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The War In The Pacific: Part One

Eric Williams Is Dropped Behind Enemy Lines In Japanese Territory, Among The Chaos
1944, West Coast of Japan, The Final Days of The Pacific Theatre of War

It was a dark night; twelve hours had passed since Williams was separated from his squad. He had parachuted into war-torn Japan, near to a city on the coast of the country. His squad comprised of six other soldiers but he saw most of them go down into the sea, and even one smash into a cliffside.

Eric “Tommy-Gun” Williams was part of the US Parachute squadron. Well trained and a respected soldier, he was however ruthless in battle, known to clear out entire trenches and bunkers with his Thompson sub-machine gun. In his olive drab combats, he had his Thompson in hand and on his back his M1 Garand, he had pocketed enough extra bullets in his waist band and Bergen. He was dropped in by British air support, and was told a few Brits were fighting it out in small groups or indeed solo in the surrounding areas.

“Fucking hell, dropped off and nearly killed in the drop itself!” Eric kicked a rock and gripped his Thompson.

Out of nowhere he heard feet shuffling, he knew what to do. He dived to the floor and crawled through the undergrowth. Above him he observed in silence as Japanese soldiers passed him gripping their own guns and escorting a light tank. Soon they had passed. The year was late 1944. Germany was close to defeat but the Japanese were still fighting on against both the British and the Americans.

Eric stood and began to walk slowly in the dark towards the smouldering ruins of a city or town, it looked like it had been bombed by the British and the American bombers.

“Damn it, leave nothing left to fight over, will you,” he grunted as he began to sprint in the darkness towards the flickering flames.

Inside the rubble of a building on the outside the city, he slowly made his way inside as the flames and fires flickered illuminating his shadows. Out of nowhere he heard a feminine voice calling out to him in Japanese as he mounted a staircase. The young woman as he turned around blew him away, she was beautiful. She was wearing the same colour drab combats, only hers were loose, and more slack for her voluptuous body. She was beautiful and had the biggest pair of breasts he had ever seen on a woman, even back home too.

What she was saying in her own language was, “Put your weapons down soldier, NOW!”
Her breasts were held in with a black bra that looked like it was going to tear. Her short black hair framed her cute innocent facial features, and her hazel eyes bore into him.

“OK, relax. I’m putting it down.”

She gripped her weapon, a Soviet PPSh-41 sub-machine gun. On the floor in the corner of the room near to her was a Lee-Enfield bolt-action rifle. She must have taken the rifle off one of the British Paratroopers who dropped in before Eric and his squad did.

Eric dropped his M1 rifle to the floor off his back and laid down his Thompson.

She barked again at him in Japanese, “Grenades too!”

Eric didn’t need to ask her what she meant; she was waving the PPSH-41 at his belt and waist pockets where his free hand grenades hung from. He unclipped them and laid them down too with his other weapons.

“There, you happy now!”

She came towards him speaking in Japanese again, and she pressed the gun barrel to his back. He knew she wanted him to move into the corner of the room. At that moment as he moved the whirring sound came down. It was a mortar from a ship out in the sea. Probably British or American, it came crashing down near to the building making everything shake.
Taking his chance, he spun around and leapt at the woman, knocking her to the floor, pinning her down he pushed her gun from her hand and across the floor.

“Don’t!” Eric barked as she tried to fight him.

He took off her belt and ammo waist line, threw it aside. He took from his pocket a piece of rag and took her wrists, binding them together. He moved her into a corner of the room he could watch her in as he collected the weapons and ammo she and him had.

“Right, now that we are in a more sensible situation, I cannot speak Japanese, lady, alright.”
She angrily spoke in Japanese, “I cannot understand you!” Eric sighed and turned away. “Just like you Westerners, American and European alike. You do not even learn the language of your enemies!”

Eric turned around, shocked. She spoke English. “So you do speak English huh?”

She turned away. “I choose to speak my language, and English when I have to.”

Eric laughed and checked his rifle.

“So it seems I am your prisoner now.” She looked up at him with her angel like eyes and face.

“Seems that way. What is your name?” Eric asked putting his rifle back on his back.

She looked away and whispered, “Yoko. Yoko Matsugane.”

Eric nodded. “I’m Eric, 51st Airborne Division. Paratroopers.”

She looked up at him, god she was beautiful. Her angel like features, she looked so innocent and sexy you wouldn’t have just believed she held a gun on him.

“You came in with the British didn’t you?”

Eric knew she knew who he was and where he was going.

“Yes, and I am guessing the Lee-Enfield belonged to one of the Brits that came in. Did you kill one, or more?”

