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The TIP: Part II Lovers Go Shopping

Serendipity is given some assistance when lovers meet by chance
The TIP: Part II-Serendipity Given a Helping Hand

John made sure not to schedule anything in the afternoon or evening the next day. After lunch his nerves were kicking in and he showered and got ready to go shopping. John was hopping Bianca would show, but he knew she might not.

John arrived at the store about 10 minutes early and browsed around. Bianca didn’t arrive for about 20 minutes or so and John was starting to feel she wouldn’t show. Finally John saw her long dark hair and her smiling face. Bianca was wearing a light pink, tight t-shirt and cute short denim skirt. She came up to him immediately, grabbing his bicep lightly and kissing him softly on the cheek as a greeting.

John had no reason to worry as Bianca seemed very friendly and the flirting took off from where they had left it the night before. I wouldn’t say Bianca was a shopaholic, but she loved trying on hot clothes and she certainly had the body for it. She tried on several items and one pair of black dance pants looked particularly stunning on her. They were completely form fitting around the waist, ass and upper thigh and then flared into a boot cut from the knee.

My god Bianca had the ass and figure for these pants. You needed a perfect figure for a pair like this because even ten pounds in the wrong place would ruin the “painted on” effect. Bianca couldn’t make-up her mind, however, and wanted to go to some other stores. She went into another dancewear store and tried on some very sexy club/dance dresses.

One special dress that Bianca really liked was a black spaghetti strap tank dress. It had sequins in a bustier design across the bust. There was a layer of very sheer see-through fabric that draped over a form fitting tight black dress underneath. The sheer fabric draped beautifully and made Bianca’s body shape appear alluring and seductive in the body hugging black dress underneath. The dress was short and sexy, ending just past her hips, showing her tanned and toned sexy legs.

Bianca twirled and posed, looking in the mirror and then looked at John with a questioning look as if to say “which one”, or “how can I pick…they both look so cute on me?” Which, in fact, they both did (look stunning on her, that is) leaving John and Bianca with a conundrum.

Bianca tried a few more shops and kept commenting to John on how patient and “sweet” he was. John would just chuckle since he thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful young woman putting on a private fashion show for him. His cock was certainly appreciating all of the outfits as well, growing to its full size on at least three occasions.

After much discussion and debate Bianca returned to try on the dress one more time. She looked at John with desperation as if he should solve her dilemma by making the decision for her. John shrugged as if there was nothing he could do and said,

“Look Bianca. What can I say? You look stunning in both.”

Bianca glared back at him with fire in her eyes like he was a big loser. Her look implied that all men were useless when it came to shopping. Finally he suggested that they flip a coin. Bianca’s face brightened. They flipped the coin and the pants won. Bianca was hopping up and down in her excitement. John said,

“Look, I agree, let’s get the pants. You look so damn sexy in those pants. They mold to your hmmm, your ass, like they were painted on. They look truly fantastic on you! Also, you have the figure to pull them off. Not many girls do, you know. You go ahead to the shop and try them on again to make sure and I’ll be there in a sec, ok? I need to make a quick call to Hong Kong.”

They left the shop thanking the young attractive salesgirl Cindy for all her help and John pulled out his phone pretending to make a call. Bianca moved down the street three shops to go try on the pants again.

After Bianca had disappeared into the other shop, John slipped back in and asked Cindy to wrap up the dress and to put it in a nice box with a ribbon on it. He paid for the dress and told Cindy they would be back in about fifteen minutes to pick it up. He also told Cindy that it would be a surprise for the young lady so she should “play along” a little.

Cindy looked at John with a flirtatious smile and said,

“Your girlfriend is very lucky to have such a patient and generous boyfriend. I know she’ll be so happy when she gets this dress. It looks great on her. I’d love it myself if I could afford it.”

John thanked Cindy and said they’d be right back. At the pants shop John checked out Bianca in the black pants again, admiring her beautiful figure and they quickly agreed,

“YEP, it’s the pants!”

Bianca was so happy she had finally “made her decision”, but when John paid she made a pretence of protesting. Actually in her mind Bianca was thinking she had really appreciated John’s patience and it had been so much fun shopping with him. She felt that letting John pay was just another way of letting him make her feel special, which she did. Also he seemed to genuinely enjoy being with her and she really enjoyed being with him so her protest was feeble.

It made Bianca giddy inside to be with a man who was so confident, calm and patient as well as generous and caring. He seemed to really pay attention to what she said and he listened closely to her opinions. Bianca had always been attracted to older guys rather than the boys her own age, but today John was making her feel extra tingly inside as she seemed to really get along well with him and he was great at flirting.

