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The Train Ride I'll Never Forget

Life hits unexpectedly, but it's always nice when it does.
It was a nice sunny Saturday afternoon . And yet I couldn't shake a sad feeling I had. Like a twinge of loneliness was setting in. I had come off a bad breakup and now she was trying to rub her new boyfriend in my face. And while I hadn't talked to her for a long while, I still kinda missed the warm and fuzzy feeling she gave me. Maybe it was blind love, I don't know. But anyway.

I was on my way home to see my parents. Finally I got a decent amount of leave since going home on Christmas. I was so looking forward to it. 2 weeks of nothin' but relaxing with my parents, my brother, and his fiancé. I went aboard the train and found a nice empty row. There was an empty seat next to me, and two empty seats across the aisle. I was looking forward to a nice quiet train ride.

After some time, the train lurched forward and we took off down the tracks. I put on my headphones and turned on some music. As the tunes filled my ears and the train gently rocked on the tracks, I fell into a nice slumber. 


I woke up maybe 2 hours later with a pain in my neck. Must've slept on it wrong or something. I stretch, pull off my headphones, and put them away. I look across the aisle and see that a female had taken the window seat across from me. She was looking out the window, so I was only able to see her long flowing dirty blonde hair and the back of her clothing. She was wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans. Something a normal person would wear on the train. She certainly looked young, maybe my age (20). I then looked past her at the window and noticed my reflection was looking back. I saw her head turn slightly towards my reflection. I quickly turned away, looking towards the ground, and felt my face grow hot. "Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it." I cursed myself. I almost felt her head looking my direction. I looked out the corner of my eye and saw her bending over in her seat, trying to look at my face. I was freaking out slightly and quickly stood up and walked to the next car over to get myself a drink. I got myself a grapefruit drink and went back to my chair. When she saw me return, she scooted over to the seat closest to the aisle and leaned on the armrest.

"You don't have to be embarrassed." She said.

I felt myself shake with nervousness. I took a slow breath. "I didn't mean to be all creeper-ish and stare at you."

"It's okay." I could hear the smile in her voice. "If it makes you feel better, I did stare at you a little while you slept."

I laughed quietly and turned to looked at her for the first time. She had bright blue eyes that looked back at me, and a smile that I couldn't help but smile back at. I looked away, embarrassed again.

"Is there something wrong with how I look?"

"No," I respond. "You're very pretty. And that's why my confidence has gone to mush. I'm not always this shy."

She then stood up and sat in the seat next to me, still keeping maybe six inches between us. "Well, you don't have to hide who you are. I don't bite. Until I know you better." 

She laughed. She had a cute laugh. And I laughed with her. I looked at her again. "I'm sorry. My name's Scott."

"I'm Danielle." She held out her hand. I extended mine and shook it. Her hands were just a bit smaller than mine, and her skin was soft.

"So," she took her hand back. "What did you bring for entertainment for the ride?"

"Well, I was about to pull out my laptop and watch a movie."

"Oooh, what kind of movies you got?"

"Well, hand me my bag and I'll show you." I pointed at an ACU-Camo colored backpack and she handed it to me.

"Are you military?"

I half-smiled. "Yeah, going home for leave." I started to pull out my laptop case.

Unexpectedly, she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I stopped moving and felt my face turn red again. My body tingled all over, even to my cock, which where a rush of blood flow started. I looked at her and she smiled. "Thank you for serving our country." I smiled back.

I opened up my laptop and put in my password. I pulled up the list of videos I had and she looked through them. "Wow, you have a lot of videos on here."

"Well, when you're downrange and there's nothing to do, movies are the best. Plus these are just movies I got from other people."

She continued going through the movies until she found one. Romeo + Juliet, with Leonardo DiCaprio. Which happens to be one of my favorite movies. The movie starts and she leans against me, ever so slightly. I could feel my heart beat harder as time went on. I found myself staring at her again, without trying to draw too much attention to myself. I gazed at her lightly colored flesh from her cheek to her neck. My eyes then wandered down her arm, to her hand, which was sitting on her thigh. Apparently a long time had passed, because the movie had gotten to the part where Romeo and Juliet had met eyes for the first time.

"You know, I've always wondered about that. About love at first sight."

I shrugged. "It doesn't seem too believable to me. Me, I believe in like at first sight."

She turned and looked at me. "Well, what's the difference?"

I smiled. I was hoping she'd take the bait. "Well, I feel that love requires time and trust between two people to build up. and with liking someone at first sight, you meet a person for a first time, and you're just so engrossed by them, and all you can think of is getting to know that person a little bit more." I looked at her, smile still on my face.

She looked back at me. "I think I can relate to that." Her hand reached out and intertwined her fingers with mine. 

I leaned over and kissed her gently, closing my eyes, and letting the tingling sensation take over my entire body, my heart pounding against my rib cage, and the blood flow increasing. I gently broke the kiss and opened my eyes. "I think I can too."

Her smile brightened and she wrapped her arms around my left arm, her head lying on my shoulder. I reached down into my bag with my other hand and pulled out a thin blanket and covered both of us. We both sat together and watched the rest of the movie. 

I must've fallen asleep again at some point because I woke up and everything was dark, and I couldn't feel her by my side anymore. I sat up and looked around, worried, and looking for some sort of proof that it wasn't in my head. I could hardly see anything, so I sighed sadly and leaned back. Then, I felt a new weight shifting the seats. I looked in the general direction and asked, "Who's that?"

"It's me." She said in a hushed voice. "I got you a drink. I figured you might be thirsty when you woke up."

I rubbed my eyes. "I'm sorry I fell asleep. I hope I didn't squish you."

She giggled and took my hand in hers. "Don't be."

A street light flashed past the window and shone on her face briefly, her smile illuminated by the light. I leaned in, my heart racing. I placed my hand on her cheek and stroked it gently. She leaned into my hand as she sighed and brought her hand up to mine. 

"What are you thinking about?" I asked her softly.

She leaned in closer, to where our noses were barely touching. "Kiss me." She whispered dreamily.

I closed the distance between us and touched my lips to hers gently, feeling the electric feeling envelop my body again. It was a soft kiss, but it took me above the clouds. She moved herself closer to me, and I could feel her soft breasts on my chest. I had grown nervous again, but decided to take the plunge. I felt every muscle in my body tense up as I took a deep breath and deepened the kiss, letting my tongue push past her lips and tease her tongue. She moaned very quietly, and moved herself onto my lap, pushing me back into the seat. I felt my manhood quickly harden and push against the fabric of my jeans, and she must've felt it, because she started moving against it.

Let me know if you like what you've read so far, and if I should continue. Thanks for reading :)

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