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The Summer Boy, Part 6

The Summer Boy, Part 6

Lynn and Adam share some intimate time at the pool
“I’m going to have to document this, you know,” Olivia said.

Adam gave her a contrite nod. “Yes, I understand. Absolutement.”

“It’s paperwork. I hate paperwork.”

“Sorry ‘bout that, Olivia.”

“Look, half the staff are apparently sick today but at least they had the decency to call in, right? It’s called responsibility. And you were actually here . You didn’t look sick racing off on your bike like that.”

Adam hung his head low and shuffled his feet.

It hadn’t been the greatest morning for Olivia. When she came in, she was told that Lynn had left a message that she would be taking another personal day. It was what she had expected and recommended. Then several other staff called in sick, including Cassie. So short-staffed and without their day-receptionist, Olivia found herself behind the front desk directing both staff and public traffic all morning long. While she waited for the afternoon emergency relief coverage to arrive, Adam had walked in for his shift. She decided to take care of business with him right there.

She addressed the situation about him just leaving work the day before and not answering his phone or calling back to say where he was and what he was doing. She was deliberately side-stepping the real issue, though.

“Is that guy gonna cause trouble for the centre?” Adam asked.

Olivia sighed and folded her arms. He obviously wasn’t too sick to deck Dominic, either. She looked off past his head.

 Um…if it’s any help, I hadn’t actually started work before I hit him and we were outside of the centre,” he added, a hesitant grin on his lips, “Technically, we were just two guys out on the street having a disagreement, yeah?”

Olivia squinted at him, a sour, sarcastic look in her face. “Technically he or I could have called the police on you.”

“Uh…yeah. Thanks for not doing that.”

“And I thought you wanted to become a lawyer,” she scoffed. Olivia scratched her head in frustration then said, “No. Dominic eventually just hauled his butt off the ground and then he and his…that….the woman he was with left.”

Bien ,” Adam remarked.

“Um… Not good,” Olivia corrected, “You don’t hit patrons. Ever. You don’t go punching anyone on or near the property again. You do, and I will personally get the rope and find the tallest tree and…”

“I got it, Olivia,” Adam said and nodded.

She couldn’t shake her consternation. “Why did you even hit him anyway?” she said, frustrated that this whole conversation seemed to be unfolding ass-backwards.

He shrugged. “He seemed like he deserved it,” Adam replied, “It looked as if I beat you to the punch, though.”

She glared at him. She wanted to be angrier than she was, to be honest, wanted to rain Hell from on high upon him. She wanted to document it, put him before a full review and have him suspended.

Yet, she couldn't bring herself to go through all that. Besides, he was probably right and had saved her from busting her own knuckle on Dominic’s chin.

So instead, she allowed the uncomfortable pause between them to linger for several long seconds before flipping some papers around on the desk. She grumbled, “Juan is covering at the pool this morning. He had to do the seniors aqua-fit.”

Juan ?” Adam remarked, “Did anyone drown?”

“Fortunately, no,” Olivia replied dismissively, “But I’m sure your geriatric groupies will miss you if you don’t make it to your afternoon class. So unfortunately for me, I need you today.”

Adam kept his mouth shut and nodded.

“Get going.”

Without a word, Adam pivoted and headed down the hallway.

“Is she alright?” Olivia called to him, still staring at the papers on her desk.

He stopped and turned around. “Who?”

After a moment, she shook her head and said, “Nevermind.”

Adam hesitated before running off to the pool.

Olivia scratched her head. She had to call Lynn.

* *

“Maybe I went a bit too far,” Lynn said to herself.

To be honest, her mind wasn't really on the display counter of slacks she had walked around for the tenth time in the last five minutes. If her goal for going shopping was to clear her head, it was a failing endeavour.

“Is there anything that I can help you with?” the young female shop assistant asked.

Lynn jumped a bit when she spoke. She scanned the slacks, hastily chose one and asked, “Would you happen to have this one in black, maybe size 32x34?”

The assistant replied apologetically, “I believe they only come in the tan, olive, or blue.”

“Could you check in the back?” Lynn asked.

The young woman hesitated but then politely obliged, heading to the back storage room.

Lynn was left to her thoughts again. “I probably went too far.”

Ending up in bed with Adam was one thing. She had acted purely on impulse, a totally impetuous moment, caught up by the stresses of the day and the incessant urges of Adam. She had a momentary lapse of her senses after many months of having no way to express her own pent up desires. It was all Dominic's fault, stunting her passions at their peak on the night of her birthday. No amount of self finger play and battery operated lengths of silicone could provide the type of satisfaction she craved. Young Adam was a willing outlet, and, God, was he certainly able.

But then there was the night's second feature. That she had trouble figuring out at the moment. How she went from the calm, reasonable, reassuring person to the one on her knees sucking on Adam's cock as if it were a feeding tube filled with nectar was a serious puzzlement. The last time she remembered being so voracious while giving a blow job was back during her freshmen years in university. Yet, she couldn't get enough of the sensation of Adam's attractive length throbbing in her mouth.

