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The Tantalizing Lecture

An intense stare consumes her eyes, waiting for him to shift as he stands up in front giving his lecture.

She is sitting in the front row, nibbling on her bottom lip and it is just driving him crazy and she knows it. She has a lustful look in her eyes. She leans down and reaches for the pen that she intentionally made fall off of her desk.

He notices her movement out of the corner of his eye and he turns to her. He watches her and can see right down her shirt. She isn’t wearing a bra. He can feel his cock twitching in response to the show she is putting on. He can barely take his eyes off of her. He stands behind his lecture podium, feeling himself grow harder and harder against the fabric of his pants.

A cute smirk forms on her face and he feels himself beginning to blush and struggle to finish his sentence. In desperation, he looks at the clock and realizes that class is nearly over. Rather than try to hide his rapidly growing problem, he decides to dismiss class early.

A crowd of students cluster at the front of the room to ask him questions. It seems like an eternity. Unable to sit still, she forces herself to wait for him.

He escorts the last student out the door after answering their question. He follows the student and steps outside the door and she notices that he looks up and down the hallway making sure it was clear. He walks back into the classroom and locks the door. He turns and looks over at her.

She smiles and leans in towards him. He walks to her, closing the tormenting gap that has been between them all morning. She stands up as he stops in front of her. She brings her hand up to his jaw as she kisses him softly. She breaks the kiss and looks into his emerald eyes framed by his black glasses where she finds a familiar look of desire. She smiles as she bites her lip and lets her hand fall flat to his chest. She pulls at his shirt and she watches him smile from her touch. He sighs as she playfully runs her fingers along his stomach above his belt.

He brings his hands up and fumbles with the buttons on her shirt as she reaches for his belt. Both of them are clumsy with excitement. Her arms are getting in the way of his undressing her and he hastily pushes them aside. He needs to see her. He gives up with the small buttons and pulls the shirt up and over her head, throwing it aside.

Slowly, tentatively, she reaches a hand out to touch him, the need to feel his flesh is almost overwhelming.

He must have understood her hesitation because he grabs her hand and pulls her to him. His lips meet hers, hard, commanding. Waves of heat course through her as he angles his head, pressing the kiss deeper. She coils her hands around his neck.

He tangles his hands in her curly hair and gently pulls. Her head falls back and he nibbles at her neck; she lets out a soft moan. He kisses her freckled shoulders. The cool air glides over her breasts as he gazes down at her pale pink hardened nipples. He cups one breast as if it was perfect and bends down to flick the other with his hot tongue.

She arches her back wanting more of his touch. He obliges and begins sucking with earnest at one aching nipple while his fingers are rolling the other lightly. She lets out a soft moan. She puts her hand on the back of his head and watches his mouth move over her breasts. As good as it feels; it is incredible to watch.

He brings his hands down and begins to undo the button of her jeans. She removes her shoes and brings her hands to her behind and pushes her pants down and they fall to her ankles. His fingers move up and down her wetness until the warmth of her skin was begging to be touched. He moves the thin fabric to the side and strokes her smooth lips that are coated with the evidence of her arousal.

She can feel him hard in his pants pushing against her. Her eyes closed, she runs her hands down his back, sending shivers through his body and distracting him just enough so that she can circle his waist and cup him. He laughs against her nipple and slides his tongue across to the valley between her breasts, heading once again up her neck. She trembles as she feels his hands pull at her waist. His tongue invades her mouth as he grinds his member against her. Her whole body is aching and her mouth waters for the taste of him.

She pulls off her panties, and he moves and assaults her mouth; no longer able to contain the craving he has for her. His skin is so hot against hers, and everything in her becomes heavy with need for his pale body. She reaches down to feel the bulge in the front of his pants again and she thinks of how unfair it is that he is still fully dressed. He steps forward and pushes her backward until she feels the desk at the back of her knees and sits her down on top of it.

He begins to unbutton his usual striped navy shirt from his tall body. The speed at which he was removing it is torturous for her. He slides his shirt off of his shoulders and lets it fall to the ground. He moves to his black silver-buckled belt from his small frame, and grey dress pants. He heels off his black dress shoes and kicks them to the side. He takes his pants off and he stands there exposed in front of her. She looks him up and down and smiles at how aroused he is because of her.

