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The Wedding

Contributing Authors: Alphamagus 
Attending a wedding leads to teasing and a surprise.
This is the sixth in the series of stories written in collaboration with Alphamagus about Robert and Juliana and their love. While each of the stories stands alone, we invite you to read the preceding stories to allow you to know them and their relationship.

It had been planned for months, and the day had arrived. It was the wedding day for Robert and Juliana's friends, Andrew and Katherine.

There was a collective gasp as they came into view. Robert knew that everyone apart from him was looking at Katherine, the bride. His own gasp, however, was for Juliana, behind her. He glanced up and saw a small tear form in his best friend's eye.

“Steady, Andrew,” he murmured.

Andrew glanced at him and said, “They are all so beautiful!”

Robert's gaze returned to Juliana. The bridesmaids’ dresses were all ivory in an off-the-shoulder style. All of them were wearing a dark red lipstick that matched the colour of the deep red roses of their bouquets. Juliana had hair done in the retro style of Grace Kelly when she won her Oscar for “The Country Girl”.

Robert had always teased that she was Kelly’s double with that classic, cool blonde beauty. However, her image was deceptive, as there was a woman of deep passion and sensuality beneath. He could not take his eyes away from her as they came closer up the aisle. When her eyes met his, she gave him a small smile. He had to move his hands which had been clasped together behind his back to the front, so that he did not embarrass himself with the slight erection that was forming.

The bride, her father and her bridesmaids walked slowly down the aisle towards the waiting pair. Juliana smiled at Robert. Last night had been the first night since they had moved in together that they had been apart other than for business. She had stayed with her friend, Katherine, and they had spent the night with some Champagne and watching old movies with the rest of Katherine’s girlfriends.

Robert and Andrew looked dapper in their morning suits despite their late night. They each had a deep red rose in their lapel. Juliana had noticed Robert’s switch of hands and instinctively knew what had happened. She smiled to herself but also felt faint stirrings inside as she realised how much it turned him on to just see her.

Neither Robert nor Juliana were religious. However, there was something about this church that was quite beautiful to her. She knew how much Robert loved old buildings, so she knew that he was feeling the serenity of the place as well. The ceremony was not overly drawn out. As he was best man, Robert had to face forward and could not look at Juliana for the most of it.

He did feel her eyes upon him throughout and used every opportunity he could to turn around and stare at the magnificent woman that was his partner. He could not wait for the proceedings to be over so that they could hold each other. He was also feeling acutely aware of their night away from each other. As a half of a couple that was exceptionally tactile at all times, Robert was really missing the touch of her skin against his and the feeling of her lying beside him all through the night. He missed talking and laughing with her. He had not realized how much she was woven into his life and heart until she was not there. If he was honest with himself, feeling this ache for her after a single night apart was a surprising epiphany but it confirmed something he had planned for after the wedding.

The vicar finally said the formal “I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.” The wedding march started on the organ and Andrew and Katherine, after sharing a long and tender kiss, walked arm in arm back down the aisle together, their joy shining on their faces. Robert was behind them with Juliana and gently reached his hand out for hers. She grasped it and he quickly pulled her in for a brief kiss on her cheek so as not to spoil her makeup. It was all he could do not to kiss her more deeply on the mouth, but that would have to wait for now.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known and I need you sooner rather than later,” Robert whispered in her ear.

He took in her perfume, floral and soft, but heady nonetheless, and stifled the urge to nibble on her neck. He looked down, seeing the swell of her breasts at the low cut neckline of her dress and watching their rise and fall with each breath she took. The top of the dress was constructed so that no bra was necessary, and that view, with the thought of her soft, pink areolae, unseen and untethered, excited him indescribably. So close, he could kiss and touch; but he could not, not now. His cock had received the first message but not the second, making him grateful that his trousers were cut fully enough to cover his emerging erection. He told himself to think boring thoughts to calm himself and his penis.