“Adam,” she muttered to herself. What was it about him that brought about that giddy optimistic feeling from within her, that sense of easy abandonment? Their banter and chats always came so easily, playful but always respectful and, in their own way, meaningful. And now maybe that could very well translate to their sex life together.

“Their sex life.” Lord, that thought alone made her head spin and heart pause. Was she really anticipating more encounters with Adam like the night before?

The sudden chime of her cell-phone interrupted her thoughts.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Hey, it's Olivia.”

“Oh hi,” Lynn said, checking around the store before moving to a secluded corner, “How's it going?”

“I want to inhale about a litre of espresso right about now.”

“Ooh.” Lynn winced. “Sorry to hear that.”

“My fault,” Olivia sighed, “I told you to stay away for a day. Where are you?”

“At the mall. Shopping.”

“Ahh, very nice. What are you buying me?” Olivia asked.

“How about something cute for your daughter?” Lynn offered.

Olivia fluttered her lips. “Uh-uh. She's a spoiled brat. Her mommy is the one who needs to update her wardrobe.”

Lynn laughed, “That bad a day, huh?”

“Half the centre has taken the day off! Even Papi isn't coming in tonight. It's like a mid-summer strike.”

“Really?” Lynn said, then almost too quickly asked, “Is Adam there?”

She suddenly froze, realizing her error too late. There was an uneasy silence on the other end of the line.

Olivia finally spoke, “Okay. Spill it.”

“Spill what?”

“Adam followed you home yesterday.”

Lynn had to think fast and speak faster. “What? No, he didn’t. Not that I know of, anyway.”

“I’m outside. No one’s around,” Olivia prodded, “You can tell me. What happened?”



“Unless Adam was spying on me through my window…which is kind of creepy to think about…no, he did not follow me home. I did not see Adam. I do not know where Adam went. There was no Adam in my vicinity,” Lynn insisted.

She could hear quick Olivia’s mind whirring on the other end.

Lynn continued proclaiming innocence, “What, are you thinking he came over to comfort me? Hoping to take advantage of an emotionally vulnerable woman?”

“Yes. That sounds like Adam.”

“And you think I was in that desperate and dire need of a quickie?”

“That sounds like you.”

“Do you actually think he and I would...that we possibly could...” Lynn sputtered emoting an incredulous tone, “Oh my God!”

Damn, this lying stuff brought out the performer in her.

“So did you?” Olivia asked. She was dogged.

“He wasn't with me!” Lynn exclaimed pointedly.


“Olivia, I didn't sleep with Adam!”

“Um, miss?”

Lynn gasped and nearly dropped her phone. Why the hell was the shop assistant constantly sneaking up on her like that?

The earnest young woman apologized, “I'm sorry, but we don't have these pants in black.”

“Uh, okay,” she said, looking at the assistant as if she were speaking Latin at her, “I'll take the olive. No, the tan. No, the olive.”

“Um, alright. Size 32x34?”


She glared at the young woman as she turned tail and scurried away, then she returned to her call.

“Who are the pants for?” Olivia asked.

Lynn's mouth hung open but void of a logical response. Instead she breathed, “Uh...huh?”

“Well, unless you've gained a considerable amount of weight and height in the past 24 hours, and are now into men's sizes, I don't think those pants are going to fit you.”

“Shit,” Lynn mouthed, looking around the store for an answer to appear amongst the clothing. “For...a friend. Actually I mean my cousin...back in Taiwan,” she explained.

“I thought your cousin was a woman?”

“She's going to give it to her boyfriend,” she said, cringing at her own words.

“You're mailing your cousin a pair of pants? And she's going to give them to her boyfriend?”

Lynn nodded quickly. “Yes.” She had no follow up.

After a long, excruciating pause, Olivia responded dryly, “Ok. I'm going out for that espresso now.”

“I'll be in tomorrow. See you, then,” Lynn offered, grateful that Olivia seemed to be letting her off the hook for now.

“Alright. Fine. Bye,” Olivia responded, “Try a size 33 waist, though.” Click.

Lynn put away her phone. Holding a hand to her chest as she steadied her breath, she looked into a shop mirror. Her cheeks were flushed pink and her whole face was glistening from a sheen of perspiration.

Thank God she got away with it for now, she thought. Then, she smirked to herself and finally had to laugh just for the hell of it. Who was she kidding? Olivia was well on her way to figuring it out. She would have to confess to her sometime, tell her about how she and Adam had it on at her apartment...and perhaps even more. Could be fun.

She grinned. Funny how both those thoughts --revealing all to Olivia and possibly having more interludes with Adam in the coming days-- actually excited her.

Suddenly feeling comfortable in her skin again, Lynn went to pay for the slacks.

* *

Cassie lay upright in bed, covers pulled up over her chest, smoking a cigarette. The sheets were soft on her bare skin and the warmth of the other nude body lying soundly asleep beside her seeped into the entire mattress.

Still, she felt cold inside.

She had decided to skip work this day, just spend some time to relax, to think.