Bianca could feel John’s eyes on her all the time while she was trying on the clothes, which she appreciated as a woman. It wasn’t that he was leering or anything, she could just feel that he appreciated her beauty and that she captivated him. She had had her share of dates with boys with straying eyes who’s necks turned with every little slut who passed within twenty-feet. Bianca knew she didn’t want that! This man was a refreshing change from all that immaturity.

Even when that other hot young blond girl had been in the same shop trying on super short mini skirts Bianca had always sensed John’s eyes on her. That had made her feel special and confident about herself, about her body and her beauty and she could feel herself glow. She was really starting to like this man, a lot!

They left the shop and Bianca had the bag with her pants wrapped inside. She knew they were expensive, but the fabric felt so soft and comfortable and made they made her ass look so great she thought they were worth it. Outside on the street she reached out and took John’s hand and leaned in to quickly kiss him on the cheek. He was taken aback, but couldn’t help breaking into a big smile.

“That’s for being so nice and sweet and buying me a very expensive present. You didn’t need to you know. You’re so patient. You must have been terribly bored going to so many shops with such an indecisive girl. Are you mad at me?”

Bianca looked at him pretending to pout and barely holding back her smile. She was truly happy. John smiled in return and he couldn’t but help feeling her glow. Women were so sexually attractive when they felt confident, secure and appreciated and Bianca was oozing sex appeal with her smile.

John told Bianca she was welcome and that he had also had a wonderful time shopping and had really enjoyed himself with the “personal fashion show”. He said he might be a little “turned-on” but he was definitely not “mad”. Bianca giggled at that line and smiled a beaming smile in return.

Then John put a mock look of apparent “shock” on his face and he told Bianca that he thought he had left his phone at the other shop and they had better run back to check.

Bianca reached out, seemingly without thinking and took John’s hand in hers. It felt wonderful to feel her small feminine hand in his. John hurried Bianca back to the shop and went in. Cindy looked at them with a smile. John asked Cindy if he’d left his cell phone in the shop. Cindy with a sly grin played along and said “No” she hadn’t seen any cell phone. Then John said,

“Are you sure I didn’t leave anything here in the shop?”

Cindy smiled and giggled and looked at Bianca and said,

“Well, you did leave this behind.”

She handed Bianca a nicely wrapped box with a gold ribbon around it. Bianca looked confused and turned to look at John. Cindy told her that her “very handsome and patient boyfriend” had secretly returned and bought her the dress. Bianca looked at John with wide eyes.

“John! You’re so generous! How can I ever thank you? You shouldn’t have done that. You’re so naughty aren’t you?”

Bianca pulled him closer and gave him a gentle hug. She leaned close to his ear and whispered very softly,

“And apparently you are now officially my boyfriend! I think Cindy would expect me to kiss you, don’t you think?”

Bianca giggled lightly and looked him directly in the face, her eyes locked onto his and she kissed him lightly on the lips. He could just faintly taste the fruit flavour of her lip-gloss. He thought to himself, this girl may be young, but she has confidence and sex appeal well beyond her years. As his mother would say, “She’s a keeper!”

John said that the dress and pants were a gift and he expected nothing in return. He told Bianca that if she’d had as good a time as he had then perhaps she would consider having dinner with him that evening? Perhaps she could wear either the pants or the dress for him?

Bianca had a huge smile on her face and immediately agreed. She said she wanted to rush back to her apartment and get ready for their “date”. They agreed to meet at his hotel at the Rocks at 7:30 pm.

John went back to his room and got ready. He put on a nice pair of black slacks and a crisp light blue cotton shirt with Italian style buttons matched with a very expensive crocodile black belt and more understated loafers. It was a casual outfit, but (he hoped) youthful and sexy enough to make Bianca feel comfortable with him given their age difference.

John decided to take Bianca to Bistro Lilly, which was close to his hotel and chic, but casual at the same time. When Bianca met him in the lobby of his hotel she was wearing the black dress. On top she had added a grey Cashmere half sweater with three-quarter sleeves in case the evening got a little chilly. As she glided towards him her beauty and her poise again impressed him. They kissed lightly in greeting and Bianca took John’s arm.

She handed John a LeSportsac bag and asked him to put it in his room “for later”. He was intrigued and had a puzzled look on his face but said nothing. She looked at him and said mysteriously,

“It’s for desert.”

Bianca poked John’s ribs with a teasing gesture and he jumped and held onto her to stop her from tickling him. They laughed together and when she stopped pretending to struggle John kept his arm around her waist. She looked at him.

“Why? Are you curious? Are you just dying to know what’s in the bag?”

She laughed and giggled obviously enjoying toying with him. This girl could flirt and tease mercilessly and John loved it, becoming totally turned-on. Bianca leaned in close to his ear and added softly.

“You know what they say, there is no cure for curiosity.” She paused. “Except, of course, having your curiosity satisfied. Patience John. Patience.”

