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Token Honeymoon — episode 12

June organises one more extravaganza.

Dan cooked supper while June sat and watched. She had little choice with the chain on her collar anchored to the table and her hands cuffed behind her back. Dan enjoyed glancing at her as he worked, aware of his growing erection underneath the apron he had donned to avoid spitting fat.

When he was ready he poured two glasses of wine and served the results of his work, seared fish with pan fried scalloped potatoes and a tossed salad.

"Are you going to feed me or do I get my hands back?"

"I thought I'd feed you."

"Can I have mayonnaise on the potatoes?"

Dan almost ran to the fridge.

"Dan darling, I am supposed to be the slave, you ought not to run at my every wish."

"You're not a slave, you're a pet," he said, squirting mayonnaise onto the potatoes. "Owners are attentive to pets. Does the mayonnaise remind you of anything?"

She giggled. "I'm deprived of that, Mandy had it all if you remember."

"Would you have preferred it if they'd all come over you?"

She stopped chewing for a moment and ran her tongue around her lips. "I think they call it a blow-bang don't they? Like a gang-bang only all blowjobs. Could you cope with seeing me do that?"

Dan cut another piece of fish, speared it with the fork and fed it to June.

"Would I have to organise it?" he said. "I mean would I be there, joining in?"

"Endless isn't it," she said. "So many questions. You could set it up or I could, but I think I'd like to be in chastity, so no one got tempted to try anything else."

"Yeah but…"

"I want you there, darling. I don't want to do things behind your back, or on camera or whatever. I want you there and if it's not fun for both of us then it goes off the list."

"But do we have to try it?"

"If we don't we'll never know," she glanced for a moment to read his face. "But we don't have to try everything single thing love, though it is cute to think we might. While we're here there is a lot of um, entertainment available. It seems a shame not to use it."

"Said the beautiful sex pet."

"Said the hungry pet. Could you feed me please and play with me afterwards. I got no protein while Mandy was having fun and I was too busy to get much to drink."

"Sorry pet." Dan, looking crestfallen fed supper to June, taking alternate mouthfuls himself. After the fish they had a little ice-cream and then Dan undid the chain and took her to the bathroom. "I'll unlock your belt and bathe you. I bet you're a little sticky."

"Is it going back on for the night?"

"I think so."

"With the plugs?"

"What do you think?"

"That's not fair, you're supposed to be the master. You shouldn't ask me to devise my own punishments."

"Why not? You're the one who got all that expertise behind my back. You're the expert, so you can devise the punishment."

"I might let myself off."

"Maybe, but that would be a good test. I'd be able to tell I think. If you do that I'll know what you think of your behaviour."

She lay back in the bath, closing her eyes and allowing the water to flood all over her. One hand crept down to her pussy mound.

"I'll do that bit."

"Yes master," she said, putting her hands behind her head. Dan washed her, his fingers spreading her labia, letting water flow into her and playing with her anus until he thought she was clean. He pulled her upright and patted her dry before applying moisturising cream all over her. He relocked her hands, attached the chain to her collar and let her out into the living room.

"What you need now is fresh air," he said, leading her out of the chalet into the cool of the evening.

"Where are we going?"

"Where ever I decide," he said, "but it's a secret."


"I'll cover your eyes. When we were at the shop I saw this amazing mask, I've been keeping it as a surprise." He delved into his bag and pulled out a black hood, holding it up so she should see the fine lace.

"I'll be able to see through that."

"Not quite. It's a little bit solid in the right places. When we're walking along, you should be able to see the ground, but not much else." He pulled it over her head and stretched it here and there until it was a snug fit, with a hole around her mouth leaving her lips visible.


"I can see the ground and your feet, not much else." She turned to look towards the sunset. "I can see where the sun is." She turned back towards him. "I can make out where you are. Don't do this for too long Dan, you're a shadow of your former self."

Dan laughed, kissed her and laughed again. "Okay, lets go. No rush, we can dawdle."

Ten minutes later they arrived at one of the beach bars. They sat listening to the sea.

"I hope you're getting plenty of jealous lecherous glances." Her voice was soft, warm, no more than a whisper.

"We'll see," he said, putting his bag on the table in front of him and setting the GoPro filming.Her lips nuzzled his ear.

"I thought you said filming was off limits."

"How did you know?"

"I can see the ground," she said, "or your camera in your bag on the table when it's right under my eyes. So tell me clever clogs, am I getting lecherous glances?"

