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The Stranger

Its early afternoon as she lay stretched out sideways across the hammock, her long hair spilling over the side and swaying gently as she rocked.   The sun is shining brightly and she can feel it warming her skin through her thin, silky dress.   With one bare foot she reaches out and pushes off the ground, making the hammock swing.   The breeze flows over her body and through her hair and she smiles as she stares up at the sky through the trees.   The birds nearby are chirping happily and she begins to hum along.   Her normally busy mind is completely at ease and before long her eyes slowly begin to close.


Her mind is soon wandering, lost between reality and a dream when she realizes that she is no longer alone.   Partially opening her eyes, she scans the area surrounding her.   She sees no one yet she can still feel the presence of the other person watching her.   She is not afraid, rather, suddenly filled with desire as she feels the eyes of her new stranger slowly exploring her body.   Her skin becomes hot under his gaze and her pulse quickens as she shuts her eyes once again, mentally inviting her stranger to make himself known.


As if to answer her unspoken request, she feels the stranger move closer to her.   Never opening her eyes, she smiles up at him as he nears her.   She feels him circle around her slowly and she turns her face in his direction, as if to mentally follow him.   He stops when he nears her head and she feels him lightly press a finger to her lips.   She gives a small nod, a silent agreement between her and her stranger that words are not important.   With that, he pulls a silky blindfold over her eyes.


For the next minute, what felt like an eternity to her, he did not touch her.   She lay perfectly still as her excitement begins to build, curious to know what her stranger is going to do next.   She does not have to wait long before she feels something tickling the skin on her leg.   He holds the ribbon above her, letting one end tickle her skin.   Starting at her leg, he slowly makes his way up her body.   She can feel it move up her leg, across her stomach and breasts, until it finally makes its way up her arm and comes to a stop at her wrist, leaving a trail of goose bumps everywhere that it touched.   He gently ties the ribbon around her wrist and then ties it to the rope of the hammock.   He, then, does the same with her other wrist.  


Again, he does not touch her for some time.   She can hear him make his way around the hammock until he is standing near her legs.   Her anticipation grows immensely as she continues to lay still and quiet, though, her body begins to shiver.   She feels the string of her dress being untied.   The silky cloth falls to her sides, revealing nothing underneath.   She is now completely exposed to her stranger and once again, he stands back without touching her.   She feels his eyes exploring her naked body and a light breeze blows across her bare skin.   Her desire continues to grow.


After another long pause the stranger moves a little closer.   She can feel his hands near her face, so close that she can feel the heat from him, but he still does not touch her.   With his hands barely an inch from her skin, he starts at her face.   He moves his hands from her face, down her neck, to her breasts.   She can feel the heat from his hands the entire way…Down her stomach, to her hips, and slowly down her legs.   The desire for him to touch her is agonizing and the ribbons go taught as she tries to reach for his hands.   A desperate little moan escapes her lips and, once again, there is another long pause.


She begins to mentally plead with him to touch her, barely able to contain herself.   She feels the stranger lean over her, feels the heat of his skin near hers.   His face comes closer to hers and before long, she can feel his breath on her face.   His hands follow and he begins to lightly stroke her face, working his way up and letting his fingers run through her hair.   He finally presses his lips to hers and she eagerly returns the kiss, her anticipation finally exploding at the long awaited contact.  


His kiss is gentle and sweet and he cups her face in his hands as he claims her mouth for his own.   He lowers himself closer to her body and she can feel his bare chest brush against her hardened nipples.   She arches her back, desperate for more contact.   He backs off a bit and slides his hands from her face and down her neck.   She takes a staggering breath as the emotion from his hands runs wild through her body.   His hands continue down, now followed by light kisses.   He cups her breasts in his hands, gently massaging them and his lips cover her nipple.   He lightly sucks it between his tongue and his teeth, sending a jolt through her body.   He kisses his way to her other breast and does the same before his hands and lips continue to feel their way down to her stomach and hips.   She moans her pleasure in response to him.


Once he gets just past her hips, he removes his lips and his hands from her body and there is another brief pause.   He stands back for a moment and watches her as her body trembles, smiling at the affect that he is having on her.   When he comes back to her he starts at her feet, gently massaging and kissing them before making his way slowly up her legs.   As he gets to her inner thighs he slows down, his face mere inches from her soaked pussy.   He gently blows across it, making her take another jagged breath.


The ribbons around her wrists once again go taught and her moans become increasingly louder as her desire for him becomes almost unbearable.   He begins to lightly kiss around her pussy and runs his fingers between her lips, making her gasp.   She starts to move her hips, begging for more.   She cannot believe the affect that this stranger is having on her.   She wants him more than anything, wants to feel him inside of her and surrounding her.   She lets out a little whimper as he backs away for the last time.


Her heart is racing and her breathing quick by the time he returns to her.   This time, he covers her with his body and, cupping her face once more, kisses her long and hard.   The feel of his body against hers is amazing, skin against skin, and her breasts pressed against her chest.   She wraps her legs around him, never wanting to let go and cries out as she feels him, finally, slide inside.   She squeezes him tighter, pulling him closer and deeper inside of her and, in reply, he kisses her deeper, never letting go.   His hands return to her hair and he gently tugs as an intense orgasm floods through them both.   Her mind is spinning and her cries echo through the trees.   The feeling is intoxicating, overwhelming, and underneath the blindfold her eyes flutter shut once again.


She wakes up alone in her hammock and gazes up at the full moon through the trees.   All is quiet, except for the sounds of the night, and she lay there thinking about her beautiful stranger.   A thousand questions flood her mind:   Was it real?   Was it a dream?  


She looks at the single red rose in her hand and smiles to herself because she knows in her heart that he was no stranger after all……






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