John told Bianca he was taking her for dinner to Bistro Lilly and she was impressed. She knew by reputation that it was one of Sydney’s best (and most expensive) restaurants. Again she got a little tingle from knowing that John liked her enough to take her to such an expensive restaurant.

They had a wonderful dinner and John ordered an expensive bottle of wine, which Bianca had selected at his prodding. It really impressed Bianca that John asked her to pick the wine and allowed her to play an important role in selecting their dishes. This man treated her like an equal and with respect. Her inner glow grew, helped along by the wine.

As the dinner wound down John was hoping this would not be the end of the evening. He was desperate to spend more time with her. More than anything John wanted to pull Bianca into his body, to kiss her deeply. He was so attracted to this girl and his needs as a man were becoming unbearable.

John’s lips needed to kiss her neck, to kiss her cheek, to nibble her ear, smell her perfume; his hands wanted to touch her bare waist, to grab her hips, his fingers to lightly trace her inner thighs. More than anything he could ever remember he wanted to explore Bianca’s body, to learn how to satisfy her as a woman.

Bianca was just such a stunning girl to spend time with and he didn’t want the time to end. She was so vivacious, lively and funny. She was very smart and could turn a flirtatious phrase faster than any girl he had ever met. She was also attentive and warm and several times reached across the candle lit table to touch his hand and let him know she was focused on him and interested in him. John’s ego swelled from the feminine attention and his cock also swelled several times during dinner as he gazed into Bianca’s luminous eyes and sparkling smile.

John asked Bianca what they should do after dinner. He secretly hoped she would NOT say she needed to go home. In fact Bianca said that since her dress was “for dancing” she wanted to take him to one of the hottest dance clubs in Sydney, ARQ, where some of her girlfriends would be meeting to dance.

John’s face registered his relief. He smiled and agreed immediately and they headed off to ARQ to dance. They met up with a few of Bianca’s girlfriends, all of whom were hot as well. John danced with Bianca and also with several of her friends. Everyone seemed to get along really well and he took the opportunity to buy two rounds of drinks, which made him officially part of their group. A few times he could see Bianca whispering to her friends, presumably about him.

They stuck mainly to the ground floor where the DJ played current commercial dance songs, but also went upstairs and danced to some techno and electro-tribal. Bianca was an incredible dancer and the black dress looked very sexy on her. She had done her make-up with dark eye shadow and darker shade of red lipstick, which gave her an older, more sexually aggressive look.

Bianca really liked it that John was not uptight and would dance with her friends. He also let her cruise around the club without getting weird like some guys. As the night wore on, however, Bianca and John mainly danced with each other. As midnight passed and the evening got later the DJ started to play slow songs and Bianca moved easily into John’s arms.

John felt wonderful holding this hot young girl next to his body. She put her lips to his ears and said,

“MY girlfriends all agree, you’re just so very acceptable! Christina said you looked delicious.” She giggled lightly and continued, “Angela even said that if I weren’t taking you home tonight that she was going to.”

Bianca leaned back to to see the reaction on John’s face. Bianca herself had a sexy little grin on her face and wanted to see how her flirtatious little provocation had gone over. John put his lips to Bianca’s ear and said,

“While Angela is certainly a very attractive girl, I am desperately hoping that my girlfriend will not allow her to kidnap me and carry me away to her lair where she could do anything to me. She could ravish me. I’d be a ruined man.”

John face was right in front of Bianca’s and he looked her deeply in the eyes.

“I have become extremely fond of the girl I have in my arms right now and I recall something she said earlier about desert?”

Bianca laughed and squeezed John’s waist. She liked it that he was fit and had a slim waist and flat stomach. Not many men his age were in this good shape and she was planning to see more of his body, she was getting excited. Bianca reached down with her left hand and took John’s hand pulling him off the dance floor. As the music was very loud she whispered into his ear,

“Thanks for reminding me. Let’s go back to your hotel for desert.”

John’s heart skipped a beat and he felt so excited. He had, of course, fantasized about Bianca coming to his room. Last night he had masturbated to the vision of her body and had shot a huge wad into a towel. But now, here, this very moment, in real life, she was asking to go to his room. His cock started to engorge with blood and he couldn’t pull his eyes from Bianca’s amazing body.

Bianca made a circle to say “bye” to her girlfriends. When they said goodnight to Angela she hugged John and thanked him for the dances and kissed him lightly on the cheek. She then hugged Bianca and said,

“Remember Bianca, I’m your best friend and best friends share.”

Angela cast a mischievous glance at John and then the two girls giggled. Bianca took John’s hand and pulled him away from her friend. Tonight Bianca did NOT want to share. Bianca smiled brightly at John and they headed back to his hotel. John had never imagined that a tip could lead to this.


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