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The Wedding

Stella is sixteen, Eric thirty-two. The night before the wedding is special, so is the morning after

"Let's go for a walk," begged Eric. "It will be chilly soon, and then it's too late."

He did not have to ask twice. Stella could not think of anything she liked better than walking in the park with Eric, except maybe listening to his deep, soothing voice.  A voice she could listen to forever and not get tired of it.

As usual, he took her arm as they slowly made their way to their favorite park bench. It was empty as they arrived, just as the sun started to disappear behind the tall trees to the west. There was the promise of a colorful red sunset, and Stella was looking forward to it. I guess, she thought to herself, most girls of sixteen are quite sentimental. And a fiery sunset always gets to me.

The bench felt comfortable, not just in a physical way, but mostly because she and Eric had spent many evenings here, talking about many things, but mostly about the future, their favorite topic.

"Stella," started Eric, "the time has come to make a decision about the wedding. We will have to decide this week at the very latest."

"I agree," she answered him. "It has been on my mind all day long. One voice said, go for it now, the other voice answered, let's wait another year."

Eric studied at her for while, weighing his answer. He too is sentimental, Stella thought, but not to the extent of a sixteen year old girl like me, he is much more practical.

"I know that I would like to get married right away, but I have to consider all three of us, Mom, you, and me. And after having given it a lot of thought I vote for a postponement till you have finished your student exchange year in Germany."

"You are absolutely right," she told him. "A real love union between a man and a woman in love does not disappear. If it is real love, it will be there next year."

Eric nodded his head and continued, "I also talked with your Mom about setting the date and she agreed with me. You are so busy right now with your travel preparations, and with studying German, even when you go to the toilet, that there just is not enough time to devote for a wedding."

"I am glad we made a decision, Eric. I guess I am somewhat strained at the moment. Now I feel suddenly much better, much relieved. Naturally, a wedding is a much more momentous affair in a woman's life. She even gives up her name. But still, it's a ceremony. And ceremonies can wait."

Eric stood up and pulled her to her feet. Then, always the gallant knight, he put his jacket over her shoulders. He was right, it was turning chilly. His jacket kept her comfortably warm and his arm around her waist made her feel safe from all the ills of the world as he walked her home.

This had been the second major decision this month. The first one had involved Eric also.

Mom had invited Eric for dinner and he casually had mentioned that he was going to look for another studio apartment soon. The building where he lived was slated for demolishment to make room for the new Interstate Highway.

A few days later her Mom surprised Stella.

 "Do you think," she asked Stella, "would it be proper to offer Eric the spare room in the back of the house?  The question arises because this would mean an unmarried sixteen-year old young lady and an unrelated young bachelor living in the same house."

Stella didn't know what to say, she just nodded her head. But then she decided to speak her mind.

"I don't see what could be improper about that. After all the wedding will make everything proper and legal."

"I am glad we both feel the same way about that," said her Mom. Now to where to put him; I am thinking about the room where we have accumulated a lot of junk over the last four years since Dad left us. You know, we never did get Dad's den in order since he passed away."

Two weeks later, on his thirty-second birthday, Eric moved into the former den of Stella's Dad.

Stella hoped her Dad would approve from wherever he now rested.

She and her Mom missed Dad very much. He was only thirty-two when he was killed four years ago, just a year older than Mom.

The only problem was the long walk between bedroom and den, Stella mused. But at least there were no squeaky floor boards to announce Eric's frequent nightly walks down the dark hallway. Only the squeals and moans would tell of the young man's visits.


Stella's year in Germany passed quickly and she had to say a teary good-by to her foster parents and their daughter, and the many friends she had made. It had been an exciting year and she had been driven all over the country. She had brought with her a ton of pictures when she returned, plus mountains of fabulous memories.

But there was a wedding ahead and she was getting anxious. There were so many preparations to be made, and her Mom and she had their days filled. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun for the young woman.

Her Mom took her into her confidence every so often and they talked freely about a lot of subjects. Mom passed on much advice to the future bride in her family, things she should know as a wife.

A tornado of activity had hit the house and in the eye of the tornado stood Mom, solid and cool as ever, while Stella was swirled around and around.

Wedding announcements had to be mailed, which meant that decisions as to who to invite, flower arrangement had to be decided on, birders had to be placed for maids dresses, who was to cater refreshments and what should be reserved, reservations had to be made, a band had to be selected. And that was just the start of the to -do list. Poor Stella started to wonder how any bride could manage to live through it all. I am so glad, she said to herself, that Mom and I work together so well.

From here on it was an emotional roller coaster all the way through until the day after the wedding.

It was the night before the wedding that Eric had a surprise. He quietly walked down the hallway and approached the door whose hinges he had oiled again just two weeks ago. A dark room greeted him, dark except for the flickering light of a lone candle. bathing the bed in the center .n a warm glow.  The darkness accentuated the bed in the middle of the room.

