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Three Wishes

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Catch a Leprechaun and get 3 wishes!

I was on holiday in Ireland , the land of my birth or it was if you counted several generations back.   Throw some Native American in there with some Scott and there with the Irish and you have my ancestry as far as I was ever told.   I had turned 48 last summer and I realized that this past year had been the exact same as the one before.   Which was the same as the one before and before and before then as well.   So I had decided that I was going to celebrate every birthday from then on by doing something different.


Of course, I was still a working stiff so I certainly wasn’t staying in the Hilton.   This place had what the brochures would call “character” which I firmly believed was sales talk for “one step above staying with your parents.”   I didn’t mind that much because they left me alone pretty much and the cabin I had was right back against the woods.   It just meant I had to walk the farthest to get to the meals (which were included in the package) as well as to the only taxi stand if I wanted to go into the only town.


I’d asked for a small lunch to be packed and set out to explore the countryside.   I’d always enjoyed walking and luckily I’d kept in shape although the hills were something I wasn’t used to and I paused often to catch my breath.   On one of my frequent breaks, I noticed something glittering in the grass off in this field beside the road.


It wasn’t really that far, but there was a fence that I’d have to cross and I didn’t know the local laws about trespassing so I just walked over to lean on the rough boards, trying to get a closer look.   I decided it wasn’t something metal because of the way it reflected the light, it wasn’t flashy enough if you know what I mean.   It didn’t glint like plastic or just a piece of trash, or if it was trash it would be the first piece of litter I’d seen since I got off the plane.


Suddenly the glinting-glittering just snapped off and then back on, only this time a little closer.   As I watched, it certainly looked like it was moving in a straight line and it was angled right for where I was standing!


I had hundreds of plans going thru my head all at once, and ended up doing nothing until it was a complete accident as to what actually happened.   I’d decided to stand as still as I could and hope the sparkle passed me by, however this wasn’t to be and by the time I realized that and moved my foot, I lost my balance and fell down, loosing my coat which I’d had over one arm.   The old leather jacket landed at the edge of the road and there was something moving underneath it!


I grabbed the first good-sized stick I found as I crept up on my jacket.   I didn’t know if I should lift the edge and try to see what it was that was moving under there or if I should just smack the wiggling hump and be done with it.


“I want to know what that light was, but I don’t know if I want to know either,” I spoke out-loud.   I know, but it’s a habit and I didn’t really think about it until a voice answered me back!


“Aye, Lad.   Ye donna want to see, you’ll just be wantin to lift this damn tent offa me!”


“Not till you tell you what is going on,” I replied.   I didn’t know what to think, but if it was what I actually hoped it was, then this would be the greatest thing that could ever happen.   I’d caught a Leprechaun!


“If I have to explain the rules, then ye shouldn’t be playin, Yank!”


“I may be from America , but that doesn’t change the fact that in order to play any game that’s fair, then each player has to know the rules, unless the Irish Leprechauns are cheaters, maybe?”


“Cheaters?!”   the lump exploded.   “Ye jus be liftin this damn tent and I’ll be showin ye how I’ll be cheatin!”


“It seems you cannot lift the tent by yourself and you need me to do that for you, so I’d say I caught you.   Now, if you’ll agree to that one point, that I caught you and you cannot run away or hurt me or cause me to forget that I caught you or nothing sneaky like that, then I’ll take my coat back and we can talk like ordinary civilized peoples.   Okay?”


“Aye,” he muttered, “Ye caught me, that much I’ll be agreein too, now please, get this damn thing offa me, I’m beginning to bake!”


I lifted the hem with the tip of the stick and tried to keep behind it at the same time.   I managed to finally get it all the way out of the dirt, and then he came slowly into view.   Almost 12 inches high if you didn’t count that little pointy wizardly-shaped hat.   He had a full beard, a huge knobby nose with a short pipe clenched between his firm jaws.   He wasn’t fat but he certainly wasn’t skinny, more of a stocky little man dressed all in greens and yellows with a dash of silver or gold jewelry here and there.


“Let us sit down over there on those rocks, lad,” he says as he points with a short staff.   “I’ll be explainin the rules to ye and then we can get to me getting free.”


After we’d settled down and I’d lit a cigarette while he’d gotten his small pipe smoking like a chimney, he continued.


“Ye get three wishes and that’s all.   Ye canna wish for more wishes an ye canna wish to catch me nor any other Leprechaun again later on.   Ye canna wish someone back to life if they’ve already passed-over, and ye canna never wish anyone to die.   Other than that, ye can pretty much wish for anything you could think of.”


“Like millions and millions of dollars?” I asked.


“Tis that your first wish, then?” he answered quickly.   “Where do ye want it and how?   Gold?   Silver?   US dollars?”