She reached for her purse on the nightstand and rummaged through it. Eventually she pulled out a gold chain-link wrist-band engraved with the letters “A.D.” Holding it up to to the bedside lamp to admire, it shined brightly. It was very handsome. Very expensive.

It felt just as cold as she did.

Dropping it back into her purse, she set it aside and took another drag over her cigarette staring across the room at the empty wall. There before her, the scene of her and Adam from the night before played out.

He had arrived at her door in the evening all sweaty and sexy. She had been ready for him, wearing a red teddy gown and a whole lot of nothing else. Finally, she was going to get her hands, and everything else, on him.

Adam walked past her and into the house as if she were in a hazmat suit.

Then in his usual disarmingly cool and charming way, he proceeded to apologize profusely and essentially tell her that he wasn't in it for the long haul with her.

“I know we did things together and maybe it seemed like it was something more, but that's not how I feel. It was dumb and immature of me to lead you on,” he had explained, “I'm totally a jerk for it.”

All the while, her face had contorted more and more like a corkscrew. He stabbed at her with his cliched words, “You're a lot of fun to be with, a great girl. We always seemed to be just having fun which other, but I didn't think we were actually going out exclusively. I just want to be friends. That's it.”

“What...the hell brought this on?” she had asked.

Adam reached into his pocket and pulled out the wrist-band, her birthday gift to him. “I can't accept this. It's too much. When you gave this to me, I could tell how serious you were and I knew I wasn't being fair to you.”

He placed it in her hand. It had felt like a piece of broken glass was pushed into her palm.

“I'm sorry, Cass. I don't know really what else to say.”

“You're an ass-hole,” she had snapped.

“I know. I have been one. I want to stop. J e suis trés désolé. ”

“Fuck you and your French crap.”

Adam nodded, apologized again, then walked out of the house, leaving her fuming, the wrist-band squeezed in a clenched fist.

Now, lying in bed, having had time to think about it, it still didn't sit right with her. She always knew Adam and her weren't completely committed to each other. He flirted with other women, possibly slept with them, but she was the same way with other guys. But there was always something that drew her back to the young Frenchman, made her thoughts linger on him more, and raised her hopes that something permanent could actually come about between the two of them. Until then, Adam was Adam and flirted and charmed his way around with all the other women in the centre , but Cassie was riding shotgun with him always.

What bothered her most was that she still felt like this had something to do with Lynn. It could have been Adam's sad attempt to feign maturity just so he could have the chance to screw th e supervisor. The thought would have made her laugh if it first didn't make her sick. Besides, Adam could pretend to behave like the king of France, but a cold fish like Lynn still wouldn't have him. She kept him down like a puppy in training.

Yet, Cassie couldn't deny how well the two of them got along.

Over time while she worked at the centre , she always felt like she was sharing Adam with Lynn. She couldn't understand that. She could tell that Adam regarded Lynn d ifferent ly . He did his usual routine with her to be sure, but Cassie always sensed there was something more going on between them. Their personal conversations, the way Adam would settle down to just talk with her, the way he smiled and laughed with her was different. It made the way he treated Cassie seem kind of generic.

And t he fact that it was with Lynn, though, the bane of her workplace existence dug at her.

It just didn't make any sense.

To think that he had possibly raced off the other day to try to be with made her shudder and she shook it off with an indignant, “Yeah, right.” She squashed her cigarette into an ashtray.

“What's right, baby?” Trevor said with a yawn as he rolled over the bed and flopped his log of an arm across her belly, “Us? We were so fucking right about an hour ago. Always love a good, unexpected romp. W e should've recorded it on video.”

“I told you I'm not doing that shit with you, ” Cassie scoffed.

“Then we get you and Adam,” Trevor said dreamily, his eyes still shut, “We'd make so much bank.”

Cassie clucked her tongue and shoved away his arm. Speaking of “bank” she recalled that she was running low on funds herself at the moment.

She climbed out of bed and picked her clothes up off the floor.

“Where you off to, sweet cheeks?” Trevor mumbled.

“I have to go make a withdrawal,” she replied.

* * *

6:41 p.m. To: Lynn_ X > “Papi didn't come in. Going to fill in aft hrs. Want to pop by?”

6:55 p.m. To: A d .D.> “Going out with a friend 2night.”

6:57 p.m. To: Lynn_ X > “Would like to c u.”

7:01 p.m. To: A d .D.> “Maybe. Will call. Gotta run.”

* * *

Adam tossed the last two garbage bags into the bin behind the centre. It was dark outside, the night creeping in faster as the summer raced towards the end of the season. It was still too damn hot out, though. He couldn't remember such a hot summer.

The heat weighed on him as he dragged his feet back into the centre. He could use a bit of a refreshment. The pool was calling.

From a very young age, Adam was a natural in the pool. He glided and cut through the water as if it were tufts of air surrounding him, keeping him aloft. Water was a cleanser, a relief . It swept past him and pulled away his concerns as he moved through it.