She smiled faintly. “No, I was given it along with the other gun by my superior. He is in charge of Japanese Home Guard; he went to my town and recruited everyone he could. All the men were already out fighting or dead, so he turned to me and a few other women in the town and armed us. Told us to fight and kill any foreign solders we find.”

Eric nodded. “Did he choose you... because of any particular talent or attributes you have?” Eric looked down at her cleavage.

Yoko shouted in her native tongue again, “Pervert!”

Eric smiled. “Fine, call me what you like, but you are the one who is tied up here. Not me.” Eric checked his gun.

“You better kill me,” she sighed.

Eric looked at her dumbfounded. “Why would I do that?”

“It’s a matter of honour; if you hand me over back to my people I will be seen and shamed for letting you capture me. Besides this war is nearly over, I do not know what you have planned for Japan after it’s all over.”

Yoko looked up at him, and looked away. “I am just a soldier, Yoko; I don’t decide what happens when the war ends here.” Eric felt guilty and turned away. “I am not going to kill you; I will take you as far as I can. Maybe the Brits can take you, or we Americans and hold you until the war is over. It’s better than being here waiting to get bombed or shot,” Eric explained as Yoko took him in. He was muscular and well built. A soldier’s body.

“We need to get out of Japanese controlled areas first, right?” she asked.

If the Japanese Home Guard was indeed scouting and going around the cities alongside the army, it wasn’t safe for either of them to stay.

“The North of the country is in British hands, we can make our way there,” Eric planned.
She said nothing and Eric lifted her up to her feet.

“If I cut you free, give you back your gun, will you not shoot me in the back or turn me in to your people?”

“I could, to get my honour back, but there is no honour in cowardice or shooting someone dead in the back.”

Eric nodded and cut her free from the rag and handed her both her guns back and ammo. She took the Lee-Enfield and slung it onto her back, and took in hand the PPSH-41.

“OK let’s get moving.”

After he spoke the pair of them left the abandoned burning building, heading in the direction of North through the remainder of the city.

As they ran, with her belt off Yoko’s uniform hung open, exposing her bra and big voluptuous breasts. From behind the sight was even better; her ass was big and appealing even in her baggy pants. But he tore his eyes away and concentrated on the mission.

Finally at the other end of the city and 90 miles from the British controlled sector, it was late and dark they chose to rest in one of the buildings. Inside they put down their things and sat down. The building was not damaged or on fire, but it was empty other than some bed linens, which Eric pulled out and laid down on the dirty floor for them both.

“Thank you,” Yoko said.

The cold began to gather and risking a fire for warmth was too risky. Eric took one of the linens and sat next to Yoko, wrapping it around them both.

“It’s too dangerous to make a fire, and it’s not going to help if we freeze to death before we get to the British.”

Yoko nodded and they lay together. Before too long she laid her head on his shoulder. Even in war, the dirt and filth of it all, her scent was womanly and sweet, overpowering to his nose. He loved it as he took it in.

“Do you have a lover or wife, Eric? If I may ask?” Yoko enquired.

Eric smiled, for the first time. “No actually ummmm... I thought I was going to marry my girlfriend from high school. It didn’t work out that way though.”

He felt her hand on his, her warm hand making him feel warmer. “Why?”

“Because I was drafted, back in 1940. After Pearl Harbour, I did my training and I was sent to Europe first then to fight here in the Pacific. Two years ago I got a telegraph; she told me she was marrying my best friend. They had been seeing each other after I left.”

Yoko gently rubbed his hand. “I’m sorry.”

Eric smiled and gently felt something in his stomach, something he had only felt for his last girlfriend back in the city at home but it was stronger and it was for Yoko. She looked into his eyes in silence. Eric said nothing as he leaned in and kissed Yoko slowly on the lips, tasting her sweet lips.

“Eric...” she moaned as she felt his hand between her thighs and felt him rub her crotch through her drabs.

Slowly he felt her hand creep over his leg and slowly unzipped his army pants, and slid inside as he felt her hand around his cock.

“Ohhh Yoko,” he moaned.

She felt him prise open her own legs and feel her womanhood through her pants, her warmth coming off as she felt hot and horny. She kissed him more as his hand found the waistband of her uniform and slid in, finding her panty covered womanhood. Through them he felt her slit and gently massaged her as she began to wetten. At the same time he felt her hand pump up and down his shaft.

The cover was thrown aside as Yoko undid his belt and pulled down his pants, but just as she was about to go further she pulled away.

