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Through Our Eyes #3

Through Our Eyes #3

Encounter... and the romance begins...
Her Tuesday
Day Three

My eyes opened, feeling the warm sun playing on the bed. My dreams had been empty, but I suddenly remembered the previous nights dream. Being held down, my nude body so wanton for him, his eyes ravishing me; I was surprised to realize how much I missed him.

‘Missed him? How could I miss a stranger in a dream? Or, was I missing my handsome neighbor… were they the same?’

Rising quickly, I entered the bath and let the shower’s water heat to a misty steam before entering. The hot water felt deliciously sensuous on my skin, and the wonderful soap felt like a warm hand as I slipped it over my shoulders, down my back and over my bum. Continuing to massage it into my bum, I suddenly imagined his hands kneading my flesh.

Moving my attention, I relished a similar sensation as I ran the soap over my breasts, feeling my nipples already sensitized and becoming aroused. Down to my tummy, feeling my belly button and as I sank my fingertip into it’s opening, imagining his tongue doing the same.

The misty steam in the shower reminded me of my previous nights dream. I closed my eyes and remembered being there, my body being offered to his lustful gaze. My hand soon found my slit and I continued massaging the soap against my lips, my clitoris responded to the lubricating texture of the soap. I slipped a finger inside, feeling myself mold itself to my finger as it slipped further in. A moment later a second finger joined and I relished the addition. I continued to slowly slide my fingers in and out, remembering how slowly he had restrained himself, as my left hand massaged each of my breasts and pinched my nipples.

As I remembered his eyes burning into my flesh, a third finger entered me and I felt a sudden spasm in my tummy as my body responded to his. My left hand sought my mouth, parting my lips and my tongue relished my fingers as it would his cock. My fingers forced themselves into my mouth, and feverishly I sucked them, imagining the taste of his pre-cum.

I now had several fingers deeply thrusting into my pussy, my palm ground against my clitoris. I repeatedly drove them in, my pussy feeling his cock’s engorged veins as my knuckles slipped pass my lips. My body suddenly racked, a spasm of pure ecstasy spreading like a molten wave, my back arched. Another spasm, my body arched further. Multiple spasms pushed through me, less powerful than the first, but each giving me further fulfillment.

Finally the waves passed, I opened my eyes and found myself still in the shower. The heat of the water was too much now, and the steam clouded the room. I quickly adjusted the shower to a cool spray relishing the tingling. My body relaxed and the cool water quickly brought my overheated senses back into focus.

‘Wow, that wasn’t me.’ I hadn’t had such an erotic shower before. ‘Is my flat really haunted with a sensuous magic?’

I softly laughed as I remembered the matrons words, ‘I think there is magic here, in this apartment.’

I shut off the shower and quickly toweled off. Fifteen minutes later I was dressed and left for the university. My initial presentation day over, I had left my hair down, and my dark wavy tresses bounced as I walked.

As I still had time, I was going to enjoy a leisurely walk, sure to find a café to grab something. A quaint sidewalk café seemed quiet, only a few people there, so I entered and went directly to the counter. A sweet looking older woman looked up and smiled inquisitively.

“Por Favor, Dos Café con leche e bollos, para llevar.” I hoped I had correctly ordered my favorite light Spanish breakfast for Raoul and myself, and smiled back.

“Si, Senora… Ah... English? You look so pretty, you must have a man with passion…” She gazed into my eyes, and I could only wonder is she was related to my landlady to even think to say such a thing.

“No, I don’t. Why do you think that?”

She gazed deeper into my eyes, “Oh, but you look so… so satisfied.”

Remembering my shower, I could feel a deep blush growing from my chest to my cheeks, but forced myself to just smile back. Hoping to hide my embarrassment I looked out the café door and saw my handsome neighbor passing, he stopped for a moment and looked straight into where I was standing, but I was sure he could not see into the darkened doorway. Yet, I again felt as if he was looking at me. Just seeing him, my stomach tightened. Then he turned and continued on down the street.