With the centre closed, he had the whole pool to himself. He only switched on the minimum number of lights needed to cast a glow through the pool area. Within moments of dropping his shorts and tossing aside his shirt, he dove into the warm pool, knifing through the surface. He broke into swift strokes , his arms whirring and slicing ahead like well-tuned pistons, his legs propelling him forward. His svelte, lean shape was made for swimming, moving through the pool as easily as following a breeze. He lost count of how many laps he had done after six, but he finally stopped in the middle of the pool, turned over onto his back, and relaxed his limbs and steadied his breathes. Floating, eye s toward the ceiling, his ears just below the water level, he listened to his own breathing and heartbeat. He felt solitude.

His thoughts free to wander, he wondered where Lynn was, who she was with, what she was doing.

Ever since the previous night he had spent with her, he wanted to call her, to hear from her. It made him uneasy how much she was on his mind. It had felt incredible. He never imagined how truly beautiful it could be with a woman like Lynn. She was both giving and hungry, strong and passionate. The whole thing could have been a dream. But then he remembered her face, recalled every curve and slope o n her lovely body, heard her gasps and soft cries of ecstasy in his head, tasted her skin and her lips in his mouth. It had been very real.

Adam closed his eyes, his heart beating faster. He felt a stiffening shift in his trunks.

What surprised him more than anything though was that he looked forward to not only being in bed with her again, but just to be with her. No one else made him feel the way she did. He knew that now. Even Janine --for all her romantic airs and her comforting, encouraging words -- never had the effect on him li ke Lynn did. In the end, Janine was always a lady of the night, her attentions spread amongst the men who passed through her door.

It was only now that he was fully aware of the risk he had taken that night he approached Lynn in the showers. He had gambled the relationship they already had. It actually was a stiff jolt to his gut to think that, if she had rejected him completely, what they had together could have been lost. Their conversations, their teasing, their friendship, all lost.

What would he have done then?

Adam sighed. He was thinking too much. Right now, there was only one thing he really wanted.

Suddenly, something struck him on the shoulder. Or it was more like it lightly bounced off of him. It was enough for him to lose his concentration and sink down into the water for moment. He came back up with a light splash before treading water. Looking around, he realized a children's foam floatation “noodle” had been tossed into the pool with him.

“So you're alive. That's good,” Lynn said, standing at the edge of the pool, “I was worried I would have to give you CPR.”

Adam wiped the water from his face as he focused on her. “Hey.”

“Hey, yourself,” she replie d, “You know you could get into big trouble for swimming alone unsupervised.” She pointed to the pool regulations on the wall.

Adam chuckled. “Really? Sounds familiar. ”

“Uh-huh. Good thing I'm here, isn't it?”

“I thought you said were going out with a friend.”

Lynn shrugged. Grinning she said, “So and I aren't friends, anymore?”

Adam mirrored her grin. “Are we?”

She eyed him. “I don't know about that,” she teased, “Good friends don't just send one text message to each other after they...uh...”

“Share d almond milk together?” he said, with his trademarked eyebrow raise.

Lynn rolled her eyes. She looked down and scuffled her feet. “Yeah.”

“You didn't happen to bring any with you?” Adam asked.

“Does it look like I'm carrying anything with me?” She held out her hands to her sides.

He noted that she probably couldn't be carrying much in her cut off denim short-shorts and halter top. She was quite tasty looking and he quickly forgot about the almond milk.

Lynn strolled around the pool, her hands behind her back, as Adam continued to tread water. “How did I know I would find you here, swimming?” she remarked.

Je ne sais pas ,” Adam replied, “I should check and see if you've put a bug in my shorts.”

“Ah, that reminds me,” she said, holding up a finger. She walked quickly to the other end of the pool. “I did bring you something.”

Adam swam over to her end as she picked up a shopping bag from the floor. “ I never got you a present for your birthday,” she said.

“I thought you did,” Adam quickly replied with a sly grin.

Lynn rolled her eyes again and decided to ignore him this time. She pulled out a new pair of slacks and held them out on display. “You like?” she asked.

Pour moi ?” he replied.

“Yes, I figured you could use a pair of full length pants,” she chided, “You know, you do have really attractive legs, Adam, but once in a while, less is more, alright?”

Adam nodded. “Okay. Okay,” he conceded, “ Merci .”

“So you like them?”

“Yeah, they look good,” he said swimming to the edge of the pool, “Let me try them on.”

“No, no,” Lynn said, waving him off. She put away the pants then proceeded to remove her top, “Afterwards.”

“After what?”

She unzipped her shorts and pulled them down, kicking off her sneakers as she did, and revealing her white bikini bottoms to match her top. “After I have a little exercise.”

With that, Lynn jumped into the pool feet first. It seemed to Adam that she was deliberately trying to splash him in the face as she did. When she surfaced, she made it a certainty by swooping her hand through the water, splashing Adam even more.

Lynn laughed, her soft black lashes drawn to slender lines over her rosy cheeks. She bounced high above the water, sweeping back her wet hair with her hands. Adam was enthralled just watching her.

“You're full of surprises today,” he remarked. It was true. There was light, sense of abandon to her that admittedly caught him off guard.

“Aren't I, though?” Lynn giggled, “What's the matter, Dupuis, can't handle your supervisor act ing so unpredictably?”