“Hold on,” I commanded.   “That wasn’t my first wish and you know it so just hold on and let me think for a second.”


He settled down and I’ll give him this, he was quiet and let me think for almost fifteen minutes before I’d decided what I’d do.


“My first wish is I want to be a musical prodigy.   No matter what the instrument, as soon as I touch it I want to know how to play it like a true master.   That’s my first wish.”


“Lad, are ye shure that’d be your wish?   In all my years, I’ve never heard of a wish like that before, nay never.”


“I be sure,” I replied and had to laugh to myself when I caught myself talking back with his accent.   “That is iffin you can do it.   I never heard anyone not getting their wish because the leprechaun was too weak to grant it, but I guess you might be a wee bit too old by now, maybe?”


“Too old!” he bristled right up and mumbled something under his breath as he scuffed his feet in the dirt and then he suddenly pointed his staff at my chest and a bolt of clear light shot out the end and exploded right in the middle of my body!


I wasn’t hurt, I wasn’t dead, I wasn’t anything for almost a blink of an eye and then it was over and I just looked at him for a second longer before I shook my head and caught my breath.


“Now for my second wish, as I am sure you’ve places to be going to and are anxious to be on your way.   I want to be fluent in any language.   As soon as I hear it, I can read it, speak it, write it, understand it like I’ve been doing it all my life.”


“Tis another odd request,” he mumbled but he didn’t try to talk me out of it.   I was ready when he aimed his staff at my chest, but it was still such a rush to be washed in the light that I sighed when the glow faded seconds later.


“Now for my third and final wish, and that’s to have a magic wallet that never gets empty.   Every morning it’s stuffed with cash and no matter how much I take out or how often, it always has the same amount of money inside each and every time I open it.   It also has to be a wallet that I cannot loose, that cannot be stolen, that I can’t give away, I can’t even throw it away.   All I can do is not open it.   On top of that, to keep me honest and a decent human being, limit the amount of cash to be the same as compared to the local economy, say 10 grand.”


“Ye’ve certainly taken yer time to think all this out,” he said with a twinkle.   “Hold still and donn be movin, the third one is always the worst.   Makes it stick I guess,” and with that, he shot me with a light so bright it made me shut my eyes tight and it felt like a huge gust of wind hit me right in the chest.


When I got up and dusted myself off, I found myself all alone back in the middle of the road and I began to think perhaps I’d imagined the whole thing when I couldn’t find track one there in the dust other than mine and then only the one set leading just to where I was standing.


By the time I walked all the way back to town, I was starving and convinced that I had imagined the entire affair.   That is until I entered the local pub and I could understand every word that I heard!   I ordered a round and just stood there soaking up the atmosphere, listening in to the people on either side.   They recognized me as a yank, so they mostly kept to their native Gaelic, which they assumed I couldn’t understand.


That’s why I could overhear the tin whistle player complain about his sore throat and I figured, what the hell, and offered to set in for a set and give him a break.


“You know how to play the whistle?” he asked with a quizzical look on his face.   “But you’re a yank.”


“Aye, but Irish by ancestry,” I assured him.   “Besides, it might be good for a laugh if I screw it all up.”


He agreed and they quickly introduced me to the audience and he handed me the small brass tube.   As soon as my fingers touched the smooth metal I could feel the magic course thru me and I took the whistle with confidence.


That first set led to another and then another.   By the time the evening was over, I was like a hero to the people and I was quite drunk.   Maybe I should of wished that I couldn’t get intoxicated no matter how much I drank, but I hadn’t and so I paid for a room there at the pub and was helped to bed by the serving girl.


Of course I tried to feel her up when she got me to my room, but she just laughed and slapped my hands away as she stripped me for bed and tumbled me under the covers.   She did give me a kiss before she turned out the lights, but it was a quick peck on the lips, more playful than passionate.   Then I passed out and didn’t even dream.


I was served breakfast by the same girl who’d tucked me in the night before and I flirted with her thru the entire meal.   As I was paying my tab, I caught her eye and I collected my change and made my way across the pub to catch her by the kitchen doors.


“Let’s spend the day together,” I suggested.   “You can show me around the place.”


“Ah, ye be a bold one, ye are!” she laughed.   “I was just kissing a drunken fool last night, what would I be wanting with a drunk now?”


“I’ve may have been drunk last night, but I’m sober this morning and I want to spend the day with a beautiful woman.   Where is the fault in that?”


“Tis no fault I’m thinking, but I canna afford to take a day off to go gallivanting around the countryside with any man that asks.”


“How ever much you make in a day as a wage, I’ll pay you as a tour guide.   How’s that for fair?”


“So now ye think I’m a whore do ye?” she said with a mock scow, teasing me to the hilt.