Juliana knew what he was thinking and a jolt of sexual electricity shot through her as she felt his body against hers.

Blushing, whispered back,“Darling, as soon as we can, I want you inside me.”

She smiled at him sweetly and walked to catch up with the happy couple. Robert was left standing there dumbfounded and had to quickly do up his suit jacket so that his excitement was not apparent. “Little minx!” he thought to himself as he grinned.

On the way to the hotel where the reception was being held, Robert and Juliana shared a car with Katherine’s parents. Katherine’s father was in the front seat with the chauffeur and Juliana was in the middle in the rear. She was talking to Katherine’s mother, Jennifer, for the ten-minute trip, her body turned slightly to face her. Robert put his hand on her back, just to feel the touch of her body. As he did so, Juliana put one hand behind her and reached for Robert’s bulge and gave it a discreet stroke. Robert nearly choked, causing Katherine’s father to turn around and enquire whether he was alright. Robert assured him that he was fine and then surmised what sort of afternoon this was going to be.

They reached the hotel where Robert got out first and held out his hand for Juliana. Taking it, she gracefully got out of the car. Her eyes were deliberately looking at his crotch as she rose. His eyes were taking in the sight below him - those breasts again. She then made sure that he was looking at her face and deliberately licked her lips. She raised an eyebrow with her blue eyes dancing and whispered, “Later, my love.”

For Robert, later could not come soon enough. This was a wonderful day to celebrate their friends’ marriage and enjoy themselves, but was becoming a sweet torture for him.

After all the formalities had been taken care of, Robert and Juliana were sitting beside each other at the head table with the bride and groom and their parents. The speech that Robert gave had just the right amount of humour and praise for his friend. It was well received and caused quite a few raucous laughs.

When he finished, Juliana leaned to him and kissed him behind the ear. Dammit, she was tantalising him today. He reached under the table and slowly stroked her through the fabric of her dress. She let out a small moan. He smiled to himself and whispered, “Touché,” and realised that this game was going to be played all night. He turned to look at her with a mischievous grin on his face and noticed that she looked flustered.

“You look hot, darling!” he confided suggestively.

Juliana blushed very slightly and said, “Let the games begin, mister.”

After all the speeches had been finished, the food started to arrive at the tables. Robert and Juliana were both famished and he needed to eat to help soak up the alcohol that he knew would be consumed during the afternoon and evening. He did not want to leave Juliana wanting at the end of the night.

The first course was a warm lobster salad. Both Robert and Juliana both ate the dish with their fingers. The lobster juices mingling with the vinaigrette and lemon, was an absolute delight. Robert loved watching Juliana eat. She ate with gusto and an innate sexuality, a bit like Nigella Lawson at her most formidable. After they had both finished, Juliana wiped her hands in the napkin but stopped Robert’s hands as he was reaching for his. She raised his hand to her mouth and slowly sucked the juices from his fingers, looking into his eyes as she did so. Robert could not breathe, the sheer sexuality of what she had just done almost had him leaping out of his trousers.

He grinned and said, laughing, “Juliana, three points, Robert, one point. I am going to have to change that.”

The second course arrived soon after. It was red snapper and cèpes in a Port reduction. It looked absolutely divine. Robert always loved the taste of the mushrooms with the fish. It was heavenly on its own, but the port cut through the tastes and created something so sensual that his still erect cock actually felt as if it were getting bigger. He wanted both to feed his amorous mood and to get ahead a point with Juliana.

He slipped off his shoe, lifted his leg as he watched Juliana eating and guided his foot between Juliana’s thighs. His toes stroked her gently there and he enjoyed watching the flush appear on her face. He felt her dampness permeate through his sock. Juliana tried to carry on eating and maintaining a normal expression, but could not quite manage it. She reached under the table and removed the foot that was causing her such sexual sensations.

“3-2”, she whispered, smiling.

