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The Train Ride I'll Never Forget - Part 2

Life hits unexpectedly, but it's always nice when it does.
For the background of the story, be sure to read part one of this story.

I moaned into her mouth. I could hardly believe this was happening to me. I took every moment in stride though. I placed my hands at her hips as she rubbed against the growing bulge in my pants. Her hands were around my neck, pulling my body against hers, the heat radiating from both of us, the kiss making me and her hotter every second. I pulled at the hem of her shirt and moved my hands onto her bare skin. Her skin was so very soft, and warm. I gently traced my fingertips along her sides until I reached the material of her bra. She shivered and took my lower lip between her teeth. I moaned in pain and pleasure as my hands moved to her back and found her clasp. I undid it and pulled it away from her skin. She pulled away from me and adjusted her clothing so that her bra was no longer on her. She dropped it to the ground and locked her lips with mine again.
I traced my fingers along her sides again, but this time, when I reached the sides of her breasts, I caressed them gently, rubbing and teasing her nipple, circling them with my thumbs. She gasped into my mouth, and grinded against me harder, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth. I could almost feel her begging me to touch her. Finally, my thumbs rubbed over her nipples and she broke the kiss and moaned loudly. I had to bite her lip and pull her back to me so I could attempt to keep her quiet.
Her arms unwound themselves from my neck and she placed her hands on my chest. She broke the kiss and rested her forehead against mine. I played with her nipples and rolled them between my thumb and index finger. "Ohh Scott..." She moaned breathily. I teased them more before I removed my fingers and caressed her skin as they moved to the button of her pants. Before I could undo it though, her hands moved to mine and stopped me. I moved my head to look up at her.
"No... not here. We'll get caught." She moaned. I could smell her arousal, and it made me that much more harder.
My mind was racing. I wanted this girl. Badly. "Then where? The bathroom?"
She shook her head and slid off my lap and stood up. "Come on." She urged.
"Where are we going?" I asked her. She extended her hand towards me.
"I have an idea." She whispered. I took her hand and she pulled me to her, kissing me quickly and started making her way towards the end of the car. We went through the door and found the observation car. She continued down the aisle, past the sleeping people, pulling me behind her. We went through the door on the other side to the dining car, past all the tables to the door on the other side, to the sleeper car. This is where people stayed when they wanted beds to sleep on. She led me to an empty room and pulled the door open. I went through and she followed closely behind, closing the door, locking it, and shutting all the drapes to make sure no one was watching.
She looked at me with a cute-but-devilish smile as she moved towards me and took my lips with hers, kissing me with a mix of anticipation and lust. My hands went to her hips again, but this time, wrapping my arms around her and falling to her ass. I took her cheeks into my hands and squeezed, pulling her to me.
Eventually our kissing brought us to the bed in the room. The side of the bed met the back of my knees, and I fell onto the bed. She pushed me onto my back and crawled onto the bed on top of me. I moved to where my whole body was on the bed, and her face met mine. She gently kissed my lips, biting my lower lip, and her lips explored my face, kissing my forehead, down to my cheek, and down to my neck, where she licked and bit the skin there. I moaned and whimpered as she bit harder and licked the place she had just bit. I squirm under her as I got my shoes and socks off my feet. Her hands moved to the bottom of my shirt and she pulled it over my head and tossed it onto the ground. I know I'm not buff or nothing like that, but I'm happy with my body. She took one look and smiled and kissed my chest, licking it occasionally. I leaned up and took her shirt off of her, tossing it with mine.
Eventually she kissed her way down to my pants. Her hands moved to the button and she undid it, pulling the article of clothing down to my ankles, and to the ground, where they landed. She rubbed at my thighs and scratched gently. I moaned softly and gripped at the sides of the bed. I felt like the head of my cock was going to explode with how turned on I was. She kissed my thighs all the way up until she found my balls, where she took each one in her mouth separately, sucking them gently, and then tracing her tongue along the underside of my cock all the way to the tip. She placed her hand at the base as her tongue circled the head. I moaned loudly and tried to thrust into her, making her suck it, but she pulled back, and went back to teasing me.
"Oh God..." I moaned.
"You like that?" She said in a sweet voice.
"Oh fuck yes, baby."
She giggled. "Want me to keep going?"
I begged her. "Yes, oh God yes." I think she knew she had me wrapped around her finger.