“If I wanted a whore, I’d of gotten one down by the train station,” I said with a shrug.   “Sorry to have bothered you, I just thought you might enjoy a vacation day.”


She laughed and caught my hand like I’d planned she would and told me not to be so hasty she had to get her coat.   She’d meet me by the door in five minutes, which I did and she did and we left.


An hour later we were holding hands and laughing like old friends and by that afternoon we were back at my cabin.   It made me catch my breath when she dropped my robe so she could get into the bed with me.


Katie was almost 6 feet tall, flaming red hair, eyes so green they almost appeared blue, pale skin with a very healthy smattering of freckles all across the top of her huge, firm tits.   She had equally huge nipples that were pink like a rose and quite hard in the cool air.   The young Irish girl had a narrow waist, wide hips with a wonderfully rounded ass, and a wild patch of hair just as red as the hair on her head.   I pulled her into the bed and kicked the covers off onto the floor.


“What ever did you do that for?   It’s a wee bit chilly in here you know, tis not yet summer here, after all.”


“Baby, I want to see every inch of your beautiful body,” I whispered.   “Besides, the cold air makes your nipples hard and I love that!”


She laughed and pulled me over top of her.   “Then you’d best be sucking them, jus so I know that ye truly love them wee beauties!”


That’s exactly what I did, too!   I eagerly sucked first one then the other of her hard nipples into my mouth and teased them with my teeth as well as the tip of my tongue.   I continued to switch back and forth, timing my movements with the way she caught her breath until she was begging me to just raise up and kiss her.


Instead of doing what she wanted, I went the other way and slowly licked down between her firm 36DD tits, down over her flat stomach, to finally tangle into her mass of red pubic hair, seeking her clit.   She was wet, smelled kind of sweet and musky and she jumped when my tongue first found her swollen clit, flicking over the top of the tender hood.


Grabbing her hips, I rolled down and around to lay between her legs so I could give her beautifully perfect pussy my undivided attention.   Katie had tiny pink lips hidden behind the now-damp hair and the light glistened off her wet folds, begging me to kiss it and lick it and tease it and make her explode in orgasm and this time I did exactly as she wanted.


Licking all the way from the bottom of her slit, just above her tiny asshole, all the way in as far as I could, tasting her sticky wetness and driving her wild.   By the time I got to her clit, she had tangled her fingers in my long hair and was making me concentrate my tongue on just her throbbing clit.


Just as I felt her approach her first orgasm, I slipped a finger up inside her wet cunt for a few strokes only to take it out and swirl to tip around her puckered asshole.   I did this over and over until she was wet enough to allow me to slip one finger inside her tight butt and she gasped and wiggled and came almost immediately.


I continued to tease her clit with my tongue as I attacked her ass with my invading finger and by the time she finally shuddered and made me stop, my finger was buried as far as it could go up her tender ass.  


She moaned and pulled me over top of her, wiggling her hips to guide me into her and even though she was dripping wet, she was still so very tight on my huge cock that she moaned louder as I forced more of it inside her pussy.   Finally my balls were slapping against her ass and I raised myself up on my hands and increased the length but slowed speed of my thrusts even farther.


I continued to fuck her in long, super-slow strokes until I was so close to cumming that I knew I couldn’t stop now even if the roof collapsed.   Shoving my huge cock into her as deep as it could go, I ground my hips against her clit until we both exploded and I could feel my balls get wet with our juices.


I wanted to rest and take a break, but she had other ideas.   When we finally stopped moving, she rolled us over and slipped off my half-hard cock.


“Aw,” she cooed.   “Jus look at the wee brave soldier trying to remain at attention.   Looks like he could use a little help,” and with that she laid down across my legs and took the head of my cock into her mouth.


Stroking in time to the bobbing of her head, she forced more and more of my cock into her mouth with every stroke until she had every inch in her mouth and down her throat.   Katie had her eyes closed as she continued to make love to my cock with her talented mouth and teasing tongue and the way her lips reflected the light from her glistening lips made my cock hard all over again.


Katie was a talented cocksucker and she managed to get most of my cock down her throat even when I was completely hard, then she started teasing me the same as I’d teased her earlier.   She took my throbbing cock out of her mouth to swirl the tip of her tongue all around the head then she’d quickly bob her head and take as much of my shaft down her throat as she could.   Over and over and over until I thought I would go insane, then she stopped to just hold the head in her mouth while she continued to stroke the shaft with her hand and when she felt my balls tighten up, she increased the suction and practically forced me to cum instantly.


I filled her mouth with my hot, sticky cum and she swallowed every drop and greedily continued to suck every last drop from my aching balls.   She finally released me and I pulled her back up into my arms to cuddle and snuggle and wait for my cock to recover enough to start all over again.

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