Although he had just earned a point, Robert knew that he would have to redouble his efforts in this game if he was going to win. Juliana was a good tactician and usually very determined. Games, indeed. What had he started? They both resumed eating their meal and enjoyed the Italian merlot that complimented it.

The third course was a palate cleansing salad in the French way of eating, followed by a bitter chocolate tart with raspberries for dessert. The portion size was generous and helped to offset the four glasses of wine that they had already consumed. This dessert was Juliana’s style as she did not like overly sweet or gooey things. The berries offset the chocolate, being slightly tart.

She let each bite melt in her mouth with a blissful look on her face that Robert thought looked a little too much like that when she climaxed. He had just gotten himself, or more truthfully his penis, in some semblance of control and now this. He tried to look away but could not make himself do so. Juliana knew exactly what she was doing to him as she reached under the table discreetly and caressed his cock, confirming her intuition.

“4-2, sweetheart,” she smirked maddeningly at him. “I can’t wait for the music to begin so we can dance.”

They finished their dessert and pretty soon all of the tables had been cleared. The band entered the room, took to the stage and began to play. There was a wide range of music from classic ballads to rock and Robert thought that they were really talented.

The male lead singer gave way to a female vocalist who belted out a couple of modern tunes that Robert did not recognise or even enjoy, but then he heard her start to sing in the clearest, most beautiful voice Etta James’s “At Last”. This was a special favourite of Robert and Juliana’s, so he got to his feet and took her hand.

“May I?” he enquired.

“Certainly, darling, “ she said as she took his waiting hand and got to her feet.

They danced slowly. One of Robert’s hands was on Juliana’s hip, the other rested on the small of her back. He pressed his hardness into her as they swivelled and she let out a little gasp as he pulled her onto it. Round and round they went, staring intently into each other’s eyes as their bodies pressed against each other. Robert felt Juliana’s breath on his neck, her breasts against his chest and her pubis against his hard cock.

As he led her around the dance floor, the romance of the song showed in the dreamy look on Juliana’s face. Robert thought that this was like a prelude to lovemaking and wished that was what they were doing. He knew they would have to stay on the dance floor holding her to shield the view of his very apparent erection from everyone there.

He was about to claim another point when the singer shifted to another Etta James song, this one romantic as well, but with a large portion of blatant sexuality in its delivery, “If I Can’t Have You”. The rhythm of this song was less sedate and the raunchy punctuation provided by the saxaphone turned this into dirty dancing. Robert was still holding Juliana closely, and now they were grinding against each other as the saxophone wailed.

Juliana was dancing with less inhibition given the occasion, the wine, and the sensuality of the music. He was impossibly hard and certain that there was a damp patch on his boxers at his cockhead. He was ready to fuck her hard and fast, there and then. How much more of this could he endure? He laughed quietly to himself understanding the irony of the situation because it was he himself who had started this.

Juliana looked up at him and said, “I think the dances have been a draw, sweetheart. Do you want to dance some more? Perhaps one or two more until you can be seen without being embarrassed.”

She looked at him with a charming smile, being thoughtful, but also knowing that she was still ahead in this game. Juliana knew that she could give as good as she got if the contest was teasing. Neither of them really cared about the score or who won. It was just a silly and fun sexual game to push each other so far without being able to act on being so turned on.

As they were about to sit down, Andrew and Katherine came over having changed into their evening clothes. “The room’s yours for fifteen minutes if you need to change, before Katherine’s mother starts sorting things out,” Andrew said.

Both Robert and Juliana had brought a change of clothing for the evening and so Robert grinned and said, “Thanks, mate.”

He went to reception and picked up the garment bag that they had been holding for him and hand in hand he and Juliana caught the lift to the floor for Andrew and Katherine’s suite. He used the keycard and, as soon as the door was shut, dropped to his knees, hitched Juliana’s beautiful dress up and started to devour her pussy.

