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Token Honeymoon episode 13

Token Honeymoon episode 13

June's plan comes to and end, but did it work out right?

June pulled a second bottle from the fridge then stepped behind the door to reach into a cupboard for more glasses. For a moment, hidden from Sandy, she wiped her tears away with a towel, closed the fridge and gave Sandy a glass.

"He'll need a breather when he's finished with Pat and I bet they'll both need a drink. I'll take this and see how they're getting on."

She left Sandy with a bottle and a glass and moved to look into the second bedroom. Dan was on top of Pat but the thrusting had ceased and Pat had stopped moving. Her arms were wrapped around Dan and she seemed to be lost in a post orgasmic bliss.

Seizing the moment June took the second bottle and two glasses into the bedroom, stopping when she was close enough to see Dan's face. She put the bottle and glasses on the side table and pulled the cork carefully, resisting the temptation to spray both of them with Prosecco. The pop of the cork was enough to get their attention.

"I thought you might need refreshment by now."

She half filled the glasses and put them on the side table before kneeling alongside Pat and kissing her forehead.

"I hope you had a good time," she said. "Do you want more?"

It was, she hoped, a subtle ploy. In her mind she was saying you can't have him, he's mine, and because he's mine I can gift him to you, but only for a while. She needed Pat to understand that a permanent relationship was not available, but it was hardly the moment to be aggressive.

Pat opened her eyes and for a moment was unsure of herself. She pulled Dan's head down and kissed him. June stood up, leaned over and began to stroke the back of Dan's neck.

"Sandy wants her turn," she said.

"Fuck Sandy," said Pat, letting Dan loose for a second.

"That was actually the plan." 

June's voice had a hint of irritation now. Dan forced himself up onto his elbows and turned to look at June.  For a few seconds their eyes locked and then a hint of puzzlement crept across his face; an unspoken question hanging between them. He lifted his left shoulder, pushing himself sideways until he could pull June onto the bed.

"Kiss her," he said. "She's got beautiful lips."

June unsure what to do eased herself onto the bed so that all their bodies were touching and then with one glance back at Dan she kissed Pat.

"Go on Pat," said Dan, "She knows more about kissing than I do, try it."

Dan slid himself out of Pat and rolled to the side of the bed. He pulled off the condom, wrapped it in a tissue, disguising the fact that it was empty and dropped it in the bin. He knelt alongside the two faces on the bed and June got the hint immediately, pulling back from Pat and grinning.

"Have you ever done a two girl suck?" she said.

Not waiting for a reply she wrapped one arm around Dan and pulled him towards her mouth, making sure that his softening cock ended up positioned between them. Holding one side with her lips she forced Dan's cock into Pat's mouth so that in a second the girl was assailed by Dan's cock and June's tongue.

For half a minute Pat could do nothing, dropping into a trance with her eyes closed and breathing in gasps until Dan pulled out and June kissed her again.


"No, I'd love to go on forever."

"Go on sucking him?"

"Go on doing all this."

"Dan needs a rest," said June, "but I don't."

She pushed Dan away and almost smothered Pat. Dan got the hint and made his way to the kitchen, leaving June to do whatever she had in mind.

Sandy was busy pouring herself a second glass of champagne when Dan appeared.

"Hey," she said. "How did it go?"

"I thought you watched?"

"Yeah, to begin with."

"So what did you think?"

"You were too nice."

"So you want something different?"

Sandy looked him up and down, walked around him and stood facing him.

"Good cock," she said. "I've seen bigger, but good enough."

"I saw your guys at the bar, I think I may outrank them. Is that why you agreed to June's scheme?"

Sandy laughed. "Has she told you the whole plan?"

"Not yet, but I'm having fun."

"She's playing games with you. She's going to fuck the boys when they get here."

"I guessed that. It was you two that was the surprise."

"You know about the other thing?"

"The cage?" He watched her face blank for a second. "It's a swap. We're trying stuff. She had the belt yesterday and this morning. My turn after that. It's only fair."

"Doesn't it scare you?"

