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Tinkerbelle, the power of three

Neverland is not without difficult choices.
Richard Ellis, Captain Ellis, Captain Richard Ellis. His name ruminated in Tink’s happy thoughts, over and over in any number of iterations. She wept that this man who saved her Master’s life already was underway and well out to sea by now. She savored the feeling of him deep inside her girl parts, reliving that fullness and heat, the sight and scent of him as he pummeled her body with something that only can be called a gentle forcefulness. Her thoughts troubled Tink for were her sudden, intense feelings for Richard Ellis unfair to her Master James Hook? How could she tell this to her Master? Would he be displeased with her? Abandon her and banish her from his life? If that happened, how could she bear it?

To clear her mind, Tink left the cabin and flew off into the morning sky, high over Neverland. Instead of clearing her mind, this flight made her longings worse for on the horizon Tink spied the three-masted profile of the East India her stern clearly visible as the sunlight glinted from the windows in the Captain’s quarters. Tink thought her tears would fill the sea and she stopped and hovered, not daring to fly closer. If she went to Captain Ellis, could she leave and return to her Master? If that happened, could she survive without Hook? Her heart was torn, no matter what she’d do it would hurt a man she loved and in doing so destroy her. A fact of women is that her orgasms invoke feelings that do not fade when the fluids are washed off or dry on their thighs. Richard Ellis had not simply spilled the product of his gonads into Tink, he filled her soul in ways that would not simply evaporate. Hovering thus, Tink felt paralyzed. If she flew closer she’d capitulate, if she flew back towards her master, she’d be putting more distance between herself and Richard. “Happy thoughts?” she shouted at a pelican cruising by her. “My happy thoughts make me sad!”

As the sun climbed higher into its noon position, the last glimpse of the East India disappeared over the horizon. Sadly, Tink flew back to the Jolly Roger, still in port. The closer she got to the ship the faster she flew, anxious now for the comfort of Master’s arms and the sound of his voice. Above the ship, Tink’s heart leapt at the sight of Hook, barking orders at his crew. His commanding voice brought a familiar tingling and dampness to her girl parts and her nipples perked although it was not chilly. She landed on a yardarm, not quite ready to be in his cabin and certainly not yet ready to face him.

In time though, Tink flew down from her lofty perch and paused an hour on the quarterdeck before taking her place in Hook’s cabin. Tink sat looking at the bunk where her fears about anal penetration had been assuaged by her Master and where Richard had taken a share of her heart as he took her vagina. In many ways, being entered by a lover is akin to losing one’s virginity for it is the first time outside a committed relationship. Like virginity, it’s something that can happen or be given – or taken – only once. They say you never forget your first and equally, you never forget your first ‘outside’ lover. Tink sat on her cot, both happy and melancholy at the same time. She heard her master’s approach and quickly took her place for him, naked and kneeling. “Ah there you are my beautiful lightning bug, Hook said brightly.” “And, how are ye this fine morning?”

“I am well, Master,” Tink replied however there was hesitation in her voice and confusion clouded her eyes.

“I am grateful to ye, Tinkerbelle, that you helped me to repay my debt to Captain Ellis, I hope the experience wasn’t too difficult for you.” Tink’s eyes came into sharp focus upward and to her left as she remembered Richard’s handsome face as his body pummeled hers and a smile smile came to her lips that she quickly suppressed.

“Oh yes, my Master, the experience was not difficult at all, I was thrilled to be of service to you and to the man who saved your life.”

Tink looked towards the windows in Hook’s cabin, out over the stern and westward toward where Ellis’ ship had sailed off and her eyes brimmed with tears. Hook saw the sadness deep within her and a cold fear filled his gut, a fear that he associated only with the sound of the clock in the belly of the crocodile that had taken his hand and roamed the seas looking for the rest of him. Hook rarely experienced fear and it disquieted him greatly.

“She loves him,” Hook thought to himself in quiet realization. “Have I lost her?” Hook had known all along that this was a possibility and he took great pains to delay their sex until the night before the India’s sailing so as to limit the time available. It’s also why he insisted on being there with them buggering Tink even as Ellis took her vagina. How he remembered the heat inside her bowels and the intensity of his cum as it left him like canon fire. Hook was not a man used to the idea of being unsure of himself and yet there he was, unsure of Tink’s love for him. He had to have her and now. Hook began kissing Tink and she responded in kind. The harder he kissed her, the harder she returned the kiss each driven by fear and passion until she was on her back on her cot and Hook was pummeling her girl parts with his prick, not unlike the gunner packing powder in cannon with a ramming rod. The difference was that Hook’s ramming was desperate and chaotic not rhythmic and deliberate. He couldn’t help himself, for as he ejaculated into her, Hook cried out, “I do not wish to lose you lightning bug!”