"That's a secret until we get back." Dan locked the chain to the table and stood up to head for the bar.

"Are you going to leave me here like this? What if someone comes?"

"I'll watch."

With the mask on Dan couldn't even tell if she was smiling. He could feel his stomach flutter as he stood up and he knew his heart rate had risen. None of that got any better as he joined the queue at the bar.Why was he doing this? It seemed like a good idea when he set off, but that felt like ages ago and he hadn't thought about getting drinks. There were too many people at the bar. He stood at the side so he could watch the queue and see June. Being out of control, that's what was in his mind, and maybe to teach her it wasn't such a clever idea, or to see how far it could go. How much could she cope with? The queue seemed to be slow, or maybe it was because his pulse was racing. He saw people looking at her, not surprising because she looked stunning but every time anyone walked in that direction he almost died. By the time he got near the bar he'd forgotten what June wanted, he couldn't go back empty handed so ordered a white wine and got himself a double whisky.

As the barman was filling the glasses he saw two guys sit at June's table. There was a brief conversation and then one of them stood up and came close to June. She reached out and took his cock in her hand and then seconds later the other guy approached her other hand.

Dan turned to the barman. "Deux bier encore s'il vous plait." he picked up the glasses in one hand and grabbed the beer bottles in the other, turned and headed back to the table. Amongst the hubbub he couldn't hear what June was saying and with the mask she had no way of knowing he was close. He stopped a yard behind her and by then he'd heard enough words to know they were speaking english.

He stood, waiting and watching until one of them looked at him."You want her to blow you?"

"Who the fuck are you?"

"The guy with the key to that chain."

"Are you crazy?" said the other guy, "leaving a dish like this on her own."

"I wasn't far away and she couldn't go anywhere. You guys should thank me."

Dan almost held his breath after he'd said the words, kept smiling and waited. "Were you serious about the blowjobs?"

"I got you beers, take a seat and lets talk about it. June has the final say." He handed them the beers and sat alongside June, putting the wine glass where he knew she could see it. As the guys drank, Dan relaxed and June began to smile.

"I've had a hard day," she said, her voice sounding strained. "Don’t you guys have girlfriends? Or are you gay?”

They both laughed. “The girls took the night off, too much booze and sunshine.”

“They don’t mind you chatting up random sex slaves?”

This time the laughs were snorts, animalistic grunts, until one of them said, “They’re probably out cheating on us right now.”

June’s voice took on a rough edge. “I guess that’s okay then, but could you guys get by with a rain check. Leave us a number and I'll call you."

"What kind of hard day has she had?" The dark haired guy asked, curiosity infecting his voice.

"How many blow jobs was it Love?"

"Eleven," The croak in her voice got stronger.

"Some of them were bigger than you two. I guess you can hear the after effects. I need a drink and a rest but we're here for a few more days. I really will call you."

"Who were these guys you blew?"

June turned to Dan, clutching her throat as if it was sore, mouthing, “You tell them."

"A couple we met were having a gang-bang for the wife, they needed a fluffer."

"Awesome, and she took eleven guys?" The blond man's eyes were wide open.

"Seven guys but some came round for a second go."

"Still awesome," said the other guy. "So, you want numbers?" June nodded.

A minute later Dan had their numbers in his phone. The guys finished their beers and stood up. June beckoned them towards her chair and as the first got close she reached out, grabbed his cock and pulled him nearer. The other guy got the hint and came close on the other side. A second later she had the first one in her mouth, but only for a second or two.

"A goodbye kiss," she croaked and turned to the other one for the same treatment. When they'd gone she turned to Dan.

"Can we go home or is there something else you want me to do?"

"Home is fine by me. Is your throat that bad?"

"Good isn't it," she said, beginning to speak normally. "I thought you'd like that."

“You were faking it?”

“You’d be surprised what I can fake.”

"Yeah, I bet we have some of those on film. Promise me you won't do that with me."

"Why not?"

"If I can't make you come then I need to know and I need to learn."

"Sometimes it's fun to fake it."

"I'm serious. You're two hundred days ahead of me. You can run rings around me. You have to give me the chance to catch up."

"Dan, finish your drink and take this mask off please. We're done with this game, you need to see my face."

Dan took the key from the chain around his neck, reached the back of the mask and undid the padlock, eased the lace from her head and smoothed her hair back into place.

