through my hair from the side of my head downward, then pulled it slightly when he reached the ends. “Oh no! It always looks terrific. Like right now. You’ve been out all day in the Florida humidity and wind and it looks just great!”

“Well, thank you Ken.” I was blushing heavily and I knew he must have known, because he had a kind of smile that said, “Look at you! You’re blushing!”

I looked down at my half-eaten dinner and willed my cheeks to return to their normal color. When I thought they had, I looked up and Ken was still looking at me with those beautiful green eyes, smiling still. I thought, “Why can’t I think of something appropriate to say in return?” but he beat me to it.

“And your brown eyes are a perfect complement to your hair. Just perfect.”

“Thank you.” That’s all I could come up with. How lame was that? Simply…“Thank you.”

“We’d better get a move on if we’re going to see the fireworks.”

I looked at my watch and it was eight-forty-five.

“Oh you’re right! The crowds will be terrible!”

“Not where I’m taking you. We’re going back to Eisner’s private balcony in the Castle.”

“Oh wow! That should be outstanding!”

* * * *

Ken took me up to the balcony that faced the lake where the fireworks were launched. The balcony was dark and, of course, the sky was dark; a perfectly romantic place to watch fireworks.

We were about four stories up, it was breezy, and there was a chill in the air. I was wishing that I had a sweater when Ken said, “I’ll bet you’re cold aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am a bit, but I’ll be okay.”

“No you won’t. Will you allow me to put my arms around you to keep you warm? I promise to be good. Scout’s Honor,” and he held up two fingers in the Boy Scouts salute.

“Sure. That would be nice.” Oh G-d! Heaven help me. He’s going to put his arms around me and I’ll faint.

Ken moved behind me, enveloped me in his strong arms, and pulled me close to his warm body. He felt like an electric blanket around my arms and upper torso. His strong hands held my wrists as he wrapped me in his warmth. It felt so good! I felt secure and safe for the first time in years. Why was that? I just met Ken!

“Is that better?”

“Yeah. That feels great.” That’s all I could say. Nothing romantic; nothing suggestive; just “That feels great.” I wish I was better at real-time conversations. I’ve always felt kind of intimidated when I like a guy and we’re talking. I’m afraid I’ll say something dumb and he’ll laugh at me or he’ll get the wrong impression.

When the fireworks started, Ken squeezed me every time a really spectacular one went off. And he laid his head against mine. I felt his manhood grow and touch my rear end several times and it caused a stirring in my loins. He must have been exercising extreme control if he was getting aroused and not doing anything about it. Part of me wanted him to take me there and then, but the larger part of me didn’t.

Oh my goodness the situation was nice! I wanted it to last all night. I really was falling for this guy and it wasn’t like me. I’m normally very cautious about starting a relationship. He may be just a nice guy and would be holding any girl like this to keep her warm. Or maybe he has a different girl up here on this balcony every weekend to watch fireworks. I didn’t know and right then I didn’t care. He was holding ME and it felt good, and if he were to turn me around and kiss me, I would kiss him back.

When the fireworks were over, we spent a few minutes talking about them, then made our way back down to the street where everyone seemed to be leaving.

Ken said, “Well, Leah, it’s been a long day and I have really enjoyed showing you around. I’m so glad we met on that platform this morning.”

“Me too. And thank you for the wonderful tour. You are amazing!”

“I wish Natalie hadn’t hurt her neck and missed this. I hope she’ll be alright.”

“Oh I’m sure she will be.”

“Would you call me and let me know that she’s okay? I’m in room 425.”

“Sure. I’ll be glad to.”

* * * *

When we got back to the hotel, Ken escorted me to my room and there was that awkward moment when a couple says good night. Is he going to kiss me or not? Should I let him kiss me or shouldn’t I? Maybe he doesn’t want to. Maybe he wants to, but is afraid to. Those normal kinds of questions were on my mind as we approached the door.

“Well, Leah, once again, I really enjoyed your company today.” He looked into my eyes and I could tell he didn’t know how to proceed.

“Me too, Ken. It was a wonderful day and I’m so happy that we met.”

“Can I see you again? Do you head back to Buffalo tomorrow?”