He shrugged. “Di dn't say there was anything wrong with it.” He tried to stifle the bemusement he felt seeing her like this.

“You looked pretty surprised on the sofa yesterday,” she said as she paddled circles around him.

Adam tilted his head towards his shoulder. “Well...yes. That was a bit unexpected.”

“Unexpected is alright,” she noted, “The real question is, was it any good?”

Incredible. Was she deliberately trying to fluster him ?

“I thought I was supposed to ask those questions,” he quipped, “You know...because I'm the insecure guy who only thinks with his dick?”

“Maybe I should ask it if I was good, then,” she said, not missing a beat, “If that's where you keep your brains.”

Adam felt like he was a tiger in a cage being poked with a stick, albeit a tempting, seductive stick. The way she was circling him, talking to him, looking at him stirred an excited sensation in his gut and crotch.

She swam up to him then, treading water a few inches away from his face. She was close enough that their feet touched and brushed down below.

Gazing at him with her dark, exotic eyes, she asked again with a breathy voice, “So...was I good, Adam ?”

Adam hesitated, and when he did, he suddenly felt her hand press up against the crotch of his trunks. He hardened almost immediately at her beckoning touch. A crooked grin slipped onto his lips, matching the sharp one on hers.

Lynn, her hand still caressing his rigid length, moved in closer, drawing her mouth close to the side of his head. She whispered, “I have another surprise for you.”

“Yeah?” he said, cocking his brow. “What is it?”

“I'll only let you know if you can catch me before I swim to the other side,” she laughed.

Unexpectedly, she pushed off his chest and kicked up a torrent of water, splashing Adam yet again as she made a break for the other end of the pool.

It took Adam a moment to recover. By that time she was already a couple of body lengths away from him. He frowned. The condition she left him in was going to be a considerable drag on his water aerodynamics, but he dove forward taking up the chase.

Lynn was nearly halfway across the pool when her lead began to dwindle rapidly. Adam sped through the water with a ferocious determination. Though she didn't look back, she could sense he was gaining on her quickly and she immediately hit her reserves just to stay ahead of him.

Adam knew her efforts were futile. By the three-quarter point, he was toying with her, nipping at her toes with his fingers. As they made it to the shallow end, and just as Lynn was about to touch the edge, he grabbed her around the ankle and stopped.

Lynn splashed and floundered as he held onto her ankle. With a stiff tug, he pulled her in and up close, his back against his chest as he wrapped his arms around the front of her waist.

She struggled and thrashed half-heartedly in his arms. Their laughs and gasps echoed through high ceilings of the pool area. It reminded Adam of how he carried her after the tug-of-war event.

“Give it up, Lynn,” he commanded, “You didn't have a chance!”

“Okay! Alright already,” she laughed, “I give up, 'Aquaman'! Let go!”

Lynn shrugged him off and turned around to towards him, wiping the water away from her face.

“So what's your big surprise?” he asked.

She moved up against him, draping her arms on his broad shoulders and around his neck.

“Better to show than tell, right?” she said, smiling.

She pressed her soft lips against his. In the shallows of the pool, the water coming up to the bottom of Lynn's chest, they shifted about in gentle bobs and bounces off the floor. She massaged his mouth with her own, caressing him with tender kisses.

Adam held her gently at her hips. After a moment, he eased her back, breaking away from the kiss. “I thought you wanted to be discreet?” he reminded her.

Lynn turned her head to the left and then to the right then looked back at him, arching the fine line of her left brow, “Do you see anyone else in here?”

“Nope,” he conceded.

“Neither do I. So hush up and kiss me, already .”

With that, Adam pulled her in with a firm tug, his hands securely on her back. They folded their lips over one another, entwined their tongues together, boldly, loudly. The ripples in the water moved faster as they shifted their bodies, trying to gain position as they clung together in a passionate, smouldering embrace.

Their lips parted once more, but they leaned into each other, foreheads lightly touching as they both looked downward, both of their hands staying busy. As Lynn undid the knot on Adam's trunks, he unclasped and removed her top, letting it drift away in the pool. He stooped down to sample her wet nipples, tasting the bitter chlorine on them as he flicked and swirled his tongue around each.

Lynn slipped her hand down past the waistband of his trunks, sliding it down the length of his hard cock. She wrapped her fingers around it lightly, stroking her hand up and down the solid shaft.

Her motions provoked aggressive sucks from Adam's mouth upon her trembling breasts. His own hand slid under the small patch of material covering her crotch and his fingers were quickly dancing and rubbing along her quivering line and folds.

“Uhh!” Lynn gasped, her blushing face raised towards the ceiling. She continued to cradle his cock in her hand, stroking it steadily.

Slowly they moved through the pool. The warm water soothed their flesh as they enjoyed in the feel of each of their bodies.

Adam stepped back. “Relax,” he said, “Lean back.”

Reluctantly, Lynn let go of him, but she did as he asked and settled back into the water, floating on the surface. Adam lowered himself down then moved in between her legs, supporting the back of her thighs on his shoulders. He untied the strings on the hips of her bikini bottom, and it joined her top, floating away in the pool. His path was clear and he pulled her in close.