She pulled him into her and breathed, “Darling, you get a bonus point for this, but we have to hurry.”

Her silk panties were still on but pushed to the side as his tongue dived inside of her. Her juices were already flowing and he lapped them up eagerly. His fingers found her bud and started to rub furiously in time to his tongue fucking. He could tell that she was close, so he pulled the back of her panties down and placed one finger over her anus. Juliana trembled, then came almost instantly, her juices filling his mouth. He swallowed them hungrily as she ground herself onto his face.

He looked up and grinned and said, ”That makes a draw, darling. Now it is my turn.”

He got up and helped Juliana out of her clothing and into her less formal clothes as he removed his trousers. His cock was standing proud of his boxer shorts through the opening. Juliana glanced at it and shuddered, then, taking it into her hand, she gently rubbed it up and down its length. She dropped to her knees and exposed the head and planted a gentle kiss on it. Her mouth started to engulf him as they heard the door to the suite being opened.

“Not a-bloody-gain,” Robert mouthed as he quickly put his cock away and his jeans on.

Katherine’s mother opened the door. As she walked into the room, she blushed when she saw Robert dressing.

“Oh, so sorry, Robert. I did not realise you two were changing,” she said.

“Not to worry, Jennifer. We will be out of your hair in two seconds,” he said as he finished buttoning his shirt.

Robert and Juliana finished getting ready and, after saying goodbye, made a quick exit. As soon as they left the room, they both folded over in laughter.

“Darling, you are incorrigible,” Juliana said through her giggles. “What would Jennifer think if she had caught us?”

“At the sight of me? That you are a very lucky woman, of course,” Robert responded with a grin. “Who would not admire my magnificent cock?”

Juliana squeezed his package and gave him one of her withering looks. Withering would not be unwelcome as they were returning to the party. They went back downstairs and had a few more drinks.

”We had better do the car,” Robert said.

He went to reception and got his other bag. This one contained a lot of used cans tied with strings, spray-on snow and something else. They went outside and as Robert was attaching the cans to the back of Andrew’s two-seater MG Midget, Juliana was writing “Just Married” with the spray snow all over the car. As she was bending down to do it, Robert grabbed her calf and moved his hands all the way up her legs to between her thighs.

She laughed and pulled away, but he pulled her back and, gazing up at her, went on one knee. From behind his back, Robert pulled out a small box that was a familiar robin’s egg blue. Juliana just stared and stared. He opened it and inside was the most beautiful diamond ring that Juliana had ever seen. It was one she had admired in a magazine - a large square-cut stone haloed with smaller diamonds, set on an eternity band. She thought that Robert had paid no attention when she had remarked on the Tiffany’s advertisement, but clearly she was wrong and he had. Her breath caught and she became flushed.

“Darling, will you......” Robert stammered. His heart was pounding. He was surprised at how nervous he suddenly felt. Robert did not even manage to finish the sentence before Juliana melted into his arms.

“Of course I will, sweetheart!”

They had a long, lingering kiss and Robert put the ring on Juliana’s finger before they heard the clapping behind them. Andrew and Katherine were both standing there with the biggest smiles on their faces. Juliana screeched and ran to Katherine and showed her the ring as Robert went to shake Andrew’s outstretched hand.

“Good show, Rob,” said Andrew, shaking his hand and giving Juliana a kiss on the cheek.

Robert gave him a quick hug before Katherine wrapped her arms around him and squeezed.

“Today rocks! And it is about time that the two of you were married,” said Katherine.

They all went back into the party and danced some more before Andrew and Katherine had to depart. All of the guests saw them off with the cans clattering behind them as they drove off.

“Let’s go home, too, darling,” said Juliana, “We have some unfinished business.”