“Actually, no we don’t. We have 3-day passes, so we have another day. Our flight is Tuesday afternoon. And yes I would love to see you again.”

“Great! Then can I pick you up tomorrow? Say around nine? I’d like to take you to Melbourne Beach. Have you ever been there?”

“No I haven’t. That would be nice.”

“I just thought that another day of standing in long lines and dealing with the crowds wouldn’t be as nice as a quiet lunch in a beach-side restaurant, followed by a walk along the beach. Melbourne Beach is really beautiful.”

“That sounds lovely.”

“Good. Will Natalie be alright alone?”

“Natalie? Oh she’ll be fine.”


“I’ll let you in on a little secret. Natalie planned this whole evening by faking just how hurt she was during that ride. She wanted to give us time alone together.”

“Really? That little stinker! Then Natalie is a great friend and I should thank her personally.”

“She would like that.”

“I’ll do that tomorrow. I should let you go to bed. I’ll see you at nine tomorrow in the lobby. I’ll rent a car,” and he took my shoulders and kissed me on the cheek. “Good night, Leah.”

“Good night, Ken.”

“So, what happened? Tell me everything!”

“Natalie, it’s late. How is your neck?”

“My neck is fine and it’s not late. Tell me what happened? What did you guys do?”

“We had a wonderful, semi-romantic dinner at The Plaza Restaurant. He said my hair was beautiful and that my brown eyes complemented it perfectly.”


“And we went back to that balcony at Cinderella’s Castle to watch the fireworks. Did you go out to see the fireworks?”

“I did, but from here I couldn’t see them very well. So tell me what happened on the balcony?”

“Weeell, it was chilly, so Ken held me to keep me warm and it was divine!” I spit the words out quickly and we both started giggling like teenagers.

“Oh..My..God..Leah! Tell me all the details! How did his arms feel around you? Was he strong? Did he kiss you?”

“Natalie! He put his arms around me. That’s all. Well, I did feel his cock against my rear end a few times.”

“Oh..My..God..Leah! Really? So he was getting turned on holding you!”

“I guess.”

“Did he kiss you good night? Did he walk you to the door?”

“Yes and yes.”

“Oh..My..God..Leah! He really kissed you? On your first date?”

“No. He just kissed me on the cheek. He was a real gentleman.”

“Oh, well are you seeing him tomorrow?”

“Yes. He’s taking me to Melbourne Beach for a quiet lunch, then a stroll on the beach.”

“Really? That sounds really romantic, Leah! He has plans for you little girl!”

“I’m exhausted and feel like I’ve walked twenty miles today. I’m going to bed.”

“Alright. Me too. You sure are lucky, Leah. Ken is a dreamboat and he’s after you.”

“He’s not AFTER me. He LIKES me though. I’m sure of that.”

* * * *

The next day came too soon. I hardly slept at all, although I was tired. My mind kept reviewing and reliving the day with Ken. What was it about him that attracted me so? That question also kept me awake. My previous relationships had all ended on a sour note. As soon as I was beginning to like someone, he would drift away. Was that my fault or theirs? All men can’t be the same, so the fault must be mine.

At seven o’clock I jumped in the shower, dressed, and called room service to get a light breakfast. Ken might or might not have something planned for breakfast. I was excited about what he had planned for today.

Ken met me in the lobby at nine as planned. Was it my imagination, or did he look even more handsome today?

“Good morning Leah. Did you sleep well?”

“I did. I was so tired!” I lied. What could it hurt?

“So did I. Come on and I’ll pick up my car.”

On the way over I asked him, “How do you know about Melbourne Beach?”

“I had a friend that used to live there. She showed me around one day.”

“So a female friend.”

Ken laughed. “Yes, just a friend. Her boyfriend was a co-worker at Disney. They have since married and moved to California where he works for Disneyland out there.”

“I see. Where is this beach-side place where we’re going to eat?”

“It’s at the Hilton. A gorgeous hotel, but the view from the restaurant is what I like about it. I think you will too.”

“Okay. Sounds nice.”

“I’ve been meaning to ask you, with your last name being Bateman, I assume you’re Jewish.”