She stroked my cock slowly and took the entire length into her mouth, my head hitting the back of her throat. I moaned through my teeth as my whole body tensed and heated up with the passion. Her tongue swirled around my shaft and around the bed as she pulled away from my cock, kissing the tip and took it all into her mouth again, bobbing her head and stroking it with her hand. My mind went insane with pleasure. The stroking quickened as she felt me tense up. I moaned, "Oh God, oh God, I'm gonna... I'm..." I didn't have time to finish my sentence before ropes of cum started flooding her mouth from my cock. I moaned loudly and thrusted into her mouth and started breathing heavily. Two, three, four ropes shot into her mouth before I finally relaxed, trying to catch my breath. I looked down at her to find her kissing the tip as more cum leaked out, and finally swallowing it. She looked into my eyes and licked the tip one more time.
She then moved to where her face met mine, and she kissed me hard. I could taste my seed on her lips. I thrusted my tongue into her mouth again, and as our tongues wrestled each other, I moved her onto her back and kissed her cheek and neck, biting gently, and kissing the spot I bit. I kissed down to her chest, to her breast, and kissed all around her nipple, tracing her areola with my tongue, using my left hand to tease her other nipple. I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked hard, using my tongue to tease the tip. With my other hand, I was teasing and twisting her nipple gently, making it nice and hard. I teased the nipple in my mouth until it was soaked with my saliva, then I switched, licking all around her other nipple. She squirmed underneath me as her moans reached a higher pitch. I let her nipple free from my mouth and continued to kiss down her body. I kissed the space between her breasts, down to her stomach, where I let my tongue explore her navel.
I kissed my way to her waist, where her jeans were. I brought my hands to her jeans and unbuttoned them, and pulled them down to her ankles, where I undid her shoes, pulled them off with her socks, and let her pants fall to the floor. I massaged her calves with my hands, kissing them occasionally. Her skin was so smooth and smelled of lavender. I took my time to appreciate her body. I went to her thighs where I kissed the inside and massaged them up and down until I reached her pussy. There was a very noticeable wet spot and the smell of her lust filled my nostrils. I pushed her legs apart and rubbed her pussy through her panties. She gasped and moaned softly. I rubbed a little more, and then pulled her panties off her, making a mental note to keep them for myself. I repositioned myself between her legs, and used my hands to part her lips. I licked from bottom to top, taking special care to tongue her hard clit. She squirmed more, and I did my best to keep up the tonguing on her clit. I took my left hand, and pushed one finger, palm facing upward, into her hot cavern, her juices soaking my finger. I explored every part inside her, until I found what I was looking for. Her g-spot. She moaned and gasped as I rubbed it more. I pushed a second finger into her and started finger fucking her, making sure I rubbed the hard love button inside her. As I thrusted into her harder and faster, I took her clit between my lips and sucked, then used my tongue to play with it faster. She squirmed and bucked as her moans filled the room, getting louder and louder. "Harder, Scott, harder!"
My arm was getting sore, but I did my best, as I fucked her with my fingers harder. "Yes, oh YES! Ahhh!" She screamed as the orgasm rocked her body, her pussy contracting around my fingers, and juices shot from her pussy into my mouth. I lapped up as much as I could while her body rocked up and down. Finally her body came to rest as the bed was soaked with her juices. I removed my fingers from her and rubbed the outside of her lips. She jumped and moaned. "No, stop, it hurts."
I smiled and traced my fingers up her body, still soaked with her juice. I soon made my way to her chin, where I covered her lips with what was on my fingers. I moved off of her, looking at her while on her left side. She then opened her lips ever so slightly and I let my fingers delve into her mouth, where she sucked the juices from my fingers. I pushed my fingers deep into her mouth, and pulled them out again. She looked at me and kissed me softly, her hand moving to my cheek. It wasn't a kiss of lust (well, it was a bit), but a kiss of love, as if we had been together for the longest time. It was my favorite kind of kiss to give and receive. She kissed me for a good long while, before she broke the kiss and stroked my cheek with her thumb. My hand met hers and I squeezed her hand with mine gently.
Just then, an announcement came over the intercom. "Del Rio, Del Rio, TX coming up in 15 mins."
"Noooo..." I heard her say.
"Son of a bitch..." I didn't want this to end.
She looked at me with tears in her eyes. "I don't wanna seem crazy, but I'm gonna miss you..."
I kissed her gently and got up to get dressed. She sat up and watched me. "Toss me your phone."
I pulled my phone out of my pocket and gave it to her. She tapped a few times onto the screen.
She got up and pushed me against the side of the room, pushing her naked body against me, and kissing me gently, caressing my face. "Don't forget about me."
I kissed her back. "I won't." I went to the door and looked at her, then took off to get my stuff and make my way off the train. I looked back at the train and saw her again, a frown on her perfect face. I took out my phone and typed "If I promise to see you again, will I see a smile from you before I go?"
A light lit up on the other side of the window. She looked down at the source. She typed out something and looked back at the window. My phone dinged.
"Only if you promise to keep in touch in the meantime."
I looked up at her and nodded, blowing her a kiss. She smiled and kissed the window at me. I turned and made my way to my parents' house, the mental image of her dancing in my mind.

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