“I am sorry Eric, but I can’t.” She pulled her own uniform and pants back into place. “Please do not make me,” she said.

Eric nodded. “I’m sorry, and I will not make you, Yoko,” he said zipping up his pants again and busying himself by checking his weapons.

She wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her uniform, her tears. “I’m sorry; it’s not in my culture to do that with someone who is not my husband even if I am not married.”

Eric nodded. “I know, Yoko... look, ummm, get some sleep. I will keep watch, all right?”

“No, no, I mean we should both sleep.” Yoko tried to defend her decision.

“No, it's better I keep watch, means I can do checks on the guns,” Eric stuttered as he checked her PPSH-41.

Yoko breathed hard and lay down. “All right then.”

As Yoko fell asleep, she heard Eric punch the table as he fought against his own needs and wants.

The next morning she awoke and found Eric awake looking out one of the windows into the city, it was light now and more was visible. He wielded his M1 Garand as he kept watch. She knew he hadn’t slept.

“You haven’t slept, have you?” Yoko asked, sitting up. Her uniform top had come undone and her breasts hung out, held barely in by her bra.

“No, but I had to keep watch so it’s all right.”

She looked at him and felt guilty as he did also, and buttoned up her uniform as she pushed her breasts back in.

“We’ll move for British sector, they’ll take you and me in,” he said, cocking his gun.

As he looked out down the staircase of the room, he was knocked to the floor. It was a Japanese soldier. Eric fell backwards on his back, bleeding from his nose and mouth.

“Fucking European soldiers!” The Japanese officer shouted in his native tongue. He looked over at Yoko and screamed more. “You defile our women, you American!” he snorted in English this time. “Go downstairs and wait for me. You were taken prisoner by this soldier?” he asked her as Eric wiped away the blood.

“Yes...” Yoko stammered.

“Leave, I will deal with him.” The officer gripped his pistol aimed down at Eric.

She stood and began to leave as she watched Eric on the floor. She collected her guns and was about to leave. Eric prepared for the inevitable.

“Die American dog!”

Yoko whispered, “No.” She turned, gripped her PPSH-41, and held it up, aiming it at the officer’s back.

Eric saw her as he coughed blood. The officer was about to turn around when Yoko pulled the trigger and sent a volley of shots into the officer, tearing his back into pieces, as the PPSH-41 was deadly at close range.

“AAAGGGHHH!” the officer hollered before collapsing to the floor.

Still shaking and crying, she aimed the gun at the floored officer and fired off a few more rounds into his back to make sure he was dead.

Eric leapt to his feet and held Yoko close. It was her first kill.

“It’s all right, he’s dead, Yoko. It’s done, come on, we need to go now. Someone would have heard us.”

Shaking and in shock, Eric collected the weapons and stuff and veered Yoko out of the building as they travelled north through the fields.

Still in shock, Yoko was able to run with Eric as they travelled for hours, avoiding Japanese soldiers and patrols as they made their way. Soon it was night once again, and they were only 50 miles from the British controlled sector. They found an abandoned barn and decided to take up camp there.

“We’ll camp up here, all right, Yoko?” Yoko was still in shock as she stared at floor. “Baby.” Eric gently awoke her from her shock and she nodded.

A quick search around the barn turned up a bath tub, some clothes and covers to sleep on. Yoko sat silently watching Eric at work, out the way of the Japanese forces as the barn was close to a forest and also there weren’t many windows for them to see anything. Eric decided it was safe enough to set a fire up. Soon it was up and burning as Eric went over to Yoko.

“Yoko listen to me, you chose to shoot him to save me. You did what you had to; he would have not kept his word once he had killed me all right? You do not have anything to feel guilty for.”

Yoko looked up at Eric, his short black hair and his light beard, and smiled gently. “I know Eric; it was just my first... kill, you know.” She laughed gently.

Eric smiled. “I know honey, it’s alright. Look we have a tub; we can have a wash tonight.”

Yoko laughed and they were inches apart, looking into each other’s eyes. Yoko knew she chose to shoot the officer, for more than to just save herself. She felt something for Eric and she wanted to protect him.

She smiled as she and he found some food, meat and potatoes from the barn and with the fire began to cook and heat water to wash with.

“You want to wash first, Yoko?” Eric asked as he left out some rags to use as towels. She smiled and nodded as he left the room to let her undress.

Outside Eric waited watching the fields for movement. Inside the room Yoko watched the door, thinking of Eric as she unbuttoned her uniform and slid off the shirt. Her black bra was on show, holding in her massive big DD breasts as she pulled off the bra and then slid down her pants. Fully naked and her clothes to the side, she looked at her body and felt her breasts. She had a beautiful body, but never thought about it, as it was not in her culture to boast or show it off.

