The TIP: Part I

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It was only supposed to be a business dinner, but then he met Bianca
The Tip

The concierge at the Park Hyatt had recommended the restaurant, as John had not been to Sydney for a few years. He wanted a chic, elegant restaurant, but not one that was simply over-priced. John arrived at the restaurant early to ensure everything was in order and check out the venue. He surveyed the restaurant, which looked perfect for the occasion.

The hostess introduced John to the manager, Denise, who took him through an explanation of the menu. Denise then and showed him the table in a private alcove off to the side of the restaurant. Denise was a tall blond Australian, probably about 30 and came across as very professional. She was quite attractive and toned and John would normally have flirted with her, but tonight he was distracted by the importance of the dinner.

Denise then told John she wanted to introduce him to the waitress who would be responsible for his group. She said she knew this dinner was important to him, so she was giving him her best waitress. At this point she introduced him to Bianca.

Bianca looked cute, sexy and fresh, probably around 20 years old. Bianca had long, straight, dark hair falling just below her shoulders. For a top she had on a crisp white cotton blouse with short sleeves. The blouse was cut to be very tailored and emphasized Bianca’s 34C high and firm breasts. The blouse tapered and was cut to hug her bust and very slim waistline. Bianca had on a black skirt, fairly short (short enough to grab John’s attention) with two pleats in the front. Her whole look was professional, but sexy nonetheless.

Given the importance of tonight’s dinner John was a little concerned by Bianca’s youth? However, she approached John confidently, looking him in the eyes and shook his hand firmly. This attractive young lady immediately impressed John with the way she carried herself with confidence. Bianca assured John that his group would be her only priority for the evening and that he could rely on her for “anything” his group required.

Not only her self-assured manner, but also Bianca’s incredible body and very cute face took John aback. He was speechless for a second, before trying to lighten the mood with a little flirting.

“I can rely on you for ANYTHING I require?”

He put a flirtatious and risqué emphasis on the word “anything” to make sure the double entendre hit its mark.

Bianca broke into a smile and laughed. She shot back an equally sassy double entendre reply.

“Well, ANYTHING usually depends on the size of the tip. SIZE does matter you know.”

John laughed and Bianca smiled and laughed in return. The ice had been broken and this would clearly be a great dinner.

John was immediately attracted to Bianca and took the chance before dinner to chat with her and discuss menu and wine choices. She was obviously very bright and vivacious as well knowledgeable about food and wine. John learned that she was waitressing to save money to travel and that she also loved the beach and surfing.

John looked at her and without being too obvious he surveyed her tight body and tried a little more flirting.

“Yes, I can see from your incredible body that you must be very athletic. Is surfing your favorite sport?”

Bianca seemed to blush a little and turned coyly to the side giving John a sexy side profile that she proceeded to turn into a smoldering look. This young vixen could really turn on a sexy look. John was immediately smitten.

“Well, surfing is my favorite sport for the ocean. My FAVORITE sport is actually an INDOOR sport and is conducted on a soft rectangular pad.”

Bianca paused for emphasis with a sexy grin on her face,

“If you know what I mean!”

John thought he knew exactly what she meant and couldn’t help a guilty grin spreading across his face. Bianca laughed and pretended to slap his shoulder.

“John. You have a dirty little mind don’t you? Gymnastics. Gymnastics, that’s my favorite sport.

The two of them laughed and Bianca rubbed his shoulder lightly and said she hopped she didn’t hurt him. John decided to continue the flirtatious banter.

“Oh that’s OK. You’re so hot you can do anything you want with me. Hit me. Slap me. Take my credit card shopping.” John chuckled and Bianca giggled.

Bianca smiled sexily, touched his arm and leaned close to John’s ear, close enough that he could smell her perfume, and whispered.

ANYTHING I want? Now that’s an offer! Better make sure you DO leave a big tip.”

Then Bianca pirouetted and walked away to check on the wine selection. As she walked she put an exaggerated sway in her sexy hips and ass. John could not help himself. He stared. When Bianca cast a glance back over her shoulder she could see his eyes glued to her ass and she laughed provocatively. He had been caught and she loved it.

The dinner went on without a hitch. The Australian Shiraz that Bianca had recommended was stunning and had opened up into a very nice wine. The discussions had gone well and it looked like the Aussie project would proceed. Bianca had provided very professional service and the five other guys all couldn’t help ogling her body every time she was around. Bianca seemed totally oblivious to their attempts to flirt with her and focused on perfect service.

Bianca was completely professional, very attentive and John thought even if she didn’t look that hot she would still deserve a good tip. However, after all the sexy jokes at the beginning of the dinner, including the jokes about how “size mattered”, he thought he had better be extra generous. It was getting late and his guests left and John attended to the bill.