He moves, and the weight of his body settles over her, pressing into her as their tongues dance around one another. She can feel his member pressing against her burning entrance. She wiggles on the desk hoping that he will slide into her wet opening. His auburn hair tickles along her flesh as his mouth moves down her body.

He kneels down, the smell of her pleasure is enthralling.

The musky scent of her has him ready for penetration that very second. He spreads her legs with his shoulders as he moves his face closer to her visibly excited slit. He parts her outer lips and places his tongue at the base of her. He laps her with flat broad strokes until her taste permeates his tongue. He licks and nibbles both sets of lips as if they are her delectable mouth. He proceeds to tease her unmercifully, caressing her outer lips with his tongue and lips, stroking the hood of her clit with his upper lip but never her clit itself.

He touches her with his hands, lightly running his fingertips up the insides of her thighs. He is rewarded with a startled gasp. He is dimly aware that she has raised her head at the contact, and he just flattens his palms on her thighs, massaging her warm flesh as his tongue burrows deeper, and drives her to closer to orgasm.

He slowly begins caressing her thighs and hips while he pleasures her, and gradually progresses to holding her hips while he makes love to her with his mouth. He pretends her clit is her tongue and duels with it until she is panting.

She moans loudly and she grips his head with both hands and pushes herself deeper into his mouth. He places a hand underneath her attempting to hold her bucking hips in place. Her thighs quiver violently as he tongues her clit, alternating between licks and excruciatingly enticing sucking. It is more than she can take.

 He runs his tongue from the top of her slit to the bottom, rubbing it from side to side. He inserts a finger and then two inside of her and slides them in and out, pumping his hand while his mouth continues to work on her clit. There is no way she could hold back even if she wanted to.

His hands continue to massage and pull at the inside of her thighs. Her mind is lost in his touch. His fingers playfully toying with her soft skin, dancing around her sex, as she feels herself start to relax, giving in to him. She only hears her breath as it gets harder and harder to hide it. Her eyes shut tight, lost in the pleasure of his hand and tongue.

He dips the tip of his tongue into her ever so slightly, and hears her catch her breath. Then he withdraws, swirling around her opening, and dips in again without warning. He waits a long moment until he feels her hips lift, and then licks her opening firmly, and feels her jerk, a tiny whimper escaping her. He looks up at her face and her body is totally relaxed other than her somewhat tense hips. He smiles, swirling his tongue around her a few more times to hear her gasp. He almost moans at the exclamation from her.

He lets his tongue flutter, knowing that no woman can ever pull away from anything that feels that good. He chances a look up at her, and revels in the chest heaving with anxious, excited breaths, the wide eyes once again staring upwards at the ceiling. His tongue slows, giving her gentle, luxurious licks as he feels her shudder again. Her eyes drift closed. He exults, his own arousal throbbing within him as he burrows his tongue deeper, swirling it lightly around her clit.

All she can manage is a fractured moan that escapes from deep within her throat as he slowly licks. She closes her eyes. Her fingers clench his hair, and she can feel him chuckle in satisfaction as her body arches up against his mouth.

Deliberately he strokes and probes with his tongue, her body shuddering in pleasure as he teases the folds of her. She closes her eyes and spread her legs even wider apart. His fingers begin to speed up again; her breath begins to quicken and her thighs begin to quiver. A very low quiet moan escapes her lips as her legs begin to tremble under his expert touch. Suddenly, her entire body tightens as she climaxes. She throws her head back and closes her eyes as her sensitive area throbs and spasms. Juices drip out of her and run down her shivering thighs. She relaxes as the orgasm begins to subside and her breathing returns to normal.

He gently licks her clean, and leans back, licking his lips clean. His legs are actually trembling, and he knows that if he so much as grazes himself he would cum too. He rises slowly to his feet, his eyes lingering on her body.

She finally opens her eyes and looks at him.

He smirks and pulls her up from the desk. He cups her face with his hands and sensually kisses her.

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