 He stopped and stood rooted to the spot until he was greeted by a husky voice.

"Today is your last day of freedom, let's make it special."

"Just being with you is always special, sweetheart," Eric answered as he quietly closed the door and stepped up to the bed.

"Just think, after tonight you don't have to tiptoe through a dark hallway anymore," she laughed.

"And just think, after tonight my wife can be as noisy as she wants, instead of covering her mouth," he teased her.

He looked down to drink in the flawless beauty of this woman who was going to be his wife tomorrow. The slim body, her long, shapely legs, her full lips that promise delights. He could not see the color of her eyes but he knew that hey were an unusual shade of grey-green, and always full of smiles and of mischief.

Unlike most men, who liked big tits, he liked them perky and on the small side. As he looked at his bride's breasts he marveled at how fate had presented him with exactly his ideal. They were firm, almost cone shaped, topped by rosy nipples that were visibly engorged tonight. The candle light did wonders to them, they were glowing invitingly. Just looking at them made his mouth water.

His love for her was almost palpable, filling the room. She not just saw his admiring gaze; she felt it caressing her skin physically. Hi love mixed with the light from the candle and filled the room .She could feel it almost physically. Her happiness nearly overpowered her and she had to take a deep breath as she felt his lover for her engulfing her trembling body.

"Hurry, lover. Please," she cried out.

He could not hold back any longer. As he crawled up to her on the bed she started shivering in anticipation, but Eric had other needs first and told his body to wait its turn. He wanted to tightly hug her to himself, holding her close to his body, feeling her heartbeat next to his. He first wanted to savor her presence, her closeness.

He held her in his arms, whispering love words into her ear, bathing in the fragrance of her skin.  After he released her he propped himself up on one elbow. He paused for many seconds, just looking into her eyes, before he spoke.

"You loveable, irresistible, desirable woman of mine, I love you so much, it's almost painful."

But eventually his body's needs won and the dam broke that had held back his physical urges and he let them take over. He took her in his arms again and kissed her deeply, his tongue savoring the sweetness of her mouth. He liked the way she answered him and soon their tongues were outdoing each other. When she captured his tongue and started sucking it his dick reacted violently.

She felt his arousal and knew that it was time for her to take the lead as she had promised.. But before she had a chance to get started she felt his lips on her neck, kissing and nibbling, which sent little tremors through her. She decided to enjoy his attention for a while longer.

Eric moved his lips to her ear and traced the edges of her earlobe. When he stuck his tongue into her ear she jerked and answered with a small shriek. Next he kissed her forehead, then ran the rip of his tongue over her eyebrows, caressing them. A small giggle was her answer when he teasingly kissed the tip of her cute nose. She kept her eyes closed enjoying his attention.

Eric abandoned her eyes and started kissing her throat, making her moan. He kissed and nibbled his way to her shoulder. After a minute or two he slowly kissed his way down her body, much too slow for her. She tried to move her body to make sure that his trail of kisses would not miss what she was sure was his goal.

When his lips arrived at the base of her tit they only circled around it. Her arousal was building up fast now, her breathing making her chest heave with each breath.  She expected Eric to wrap his lips around her nipple, but he did not. He moved only as far as her aureole, tracing its edge with the flat of his tongue, leaving a wet trail of his saliva. He backed off then and blew cool breaths over her tit. He enjoyed watching how the skin around her nipple responded and crinkled with tiny goose bumps.

Her body was still shivering as she stopped him and turned him on his back.

"You rascal," she laughed. "I wanted to give you a special treat tonight and you made me forget it. You will now be punished."

She jumped up on her knees and turned to face him, then swung her right leg across his body to straddle him. Scooting forward she brought her pussy over his face and lowered it slowly to cover his mouth.

"You teased your 'almost-wife' rill you had her pussy drooling. Now go to work and satisfy it and thank it for being there for you."

I am so glad that I am blessed with a wife who has humor even now, thought Eric while he started. His tongue snaked out over her pussy lips, then stabbed inside her. He tasted her sweet juices he loved so much and that were almost flooding her sex.

She stifled a cry when he put his lips over her clit and gently sucked on it. Tiny shrieks and heavy moans alternated as she felt an early orgasm taken her, shaken her. She arched her back and almost fell backward on his stomach.

It had been a small climax, an appetizer before the main event. After her spasms had died down she swung her right leg back over his head and let herself fall forward. Now she was head to toe, and right in front of her was the object that she intended to worship.

In the flickering candle light his dick seemed to have acquired its own live, moving erratically. It held her attention for some seconds. It was almost as if she was mesmerized by it.

"Your dick is so beautiful," she whispered as she slithered closer. Her hand reached out for it and her fingers encircled the base of his shaft. It brought forth a tiny 'ngh' from Eric, followed by a quiet mewling of pleasure. She was not sure, but she thought that she saw the head expand some more.