John knew that if he left the tip on his credit card a lot of restaurants would not share then entire amount with the staff. He normally would have left a tip of A$300, but decided to give Bianca A$500 for her exceptional service. Also, Bianca had been very friendly to him, which John, as a frequent traveler, really appreciated. It made him feel less lonely.

John slipped the tip in cash inside the bill folder and left it on the table. He shook Bianca’s hand as he went out the door and leaned in and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. He thanked her for her hard work and then, passing Denise, he told the manager what an excellent job Bianca had done and that the entire evening was excellent. He assured Denise that he would return for further business dinners if he were arranging them and that he would always insist on Bianca being the waitress for his groups.

John walked out into the darkness to take a walk back to his hotel. It was a very nice evening with a light breeze, not too hot, not too cold. He had not walked a hundred yards before he heard someone running behind him. As the sound of clicking heels got closer he turned around to see whom it was running at this time of night.

He looked down the street and Bianca, looking very sexy, was running towards him. There was no mistaking that white blouse and those incredible breasts. She was calling his name. John stopped and Bianca came up to him, panting a little from running.

“John. John. Really, I was only joking. Please. I was only joking. Denise is mad at me.”

Bianca could tell John was confused from the perplexed look on his face. He was trying to figure out what she was talking about.

“Your tip! Your tip! I didn’t really mean it. I was only joking with you. I thought we were just flirting. Denise asked me to explain why you left such a big tip. I told Denise what I said to you and, well, she’s mad at me. I can’t take such a big tip. Two-Hundred, or Two-fifty is more than enough.”

John smiled and laughed. He assured her that she had earned the tip and that the amount was very appropriate for the number of people and the amount of the bill. They talked back and forth clearly not agreeing with each other, but in a bantering and friendly manner. He wouldn’t take the money back. Bianca was equally firm and wouldn’t take the money either.

John looked at her. He was very attracted to this girl. At 42 John was much older than she was, but he thought maybe there was a chance she’d go out with him if he tried a little strategy using the argument over the tip as his Trojen horse.

“Well Bianca. It seems we have no solution here. I won’t take the money back and you won’t take the money either.”

She smiled, but looked firm and determined not to give in. This girl had loads of confidence and smarts, which John found a huge turn-on and his cock started to swell.

“How about I take A$200 back? But lets just say that tomorrow or the next day I happen to be shopping at a store where--just by chance--you happen to shop at the same time. And if that happened and while you were shopping you saw something you really liked and I--completely on the spur of the moment—happened to buy it for you?”

John looked at her to see how she would react? Would she shut down his obvious attempt to hit on her and quietly reject him? Or would she go along with his little scenario?

“So, Bianca, could that ever happen in a big city like Sydney Bianca? A chance meeting of two people shopping in the same store?”

She could see where John was going with this little hypothetical and Bianca smiled a knowing smile.

“Yes, John, that could happen. We call that serendipity.”

“Exactly Bianca, serendipity. In fact I wanted to walk around shopping tomorrow and was going to go to?”

John paused with his voice leaving a lingering question hanging. Bianca giggled and finished his sentence.

“John, you were going to Paddington and you really want to go to look at a shop called Brazilwear don’t you?”

John grinned. This girl really knew how to flirt and play with a man. She was smart, sassy and oh, so, sexy. He continued,

Yes, Bianca, that’s the exact shop I was thinking of. Amazing how you knew that. And I’ll be there around….?”

Again he let his sentence hang with an open question. Again Bianca picked up on his line immediately with a giggle to finish his thought.

“Around 3:00 John, you wanted to go shopping at about 3:00 in the afternoon.”

The two of them laughed together. Bianca leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. She held her body close to him and whispered in his ear.

“You’re so sweet and nice. You don’t need to buy me anything, but let’s just meet and go window-shopping. OK? I really enjoyed working your table tonight.”

Before she moved her warm lips from near his ear and turned to walk away, Bianca added a final flirtatious double entendre.

“And as far as SIZE goes, what you pulled out of your pants more than satisfied me.”

She paused for emphasis and giggled. She looked at John with a sexy, provocative little grin on her face.

“What? Why are you smiling like that John?“

He knew he was wearing a guilty smirk on his face. She knew exactly what he was thinking.

“Your tip, John. Your tip! Oh, you men. You all have such dirty little minds, sex on the brain 24 hours a day. What were YOU thinking I meant John?”

John offered to go back and speak with Denise, but Bianca told him that wasn’t necessary. With their plan set to meet the next day John went back to his hotel, with a rising cock hardening in his pants. This girl was an incredible turn-on. Tonight would be another night to masturbate, which happened quite often on business trips. Perhaps tomorrow offered better hope.

Bianca laughed, turned and walked away her white blouse and sexy skirt fading into the darkness. Again he couldn’t help it, but his eyes were glued to Bianca’s cute ass and her sexy, swaying hips. Boy was John looking forward to shopping tomorrow.