Lynn gasped again as she felt his tongue and lips upon her. She momentarily tensed, her belly and chest sinking below the water's surface. With Adam's support, she managed to steady herself and remain aloft upon the water.

He nuzzled his mouth against Lynn's tender skin, easing her petals apart with his fingers before slicking his tongue along her inner, pink flesh. Hungrily he indulged in her sweet taste. He exposed the hood of her clit and nipped at the sensitive bud with his lips before flicking his tongue upon it. He sank his middle finger into her, probing and prodding the soft warmth within her.

“Uhn,” Lynn moaned, the sounds of her heavy breaths and gasps accentuated by the pool and cavernous ceilings. Her stomach hitched and tightened as he hit the right spots again and again upon and within her. The sensations from being in the pool just fed her burgeoning passions.

For several exquisite minutes Adam continued his skilled oral pleasuring. All the while, he slowly guided her to the corner of the pool where the tiled steps were. With one last heavy drag of his tongue upon her, he moved back, sliding her legs off h is shoulders.

Lynn settled back into the water. “Sit down on the steps,” she said.

It was Adam's turn to oblige, so he sat on a higher step. Lynn made her way over. Grinning, she reached for his trunks and pulled them down and off his legs, tossing them nonchalantly off to the side of the pool. His shaft jutted crookedly above the surface of the water, erect and inviting. She settled down onto a step below him, leaning forward between his legs. Once again she clasped a hand around him, raising his hard length upward. Gently she caressed his tip with the outer part of her lips. Her tongue slid out and pushed against the very top of his tip before swirling down his length where she gathered his sack in her hands and sucked upon it.

Adam leaned back, his arms braced behind him, as he watched Lynn work his cock with a steady, deliberate rhythm. Tiny goose bumps appeared on his upper body as the air cooled his wet skin. He shuddered, then sighed heavily as she finally took him into her mouth.

Lynn's head bobbed up and down over his crotch, her hands braced against his thighs. She gulped and slurped readily as she tried to catch her breath, but still she drove on harder and faster, pushing his tip against the inside of her cheeks and against her throat.

Adam reached forward to adjust her hair, pulling loose, wet strands behind her ear. He enjoyed watching her as much as the sensation he felt from being inside her mouth. There was almost a gracefulness in her motions and he admired her toned arms and back as she put everything she had into pleasuring his shaft.

“Uhh. Mmm,” Adam moaned appreciatively, “Feels good, Lynn. So good.”

Lynn felt him throb in her mouth, felt the warmth build up within his length. She swept her tongue around his tip and tasted the bitter spittle of precum there. She gripped it with her hand once more, savouring the solid feel of it, as her tongue and lips continued to indulge themselves upon it.

She wanted Adam inside of her. Now.

As she lifted her mouth off of him, she took his hands and led him back into the water with her. “Come,” she said.

Still holding his hands, she moved backwards through the water until her back bumped against the pool's edge. There, she held his face in her hands and pulled him in for a deep, intimate kiss. As she held him close, she felt his cock rub seductively against her belly.

Adam darted his tongue into her mouth. His hands massaged her back and her round bottom. He inhaled deeply, inhaling Lynn's scent even through the pool water. His senses were in frenzy, his mind on overload. His body screamed to take her now.

“Uhh, Lynn,” he gasped, “I...I don't have...uhh...I don't...”

“Shh,” she hushed, covering his mouth with her fingertips. She smiled, raising herself higher in the water as she embraced him.

Adam felt the head of his cock position against her soft opening, flesh upon flesh. He felt the pressure upon it as Lynn eas ed herself down. He searched her eyes carefully. She in turn locked her gaze onto him. There was no sign of reluctance or apprehension in her expression at all tonight. She was a completely willing player.

There was no longer time to think as cravings and desires took them both. With a purposeful roll of his hips, he thrust into her.

“ Unn,” Lynn groaned.

He held her aloft securely in his arms as he bucked his hips forwards and upwards, his cock enjoying the sensations from being within her once more. Each stroke was firm and sure, raising her high above the water's surface.

Adam was a natural when he swam in the water and now, being in that element as he made love to Lynn seemed to spur him on. The warmth of the water, the slight resistance and slowing of motion it created around them heightened the illicit sensations they both felt as they crashed their bodies together.

Adam pressed her up against the sides of the pool, ending each thrust by grinding his hips into her for good measure, ensuring every inch of his shaft filled her. He felt her inner pulse all along his rigid length.

Lynn felt him go deep within, offering him encouraging groans as she felt him throb and probe inside her. Her head fell forward and she clutched against his body, pinching his shoulder with her teeth.

Adam could feel his blood surging through his body. He felt a shock of adrenalin fuel his muscles as his desire for Lynn hit its peak. Leaning back, he gripped her hips and switched to a rapid tempo of stiff thrusts.

“Oh! Oh God!” Lynn cried out. She leaned hard against the back of the pool, spreading out her arms against the edge and clenching her legs against his torso as she took Adam's hard thrusts.