“Yes I am, but I’m not very religious.”

“Neither am I. I attend services on the High Holy days and an occasional Shabbat service when the mood strikes me, but that’s about it. I don’t even keep Kosher.”

“I’m about the same way. I guess you could say that I’m in the Conservative stream of Judaism.”

“Really! So am I. Orthodox is too extreme for me, and Reform is too laid back and doesn’t have enough liturgy.”

“Exactly.” Ken was working out to be perfect. I’d better reign in my thought about him until I get some indications of his for me.

* * * *

Lunch at the Hilton was so romantic and the view from the restaurant was fabulous as Ken had said. We talked about everything, he held my hand several times, and couldn’t keep his hands away from my hair. Every time he reached across to me and touched my face or ran his hand down through my hair, I got chills down my spine. Ken was having an effect on me and I liked it, but I was still being cautious. I didn’t want to fall in love with this guy so quickly. I wasn’t sure of his feelings yet.

After lunch, we left our shoes at the stairs that cross the sand dunes, and walked on the beach holding hands. We never ran out of things to talk about. I was finding out about his life and he about mine. We rolled up our pant legs and walked in the shallow edge of the surf, the salty water splashing over our feet. It was turning out the be a perfect day.

When we got back to our shoes, our feet, of course, were covered with sand.

“There’s a water faucet at the hotel to wash our feet off with and I have a towel in the car.”

“Wow, Ken! You thought of everything.”

“I try.”

After drying our feet, we were in the car, the air conditioner was running full blast, and the sun was setting. In the low light remaining in the care, Ken leaned over, ran his hand through the hair on the back of my head for the umpteenth time, and smiled.

“I have really enjoyed your company today.”

“Me too. I had a wonderful time.”

He leaned closer and we kissed for the first time. His kiss was so soft and so tender, and it made me moan when I didn’t mean to.

His tongue gently probed my lips asking for entry, which I gladly granted. His tongue explored and stimulated me. His kiss was a welcome and thrilling end to a glorious day.

“I somehow knew that kissing you would be wonderful,” Ken whispered.

I smiled and probably blushed, “Thank you. I’ve been wondering when this would happen.”

“Me too. I’ve been wanting to kiss you since last night on the balcony. Holding you the way I did brought out feelings in me that I thought were long dead.”


We kissed again and it became more passionate. His kisses moved to my cheek, the side of my nose, my eyelids, even into the hair above my ears. I was getting very aroused despite my attempts to keep my desires under control.

“Leah, we should go. It’s getting late.”

“You’re right.”

As we drove back to Disney, I laid my head on his shoulder and he put his arm around me. I think we kissed at every stoplight.

* * * *

Back at the Contemporary Hotel, we kissed good night at my door. He held me so close that I felt like my body was going to melt into his.

Ken looked longingly into my eyes and said, “Leah, I don’t want to say good night.”

I returned his look and whispered, “We don’t have to.”

We kissed again and he led me to the elevator and down to his room. I couldn’t believe I had come this far so quickly. I was about to spend the night with a man I had met just three days earlier. Was I crazy?

* * * *

Ken gave me one of his dress shirts to sleep in and he slept in pin-striped pajamas. He turned out the light and we quietly slipped into bed and under the covers. He held me close and must have felt that I was shaking like a leaf. I was scared and didn’t want to be.

“Leah, you’re trembling. Are you scared?”

“Not exactly scared. I just can’t believe this is happening so soon. It’s not like me to sleep with a man I’ve just met.”

“Leah, I don’t intend to make love to you, if that’s what’s bothering you. When I said I didn’t want to say good night, I meant that I wanted to spend the night with you, holding you just like this, and go to sleep. I love to cuddle with someone I care about and have feelings for.”

I kissed him and said, “That’s so sweet, Ken. I’ve never met a man like you. Any other man would want to have sex right now.”

“Well, I’m not like other men. Sex might come later if our relationship gets to that point. I am not a one-night-stand type of guy.”

“I’m beginning to realize that.”

“Good. Now kiss me and go to sleep.”