A moment later my breakfast was ready to go and thanking the matron, I headed down the street. Ahead I could see my handsome neighbor, his light brown hair standing out against the dark haired Spanish locals. He was tall, and wearing a lightweight sports jacket that framed his broad shoulders. I could occasionally see his cute bum as he walked and I found myself wishing I could give it a squeeze.

He stepped into a shop and just as I passed the door, he came out the door, nearly running into me. Pulling his sunglasses down, I was drawn to his eyes, the blues and greens of a mountain stream.

“Oh, Perdón,” his deep baritone voice stunned me.

I knew that voice. “Caderyn?”

His eyes looked puzzled for a moment, then I saw a spark of recognition. “Belinda?”

We both laughed, and he held out his hand, “Belinda, it is a real pleasure to meet you in person.”

I took his hand, it was warm and his fingers grasped my hand with a firmness that I shall not soon forget. We stood there for several moments; our handshake lacked motion but continued as a warm touch, as if we were both relishing the sensation.

I finally answered, “Yes, Caderyn, I finally see you, err… meet you.”

Images of him from the night crept into my mind and I found it difficult to think further. I remembered him in the shower, yet my mind kept envisioning his eyes, staring at me in the dream.

I tried to focus, “So, you are going to the university?”

He continued gazing into my eyes, “Yes, may I walk with you?”

I could only nod my head. We started to turn, to walk together, when we both realized we were still holding each other’s hand. Laughing in unison, he released my hand, and we walked toward the university.

“So, your uncle is Professor Raoul?”, he had surmised from our telephone conversation the day before.

“Yes,” I answered, “he is married to my mother’s sister and they live here, but what are you doing here?”

“Oh, Raoul didn’t tell you? I have a software system that we are going to be using to analyze segments of the genome against others segments.”

I explained that I was here to study a similar genome situation and we continued our walk discussing possible variances in genome structure. Still, as exciting as the conversation was, I was more excited by Caderyn. We arrived at the university and he paused.

He turned, looked into my eyes, “Will I see you later, for dinner?”

I laughed, “Why Caderyn, are you asking me for a date?”

“Oh, what I really meant to say is…” His eyes looked longingly into mine, “May I see you later, this evening, for dinner? Belinda, would you please join me for dinner?”

My breath froze in my chest; I was suddenly afraid that once I took that step, there would be no turning back.

I took a deep breath, gazed in his eyes, and said, “Yes”.

_ _

The morning passed in a whirlwind, I buried myself in my research and before I knew it, lunchtime had arrived. Again I stayed alone, wanting to complete as much as possible in the time I had.

Late in the afternoon, Raoul came in. He looked quite excited. “Belinda, Caderyn is ready, I want you to come meet him.”

I had neglected to tell my uncle about meeting Caderyn that morning and for some reason chose still to not mention it. We headed down to the university computer center, joining several other professors as we arrived.

As we entered, I saw Caderyn seated at the front making adjustment on the overhead projector. We were seated, I somewhat near the rear, and the room darkened. Caderyn began his presentation, displaying genome structures, each quite different from each other. Then he selected several of the contigs for comparison. Surprisingly there were identical contigs within totally different genomes. He then ran searches for matching contigs that existed in the cloud database. In a few minutes, results started returning and we could see identical contigs appearing in diverse structures.

He adjusted the search parameters and the results changed, eliminating many of the genomes for species that didn’t fit the search parameters. Thus, we spent the afternoon, the audience becoming involved as they added their own search parameters. It was fascinating, and I could see many possibilities in my own research that could benefit from access to his “cloud”.

Finally, at about seven that evening he had completed the presentation, and the group gathered around Caderyn. He looked into my eyes and I noted his warm expression, but he did not address me, he only smiled. Everyone had questions of their own, and I listened to his deep voice, full of confidence as he answered each question. Several of the professors were now taking turns at the keyboard typing in queries. I ventured forward and soon found myself behind Caderyn as he was adding input to the search engine. He had a very masculine smell that reminded me of an expensive French cologne, but somewhat earthier, like warm leather.

He looked up in my eyes, “Belinda, would you care to try it?”

“Yes, Caderyn, please.”

As I sat down, I glanced up and noticed my uncle with a small look of surprise in his eyes, his eyes searched mine, then he looked again at Caderyn.