The water around them splashed and churned. Echoes of their moans and cries of satisfaction and gratification filled the pool area. They were both experiencing complete release, focusing on nothing else but the explicit sensations they were sharing with one another.

“Ah, yes! Ah-Adam!” Lynn gave herself completely to Adam and to the moment She felt him go in raw and hard drawing urgent gasps from her each time he did.

“Huhn! Ah, yeah,” Adam grunted, his breaths quickening as each minute passed. His abs felt like they were seizing up, tensing with every thrust of his hips. His cock was throbbing painfully now, swollen to its maximum size. He wanted this to last. Lynn was so beautiful, so delicious, he wanted this feeling of ecstasy to go on.

Lynn could feel the tension peaking in his body and her own. She reached for his face and covered his mouth with hers, kissing him with wanton abandon, lashing her tongue wildly with his, exchanging breaths of warm air. “Mmm! Uhh,” she hummed with pleasure as they pressed their lips together.

Adam's face strained and tightened. Veins in his neck were pronounced as the blood raced through him. He was at his bursting point as he fired his lips forward, sinking his cock into Lynn with rattling thrusts.

Each of them matched the other's sharp, desperate groans and moans. Fingers dug tightly into flesh as they held on for every heavenly second. They were in a vacuum now, only aware of each other as the rest of the world was shut out around them.

Lynn's breaths shortened until she was holding her breath, squeaking out soft, sharp cries. Her brows knitted tightly over her shut eyes. One more long, stiff thrust surged into her and her mouth rounded open, “Oh-AHHN!”

She came in a rush, spilling over Adam's entrenched shaft. Her arms locked around his back, she clung to him tightly, shuddering and trembling, announcing her full release with a drawn out groan.

Within seconds, Adam hit his limit. He buried his cock as deep as it could go, lifting her hips high. He tossed his head back and loosed a moan deep from his gut, “Uh-UHN!”

An almost painful stream of cum surged up and out of him. His initial burst filled Lynn with his viscous spunk. It felt tantalizing and electric. As his body eased his butt clenched involuntarily, pushing his ebbing cock deeper into her, jetting more short streams into her each time it did.

They collapsed against each other, Adam leaning her back against the pool wall. They breathed heavily in rhythm, melting and molding their nude, spent bodies into each other. Adam remained inside of her.

The water around them calmed to soft ripples and only their drawn out breaths could be heard in the pool area.

“So good,” Lynn hummed softly, her head on his shoulder.

Incroyable ,” he said trying to catch his breath, “ Tu es incroyable , Lynn.”

Lynn, her eyes closed and her face still nuzzled against his shoulder, grinned and said, “That means incredible, right?”

Oui ,” Adam chuckled, “You are incredible.”

“I know,” she replied wistfully.

Adam rested against her, within her. Being in the water, being with Lynn – it was the perfect moment.

* *

Eventually, after they took the time to recover a bit in the pool, Lynn and Adam had made their way to the heated whirlpool off to the side. As usual, they settled easily into conversation once more.

“A thousand thrusts?” Adam asked, astonished.

“Mm-hmm,” Lynn replied.

He looked o ff to the side and frowned. “How does someone keep count?”

“A woman knows,” she mused, “We have internal tally clickers.”

“That's how many it takes to satisfy a woman?”

“Generally,” she giggled, “You never read that in one of your magazines?”

Adam was miffed. “Do you know how many I did just now?”

Lynn held up her hand spreading her thumb and pointer finger apart by less than inch. “You missed by this much.”

Oh mon Dieu !” he exclaimed with a roll of his eyes.”I didn't hear you complain afterwards!”

Lynn laughed, “That's okay. You had just been swimming laps and you made up for it with verve and effort.” She settled back against his chest, pulling his long arms around her.

Adam shook his head and muttered, “A thousand .”

The heated water streamed and rippled over them, caressing their skin and massaging their muscles as they relaxed. They exchanged soft kisses and Adam fondled and circled Lynn's perky breasts with his fingers almost without thought. Lynn liked the feel of his lengthy cock against her backside.

“So you and Cassie were never really an item?” Lynn asked.

Adam paused and thought carefully. He wanted to be honest with her. “We are...she's a gal pal. Maybe something different ...maybe. But we were both moving around between other people. We never were committed to just each other, I thought.”

“You thought?” Lynn prodded, “How about her?”

Adam shrugged. “I don't know.” He quickly added, “I did tell her that I just wanted to be friends though.”

It was true. He had done so just the night before, but it was true.

“She was kind of upset.”

Lynn rolled her lips into her mouth and sighed. “It's difficult to tell some people that, especially if you've been intimate with them.”

Adam nodded. “I know.”

Both of them suddenly realized where the conversation was headed. For some reason, Lynn decided to make a conscious effort not to deal with that right now. So she side-stepped.

“Did you tell her that you'll be leaving for school after the summer?” she asked.

It immediately struck Adam that he hadn't been thinking at all about school since the previous night. This was a fact: in a little under a month he would be leaving his job, his home, his family, friends...and Lynn. He frowned. It was too much to think about all of a sudden.