We shared a long good night kiss, he asked me to turn over, and we cuddled for a long time before we went to sleep. I could tell by his breathing that he wasn’t asleep, and by his erection that slowly made itself known against my butt. Ken must have had a lot of self-control that night, because his body was ready for sex. I was flattered, and part of me was disappointed. It was an unforgettable night! I asked myself, “Could this be the man I’ve always wanted?”

* * * *

When I breezed into our room the next morning, Natalie was beside herself with excitement. She was sitting on the bed and just bouncing up and down, a look of glee on her face.

“So, how was it? How was he in bed? Come on! You have to tell me everything!”

“Natalie, we didn’t make love. We just cuddled and went to sleep. It was SO romantic and SO wonderful!”

“Really?” She thought about that for a moment, then said, “I like that. He took you to bed and just cuddled with you. Yeah, I like that.”

“I like it, too. He is really special.”

I gave her a detailed rundown of our day in Melbourne Beach, our first kiss in the car, and so forth. I couldn’t begin to describe what I was feeling for Ken. If I had, she would have immediately started to plan our wedding.

We got to the airport early and the flight was late leaving. Ken called me on my cell phone to say good bye one more time. He was just so nice!

* * * *

After that wonderful weekend, Ken called me every night and we would talk for hours.

“I really miss you, Leah. I miss the way you cuddle and the smell of your hair as I go to sleep.”

“I miss you, too, Ken. That night we spent together was unforgettable and unexpected. When can we do it again?”

“I was thinking I could fly up there for a 3-day weekend over the fourth of July. How’s that sound?”

“That would be wonderful! You would really do that?”

“Of course! Besides, I have so many Frequent Flyer miles that it won’t cost me a cent.”

“That’s great! And you could stay here with me and you wouldn’t have a motel bill either.”

“That’s a thought.”

“Really?! You’ll do it?!”

“Yes. I’ll make the reservations tomorrow.”

* * * *

It had been almost five months since we’d seen each other and our feelings for one another had grown. Our first night together we both kind of knew it would happen. We showered and got into our respective sleep wear. I like to sleep in an old comfortable t-shirt, preferably with no panties. Ken slept in pajama bottoms only.

As we climbed into bed, we were like two magnets being drawn together. Our lips met and probably stayed clamped together for twenty minutes as our tongues danced together like long lost lovers.

Ken was a tender, sensitive lover; never pushy nor too eager; always a gentleman and a gentle man. He kissed me around my ears until I thought I would pee with excitement. Then he moved down to my neck and shoulders, kissing and sucking my skin, causing goose bumps on my arms. He was making all the right moves to get me aroused…very aroused!

Then as he kissed and fondled my breasts through my t-shirt, I said, “Why don’t I take this off.” And he helped me slip it off quickly over my head. Now I was completely naked for him and I could sense his appreciation for my body by the way he kissed and caressed every inch of me.

“Leah, you are so beautiful! Where have you been all my life?”

“I guess I’ve been waiting for you.”

As Ken lay closer to me, I could feel his erection against my leg and it excited me. I began to think about how it would feel inside me as he gently thrust it in and out of me. I was getting so aroused that I was about to do something I have never done before…and that was…take control of the proceedings. Ken was a good and gentle lover, but I was way too aroused to wait any longer for him to get to home base. I wanted to have sex! Right then!

So I did it. I pushed Ken over on his back and crawled almost on top of him. He moaned in surprise as I slowly and purposefully slid my hand down to the bulge in his pajamas and grabbed a handful of the largest cock I had ever felt. “Oh my G-d!” I marveled secretly. “He is huge! I am going to make love to that all night!”

As I stroked Ken’s cock through his pajamas, he whispered, “Leah, you’re driving me crazy!”

“You know those PJs are interfering with what I want to do.”

“I can fix that.” And he quickly stripped them off and threw them into the dark.

As I took his bare manhood in my hand for the first time, I said, “That’s much better.”

“It sure is.” And we kissed more passionately than ever as I gently stroked him and fondled him, exploring every millimeter of him with my fingers.

I was in control now and was going to proceed at my own pace, which was to accelerate things a bit. So I kissed my was down his chest, down past his flat, well-toned stomach, and arrived at my hand, which was holding his erection loosely. I could already feel it throbbing in my hand and when my lips made first contact with the head of his cock, it jerked and he groaned with pleasure.