She looked at the room door, imagining Eric outside thinking of her. She was about to do something stupid maybe, risky even but needed to. She called for him.


Eric turned and opened the door and entered to find Yoko naked, holding her hand between her legs, covering her womanhood and her other arm over her breasts.

“Yes... Yoko,” he stammered.

She smiled gently and took away her hands, leaving her modesty at the door as Eric took in her form and beauty. He had never laid eyes on an Asian woman in his entire life, and he felt something for Yoko he had never felt before this strong.

“Shut the door, Eric, and come in.”

Eric slowly closed the door and began to walk towards her.

“Take off your uniform, Eric.” Yoko smiled; her eyes were gentle and loving.

Her womanly bosoms hung as her womanhood between her legs, with a small patch of black hair around it. She was a beauty. Eric slowly undressed until all he wore was his dog tags.

“Come here and lay in the tub.”

Eric slowly moved over to the warm water and stepped into the large tub and sat in the warm water. Yoko gently knelt down and took a sponge from beside the tub, soaked it and softly stroked his back with it, soaking it. The warm water was a sensation Eric had not had the privilege of since leaving base.

“Yoko...” he moaned.

She leant in as she washed his back and kissed him deeply, sliding her tongue inside his mouth and herself tasting him.

She moaned as she washed down his hairy muscular chest, before dropping the sponge in the water and finding his hard rod in the water. Clamping her hand around his big shaft, she stroked slowly as they kissed. Eric gently lifted his hands out of the tub, slid his hand around to her rear, gently found her pussy, and rubbed it.

Yoko began to moan gently.

“Eric, yes...” she moaned as Eric slid a finger inside Yoko’s womanhood. “Ohhh yes,” she moaned, biting her lip.

Eric couldn’t wait anymore and stood, lifting Yoko with him and laying her down on the cover.

“Are you sure, Yoko?” Eric asked gently rubbing her pussy.

She smiled and kissed him tenderly. “Yes I am. I love you, Eric.”

Eric, hearing her say aloud what he felt also for her, was good and he leant down to kiss her before moving between her silky cream legs. Inches from her pussy, he took in her scent before licking her mound.

“Ohhh god, Eric!” she moaned hard, clamping her thighs around his head as he licked and began to eat her out. She moaned as he licked her womanhood, a place no man had ever seen or much less tasted. She began to buck her hips, moaning harder, close to cumming and orgasm.

“Oh Eric please, I am going to... cum! AAAGGGHHH!” she squealed, cumming hard on the floor and Eric’s mouth.

Eric smiled as Yoko gasped, out of breath, before pulling his face to meet hers and kissing him passionately.

“I’ve never... done that before, Eric.” She smiled, kissing him.

He laughed gently. “There’s a first for everything.”

She grinned and kissed him, taking his cock in her hand. “Let me... do the same back to you now.”

Eric smiled and lay back on the moist covers. Yoko got between his legs and took in his cock, the size and feel before licking the tip tasting it.

“Hmmm, tastes nice.” She giggled.

Eric moaned as she took in a quarter of his cock into her mouth and moaned as she sucked. “Yes, Yoko. Hmmm, more.”

She smiled, happy she was pleasing her man, and took half of his cock into her mouth and then all of it, bobbing her head up and down on it. He moaned hard as she sucked his big cock, licking up and down his shaft before gulping down his entire shaft.

He moaned hard, close to cumming, before gently pushing down Yoko on the covers. Between her legs, he rubbed his cockhead against her pussy.

“Are you ready ,Yoko?”

She smiled and rubbed his chest. “Take me, Eric.”

With no words spoken he slid inside her halfway, before meeting natural tightness and resistance of virginity. He kissed her deeply before ramming hard and breaking through. She screamed into his mouth in pain but held on as he slid all the way into her virgin womanhood.

“Ohhhh Eric you are so big!”

Eric smiled at her comment and was also happy he pleasured her. He began to slide in and out of her, kissing her and sucking on her breasts as they made love. For the next 10 minutes he thrusted and grinded into her, opening her forbidden love channel before, moaning hard, he came inside her pussy, making her his woman as they kissed and snuggled.

“Eric... I love you, I want to leave with you and be with you.” She kissed him more as voluntary movements were to keep thrusting.

“I love you too Yoko, we will be together.”

The night ended as they held one another and lay together naked with each other.

End of Part 1. Part 2 is coming very soon. Hope you enjoy this series.
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