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This One Time I Had a Salad - Chapter One

My day was going pretty normal, and it was pretty close to lunch time. I was just checking my messages in my inbox before I went to look for food. This one girl I had been talking to for a while now was telling me she was finally making her cross country trip, and she confessed that she had already started and that she would be near my town in about an hour. Surprise!

Now, I’d fantasized and flirted with this girl for almost the entire time I had been talking to her. The most she had been willing to show me was her in her bra, nothing less. She was such a tease, making it so hard to not ask for more. She had made it clear, no nude pics. She had also made it clear that it upset her if asked for them. So, since I enjoyed talking with her, I didn’t ask.

She said in the end of her message that she had to keep driving and she’d see me soon. I panicked for a moment, checking the time. It was 12:30, she’d be in town in fifteen minutes. I had to work fast. I was still hungry as I turned my volume up as high as it would go so I’d hear the notification ping in any room of my house in case she messaged me.

I set about, walking into the kitchen while running a hand through my still damp hair. I had taken a late shower after my breakfast, which I was thankful for. I still self-consciously sniffed myself, making sure I still smelled like the old spice body wash and deodorant.

I rummaged through the cupboards, trying to find a quick lunch, but everything took over five minutes to make and I was only in my boxers. Why hadn’t I at least gotten bread at the store yesterday?

I gave up on the cupboards and hoped my friend had left something in the fridge that was fast. All I ever used the fridge for was Gatorade and lunch meat. I was pretty sure I was out of both. Now, my friend has been going all health nut on me, telling me to lower this that and the other when it came to blood pressure, cholesterol and stress. This included eating things like vegetables and stuff.

I didn’t like them, but I’d suffer through them when he pushed hard enough. Today was a rare occasion, since I needed something before I left. All that was in the fridge was a bowl of salad. It had a bunch of colors and stuff, but I didn’t care, it was a kind of food. Maybe he would have sprinkled bacon bits on it like he usually did to coax me into eating it. I hoped so.

I made my way to my room, the salad half gone in big mouthfuls. I wondered to myself what this girl planned on doing with me, what were we going to do? Were we going anywhere? Did she want to come to my shared apartment? Just what was going to happen?

I shrugged my questions out of my mind, taking the last bite of salad, delighted to know there indeed had been bacon bits. Sometimes you have to take pleasure in the very small things.

I decided to dress casual in dark jeans, fitted black t-shirt and black tennis shoes. I ran my hands through my hair again, worried for a split second that she wouldn’t like me. I put the doubts from my mind as I went to rinse my fork and bowl.

The computer pinged, telling me what I already knew. A beautiful brunette waited for me somewhere within five miles of me. I went and sat down, reading the message quickly, seeing she wanted me to meet her at the diner next to the Holiday Inn. Was that her intention? To kidnap me for however long and keep me in her hotel room? Or was this just coincidence?

I replied saying I’d be there in ten minutes, grabbing my keys, switching the computer off and running out the door. My palms started to sweat as I locked the door behind me, wondering how she’d react to me. As I drove to the diner, I tried calming myself down, telling myself that even if it led nowhere, you still get to meet a beautiful woman, and who knows, you may get to touch her.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I pulled up, parking next to one of the three other vacated cars in the parking lot. I got out slowly, wondering if she was watching me from somewhere, biding her time. I walked inside, blinking against the darker lighting, trying to get accustomed to the sudden dimness.

A waitress came up and asked if it was just me and I replied no, I was meeting this girl here. No more than a moment after I finished saying those words did I feel a light tap on my shoulder, causing me to turn around to a smiling face I’d only seen in pictures before. Her hair was braided all fancy and lay down her shoulder, brushing the top of her lovely breasts. She wore no makeup, which for some reason surprised me. She had seemed so pretty in the pictures, I just assumed she used it, but I could tell it was all natural.

I could see her shoulders in her off the shoulder sweater. Her skin was the color of sun-kissed caramel, which her cream colored sweater set off nicely. The sweater itself gave off an air of innocence, but I knew much better. This girl was even more dirty minded than I was.

She wore some skin tight black jeans that really showed the curve of her hips and nice long legs. I’m sure her ass looked phenomenal, but I couldn’t see it just yet. She had simple black slip on shoes, like, flats or whatever the girls called them.

She was adorable, which only served to turn me on more, knowing what lay just beneath the surface. After my eyes had wandered her entire body, I made it back to her face and noticed just how full and kissable her lips really were.

She giggled a bit, and then hugged me unexpectedly. I was a bit off balance, so my hands almost ended up on her nice, firm ass. Instead, I fumbled and tried to slide them up higher, only for one of them to slip under her sweater to find she wore no undershirt, maybe not even a bra. However, I didn’t venture that high.

Already bright red from my accidental groping, I pulled away letting my hands go to my side. She simply laughed and pulled me down to the seat next to hers, her breasts brushing my elbow as I took the seat. Again, she smiled that little smile of hers, slipping her arm through mine and running her fingers over my forearm.

Was it me or was it getting harder to breathe in here?

She looked up at the waitress and asked if they had any chicken fried steak. Oh lord, a girl after my own heart, not afraid to be a carnivore. I looked up and asked for a grilled steak medium rare, with whatever fixings came with it. The waitress bobbled away, leaving us alone.

I hardly dared look down to her, knowing very well I had a nice peek down her sweater. Her fingers became intent on my wrist, bringing my attention back to her face, as she raised my hand to her lips, kissing the inside of my wrist. That innocent action sent thrills through my abdomen towards my growing member. Still an utter tease, even in the real world. What had I gotten myself into?

She was looking back up at me, smiling as I stuttered out a hello. Where had my smooth talking gone? Really, I had met other girls and had been fine. What was it about this one? Maybe it was her eyes, truly showing her smile and how happy she was. That had to be it, her honest and open face. Otherwise, it made no sense for this strange reaction.

I took another deep breath, trying to focus on her face and not wander again. God, her smile was killing me. I knew what had gone on in her mind before, what she said she’d do with that mouth. I could barely stand not touching her, but I didn’t trust myself to move while she had me under this strange spell of hers.

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