"Now look at me," she said. "I promise not to fake with you, at least until the end of the year. After New Year's day we're even. I know that's not two hundred days, but it's close and easy to remember."

Everything about her had changed in an instant, her level gaze, standing upright, shoulders back, everything about her said I’m serious. "Got that? Believe me?"

He pulled her into his arms.


"Okay," she said. "Now we can get on with the rest of our honeymoon adventures, unless you want all the games to stop."

"No," he said. "No need to stop but can we take the rest of the night off. I kind of scared myself back there and my heart needs a rest."

"What happened, I couldn't see, remember?"

"The queue was too long, I left you there, you looked so vulnerable."

"I thought that was the idea." She studied his face for a second then put her ear on his chest, listening, eyes closed, concentrating. "Well," she said. "You were heroic. I never guessed, I thought it was all part of the plan. You can fake as well as me. Take me to bed." She giggled, "We both need the rest."

June insisted on sleeping in the chastity belt. In the morning Dan unlocked her and they did their beach run with yoga before Dan bathed her. She demanded to be locked up again.

"We're way past eighteen hours, how does it feel?"

"I'm horny, but that's not the point. I have a plan for today and I don't want to be distracted."

"When do I find out what this plan is?"

"Carry your phone with you so I can find you and you can do whatever you like for an hour or two. I'll call you when I'm ready or I'll find you with the find my phone thing."

"What do you mean — do what I like?"

"Whatever; do what you like, but don't do who you like, I'll need your energy later. Give yourself a breather, time to think or just sunbathe, but keep your stamina up because when I find you it might be intense. No one can fuck me with this on and I'm not taking a toothbrush, so you can check my mouth when I get back. I have a plan. Relax, go with it."

"How long?"

"I don't know, but not all day, my plan includes you but not at the start. I'll be a couple of hours for sure."

Dan didn't have time to argue before she was out of the door.

"You didn't have breakfast," he yelled as the door closed, but she didn't come back.

"What am I supposed to do, starve till you come back?" he muttered. She said do whatever you like and keep your stamina. That sounded like breakfast was in order, can't have stamina without food. He spent ten minutes making pancakes, set the stack on one side because he preferred them cold and set about cooking bacon. He thought about eggs as well but decided that there was no point in being greedy.

He ate the pancakes, spread with butter that didn't melt because they were cold; added maple syrup, savoured the bacon and had two cups of coffee. After that he had a long shower and then checked his phone in case she'd called. What now? There must be some game she'd imagined or did she want him to miss her. She could be walking along the beach doing nothing, but that didn't seem like her. Did she want to show off her chastity belt without him around? But she'd worn it at Mandy's party and at the beach bar. There had to be some devious plot.

Almost for something to do he got out the camera and played back the last of the recording from Mandy's. He watched as Mandy asked Bob why Dan had a handful of cum.

"I was trying to come on her face but he stopped me."

"But I said I had to have all the cum."

"Yeah well you said you'd punish her. I thought you wanted an excuse. I thought you'd whip her or something."

"And you wanted to see that?"

"Kind of, but more for you. I thought it would be a treat for you."

Dan heard Mandy giggling. "You're a devious bastard aren't you. It wasn't fair though. Dan was a step ahead of you. He's a smart guy and he's got a hell of a wife."

"Sorry, I thought you'd like it."

"I'm going to keep an eye on you," she said. "I think a little whipping would be good for you."

"But I was doing it for you."

"And you failed, so it's only right."

Dan couldn't hear the next part as they moved away from the camera. The tape ran to where Dan reappeared to collect his bag. He turned off the recording, uploaded it to the computer so he could show June later, wiped the card and put it back in the camera. He set the camera to charge, looked around the house for something else to do and found nothing.

Should he go out? June said she'd find him but was that reliable? The laptop was still open on the table since he'd uploaded Bob and Mandy's scheming. He flipped open the New York folder. Did she get better at it? He opened the first file, eight days after she arrived in New York. The wedding picture was on the screen, exactly as she'd said. On this tape he could see her alarm clock on the dresser, eight o'clock.

The sex lasted only ten minutes and with some small talk before and after the man left by eight-thirty. She didn't sleep with him.

He watched the crucial parts again and although her attempts at enthusiasm were clear there was an amateurish flavour to the whole thing. Maybe she was right, she needed to improve.

