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The wizard and his dragon

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The wizard and his dragon

The old wizard lived alone with his dragon. The dragon was his best friend.

The wizard would spend hours watching his crystal ball, the fair maiden that appeared in it fascinated him, for she was the fairest in all the land. He knew of her by Lady Louise of Berkshire , a name they called her as she walked through the village and the wood.

She flirted with the male population, and brought smiles to all their faces.

The wizard could only hope to meet her some day, to hear her voice and bring a smile to his face.

Little to his knowing, she was also watching his dragon soar through the afternoon sky, she marveled at the sleekness of the creature and its flight, and pondered about the home of it. This took her deeper into the wood, after coming into the clearing, gazed upon the castle and all its beauty.

The crystal ball showed her approach, both he and the dragon stared out the window as she approached. She came upon the great door, stared and decided to knock.

The wizards eyes lit up and could not believe his luck as he heard the sound. The massive door opened and the wizard appeared. She pardoned for the intrusion and inquired about the creature.

The wizard asked her in and said he would tell her of the creature, to which she was delighted and began the run of questions.

The story began and as he told her, the creature made a noise and was thus discovered she wanted to see it first hand.

Assuring her it was friendly the creature was summoned and appeared, in all its beauty there stood the beast. She was in awe as she gazed upon it.

The creature stood well above her, the wizard seeing her delight asked if she would like to pat him. Lady Louise said yes and with an uneasy hand touched the smooth skin.

Lady Louise said she could not stay and asked if she could return at another time to see the dragon and talk with the wizard about it.

The days dragged on as the wizard waited for her return and the day did come, and there she stood in the doorway once more, more ravishing then before. The wizard asked her in and was prepared this time with a feast of fine food and wine for them. They ate well and soon the wine had made the both of them quite relaxed, she had come to sit by him and talk, he could not help but see the sparkle in her eye as they continued on.

One thing lead to another and when he turned to speak she kissed him, a bit taken back by the abruptness of it he did return the kiss.

The tale when on and as he told her more and more of the dragon the more she liked the wizard, mostly for his knowledge and love of the dragon and wanted to be a part of it so much.

It becoming quite late and darkness was upon the castle now, Lady Louise asked if she might stay there for the night. The wizard hurriedly agreed, but asked in return if he could have one more kiss. Lady Louise agreed and moved even closer to him now, their lips met once again, but it was more than just a kiss as it did not end, only to become more passionate. The kiss went on and on and soon the wizard did not have to fix the quest bed for Lady Louise slept that night with the wizard. They made love all the night long, Lady Louise now Lou for short was amazed at the wizard’s stamina. The morning light shown through the large window and as she peered out, she saw the dragon fly by and into the valley below. Then she looked over at the wizard who was still asleep, walked to him and gently kissed him to bring him back to her. Once kissed the wizard awoke and the gleam in his eyes matched hers, good morning my lady was his reply only to bring a bigger smile to her face once more.

From that day on the wizard and Lou were protected by the beautiful creature who would never let anyone come to separate them.

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