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Making LOVE in a truck bunk
I drive an 18-wheeler solo, but in my daydream state of mind, there is a special LUSH friend that rides along in my mind. This is dedicated to her as she was the source of inspiration for this short story and she knows who she is! In my mind, at the end of the day, we are...


I hope you’ve had a good day. Right now, I’m parked in a large parking lot, back in the sleeper bed. I’ve been thinking of you all day and I do not want to make love to you. Nor do I want you to make love to me. I want us to make sweet love to each other…together. Let’s make slow, soft, sweet love. I am imagining you lying beside me in the bunk made for one. Being crowded in the bunk just adds to the building passion of the night. The truck motor is idling and that creates a throbbing sensation that carries through to our bodies. The radio is playing some love songs. The night is ours to kindle a flame of passion and fan the fire as high as we like.

I can taste your kiss on my lips as our tongues do a soft duel for dominance across the threshold of our lips. Your chin is tilted back exposing your throat to me in an instinctual sign of submission to my advances. I can taste the slight saltiness of your skin as I lightly nibble on your skin under your jawline and nip on your ear lobe.

Lying on our sides facing each other in the narrow confines of the bunk, I can feel your hand rubbing up and down my back as mine does the same to you, and our hands are gradually loosening our clothing. We take a moment to remove our shirts and press our warm bodies together as we hug and kiss some more. Our lips are hungry, starving even, for the passion we are building in our kissing. I manage to kiss over your upper chest along your collar bone as I seek your breasts. I can feel the heat building in your body. Its like you are becoming inflamed and my lips are catching and spreading the fire.

My hand has found the clasp of your bra and released it. Now your breasts are pressed against my chest and your nipples pressed against mine. We savor the feeling as our nipples grow taut with the stimulation. Our finger tips draw tight circles around and across the tips. We take turns mouthing … kissing … suckling ... on each other ... breasts ... neck ... lips ... all for our mutual consumption to sate our growing hunger for passion.

Our bodies are pressed together. Our arms are pulling us tightly together as our hips are slowly, sensually beginning to do that natural mating dance. My hand gradually finds the snap of your shorts and unsnaps it. Your hand has released mine also. We are in no hurry as we stroke each others body and begin to work our way into that secret, private zone where our passion is beginning to center itself. Our hands and fingers work their way under our clothing seeking the pleasures we know are hidden there.

I stop for a moment and slide your shorts down and off. In doing so, your knees spread apart revealing your shaved, neatly trimmed pussy to me. I can see that there is already a light trickle of your love honey beginning to flow.

I remove my shorts, we both are naked now on the bunk. Our bodies are beginning to feel the burn of rising passion, but we know we have all the time needed to make love, that slow, tender, full-of-passion kind of love. We are not hurried as we want to rub, caress, tease, taste, and kiss each others body. We almost seem to mimic what the other is doing.

Your hand has found my semi-firm cock and my balls. Your fingers delight in fondling my balls and my cock. Your hand cups the whole package taking its measure. All the while, my cock is growing firmer and your kisses are more insistent on my lips. You begin to lightly tug on my cock as you slowly stroke it. Your grip is so gentle and just under the head. I can feel your grip tighten slightly as I lightly grasp a nipple between my teeth and pull it slightly. Releasing that, I suck your nipple into my mouth. I delight in the feeling of your tip on my tongue.

My sucking your nipples mimics the rhythm of your stroking my cock. We are in no hurry, the bunk bed seemingly throbs with passion as the idling truck engine sends out its vibrations.

My hand cups your pussy and gently squeezes the whole of it. My middle finger senses the growing moisture of your love flow. I slowly slide first one and then two fingers into your juicy pussy, in and out and caressing your special internal spot. My lips and tongue are reluctant to leave your breasts, but I must have a taste of your pussy’s love juice. My seeking your pussy causes us (me) to change positions so that I am now lying beside you and now we are kind of in a side-by-side “69” position. I can continue to manually stimulate your spongy g-spot and I now also begin to kiss your pussy lips and tease your clit with the tip of my tongue.

You softly grasp my cock with just the head sticking above the circle of your thumb and forefinger. There is a drop of precum fluid seeping out. Without hesitation, you kiss the tip of my cock and suck that drop of fluid onto your tongue to taste it. I murmur my appreciation as you lightly tease the “V” sweet spot under the head with your tongue. As you are teasing that spot, you gradually take the head into your mouth and suck lightly like you are savoring the flavor, or keeping up with a melting cone of ice cream, just on the head. That is such a sweet blissful torment to me, and you are doing it so lovingly without being asked.

I slide my fingers out of your pussy and offer them to you to suck on to taste your own love juice. My mouth now covers your pussy and my tongue wiggles its way in, trying hard to drink the flow dry. My tongue and lips separate your lips and caress them on the way to your clit. I kiss your clit, I tickle your clit with the tip of my tongue. I suck your clit, and the flow now gushes from your pussy flooding, soaking my tongue and filling my mouth.

Your mouth and tongue are trying to mimic on my cock what is happening to your pussy, you are tonguing the tip of my cock while sucking the whole of it. My heart soars with joy at the sensation and with the knowledge you are doing this so freely, so willingly, so lovingly. You have honored me in such a special way, and made me feel like I'm special to you. I just hope the feeling is mutual, not just for tonight, but always.

I reluctantly change positions again and am now lying over the top of you. I hold your legs back with your knees draped over my shoulders. You murmur your encouragement and desire for lovemaking to the fullest. You are now totally exposed to me and your pussy glistens in the soft lighting. Your pussy lips are swollen with desire and from having been nibbled and sucked on.

Your pussy gapes open slightly in anticipation and want for my cock head to make its entrance and fill you. We are in no hurry, so to prolong this I just slide my cock up and down your slit. The feeling can’t be described as the “V” sweet spot of my cock head slides over your clit. I feel it, you feel it, on an emotional level as well as the physical we are experiencing just now. We kiss and our mouths can seemingly taste the rising passion and desire emanating from our loins.

At last, you reach down and guide my cock into the entrance of your pussy. We need no additional lubrication, your pussy is wet and flowing and my cockhead is wet from you having sucked and kissed it as well as all the love juice gathered just now. We begin slowly rocking back and forth until I am fully inside your pussy. The heat…what can I say? You are already beginning to clamp down and I gradually speed up my thrusting. Your clamping/squeezing is on the withdrawal portion of my action.

I am beginning to feel like we are going to “O” together and I try to go deeper, and I try to go harder…and you try to squeeze your pussy even tighter…and my ball sack is bumping on your taint and ass in rhythmic time to my thrusting. At last! We tighten up, with you raising your bottom up to meet and hold my final couple of thrusts, and our pubic bones are hard pressed together as we both experience our “O”… together... on the bunk made for one, listening, feeling the throbbing of the motor through the truck and through our heaving bodies.

After several minutes of kissing and mutual caressing one another, my cock has slowly fallen out. I turn around and slide down and tenderly kiss your pussy clean. You once again take my cockhead, and even more, into your mouth, as you suck our lovemaking juices into your mouth.

Sweet sleep comes easily like a fog softly rolling in upon the night, your head using my inner thigh for a pillow and mine using yours.

This is what I’ve been thinking today. Is it purely fantasy or just another unfulfilled bit of reality?

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