"Only if someone steals the key from June." He paused again. "There is one more thing."


"I need to fuck you really hard or I'm never going to get the thing on. You have to get me completely empty."

"Can we go in the other bedroom?"

Dan moved behind her and kissed the back of her neck, wrapping his arms around her and supporting her tits, taking the nipples between thumb and finger.

"I thought you looked more like a kitchen table fuck," he said. pressing her forward against the table. "Sluts like you don't deserve a bed, you need to be done out in plain view, showing the world what a slut you are. I've half a mind to open the door so anyone can see." He pressed her face down onto the table and kicked her legs apart.

"Don't I get to suck it?"

"All in good time. I want to know what you've got first." Dan slid two fingers into her, testing her wetness and using his thumb to play with the other hole. "You're a bad girl. I heard you trying to spook June."

His left hand smacked her exposed buttock. Dan looked where his hand had hit and hit it again, harder this time. His right hand came out of her cunt while the left pressed down on the small of her back, pinning her to the table.

"You know what's coming now don't you." He didn't give her time to reply before his right hand hit, making a symmetrical mark on the other buttock. "Nice," he said. "You mark up good."

His left hand explored the wetness this time. "That's what we need," he said and his cock took the place of his fingers.

"Oh fuck," she said.

Dan slammed into her as hard as he could. "Well? What do you say?"

"Fuck me. Fuck me. Keep going."

The next thrust almost knocked the breath out of her and another came fast behind. He pulled out and spun around the table, his cock arriving at her mouth before she could speak.

"You wanted to taste it. Make me cum in the next minute or it goes back where it belongs."

He buried his cock in her mouth, face fucking her with as much enthusiasm as he'd tackled the other end. He kept going for a minute before relenting, allowing her to get her breath back.

"You didn't do Pat like that."

"Pat didn't need that but you do."

"Do I?"

"You know you do, and you didn't think I had it in me. Right?"

Sandy had no time to say anything before Dan spun her onto her back and lifted her legs in the air. His hand delved into her again, fingers exploring more gently this time, opening her up, using the wetness to lubricate a little wider before his cock was in her and his fingers found her clit and started to play seriously.

"Kind of a lucky accident this table," he said. "It's exactly the right height, but you may be right about the bed."

Through the corner of his eye, he'd seen June and Pat come out of the spare room. He pulled Sandy towards him, grabbed her arms and heaved her up so that she was impaled on his cock. Instinctively she steadied herself by wrapping her arms around his neck. Holding her in a crushing bear hug he swung her off the table and set off towards the bedroom.

"Coming through," he said as he passed June and Pat, before almost diving onto the bed with Sandy, ramming himself deeper than she'd likely ever known.

Pat and June watched for a while as Dan gave Sandy the kind of pounding he thought she wanted.

"He's got a lot of energy," said Pat. "He was gentler with me."

"That was what you wanted wasn't it?"

"Mmmm. Is he telepathic or something?"

June stopped, staring at Pat, suddenly clutching her forehead.

"What? What did I say?"

"Nothing, well no, not nothing, you reminded me of something."


"Before we were married."

"Go on, tell me."

"I wanted to be a virgin bride, I was dead determined but actually it was never a problem, like he knew all along. It became a kind of thing between us, we'd do all sorts of moves but we never went too far and he always stopped before I had to say. He was so patient, so understanding."

"That's good isn't it?"

"Yeah, um, I guess, in a way, but it's partly why I've screwed up so many things. If we'd have gone further beforehand then I wouldn't have been so nervous on the day."

"I thought all brides were nervous."

"Yeah, I guess, but they have their mums and such but I didn't. My Dad died ages ago and my Mum died in my last year at uni. Dan got me through really. I leaned on him a lot but I'd always told my Mum I'd be a virgin bride."

"So how come you're so hot now?"

"It's a long story." June looked up, looking into Pat's eyes. "Too long." She jumped up. "Time for another drink and then we find out if Dan's been good enough to stop my arse being whipped."

"I don't want to do that," said Pat, running after her.

