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Thunder Refuge

The leaves crunched under the hooves of my horse as we trudged through the dark spruces. My shotgun in one hand and the reins in the other, I watched all around me for signs of life. The branches still hung low from the past weight of the snow as if they were bowing to the cloud covered sun. It was about sunset, but the whole sky was a murky shade of grays and blacks. The wind was picking up and great claps of thunder could be heard in the distance. A great storm was on its way. There were no other human beings around me for miles, except for my girl, back safe in our home about 50 miles away.

I was out hunting for food, hopefully come across a moose or maybe even a bear. Bear tended to be more gamey than moose meat so I was really hoping for a moose. Even some rabbit or grouse would satisfy me but we needed more food than that to keep us for a while.


The firelight lit up the wooden walls with a glow, the house quiet all except for the crackle of the logs in the hearth. Outside the window, I could slightly see the glow of the moon through the forbidding rain clouds, but the whistle of the wind outside foretold of a night without moonlight to guide Ramsey back home.

After my warm bath I let my long brown and auburn hair dry on my bare back. My young pert breasts gleaming in the firelight, I lay on our bed under a small, soft blanket waiting for my love to come protect me from the gathering storm that haunted our home.


I woke with a start as I heard a loud noise. I could hear the wind outside tearing at the barn door and the rain beating down on the roof and against the windows but I could not figure out what the loud noise was. I sat up slowly with my heart racing in my chest. The thought of it being Ramsey made me moist between my legs. But the more I waited and heared nothing, I began to get scared.

The fire had died down to orange and gold embers so I threw a couple of logs on. The fire crackled and sparks flew into the chimney. I started to pull on my trousers, jacket, and boots so I could go out to the barn to check on things. Just then the barn door slammed against the barn wall sending adrenaline running through me. I quickly buttoned my coat and picked up my own shotgun from the gun stand and made sure it was loaded before going out the door.

It was very dark outside so I took a lantern with me so I could see. It was only a short distance to the big barn from the cabin. As I peered into the barn, I saw nothing but darkness, but then I looked in Jack’s stall, I saw him standing there with his saddle still on and drenched. Before I could wonder where Ramsey was I was taken by surprise as his arms wrapped around me from behind and he began to lay sweet, “I missed you” kisses on my neck. I smiled and turned slowly in his arms as his mouth found mine and kissed me roughly, his tongue exploring my mouth. He took my gun away from me and set it down on the workbench.

“Did you get anything, Darling?” I asked in my girlish tone.

“Yes. I got us a couple rabbits and a moose. It’s around back. As soon as I’m done out here you can cook something for me to eat, as soon as I eat you,” he said in a quiet but deep voice.

I came up to about his chin. He has dark brown semi curly hair covers half of his ears but right now his hair was drenched with the cool rain so it came half way down his clean shaven face. His eyes are a dark green that take my breath away every time he looks at me with them. What I saw there now was passion, love, and lust for me. He has broad shoulders and is very strong with a little bit of hair on his chest.

“Let me take care of this stuff first and I’ll be right in Baby.”

All I could do was smile into his eyes and nod like his good girl. He touched my cheek with one rough finger and then turned to his work. I bounced back to the house with happiness and energy and got undressed and back to my natural state: long, slender, soft legs and arms, flat tummy and full breasts open to the warm night air. My long hair flowed in graceful waves behind me.

I was putting another log onto the fire when I heard Ramsey come through the front door, carrying both our guns, seeing how I forgot mine in the barn in the heat of our hellos. He smiled broadly and looked me up and down like he has never seen me before. He can’t ever get enough of me, and I can’t ever get enough of him.

I walked slowly over to him, swaying my hips with my stride to show off for him. He almost literally drooled over the sight I knew he was seeing. He put the guns on the gun rack above the door and quickly came over to me and kissed me again, this time a kiss of passion and longing. Just then the thunder roared outside and made the windows shake with fervor. My spine made me shiver and he held me closer to him and I gasped as I felt his erection through his pants. This made me soaking wet almost that instant. Only he could make me feel like this. I broke the kiss and began to undress him with experienced hands. He just stood there as I did this with a content smile on his face. His hands caressed my hair as I pulled his pants off of him freeing his erect member before me.

A perfect seven and a half inches stood out before me pulsing with wont for release. I knelt on my knees and looked up at Ramsey with fire in my eyes. His eyes were fierce enough to match mine. I laid sweet kisses on the head of him and then I licked him from the bottom of his shaft to the very tip. I then enveloped his penis with my delicate lips and began to suck him with zeal.

I continued to look up at him as his hands took up my hair and he held my head in place as he began to thrust in and out slowly, savoring every moment. He started to go deeper and deeper. I have always been able to take his whole length down my gullet to give him the maximum amount of pleasure. When his nice swollen friends touched my chin, he slowed to a stop and he bent his head back, just feeling his cock down his girl’s throat was enough to make him want to blow his load then and there.

He could barely take it so he pulled swiftly out of my warm mouth and picked me up and walked briskly over to the soft kind size bed we have that is hiding out in a dark corner of the cabin, but yet close to the fire, and set me slowly on the bed. Our passions were too far into the moment to worry about words or smiles. We both knew how intense our love for each other was, there was no need for worded expressions.

He slowly spread my slender legs apart, revealing my neatly trimmed garden with the beautiful rose underneath. His eyes feasted upon the sight with vehemence. I laid my head on a pillow as he slowly began to lick up and down my pink petals. I was slick with my innermost nectar. I felt more than heard him moan into my womanly folds, the vibrations sending waves of euphoria up my spine. My eyes spun into the back of my eyelids as he dove his tongue deep into me. He was serious when he said he wanted to eat me.

The faster his pace, the closer I came to climax. My head was swinging from side to side with the tormenting pleasure ripping through my slim body. Just as his teeth enclosed onto the tip of my clit, it threw me over the edge and my back arched as my whole body tensed as I came and spilled even more nectar onto his chin and into his mouth. He licked me clean before standing up high above me with his member as hard as it could be.

The thunder continued in the sky as the rain pelted the outside of our warm home. The thunderstorm was showing no signs of letting up yet. The wind still howled outside like a lonesome wolf out on a rocky ledge. It was music to my ears.

Ramsey pulled my knees up to his sides as my butt was pulled to the edge of the bed. The head of his companion pressing gently into the top of my shiny wet rose. Drops of pre cum glistened on him like beads of mountain dew. He slowly pushed into me with ease as I moaned and whimpered quietly from the pleasure. He said it made him feel like a man when I whimpered below him, it was just something I could not help.

Once he was in me completely he began to thrust in and out of me with love driven passion. He leaned over and softly suckled on one of my breasts while his other hand still held my leg up against him. The room continued to spin around me and the heat ravaged my body as he made love to me.

We had been waiting to make a family but in my moment of passion, I did have something to say.

“Ramsey, Love, come in me please. Let’s make a child together,” I softly whispered into his ear.

He looked up into my eyes and a storm like that which was outside took over him at the sound of my words. He picked up the pace and made love to me harder than he ever did before. It drove me insane and I didn’t know how much more pounding love making I could take. Just then I felt him explode in me. I had never felt this because we weren’t ready for a child yet but the intense heat was unbelievable. I felt my womb squeeze him and milk him of every drop he had. He grunted loudly and held me tight. My own fists were in a tight ball clutching the blankets around me and my teeth were clenched in the throes of our love making.

He finished and laid there beside me holding me, being my refuge from the thunder that shook my very heart.


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