There. It was said… aloud. Heard and couldn’t be unheard just as the ship’s bell cannot be unrung. “James,” Tink began, “You will not lose me as I would not choose to live without you in my life and my heart, Tink said, her arms reaching out for him.

“And Captain Ellis?”, Hook let the name just hand there like a thing floating in the air between them.”

“And Captain Ellis…” Tink hesitated, her voice catching as the back of her throat burned and her heart wanted to break, “Is gone.” Tink’s sweet eyes squeezed shut and tears squeezed out of them. Hook’s own heart was heavy and is stomach twisted as if punched. Hook did not want Tink to see him so emotional and certainly it would be unseemly for any crewman to witness his affliction.

“Tink, would you please give me an hour’s privacy to collect my thoughts?”

“Y-y-yes, my Master,” Tink said in a shaky voice. Quickly she put on her tunic. She threw her arms around Hook and said, “I love you!”

“And you love him too…” Hook said, more as a statement than a question.

“Yes, my love, I love him too.”

“Please wait a minute,” Hook said and he took the long red ribbon with the Chinese lettering and pinned it around her body, holding her wings furled. “Please go somewhere and give me an hour and then return here.”

Tink left Hook and went to the spar-deck. “Why had her Master bound her wings?” think wondered. “Is it to keep me from flying to Richard? “ “To make me feel secure?” In the end it didn’t matter for she trusted Hook completely. The spar-deck wasn’t private enough and Tink walked the path to town to visit the grave of Bee. She sat there, brushing leaves and bits of dead grass from the tiny grave and laid a wildflower across it. She didn’t speak to Bee, Tink simply drew comfort from being near him. The sting and the itching in her nipple were long behind her but Tink could never forget Bee as he was not part of her life, of her experience, just as Hook and Ellis were. Tink simply sat and gathered herself for her return to Hook and whether he’d keep her, dismiss her or enslave her.

Hook tried to busy himself in his cabin but his head would not clear. He tried to be angry with Tink but he could not. He tried to be angry with Ellis but that didn’t work either for he loved Ellis. Ellis is the reason he was still alive and since then, they’d shared many an evening drinking, wenching and swapping stories of varying truthfulness about battles, raids, weathered storms and all manner of seamanship. They were blood brothers. “What to do, what to do, what to DO!”, Hook slammed his hook into the desk, its honed point scratching his oaken desktop. Sitting in his chair wearing only his breeches, Hook wondered if he could give Tink up – live without her. With his bollocks feeling pleasantly empty, Hook knew instinctively that he could not. Always a man to trust his instincts, Hook’s mind came to the realization that if he held Tink too tightly, he would indeed lose her. Would he lose her if he allowed her to be with Ellis again? Would she return? Could the two men share her affections? Were they a triangle? Hook thought for a long time about strength and about triangles. Hook reasoned that the strongest sheet in his sails, the Spinnaker, was indeed a triangle. Could the three of them exist as a triangle? Perhaps. Thinking about the chemistry between them and of another chemical triangle, Hook compared themselves to fire. Although an uncontrolled fire aboard ship is a deadly and fearsome thing, no ship could be built or operated without fire. Fire itself is a chemical triangle, a reaction between fuel, heat and oxygen. Their triangle could be based on love, passion and trust.

Without doubt, Hook loved Tink. He also loved Richard Ellis and knew that the debt of his life couldn’t realistically be paid by a single night in the pussy of the woman he loved. That wasn’t really fair to anyone. Having reached a decision, Hook put on a shirt and busied himself at his chart table until Tink arrived. When he heard her arrive on his threshold, Hook quickly stripped naked and knelt in her place.

“My Master!” Tink cried upon entering the cabin. Shocked she ran to him and knelt with him, holding and kissing him! “Why are you thus?”, Tink asked, completely confused.

“My beautiful lightning bug, “Hook began. “I love you and I know and trust that you love me. I also know and trust that you love my brother, Richard Ellis.” “My trust in you gives me the fortitude to trust that you never will leave me for very long, even when you’ve been with him.” You did, after all, go flying this morning and you returned to me.” If you are sad for losing him, then you aren’t a full woman with me and we both suffer.” If you cry I taste salt.”