I didn’t have a lot of experience with oral sex, but I had read a lot of books, and Natalie was always telling me what her husband liked and what she did for him. So I felt that I was ready to proceed to the next major step: a blowjob.

My feelings for Ken made it so much more pleasurable for me. I licked the head of his circumcised cock, which by now was enormous. The head alone seemed to almost fill my mouth as I sucked it in. It was so soft and yet so hard at the same time. It felt like rose peddles were stretched over his blood-filled appendage. As I sucked gently, I swirled my tongue around it, around the prominent rim and into the slit that would soon eject what I was wanting.

Ken was moaning and groaning and had his hands buried in my hair, gripping it by the handful as he tried to hold back from what I was trying to make him achieve.

It was time to take him fully into my mouth. He was so big that I knew I couldn’t deep throat him the way I so desperately wanted to, but I would do my best. I let my saliva run from my mouth and down his shaft, then closed my lips around him and extended my tongue under him and slowly pushed him toward the back of my mouth. My mouth was wide open and stretched to its limit to accommodate him. It hit the back of my throat and I had to stop. There was no way it would go any further. So I began my slow rhythm of up and down pumping on his shaft while my hand gripped the lower half and followed along.

Then suddenly, “Oh G-d Leah!” And his cum exploded into my mouth. Quick, hard jerks of his cock ejected long streams of warm cum, each almost filling my mouth. I had to quickly swallow each spurt or I would have lost some, and I didn’t want that. I didn’t have time to savor each drop of his creamy liquid the way I wanted to. He tasted so good that I wanted him to slow down so I could enjoy every fluid morsel. But Ken’s body was in control of that. It apparently had been storing up sperm for a long time and was now dumping it into my eager mouth as quickly as it could.

His cock must have spurt ten to twelve times before I felt any sign that his climax was subsiding. I probably swallowed a half cup of cum and he wasn’t finished yet! But I was not going to complain. I loved the taste and feel of his cum in my mouth as it slid across my tongue toward my throat. I let it puddle there until I had a load, then I would swallow it and collect another load. On and on Ken kept ejaculating. I was getting more cum from this one man during this one climax than I had ever gotten in total before. I was in heaven.

Finally after what seemed like an hour of cumming and swallowing, Ken’s cock stopped jerking and was relaxed and spent. Ken was still moaning with pleasure as I moved up and kissed him.

“Oh Leah! I’m so sorry, but you made me lose control. You are amazing! I did not intend for that to happen.”

I kissed him again and said, “I did.”

Ken was still panting to catch his breath as he pushed me onto my back and crawled on top of me. We kissed lovingly as his strong but gentle hands squeezed my breasts and pulled at my nipples. He moved down to lick and suck my nipples until they were hard and sensitive, then he moved down to my flat tummy and navel. I was moaning and thrusting my hips against his chest by then, so he took that as a signal to proceed down to my pussy, which was begging for some attention of its own.

He licked the swollen and sensitive lips of my pussy and seemed to be lapping up my juices as his moans sent vibrations through my body. When he finally landed his tongue on my clitoris, I flinched and moaned in response to his touch. I was so sensitive there that I knew the delicate actions with his tongue would send me quickly into an orgasm. He ran his tongue around my clitoris and ever so gently pinched it between his lips.

“Oh Ken! You’re so good! You’ll make me cum doing that!”

He didn’t respond, but kept up his maneuvers on my clitoris. G-d he was driving me into a place of sexual ecstasy where I had never been before. My whole body seemed to fade away and only my clit remained. It seemed to me to be enormous as Ken sucked it into his mouth. I envisioned my clit as a small penis ready to cum in his mouth, and I willed it to happen. I started to squirt pussy fluid onto his face and down onto the sheets! I had never in my life done that before! But he lapped it up as best he could and seemed to like it. I know I certainly did.

My first orgasm with Ken must have lasted thirty or more seconds as my body convulsed and shivered in response to his tongue. I knew I was yelling out all sorts of dirty words, but I had lost control. My orgasm was now in total control of my body and all I could do was feel and experience it as it took me on the ride of my life.