He skimmed through the files looking for a date halfway through her stay. This time the wedding picture was still in place but he couldn't see the clock. Hang on, he thought, the metadata will tell me; time of recording, eight-thirty.

Knowing he could check them all was a relief. He soon had the screen showing the lists of files so he could read the time each was created. As he paged down through the two hundred and fifty five New York videos he could see that every one was made between six and nine-thirty in the evening.

She was right, she never slept with any of them. A little voice in his head was whispering but maybe she did if she turned off the camera, but before he could feel depressed another thought hit.

It took a few minutes to find the records of the Skype calls and to realise that she had taped them too. It took a little more work to match up the dates with the sex files. She was right about that too, she always called him afterwards and he'd seen the apartment. The place she had the Skype camera gave a view into the bathroom and he'd seen no one there. Had she made sure he could see that the flat was empty? Unless someone was hiding under the bed there was  never anyone there when she skyped.

The New York escapades were all about learning. The certainty lifted his spirits. She had done what she said. Never slept with any of them. Did she get better at it?

Sampling a few from near the end was interesting and there wasn't any doubt, by the last month she was a polished performer, the deep throating was the most obvious thing, by then she had skill, taking any size with obvious expertise. She had them in her power. Some of them were experienced but she managed them all. The way she worked at sex was totally different, so many positions and she was so seductive.

There was only one nagging question left in his mind, did she like it so much now it had to be part of their lives forever? Did he have to go along with it? He made more coffee and pondered. One lesson from the Bob and Mandy episodes was that if you made other people part of your sex life then you lost some control.

Was that inevitable? If they both put their minds to it could they manage it. They had to talk. He hoped that June wasn't planning anything too distracting, though with her being this mysterious… Mysterious, yes that was the word, better than secretive. With June sure of herself, whatever was coming up would need all his attention.

He opened the laptop again and typed furiously, trying to get his thoughts ordered and into the memory before June came back.

Dan was still typing when June reappeared.

"What are you writing?"

"Stuff I don't want to forget."

She strolled across to stand behind him, watching the words flow onto the page.

Losing Control:- How far to go? If we are in someone else's game, we have no control but we might put ourselves in danger.

How do we decide who to trust? Best if only one of us is out of control.

Dan stopped typing, and turned to June. "I'm done for now."

"Looks like heavy stuff. Did you get scared yesterday?"

"In hindsight."

"You can't be scared in hindsight."

"You might not but I can, when it's you in danger."

June wrapped her arms around him and kissed the back of his neck. "It's a good thing you weren't in New York."

"Because I'd have stopped you? Maybe, but perhaps I'd have learned how to cope."

"All this is from seeing me sitting alone at the beach bar?"

"No, well partly that, but Bob and Mandy too. I watched the rest of the tape and it proves that Bob was plotting to get you whipped. He wanted to come on your face so Mandy would punish you. He thought she'd like it. He wanted to give her a treat. I watched the last of the movie, the part before I remembered I'd left my bag."

"What would you have done if she had wanted to whip me?"

"Taken you home."

"I might have liked it."

"I wouldn’t."

"What if I did?"

"Then I'd do it. I'd learn what you liked and make sure it was done right."

There was a long pause. June walked around the table and sat opposite Dan, studying his face. "That's a dilemma isn't it."

"In what way?"

She smiled, reached out and took his hands in hers. "It's this couple thing. Until now I've done what I liked and gave myself the excuse I was doing it for you. I can't do that any more. In a way that's good but what if you were too possessive? I might like being whipped by a stranger, not knowing how far they would go, getting angst in case I'd made a mistake, taken it too far. I can't get any of that with you because you're too nice. You'd be looking out for me even while you were using a whip."

"I never thought of it like that."

"If you hit me too hard, hurt me, went further than I could cope with, then you'd feel awful afterwards.  If someone else hurt me I'd have you to run home to, to pick me up afterwards."

"So it would always have to be a stranger."

"No love I'm not saying that. I haven't thought it through at all and neither have you. I think that's for another day - maybe when we get home."

"When you're a pony girl?"

"Oh yes." June jumped up. "Oh yes. I'd forgotten that. Is that a promise."

"It needs research, but I don't see why not and it would be a way of exploring all that fetish and BDSM stuff. Neither of us have done that so we'd be starting equal."

"Darling that is a brilliant idea. I love having something to look forward to when we get home. I know it will be lovely, what you've done to the place and all that, and this has been fantastic, and we're not done yet, but wouldn't it be awful if we had so much fun here that when we got home it was an anticlimax? Now it can't be. I'm married to a genius."