Hook rose and said, “Please come with me to the chart table, lightning bug.” The pair held shaking hands as they walked the short two-meter span to the table. “Hook unrolled a chart that he had prepared earlier. “This is our position now “ , Hook said. “And this is where this ship will be in two weeks time,” he said, showing a dead-reckoning navigation path. “Between now and then we will be along this course,” Hook showed her. “This course, will lead you to the East India,” hook said as Tink drew a sharp intake of breath and her heart leapt. “Be careful over this bit of sea, for it is the Sargasso sea and a dangerous place for mariners.” “We call it the Bermuda Triangle,” and it’s a place where many sailors have died and none of us knows how or why.”

Tink felt afraid of the long trip with few places to rest, and yet, fear could not keep her from Richard’s arms or his bed. “I will be careful my Master, and…I will return to you…. Soon.” Hook unfastened the red ribbon and returned it to a drawer beneath his bunk.

“I know you will my darling lightning bug,” said Hook and for the first time she saw tears in his eyes. She kissed away those tears and they held each other for a very long time before falling into his bunk where they made love with an intensity that left the two of them trembling. Hook’s hammered hers as though they’d be separated forever and she received him with equal intensity. They both fell into a deep sleep afterwards and then made love again in the morning. Afterwards, Hook dressed quickly and kissed her. “I cannot bear to watch you fly off to him,” Hook said, “So I will say goodbye here.” Return soon, my love.”

“I will,” Tink said part of her heart aching and part of it thrilled. “Until then, my lover James.”

The route from Neverland to London and back was well known to Tink but this route took her further than ever she’d flown before for London was only a brief rest stop along the way. From there to Neverland was a simple formula, a pinch of pixie dust, a happy thought and from there it was first star to the right and straight on till morning. The next leg, South and West over the triangle was much more daunting. Tink flew high as she dared, the sooner to see the East India. Hers was a risky choice. The higher she flew the sooner she’d see Richard’s ship but it was colder at altitude and the air was thinner. If the sun ducked behind a cloud and her wings froze here she’d fall into the sea. Tink reasoned that there were few if any mermaids in the Sargasso Sea for if there were, so many mariners would not have been lost; for mermaids instinctively save sailors in danger. Tink saw a mast on the horizon and hear heart pounded hard as she went into a long dive flying hard towards her! Alas, the ship wasn’t the East India but rather a Spanish Galion heading East. Tink chose to come in behind the ship so as to avoid discovery by her lookouts in the crow’s nest and she alighted to rest on an aft-mast yardarm.

After resting, Tink took to the skies again and flew a large circle to the West. There she was! The India! Like a bullet, Tink flew so quickly that her wings ached and the wetness from her vagina coursed along her thighs and legs, nearly freezing in the rare air at 3,000 meters. Tink flew lower to keep her legs strong and she flew a quick circle around the ship looking for Richard. She found him on the quarter-deck, distracted by his view through his telescope. “Remember me?” Tink asked quietly. Richard’s back straightened like a ramrod and he spun around to face her.

“You!” Ellis cried as he spun. “It’s YOU!” Ellis reached for her and the two fell into each other’s arms as long lost lovers. “Why have you come?”

“Because I need you.”

“Is Hook all right?” asked a worried Ellis.

“Oh no, my Master is quite alright,” Tink said, “Between us we realized that I need you and I need him.” He needs me and he also loves the friend you are to him.” “He has sent me to be with you for awhile and then I will return to him for another while and then back and forth between you.”

“That’s a lot of flying,” Ellis observed.

“It’s a lot of loving,” Tink corrected and she brought her lips to his.

In Captain Ellis’ cabin the two made love for a day and a half before resting, stopping only for shared nourishment. Their mouths, boy and girl parts and arms and legs made love with each corresponding part on the other. Richard loved her, fucked her playfully spanked her and slept close to her. Tink drew his thick cock into her mouth and into her womanhood. In all, Tink stayed for a week until the ‘India’ was in port and her cargo secured in her holds. When the ship was loaded for the voyage to Neverland, Tink readied herself to fly ahead and reunite with Captain Hook. When the East India arrived she would belong to both men. On her final kiss with Richard, before taking wing, Tink held tightly to him. “In Neverland…” he said, his voice filled with hope and confidence.

“In Neverland,” Tink replied. “A lot of flying indeed,,,” she thought. “I must stock up on Pixie Dust, there are more than enough happy thoughts…”

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