"Sandy does, but the way Dan was going at her I may get lucky."

"Would you let her?"

"I guess."

"Wouldn't Dan stop her?"

"Not if I told him not to."

"You're weird. I don't understand you."

"That's the point really. I kind of need to understand myself and, um, well… this is one way to find things out, you know, push it to the extreme."

"Was Dan and me part of that? I mean obviously it was great for me and I guess it was good for Dan. At least, I hope it was. But were you kind of finding out if you minded? Was that it?"

"Yeah, I guess. Partly anyway."

"And did you? Did you mind? Do you mind?"

There was a long pause and for a few seconds, June thought about not answering, or running off to see what Dan was doing, but was that fair? She'd dragged this girl into having sex with Dan, maybe really liking it, especially if Dan was better than her Matt, and he did look like he was doing a good job.

"I did mind." She swallowed, pursed her lips and wiped a hand across her forehead, sweeping her hair away. "I know I set it up because I was trying to be fair.  Dan’s too nice to me, he’d let me do anything if he thought I liked it, even if he was dying inside. He has to see the worst I could do, caging him and fucking other guys, not on film, not talking about it, actually seeing it, hearing it, smelling it even; up close and real. I have to know for sure."


"Because if he doesn't like it then I'm going to stop."

"But you don't want to stop? Right?"

"I like fucking, don't you? Wouldn't you get as much as you could?"

"No," Pat said. "Not really, I mean I do it, who doesn't, but mostly it's because that's what the boys expect. Mind you if I met one like Dan, I mean if it was like that all the time…" Pat stopped for a moment, doubt flickering across her face. "Where do you live?"

"We just bought a place, but I've been away for half a year, I can barely remember exactly where it is, West of London, not as far as Oxford."

"Oh well, pity."

"Go on, you can't get mysterious like that, I've just told you some of my innermost secrets."

Pat reached out to June, took both of her hands. "I live up North. I'd steal Dan off you if I had half a chance, but I don’t think I could. Hang onto him June. Whatever it takes, hang on to him."

For a second their eyes met. "Thanks," June smiled. "Yeah, thanks. I know, I just got things onto the wrong foot. One more crazy day and we're done."

"Do you have to fuck the boys?"

"I did promise."

A sad smile fell across Pat's face.

"I promise I won't steal Matt."

"Sure, but you'll give him a better fuck than I do… Actually, maybe that's a good thing. Yeah, give him the best you've got, something to remember from this holiday because I think I'll dump him when we get home." A quizzical devious look swept across Pat's face. "I want someone like Dan."

June stared at her, unsure what to think. 'I've screwed up this woman's life,' she thought. 'I risked losing Dan, made myself feel like shit and I've broken up a perfectly normal couple.'

"Look," she said. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have dragged you into this. Our house has a spare room, If you need a break, If you want to, um, like, compare notes or anything, come and stay."

"What, and borrow Dan for a weekend?"

June pulled her close. "Have both of us."

"You can't offer that without asking Dan."

June almost collapsed against her. "Yes," she said. "Yes, you're right, you're right, you should come and give me advice. I'm awful, I need to, um, I don't know, keep my mouth shut I guess… and, um."

"Keep your legs together?"

The tension broke and they both laughed. "Yeah, that too. Not this afternoon, but yeah… something like that."

A few minutes later Sandy and Dan emerged from the bedroom.

"Did he pass?"

"Yeah." Sandy's face bore a weary, freshly fucked, slightly inane grin. "I really wanted him to fail but he didn't. I don't know what you put in his breakfast but I'd stick with the recipe."

"You know what happens now," said June, her eyes fixed on Dan. He beckoned her towards him and ceremonially unlocked her belt.

"Can I have a shower before the next part?" he said.

"We all need one," said Sandy. "How big is your shower?"

Sandy and Pat got the first go, Dan and June followed. June insisted on being washed by Dan making him soap her all over and then sucking his cock to see if she could get another rise out of him. She failed.