As my orgasm finally began to let me return to earth, I felt Ken’s huge cock as it separated my labia and pushed slowly inside me. Holy hell his cock was so big! Yet it felt so good! I begged my pussy to stretch to accommodate him and it did.

Ever so slowly Ken pushed deeper and deeper into me as I raised my hips to allow him easier entry. Before he was all the way in, he started a slow rhythm of thrusting that was sending me toward a second orgasm.

“Oh Ken! You feel so good inside me. I want all of you. Push it all in me!”

He needed no further encouragement as he made one final thrust to the hilt and his hard cock rammed into my cervix, sending a tingle through my body that I had never felt before. Every forceful thrust after that tapped my cervix and turned my body into a total sex receptacle for Ken’s enormous cock. I locked my legs around his waist and pulled in coordination with his thrusts. A second orgasm swept through my body, then a third and a fourth. Oh shit what was he doing to me and how was he doing it? I had never experienced sex like that before.

As I came back to reality from my, what was it, fourth orgasm, Ken made a forceful and massive final thrust into me as he yelled in joyful agony and ejaculated inside me. I was so sensitive inside by that point that I could feel every jerk of his cock and every spurt of cum as it flooded my womb and spilled out onto the bed. I was surprised that his body had a drop of cum left after the quantity I had swallowed earlier. But I didn’t care where it was coming from, I just enjoyed the feeling as it washed my vagina and flushed out and ran down over my puckered anus. Those were feelings I had never had before.

Ken finally rolled off of me and we cuddled, trying to catch our breath. We looked into each other’s eyes and smiled…then laughed because we had enjoyed each other so much.

When I regained my composure, I said, “That was so wonderful, Ken!”

“Yeah it was, wasn’t it? You are amazing…and I’m terribly in love with you.”

We kissed tenderly and I said, “I’m in love with you, too. I think I have been since our first kiss in the car.”

“I think I feel in love with you that first night we spent together, holding you and falling asleep. I’m so glad I found you.”

“I’m glad we found each other.”

Every night after making love, we would just lay there and look at each other. Ken would run his fingers through my hair (now his favorite thing to do) and I would rub his shoulders and chest and maybe wander down below to stimulate him into making love again.

Ken taught me tender ways to make love that I didn’t know existed. His touch and his kiss could say so much to me. His hands, though strong, were gentle as they touched my face and explored my body. His love making kept me aroused almost the whole weekend. I couldn’t get enough of him. I wanted him the way I had never wanted another man.

* * * *

In October, Ken flew me down to Orlando to help him find a condo. His company had approved his move, so we looked at condos near Disney…and there were hundreds available. We would look at six or seven each day and on the third day, Ken found one that he liked. It was on the second floor overlooking a large lake, had a huge balcony, two bedroom, etc.

“What do you think, Leah? Do you like it?”

“I do. It’s the nicest one we’ve seen.”

He studied me for a moment, took my shoulders in his hands and said, “Leah, I’m in love with you and I can’t live without you in my life. I don’t want to see you for a weekend once every three months. I want you here with me. I want to come home to you; to cook meals with you; go dancing with you; make love to you every night. Leah, I want you to be my wife. Will you marry me?”

I was stunned, overwhelmed, and happy, and I finally found my voice, “Yes! Ken, yes! I will marry you. I love you, too. So much!”

We kissed for so long that the real estate lady excused herself and went outside to leave us alone. I think if she had not been out there waiting, we would have made love right there on the kitchen floor with its beautiful twelve-inch ceramic tiles, or on the granite counter tops, or maybe on the balcony overlooking the lake.

We got married in December at Temple Israel. Natalie was my bridesmaid. We spent two wonderful weeks on Saint Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands walking on the beach, eating wonderful food, and making wonderful love every night.

Ken has been my husband now for eight years and we couldn’t be happier. He is still the gentle, kind, and considerate man I met at Disney World. Every year on our anniversary, we book room 425 at the Contemporary Hotel and make love in the room where we first slept together. We’re trying to get pregnant, but it hasn’t happened yet.

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