“No,” he said.

A noticeable silence lingered upon them.

Adam used the pause to turn the subject. “You know, some time ago I asked you what you really wanted to do, Lynn,” he said.

“What do you mean?”

“I know you've thought about leaving the centre before,” he noted, “Where would you go? What would you do?”

Lynn sat up a bit. She scoffed, “You say that as if you're worried I would have nothing better to do if I quit, that I'd end up working the counter at a McDonald's”

“No, I didn't mean it that way.”

“I know,” she sighed. With a whimsical tone she said, “I'll do what every smart woman wants to do...marry rich.”

“Ha...ha...” he replied sarcastically, “That's definitely not you.”

“You know me so well,” she said. She thought about it for a moment then confessed, “If I had the guts, I'd open up my own little boutique shop.”

“ Yeah? What would you sell?”

“Plants. Flowers. It'd be a flower shop,” she said.

“Oh yeah, there's a money making venture,” he joked.

“Hey, don't go around knocking down other people's dreams, okay?” she said, slapping his arm.

“Alright. My apologies,” he chuckled. “Takes quite a bit of money to start up a business, though.”

“Yeah,” she sighed, “I'd burn through my savings, take out a loan...”

“Didn't you say your family had successful businesses in Taiwan?”

Lynn nodded. “I could always borrow from them. They've been practically trying to give me cash to do something other than work here .”

“You should take it,” he noted.

“Mmm...I like my independence,” she admitted, “Really, I could probably do it by just using my savings and taking out loans. Maybe I'm just a bit scared to do it. Maybe I just need to be pushed out the doors.”

“If I know anything about you, I know you can do whatever you want to do,” Adam mused. He kissed the back of her head. The thought of the two of them not being together at the centre suddenly weighed on him. It was a fast approaching reality.

As if sensing his thoughts, Lynn rolled over and faced him. She smiled her attractive smile and it quickly eased his thoughts. That playful look reappeared in her dark eyes and she gave him a tender kiss.

Quoi ?” he asked.

Lynn stood up, her slender, nude body looking wet and refreshed. She held out her hand. “Come on,” she beckoned.

Adam took her hand and stood up. As she led him out of the whirlpool, he asked, “Where are we going?”

She offered him a seductive look. “To the showers. I know what I want to do right now . And besides, ” she said, grinning, “You have some unfinished business from the other night.”

As they walked through the doors o the showers, Adam thought to himself again, “One thousand ?”

* *

Cassie pulled her car up to a curb on the street. She got out and walked under the cover of the dark, she made her way to the community centre.

For over a year she had been skimming from the centre’s till and petty cash. It was surprisingly easy to do once she had her system in place. Usually she would just do it while at work, as she handled payments for the centre’s fees and services. But it was just as easy to go in after hours and do some quick adjustments to the books.

She came through an unlit utility door, off to the side of the indoor pool. It was the janitor's entrance so it also had the auxiliary security panel keypad. She raised her hand to punch in the code but was surprised to see that it had already been deac tivated . Or maybe the last person to leave forgot to switch it on? She shrugged, barely gave it a thought and just left it.

Her path to the workroom took her through the pool area. Again, she had to pause in her steps. Some lights were still on. There was clothing lying around and floating in the pool. She frowned and tilted her head aside. Was someone there?

As if on queue she heard the sound s come through the shower room doors. She jumped back and froze again. Listening carefully, she heard voices, two of them, unintelligible as they echoed from the showers.

Cassie's heart beat faster. She should just turn around and leave, she thought. Instead, like a moth being drawn to the burning flames, she moved towards the voices.

Carefully, slowly, she pushed the door open. The lights were on. The short corridor leading around the corner to the showers was clear. She heard the his of he showers. As she made her way in, the voices grew louder, more distinct. It was a man and a woman. They weren't just having a chat.

Staying close to the corridor wall, she crept forward softly.

“Uhn! Ah! Oh God!”

Cassie froze again, just at the corner. She guessed the voice.

“Adam! Oh!”

Cassie's eyes widened as her heart skipped a beat. Every fibre in her body screamed for her to just turn around and go. Forget what she heard. Forget what she thought. Just go.

Spurred by dread and nerves, she peered one eye around the corner.

The distinct shape of Adam's bare back filled her view. The less familiar sight of Lynn's nude body also became clear to her. She was bent forward, her hands braced against the shower walls, writhing and lifting with each of Adam's fervent thrusts from behind.

“ Ooh! So good, Lynn. Yeah,” Adam groaned.

Cassie held her breath, realizing she was unable to exhale. She had to consciously pull her fingers away from the wall and tear her eyes away from the sight of the two of them.

Within seconds she was out of the shower room, quick-stepping through the pool area and out the door. She was practically running to her car when she stopped midway and finally let out her breath with a loud gasp. Bending over, she put a hand to her head and stomach, feeling dizzy.

“Ho..Holy shit,” she stammered as she regained her breath.

Finally, after a moment, she stood upright. Looking back at the centre for a moment, she eventually made her way back to her car.

To be continued...

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