I studied the screen for a moment then entered a contig related to my research and then added a search limiter to seek only results from South America. I followed with additional limiters and was stunned to see a several matches in just a few minutes time. I realized I was only using one contig and wondered how far it could take it with additional contigs from the genome.

I felt the warmth of Caderyn’s hand on my shoulder. “You seem to have a knack at this, perhaps you might want to work with me on it?”

“Oh, Caderyn, I would love to…”, at the moment I wasn’t sure if I was announcing my desire to work on Caderyn’s software or his hardware but I sensed I wanted both. I really couldn’t believe I was thinking of such things.

It was late and everyone was leaving in small groups, I could hear many excited voices as the departing professors discussed uses for the new technology; everything from viruses to bacteria to mongooses.

Raoul looked questioning at me, but I whispered in his ear, “Caderyn and I are having dinner together.” His surprise gave way to a knowing wink and then a quick kiss on the cheek.

Caderyn took my arm and we walked out into the cool evening air. We chatted for a few moments about the presentation, then he asked me, “What is you favorite food?”

“I love the local food, fish and lamb with all the delicious seasonings, the food here is so… satisfying.”

“Fantastic, I think I know the perfect restaurant.” As he then took my hand, I felt sparks of excitement course from his skin into mine. This man was having a tremendous effect on me, and I already found it difficult to keep any distance between us.

He guided me down a narrow walkway, and I could hear music nearby. We turned a corner and my senses were overwhelmed with a rich aroma. I could discern so many delicious flavors I knew I was entering heaven. Warmth filled the doorway, welcoming us in. As we entered, a heavy set, older man in the back recognized Caderyn and motioned him back to a table near a large fireplace with warm embers setting the mood.

“Caderyn, how are you my friend?” he said embracing Caderyn.

“Benito, you old rascal, I am famished and I know your cooking can satisfy me like no other. But you had best behave, I have brought a friend as well.”

Benito appraised me and then gave me a sudden hug, “And who are you, my beautiful lady?”

Before I could respond, Caderyn said, “Benito, I would like you to meet Belinda, she is here doing research. Belinda, this is Benito, the best chef in Barcelona and a dear friend, be careful he does not seduce you with his food.”

Benito roared with laughter, and with one look in his eyes I knew I was with friends.

He smiled at me and I teased, “Benito, I do not seduce easily, so you better have real magic in you kitchen.”

“Ah, Belinda, you are much too young for me and too beautiful as well, but you might just have what it takes to tame Caderyn. He is forever a rascal as well and deserves to experience the fate of a man in love.”

We sat down and before we could think twice, Benito had removed the menus from the table.

“Allow me to choose? I promise to satisfy you as only a true lover could,” he winked and then patted his generous stomach. Thus we put ourselves in his hands and he assured us we would have a feast. A moment later an attractive lady brought out a bottle of delicious local wine.

Our conversation drifted around our childhood, his in Wales then later the US and mine in Australia and now in UK. We had both traveled extensively though our lives, and found so many common threads in favorite towns, foods and passions.

I loved the way he continued to look in my eyes as we chatted. His presence was nearly overwhelming and when he gazed in my eyes I felt a warm desire to mother him. He scarcely needed mothering, nevertheless I still wanted to pull his head to my breasts, stroke his hair and feel his warm breath against my heart.

We stayed there for hours, but finally the warmth of the fire was dying out and we had long since finished the superb Rioja Braised Lamb Shanks with Saffron Rice. We savored a glass of Amaretto and although we didn’t want the evening to end, we both had a long day ahead of us.

As we walked out in the cool evening air, I shivered. Caderyn quickly pulled his jacket off and wrapped it around my shoulders. I looked up into his face and found his eyes searching mine. He arms were still on my shoulders and he pulled me into him. I eased my head back to look into his eyes and felt his hands gently caress my face. Sliding his hands behind my neck, he pulled me up to his lips.

It was a tender kiss, and lasted only a moment. He then eased back, still gazing in my eyes and we stood there. We continued to gaze into each others eyes, as if searching for where this was leading. Neither of us spoke, we each surely knew the others thoughts, we both wanted each other but we needed to decide what would happen next, for whatever happened next would determine that night, and many nights to come.