They called a taxi from the hotel and very soon were both sharing the backseat as they were being driven to their house. All of the way back, Juliana had her hand in Robert’s lap, not just fondling him, but staring at the ring that he had put on her finger. For his part, Robert was so aroused from the entire day and Juliana’s hand that when they drew up for some lights beside a park, he almost asked the cabbie to drop them there so that he did not have to wait the remaining three or four miles to take her.

Eventually they got home. Robert opened the door and switched the alarm off. As he turned around to look at Juliana, he noticed that she had already taken half of her clothes off. They were strewn in a heap on the floor. She walked to him in her panties and pushed him to his knees. Removing the panties one-handed, she raised one leg and placed it on his thigh and then slowly moved her hand down her body to her swollen pussy lips. Her pubis was right in front of Robert’s face as he watched her spread herself open and gently insert a finger inside of her.

She started to frig within inches of his face. He leaned forward and as another finger joined the first, he traced her lips with his tongue. He bought his hand to hers and also inserted a finger into her swollen hole. She was very wet and so, with the lubricated finger, he reached behind her and inserted it into her anus. His tongue went directly to her clitoral hood and teased her bud as her fingers picked up speed along with his. He could hear her breath shortening and inserted another finger with the first.

“Darling! Fuck me right now! Juliana said in a low, breathy voice.

He did not need to be told twice. He stood up quickly and ripped his clothes off and slid his very engorged and frustrated cock right inside of her from behind. She placed both hands on the wall and pushed back onto him.

“This will be quick and messy!” he warned her.

There was no way there could be slow lovemaking after all of the teasing of the day. That would wait for a little later. He pounded all of his sexual frustrations away and, as soon as he heard the moan signalling her impending orgasm, he ejaculated what seemed an incredible amount of semen inside of her. Juliana came hard again. She felt the masses of cream being pumped into her and just lost herself in sensation. Robert for his part carried on pumping through their climaxes, each thrust sending another wave of incredible pleasure through both of them - an orgasmic cycle that lasted several minutes.

“Please don’t stop,” Juliana said, trying to catch her breath. “I want more and more.”

“Darling, I could keep fucking you and making love to you forever. And I intend to for the rest of my life,” Robert responded tenderly, despite the fierceness of their coupling.

His penis remained inside her, still hard despite having flooded her. He loved this feeling of staying inside her after climax surrounded by her warmth inside and out. This was his definition of bliss even if he too wanted more and more, but perhaps in a more comfortable place. He held her until both their heart rates and breath returned to normal and suggested that they go upstairs to shower and get to bed. Sleep, however, was the furthest thing from his mind. He took Juliana’s hand and led her up the stairs.

They showered together, both holding, fondling and cleaning each other under the hot jets of water. Robert ensured that he paid special attention to her breasts, shoulders and neck as they did so as he knew that she loved kisses there. Juliana caressed his cock and balls with her soapy hands and gently stroked him to full hardness again under the powerful jets. The realisation that they could not take much more seemed to hit them at the same time and they both reached for the off button together. Robert pulled two large towels from the cabinet and wrapped one around him and the other around his darling woman.

He led her by the hand to the bed and after laying her down said, “I think that the occasion calls for Champagne. Give me one second, please, darling.”

He reappeared moments later with a bottle, two glasses and an ice bucket. He popped the cork and poured her a flute before taking one for himself. They embraced each other and slowly sipped, the bubbly liquid assaulting their senses. She finished hers quickly and said, “Heavenly” before laying back down on the bed.

He placed her glass on the bedside table and gazed down at the amazing body of his fiancée. Then, kissing his way down her body, he opened her thighs and started to slowly lick her. The coldness and the fizz of the champagne on his mouth made her shiver, but after a few slow licks of his tongue, she started to let out a few small moans. His fingers opened her folds and his tongue started to work his way inside of her. She placed her hands on the back of his shaven head and pulled him in deeper to her. His fingers found her clitoris and gently teased it out as his tongue travelled further and further in. Then, reaching behind him, he removed some ice cubes from the bucket.

