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Today she turned 18, finally a woman Part 1

True story... or not? You decide. Part 1 of 2
Sophie had been with Dave for only 5 months but she was so in love with him. She'd never felt this way about anyone, the he held her, caressed her and kissed her lips so sweetly. They knew it was love, so did everyone else.

When she brought him home only 2 months ago her parents loved him too. He brought out the good side of her, and the naughty side. He was the only one who she could ever trust with her life.

They spent her birthday together, it felt like it was only the two of them in the entire world. She was never a fan of big parties so that evening they spent with Sophies family and a few friends in the pub, all she wanted was a nice meal and a few drinks with the people she loved. It was the 1st time she'd ever had a drink and she certainly knew it, her body temperature slowly started to go up, she slowly started to feel wet and she wanted Dave, badly.

The vodka and cokes she had been drinking all for the last few hours had taken effect, to her it felt again like there was no one else in the pub but her and Dave.

She wanted him then and there, over the table would be perfect as long as he was inside her quickly. But she knew that it may be inappropriate with her parents being there and all,so quietly started to take her heels off and began to stroke his leg with her baby soft feet, moving closer and closer to his big cock, he looked at her from across the table and grinned at her, he knew exactly what she wanted but he was going to make her wait, and she knew it...

A few hours later she was quite drunk, very horny and extremely wet. They decided to go home, they decided to watch a DVD and relax. Sophie went upstairs to change into her silk black nighty and little black thong. What she didn't know was Dave had been watching her from the doorway, watching her undress, he watched as she pulled her skirt down over her curvy supple ass, his cock growing harder and harder the whole time.

He waited until she had changed and, he didn't say a word, just walked over to her and moved her hair from her neck and kissed it gently. He moved his hands over her breasts and down to her silk covered pussy, she gasped as he slipped two fingers into her wet cunt and she moaned gently as he rubbed his thumb against her swollen clit.

She wanted him so badly but he was going to make her wait. They kissed passionately and as she nibbled his lower lip, he grabbed her ass and pulled her towards him. He told her to go downstairs and be with the family, she was reluctant but she did as he requested.

After a few more hours of drinking, chatting and watching films, exchanging glances between the two, Sophie got more and more wound up, she was very drunk and wanted him more than ever. As the night went on her friends gradually went home and her parents went to bed. At last, they were alone.

Sophie was on the sofa watching the film, Dave got up and walked over to her, didn't say a word and kissed her. He stood back up and she began to nuzzle his cock through his jeans, she started to undo the zip and looked up at him with a sparkle in her eye, full of innocence. His big cock was throbbing as she licked the tip and grasped the base and cupped his big full balls. She began to suck his cock, she tried to take all of it in her mouth but she couldnt, it was too big. She wasn't very experienced in doing this but he wasn't complaining.

He told her to lay back on the sofa. He quickly dropped his jeans and moved her thong to the side to reveal her little smooth pussy and quickly was thrusting his big thick cock inside of her, every time with him felt like the 1st time because he stretched her and the feeling of it was just intense. He started to pull the straps of her silk nighty down over her shoulders to reveal her breasts, every time he thrust into her they bounced and he loved the visual of it, he held her breasts and teased her nipples while fucking her hard. It wasn't long before he came hard deep inside her...

To be continued...

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