Dan couldn't help a silly grin creeping over his face. Trying to get himself back together, he saved the notes on the laptop and closed the lid.

"Now what was this plan of yours?"

"Um, well, it's awkward. I'm putting you on the spot, especially after what we've just been talking about."

"Go on," his voice sank, he might as well have said 'what now?’

"You remember the guys at the bar last night."

"You want to fuck them?"

"No, well yes, but not now. I want you to fuck their girlfriends."

"How the hell am I going to do that?"

"They'll be here in a few minutes. I phoned the guys and met them and talked to the girls. I kind of did a deal. I didn't want to mess anything up for them so I asked the girls about the guys and they wanted to know what they got out of it."

"And you suggested me?"

"Well both of us in a way." She fixed him with a nervous smile. "It's the cuckqueen thing. I get them to fuck you."

"And what does the cuckqueen do, apart from watching?"

"Get them going, lick them out and all that."

"'All that', being what?"

"Well being their slave girl, and yours too. Getting the drinks, doing as I'm told, like any slave would…"


"And getting whipped if it doesn't go well." She stopped, staring at the table, not daring to look at Dan's face. There was a long silence.

"In a few minutes you said?"


"And if I don't perform well, then you get whipped?"


"Nothing like an incentive is there."

The doorbell rang and June ran to it before Dan could say anything. There was a babble of female voices and seconds later June led two women into the room. One of them headed over to Dan.

"Hi, I'm Sandy, you must be Dan."

Dan stood up, awkward, unsure what to do. What is the social convention when you meet someone new in you own home but you are both naked? Sandy had her own ideas and enveloped him in a hug before he could catch his breath.

"Weird, isn't it," she said. "You know, who knows what to expect, right? Best to get to skin right off I think."

She half pulled away, turning towards June and still holding one arm around his waist.

"This is Patricia. She's shy, I'm breaking her in." She laughed, "Mostly embarrassing the hell out of her. Come on Pat, do the hug. Feel these muscles."

Patricia stood a yard from Dan, demure, almost shy, but if Dan was a judge of anything, fitter and trimmer than Sandy. Sandy dragged Dan forward and pulled the two of them together. As he wrapped his arms around Pat he could feel her nervousness. He held one arm in the small of her back, steadying her, pressing her close while the fluttering in her muscles subsided and her breathing stabilised. He put a hand under her chin and raised her face towards him.

"You look so beautiful," he said and kissed her. Slowly, as soft as he could, holding contact, waiting for her response and allowing time, drawing her into the moment, trying to forget that June and Sandy were watching. Time stretched out as she melted into him, her firm muscles relaxed, as did his so they were closer, skin to skin much more and her breathing changed, matching his.

The chatter from June and Sandy stopped, both watching, eyes riveted on the scene unfolding in front of them. Sandy reached out to hold June's hand, pulling her closer until they stood side by side, hip and thighs touching.

"She's kind of shy," whispered Sandy. "We have a spare room."


"Only one snag, Dan took the door off."

"So we can watch?"

"Kind of. Really so he could watch me."

"Only fair then…" Sandy suppressed a giggle. June let go of Sandy and moved to be in Dan's eye line, tried and eventually succeeded in catching his attention and then pointed at the spare room.Dan broke the kiss but held Pat close.

"Come with me," he said, trying to be quiet but firm.

"Carry me."

He swept one arm under her buttock, held the other on her back and swept her off her feet. She hung on, their lips never parting as she locked her arms around his neck. He stepped across the living room and into the spare room, leaning to place Pat on the bed and lowering himself to be next to her.

"Your arms are strong," she said. "That felt amazing."

"What did June promise you?"

"She said she'd had our guys in her mouth and wanted to make up. I didn't care but Sandy got into it. The more they talked the crazier it got."

"And I was part of the bargain?"

"Kind of, she said she had to give you a treat or you wouldn't unlock her. She said she'd been a bad girl."

Dan kissed her again and ran one hand over her breasts. "For me, you are a treat," he said, "but is it okay with you?"

"So far," she said. "So far it's been brilliant."

"I'd better keep going."


The kissing overtook them, their bodies seeming to fit better the longer it went on. Pat's arms were everywhere, caressing the back of his neck, running down his back, trespassing between them in shy hesitant movements, each time getting closer until he rolled to one side so she touched the head of his cock, teasing, running a finger along it's length.