Slowly, he inserted one inside of her and he followed it up by transferring a small sip of champagne there, too. He closed her legs and watched the sensations on her face as the frozen cube and carbonated wine started to work. She began to squirm and tried to work loose of his hold, but she was powerless as the incredible feeling permeated through her whole body.

Robert was not finished, however. Removing a few of the smaller cubes, he inserted them into her anus followed by even more champagne. As she cried out from this new sensation, he nestled his face between her folds again and started licking furiously as he rubbed her swollen clitoris. The champagne and ice in her anus was too much. Juliana had one of the most intense orgasms that she had ever experienced as all the while Robert kept on his oral assault. She rode his face hard through her orgasm and cried out while his tongue kept on relentlessly.

When she finally finished coming, she sat up and pushed Robert back onto the bed. She took a large sip of champagne and an ice cube in her mouth and, taking his engorged shaft into her hands, she opened her mouth and took in his cockhead. Her tongue, the ice and the champagne started their own assault. Robert's eyes opened wide as the tingling of the ice cold liquid and the warmth of her tongue seemed to work in unison on him. Her mouth moved up and down along with her hand faster and faster on his erect cock. He pulled her in by the back of her head and thrust inside her mouth deeper and deeper.

“Not in there, darling!” Juliana whispered and turning over, she presented her buttocks to him.

He took his engorged cock in his hand and after pouring the rest of his champagne glass between her buttocks, he slowly entered her anus. The champagne and the feel of his cock in that most forbidden of places felt so erotic to Juliana that she pushed back onto him readily. Her passage already lubricated from his play earlier. He thrust deep inside of her, and although there was an initial bit of pain, he went slowly and quickly had her moaning and feeling ready again. Her own hand started to rub her clitoris in time to his pumping action.

“God, I am so close!” Robert cried.

Juliana reached behind and grasped his cock. She removed it quickly and placed it inside of her sopping cunt. The warmth and wetness of the movement spurred Robert on even more. He reached in front of her and helped her, furiously rubbing her clit. Deeper and deeper he thrust, increasing the intensity of her impending waves of pleasure with his own. Her moans become heavier and heavier as he pumped faster and faster with deep groans. He could feel her pulsing and throbbing around his penis, almost at climax.

She felt his body tense, and then he exploded inside of her. The feeling of the hot ejaculate filling her up sent her over the edge, too. They both carried on riding through the orgasm as wave after wave of pleasure overwhelmed their united bodies. Finally, it was over and they both collapsed on the bed. Robert stayed inside of Juliana for several minutes before suggesting another shower.

“Let’s do it separately this time,” he laughed, “Or we will never get to sleep.”

Juliana laughed out loud and headed off first. While she was in the shower, Robert stripped the bed of the damp and sticky sheets and put them in the washing machine. He brought in clean linens just as Juliana emerged from the shower with a dreamlike expression on her face.

“I will put them on while you shower, my love,” she said.

Robert once more entered the shower and luxuriated in the hot jets and the feel of the sponge as he rinsed the juices from their lovemaking and the stickiness of the champagne from his body. He stepped out of the shower and climbed into bed beside Juliana to find her breathing deeply, asleep. He kissed the top of her head, spooned behind her and was asleep himself in seconds.

It had been an eventful day for their friends and for Robert and Juliana as well. Neither had ever thought they would meet “The One”, the person that they wanted to share the rest of their life with. Never had there been someone for either of them who fulfilled them intellectually, emotionally, and, yes, sexually, to this extent. They shared so many interests and ideas, and had a good time debating where they disagreed. Their life together was marked by love, passion and humour. Laughter punctuated everything. It seemed only to get better and deeper with the passage of time, so marriage was the only choice.

Their friends and families had waited for this for a long time and at last they could be told that there would be another wedding. Robert and Juliana both knew this would not change anything between them. It would only demonstrate the depth of their commitment to each other. There would be many more stories to tell.

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