She would have liked to keep her fingers teasing him but her need had to be stilled, too. And right now she needed to feel his cock in her mouth; It gave her a feeling pf power over her man. He was helpless now to do with as she wanted. It was what she had been waiting for. Savoring the moment she hesitated briefly before moving closer. As her tongue licked over the head, his dick jerked in her hand, telling her to continue. Right under the head was a spot she knew he liked to have licked, a very sensitive spot. A few swipes with her tongue had Eric moaning with pleasure.

Eric's low moaning brought her her own enjoyment, the knowledge that she was making her man happy.

"OH, Love,"" he whispered, "I love you so much."

He let her do her magic with her lips, feeling their softness sliding up and down his prick. Hr became more vocal when every so often her lips went almost to the base of his prick letting its head slide into her throat and holding it there. Her pussy started getting anxious for its turn of the fun, and when she felt his climax approaching she reluctantly let released his dick. He was breathing heavy, but he understood.

"How I wished I could climax several times in a row like you, but the sex fairy gave me just one chance. Let me come down a bit, then it will be my turn, you little vixen," Eric pleaded.

They cuddled for a while, holding each other tight, wrapped in a cocoon of love. A dew minutes went by and he felt refreshed. He kissed her deeply, then tried to slide down between her legs. She stopped him, her needs were too great, she wanted him inside her. She wanted him NOW.

He didn't resist when she rolled him on his back. His dick was relaxed at half-mast and she bent over to get it stiff again, a task she relished. She allays marveled at how fast he reacted when she used her mouth on his dick, never more than ten seconds. She especially loved to start with a limp prick, taking it into her mouth and feeling it awaken until it was hard, stretching her lips. She knew then that he was hers to do with as she pleased, he was her prisoner then, her slave, he was helpless.

As she kneeled next to him, facing him, she smiled at him, knowing that he could not see her. His eyes were still closed as they had been when her mouth had thrilled him just moments ago. She moved her leg over his body to straddle him then lowered herself letting his erection spear her.

As she felt his hardness sliding inside her she shuddered slightly.  He had opened his eyes in surprise and was delighted. Now she was in charge, which she had wanted all along. She could change the speed, how deep she wanted him.

She started out slowly, savoring the feel of his hard dick filling her pussy, but soon her  arousal made her fuck herself on him faster and faster. When she felt that was nearing her orgasm she squeezed his prick with her pussy muscles to increase the friction. It worked as she had hoped. . His moans became louder, his breathing heavier. Her hands flew to her mouth to muffle the cries of ecstasy as she shuddered through her climax. Tonight it seemed to go on and on, wave after wave crashing over her until she collapsed exhausted onto his heaving chest.

He held her tightly as she lay on top of him and kissed her lovingly for several minutes. But as much as he loved to feel her small breasts on his chest he knew that the evening had come to its end. He rolled her off onto her back. Then he propped himself up on his arms and looked deeply into her eyes. He wanted to let her know the depth of his love but could not find the right words. But she knew what he was telling her.

"Thank you for this last evening of my unmarried life, dearest. And thanks for the romantic candle. I will cherish you and love you to the end of my life. "Then he rose and added," I want to be fresh, Dear, when I will stand next to you in a few hours, You also should rest. But I know we will not sleep if I stay with you any longer."

The wedding was as Stella had hoped it would be, a day full of happiness and tears of joy.

The day after the wedding Stella woke up slowly, long after Eric. She could hear him talking to her Mom in the kitchen downstairs.

The strains of the wedding march were still playing in her ears. Then more happy memories came to the surface off the half-awake woman.

She had marveled at how calm Eric appeared. While she was an emotional rag doll, he stood solid. He looked so handsome in his tuxedo. Stella made a mental note to ask him to wear one again on certain occasions like anniversaries.

She remembered looking into the eyes of the few relatives and friends they had invited and she could see their approval.

She remembered the happiness hugs she got when she stood in the reception line with Eric and Mom.

He remembered how beautiful the wedding cake was and how special it tasted.

And then a very special memory rose; Eric's strong arm around her, holding her close, while he slowly danced with her to the applause of the audience.

Stella finally shook herself fully awake. She hurried through a quick shower, and then selected the little red dress that Eric liked so much.

She practically flew down the stairs. She had been right; Eric and Mom were in the kitchen. They heard her racing down the stairs and had put down their coffee cups in anticipation. They knew her and her exuberance; and they knew that a hugging attack was only seconds away.

Stella did not disappoint them. She flung herself at them, hugging both in her best imitation of a bear hug. She was deliriously happy and started crying happy tears. It took many seconds before she found her voice.

"This is the happiest day of my life, finally we are a family again; a Mom, a Dad, and a daughter. You two are the best Mom and Dad a girl like me could have."

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