Then, I pulled his head down to mine, drawing his lips to mine. I felt his lips on my lips and I parted mine. His tongue darted against my lips then tentatively ventured into my mouth. I responded to his tongue, lashing his with small pokes and licks, teasing him, drawing his tongue deeper into my mouth. His tongue was soon pushing its way into the reaches of my mouth, I was tasting him, sucking on his tongue, kissing his lips and feeling his desire for me increase as he in turn drew my tongue into his, tasting me, allowing me to explore his mouth without reservation.

His body was against mine and my breasts were against his chest. He pulled me tighter, my breasts now pressured into his, feeling his muscles against my nipples sensitized them, my body responded to his body. We slowly swayed, our bodies adjusting to each other’s, each motion sending a shower of impulses to my nerve endings.

His hips pressed into me, and as I felt his manhood rise against my belly. I knew were the night would go and I responded in kind, pushing my body against his, feeling his manhood. I felt weak to his will, yet somehow his tenderness empowered me.

‘I was a pawn to his body, yet he was also a pawn to mine. As I would satisfy his hunger, he would satisfy mine.’

With that known, I eased him back.

“No, stop… We have to stop.”

I felt him resist, then he lessened his grip. We looked in each others eyes. I lightly kissed his lips, looked up into his eyes, now smoldering with fire and although I knew it hurt said, “We have to stop. We can’t do this.”

I could see the lust still in his eyes, but now I also sensed a pain, an ache. He had been brought up to a precipice, and was now being abandoned.

“What do you mean?” his deep voice pleaded.

“We can’t do this… here,” his eyes immediately warmed.

“No… I suppose not, we should go somewhere.”

- - - - - - - - - -

His Tuesday
Day Three

I could see her; the sun had come up and shown on her bed. Her sheer curtains were drawn closed but even through them her silhouette was captivating. She was just getting up and seemed to be headed to the bath. She looked beautiful from here, with a sheer dressing gown.

It was a great way to wake up, and could only be improved if she were in my bed. She stepped out of view and I glanced at the bedside clock. Time to get a shower myself. I pulled myself out of bed and a moment later was in the shower, cool water pouring over my body, waking up my nerve endings. I ran the razor over my face and a few minutes later had finished, dressed and was making a quick cup of coffee before heading out.

The coffee was ready; I added hot cream to smooth out the morning even better. I stood sipping it when I noticed my beautiful neighbor departing. She had her hair down and I could imagine running my hands through it, feeling its silkiness. I still wondered if that had been her at the café yesterday with the older gentleman. Well, perhaps they were just friends, I hadn’t seen anyone else in her apartment.

I finished the coffee and grabbed a light sports jacket as I stepped out into the morning sun. I quickly donned my sunglasses and headed toward the university. Ahead I thought I saw my beautiful neighbor, and hoped to catch up to get a better view of her. I was only a few doorways behind her, when she suddenly turned the corner. I thought she was headed toward the university but as I turned the corner she was gone. I continued several feet before noticing a café on the left.

I paused there, and peered in, trying to see her. But it was too dark and I resigned myself to going on without seeing her. Another block and I saw a news store and stepped in to grab a US paper.

Glancing at the headlines I stepped out the store, nearly running into my neighbor. We both paused, staring at each other only an arms length from each other. I eased my sunglasses down and spoke to her, “Oh… Perdón”.

She appeared surprised but answered, “Caderyn?”

Now I was stunned, how did my neighbor know my name, but wait, the way she said it… ‘My God, it couldn’t be…’


At that moment the ice was broken, she laughed, a beautifully light laugh, yet full of life. I couldn’t help but laugh as well.

I held out my hand, “Belinda, it is a real pleasure to meet you in person.”

She took my hand, and I felt an electric energy in it. Her hand was so soft, as if she had a special lotion she used; her fingers were long and easily met my grasp. I continued to gaze into her brown eyes, as dark as the forest deep.