When she'd given up on that she wanted to shave him but Dan chickened out and they tried depilation cream instead.

"It takes five minutes," said June, reading the instructions on the tube of cream. "What if you're sensitive to it, I don't want your balls glowing in the dark."

"Risk it. I don't want a razor anywhere near them."

Dan was forced to hang around in the bathroom, his pubes and balls covered in cream while June called out the time.

"It's good practice," she said. "Your junk being a sightseeing attraction. Show the others." She led him out into the living room and insisted on showing him off. The show only lasted a minute before June took him back into the bathroom.

"How do you feel?"


"Still want to go on?"

"Until tomorrow morning," he said.

"You want to sleep in the cage?"

"Yes. We have to go the whole way. Otherwise, we won't really know."

"I'm not sure," said June, scraping the cream off his skin. "Oh wow, that really works. Okay, into the shower with you."

Five minutes later, Dan was clean and dry. June knelt in front of him and tried his cock again.

"Are you ready for the ultimate surprise?"

"What now?"

"Ice, I'm going to shrink you."

Dan took a deep breath. "Go on, go the whole hog."

The ice made him jump and he had to lie on the floor to keep himself still. June almost gave up but Dan kept insisting until he was as sure as she was that he couldn't get any colder. June had spent ten minutes playing with the cage when they got back from the shop, making sure she knew how it worked.

She had it fastened in place in a minute. This one came with a padlock that secured on the front. Dan handed her the lock, already opened and when that was clicked in place, she couldn't resist the temptation to take the cage into her mouth, the way that she'd sucked Bob.

"Okay, that seems to do it. Where is the key?"

Dan handed her a bracelet. "You can wear this around your ankle," he said. "I thought a necklace or a wristband might get in the way later on."

June carefully fastened the bangle in place, twirled around, did a high kick and grinned at him. "Can I have a proper kiss now?"

"Is that what cuckolds do?"

"How the hell should I know," she said. "It's what I want, that's what matters."

Dan grinned, drew her into a long kiss and then stepped back. "You got that partly right."

"Got what right?"

"It's not only what you want. We make the rules together."


"Look, love,’ he said, "let’s do this, however it turns out, but only until tonight.  Tomorrow we'll have a long talk, figure out what we've learned from all this and have a couple of days rest before we get back to real life. No one else after tonight."

June kissed him again, lightly at first and then almost folded into his arms, clinging to his for a few seconds.

"Yes," she said. "If you say so." She stood back and a broad smile came across her face. "I almost gave up then. You're right. See it through and then talk."

"Okay? You all set?"

"Not really. It seems silly now."

Dan pulled her close again and one hand drifted to her pussy. "I think traditionally I'm supposed to warm you up, a little finger work, a little tongue work, to get you ready for your studs, unless you want one of the girls to do that?"

"You're right. You should do that." She stood back for a second. "You should have a collar too, like I did when we met them, a kind of symmetry. Hang on two seconds." She dashed out of the room and was back a few seconds later. She fastened the collar, attached a lead and stood back to look.


She turned and led him out into the room.

Sandy and Pat clapped in appreciation.

"When are your guys going to get here"

"Mark texted me a minute ago, they're not far away, I told him to hang on."

"Sandy, what's your guy's name?"


"Okay, Dan's going to warm me up, say ten minutes. Give the boys a drink when they arrive. What are you going to do while the boys are doing me?"

"Can we borrow Dan?"

"No, he has to watch."

Sandy looked at Pat for a moment. "You want to watch them fucking June? It might be agony."

"Do you?"

Sandy grimaced, "Not really, I think I'll go for a swim."

"I'm going to watch for a bit."

Sandy hung around at the door and spoke to the guys when they appeared, closed the door and left.

Pat walked over to greet the boys. She gave Matt a perfunctory kiss. "June's in the bedroom, Dan is warming her up. You need to understand this is a game they're playing. He's wearing a cock cage. I've never seen one before, but it's so only you guys can fuck her. Don't laugh at it, especially you Matt, or I'll get you one and you're smaller than him, so it would be dead easy."