"It's big," she said.

"I thought your guy was okay."

"Okay, yeah, but not like this. He'll have to work to keep June happy."

"Is that what he wants?"

"Mmmm. Didn't she say?"


"Oh," she giggled, kissing him again and pushed his head back to study his face. "Did I let the cat out?"

Dan eased her hand away and kissed her again, his lips lingering on hers for a while. "Right now I'm only thinking about you. Forget June, forget Sandy and your guys, whatever they're called and tell me what you want."

"I thought you decided, that's what Matt does."

"That's why you have to decide."

"But it's your treat."

"My treat is pleasing you."

"You're making me wet."

"Shall we put it to good use?" Dan reached across her to grab a condom and with practiced expertise put it on with one hand without breaking eye contact."You're good at that."

He shifted his hips allowing his cock to pause at her entrance. "Please don't stop."

He eased into her, inch by inch until she was filled and he was solid against her."Oh yes," she breathed. "so smooth."

Standing a few yards from the open door, Sandy put her arm around June, making her watch.


June shuddered, leaning against the other girl. "Does it get you?"

"A bit."

"He's a cool operator and she's loving it. Matt 's nothing like that."

"Will she like it?"

"I think she'll bloody love it. He's not fucking her, he's making love to her."

They stood as minutes passed, watching Dan moving to a gentle rhythm, bringing quiet moans from Pat, watching her hands all over his back, pulling him in, gripping, leaving finger marks as her grip intensified. "She's never been done like this."

"How do you know?"

"I know, believe me. Is it getting to you? Have you seen him fuck before?"

"I've seen him fuck, but not this." June's voice broke a little.

"Get's you, don't it?"

"Can we get a drink?"

"No way, you have to watch."


"It was your idea. It's getting to you isn't it?"

June closed her eyes for a moment, breathing deeper, struggling to think, telling herself that this was exactly what she needed to see. Sandy moved behind her, wrapping her arms around June, taking her nipples between her fingers and playing with them, feeling them harden as she whispered in June's ear.

"When you're out fucking big cocks this is what he feels. His stomach sinks, his gut contracts. It’s hell for him. Like being on a seesaw, you go up he goes down." Sandy chuckled, guttural, smirking, "I’ll do him next, I'll suck all his juice off his cock. Clean him up, make him ready for me."

Sandy reached between her own legs, two fingers going deep inside her, moving them around before they emerged dripping and sticky.

"Smell this," she said. "See how juicy I am. He'll love having his cock in my juice and I'll make him perform. Pat likes it gentle but I like it rough. Will your beautiful kind man be enough for me? Will he fuck me like the slut I am? I think I'll drain him clean and it still won't be enough and you know what that means; I'll get off on whipping your arse and your lovely man will hate it won't he?"

She nibbled June's ear. "It'll knot up his insides every time the whip marks your bum. You're a crazy bitch. Your pain will be his pain."

June tore herself away from Sandy and retreated to the kitchen trying to hold back her tears.She opened the fridge, aimlessly, staring at the contents as though some magic elixir might be there. She was shutting the door as Sandy appeared.

"Okay, so I'm a bitch… Hey is that champagne?"  

June pulled the bottle out and handed it to Sandy.

"Aren't you going to say something? Anything?"

"You're right. I'm a crazy bitch. This was meant to hurt, hurt me not Dan."

"Yeah, right, so you get whipped, why not whip him if he doesn't perform?"

"It wouldn't motivate him. He's tough, he'd do his best and if it wasn't good enough he'd take whatever you dished out. It's how he was brought up, what his Dad taught him. I thought he'd try harder if it was to stop me being hurt. Well, actually I know he will, that's why I set it up this way. You'll get your fucking and I've been punished already."

"From seeing the two of them like that?"

"Wouldn't it get to you if it was your honeymoon?"

"It doesn't get to me 'cos I'm not serious," said Sandy. "I just fuck. Pat's your sensitive type. Your Dan's probably given her the best holiday fuck ever." She stopped for a moment, patted June on the head. "Matt will have a problem though 'cos he doesn't take care of her like that. She’ll want more from him now on. You’ll have trouble too if you don't look after Dan. Pat's never had sex like she's getting right now. She'll want to take Dan off your hands soon as blink. She's sensitive, but she's not daft."

End of episode 12



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