She was returning my gaze and responded, “Yes, Caderyn, I finally see you, err… meet you…” but then her eyes seemed to wander, glancing furtively down my body before returning to my eyes. This girl was an enigma; I sensed she held a wondrous story that I wanted to read.

“So, you are going to the university?” she asked me, as it seemed we both were.

I was going to find out more about her, “Yes, may I walk with you?”

She nodded her head, and we turned toward the university, only to realize we were still shaking hands, no… holding hands. We both laughed and then continued walking toward the school.

I now guessed that the older gentleman with her the previous morning was Professor Raoul, “So, Professor Raoul is your uncle?”

“Yes,” she answered, “he is married to my mother’s sister and they live here, but what are you doing here?” I felt relief at her answer, as I hadn’t wanted to ask her about her previous days breakfast companion.

“Oh, Raoul didn’t tell you? I have a software system that we are going to be using to analyze segments of the genome against others segments.” I filled her in on my analysis program and was rewarded by her not only understanding; but also learning that she was involved in genome research. We walked the rest of the way discussing different aspects.

What I really wanted to discuss was she and I, and how we could get to know each other better.

As we arrived at the university, I realized I couldn’t wait any longer. I stopped, turned toward her, and pulling my sunglasses off looked into her eyes.

“Will I see you later, for dinner?” I asked her.

Of all things to do, she laughed, and then responded, “Why Caderyn, are you asking me for a date?”

I felt instantly foolish, “Oh, what I really meant to say is…”

Then I looked again in her eyes and saw she wasn’t mocking me so I finished my question, “May I see you later, this evening, for dinner? Belinda, would you please join me for dinner?”

She looked quite serious, almost afraid and she appeared to be holding her breath. She obviously did not take the question frivolously.

Then, after taking a deep breath, she softly answered, “Yes”.

_ _

The day was busy; I pushed to complete the configurations and conduct a pre-test before lunch and finally completed everything in mid afternoon. I called Adrian, and a few minutes later he arrived with the Professor I had seen Belinda with the previous morning, her uncle. We were introduced and once I informed them everything was ready they excitedly left to gather the other researchers and professors.

I busied myself with the final adjustment and loaded my test data. Within a half hour everyone was there in the darkened room, and I commenced with my presentation.

The presentation went well and once completed the crowd gathered around my workstation to get a closer view of the operating system and the variations in search parameters that could be used.

I was happy to see Belinda in the audience, and smiled to her, relishing a momentary thought of anticipation for this evening. Later, as I was demonstrating the search engine capabilities I felt her presence behind me, her perfume reminded me of vanilla and was pleasing to my senses. I turned and looked in her eyes and asked if she would like to use it.

“Yes, Caderyn, please,” She answered and I let her take my place at the keyboard. As I stood up behind her I noticed her uncle looking somewhat surprised and I realized he although he may not have known Belinda and I had met, he surely realized it now.

She drew in a unique contig from her own research and starting adding search limiters. As she studied the screen, I realized how incredibly bright she was, she continued making adjustments in the parameters and I realized she was using geographical references, something I had never thought to use.

I placed my hand on her shoulder and said, “You seem to have a knack at this, perhaps you might want to work with me on it?”

“Oh, Caderyn, I would love to…” She had responded all to quickly then paused as our eyes met. I suddenly realized how distracting it would be to work together.

The group was finally leaving, and I noticed Belinda whispering to her uncle, I didn’t know the conversation but he gave her a quick peck on the cheek so I supposed he was happy. She made her way over to me and as we walked out I took her arm.

She asked me several questions about the presentation, and I finally changed the conversation by asking, “What is you favorite food?”

Her expression warmed and I could see she was a lover of delicious food. Then she smiled earnestly and replied, ““I love the local food, fish and lamb with all the delicious seasonings, the food here is so… satisfying.”

“Fantastic, I think I know the perfect restaurant.” I used the opportunity to take her hand again. Holding it I again, I felt her energy running into me. I intertwined my fingers in hers and relished the feelings her simple touch was giving me. I lead her to a favorite restaurant nearby, it is somewhat hidden but once found; it is never forgotten.

As we entered the restaurant, I saw Benito in back. He motioned us back and as he gave me a bear hug he exclaimed, “Caderyn, how are you my friend?”

“Benito, you old rascal, I am famished and I know your cooking can satisfy me like no other. But you had best behave, I have brought a friend as well.”

I had known Benito for years, having first met him when my father brought me here as a boy. He had been like an uncle to me and had taught me everything I knew in a kitchen; well, everything my mother hadn’t taught me. My upbringing had allowed me an education in Welsh and American cuisine, but Benito had taught me Spanish, Italian and French styles of culinary arts. Still this master had many tricks up his sleeve.

He suddenly looked at Belinda, and gave her a hearty hug before she could resist, then asked, “And who are you, my beautiful lady?”

Fearing I would loose my lovely lady to his charms I stepped in, “Benito, I would like you to meet Belinda, she is here doing research. Belinda, this is Benito, the best chef in Barcelona and a dear friend, be careful he does not seduce you with his food.” He roared with laughter and cast an appraising look at Belinda following it with a smile.

She smiled back and responded, ““Benito, I do not seduce easy, so you must have real magic in you kitchen.”

Benito quickly responded, “Ah, Belinda, you are much too young for me and too beautiful as well, but you might just have what it takes to tame Caderyn. He is forever a rascal as well and deserves to experience the fate of a man in love.”

Rather than spend the evening looking over menus, Benito suggested we allow him to surprise us. Belinda agreed and we were quickly left to ourselves. We spoke of our childhood and I relished hearing about her misadventures in Australia and UK. We had wine and soon thereafter, Benito served us delicious lamb. The hours passed; my attention was on Belinda and thus time passed all too quickly.

As we walked out the restaurant, I saw Belinda shiver in the cool night air. Pulling my jacket off, I turned her toward me, and wrapped it around her. I then pulled her to me, as I did she looked up at me. The moment was right, so I gently touched her face; then eased my hands behind her neck as I pulled her up and kissed her.

It was only a quick kiss, to test the waters. Quickly, I relaxed my grip of her, to gauge her reaction. I knew I wanted her, and I thought she wanted me; but I was still unsure where this was leading. I felt that we had already made love, if only in my mind and wondered if she could compare to my fantasy of her. But even more so, I was afraid that she was too desirable to me, that I would loose myself to her.

I was still looking into her eyes for her decision and trying to decide if we should pursue this attraction when she suddenly pulled my head down to hers, locking a kiss on me that left no question of her intentions.

Her lips opened as she lured my tongue pass her lips, she toyed with my tongue as a small animal might tease a larger one, nipping in and out, daring me to pursue her tongue with my tongue. Deeper into her mouth I ventured.

The further my tongue entered her mouth, the more aggressive she became. Her mouth, tongue and lips combined to become a sensory treat. If ever a man could make love to a woman with only a kiss… that was the moment.

Then she returned attention to my mouth, driving her tongue pass my lips, her tongue creating its own devices for exploring my mouth, finding new passion with each moment of shared lust.

She was arousing me, seriously arousing me, with just her kiss. I pulled her body into mine, feeling her breasts against my chest. I could feel her nipples harden and press into my chest. My hands held her slender back and she was pliable to my body, molding her body that I could feel every inch of her body against mine.

My body continued to press into her, my cock was becoming engorged and pulsed, throbbed and begged for release from the confines of my trousers as it felt her smooth stomach pressuring it.

Yes, I wanted her, more than I have ever wanted any woman. But I also knew she wanted me; she was aching to feel me inside her. I would take her here, now. Neither of us could wait any longer.

Suddenly she pushed me back, breaking our kiss.

“No, stop… We have to stop.” She breathless panted, then gave me a quick kiss.

No, I can’t come this far, how could she ask me to stop. I needed her now! But I did stop, and looked in her eyes.’

She responded to my eyes by insisting, “We have to stop. We can’t do this.”

‘I couldn’t believe her; I needed her more than I have ever needed anyone and now to stop?’

“What do you mean?” I pleaded.

“We can’t do this… here,” her eyes had a mischievous glint in them.

“No… I suppose not, we should go somewhere.”

To be continued…

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