"Did he fuck you?"

"He did," she said, fixing him with a thousand-watt satisfied smile. "Very well, thank you. If you're good I may tell you all about it when we leave, but only if you're good. Both of you do the best job you can on June, that's part of the deal."

Pat left them to finish their drinks. "Take no notice of the missing door," she said. "It's so that I can watch if I want to." She leaned close the two boys, her voice dropping to a whisper, "Dan has to watch. It's part of the game."

When Pat came into the room June was on her back with Dan face down, licking her pussy. She gently pushed Dan's head away.

"They're here," she said.

"Two minutes, please Pat," June said, "Get a drink for Dan." She put her hand on Dan's head between her legs. "Take me there love, now please, now."

Dan had been waiting for the signal, he'd spent the last ten minutes playing with June's pussy, opening her vulva with his tongue and returning to her clit, almost making a trek from one to the other, moistening, spreading her juices and feeling the excitement in her pelvic muscles as he wound her up higher and higher. It took less than a minute to take her over the top.

As she subsided from the orgasm she slowly made herself sit up, ruffling his hair, making small appreciative sounds, too soft to really hear and impossible to put into words on paper.

"It's showtime darling," she said, slowly, reluctantly pushing him away. "I don't know whether to be great for Matt or awful. Maybe if I'm awful, he'll stay with Pat."

"Or if you're great he won't mind her leaving. I think she wants to leave him. They've not been together long and she could do better."

"You showed her that did you?"

"I did my best love — all for you, anything to stop them whipping you."

June sighed, "Will you be able to cope now?"

"Give them both the New York treatment. I have to… we have to know."

"Okay darling boy, get to your seat and do the cuckold thing. You do know—"

"Don't," he said. "Don't tell me, don't warn me—full on, no collusion. Let's find out."

June set off to meet the boys, walking slowly, her post-orgasmic muscles struggling to make everything happen in the right order, making her give off an erotic buzz.

"Hi guys," she said, "Matt and Alec, right? but I don't know which is which."

"I'm Alec," said the taller blond guy.

Dan thought about joining in the socialising but suddenly found himself being conscious of the cock cage. Who knows what the guys might say. He was ready for any kind of humiliating comment but what impact would that have on June? She might ignore it, she might add to it, he could cope with that as part of the game, but she might be upset and kick the guys out and that would end everything before it started.

He retreated to a chair where he could see the bed but was out of a direct route into the bedroom. Pat sensed what he was doing and appeared alongside him, carefully sitting on his lap, avoiding crushing the cage but mostly hiding it from sight. She handed him a glass of wine and kissed him.

"Hey," Matt's voice came out a little too loud, drawing attention to him rather than Pat.

"Don't worry, dear," she said. "I'm looking after Dan, while you fuck June. It's only fair."

Dan whispered "Thanks," his face invisible behind hers and his voice lost in Alec's laughter.

"You should have told Pat to go home with Sandy," he said to Matt.

"Tricky isn't it," said June, pulling the two guys together. "Fucking another guy's girl is edgy in so many ways. So much more exciting. You'd better make it worth it."

She pulled them towards the bedroom, one arm around Alec while the other held Matt's cock, giving him no way to escape.

She pulled Matt closer and kissed his neck, whispering "You're going to enjoy this."

That was enough to keep the tension under control but it was already obvious to everyone that Matt was more wired, less sure of himself and at risk of exploding in some original way. Alec seemed more confident. June made a split second decision that she'd start with Matt in her mouth; that way she could keep his attention, keep his back to Dan, keep her hands on him and make sure that he finished last.

Alec didn't need any guidance and he wasn't interested in waiting around. Dan watched as his rigid condom covered cock made its way like a guided missile to the centre of June's rapidly spreading legs. From his viewpoint, in a low armchair, Dan could still see it's target as it disappeared inside.

He was distracted for a moment as Pat slid off his lap and knelt beside him, laying her head on his thigh. Dan, thinking she might be worried about Matt put a hand on her head and lightly stroked her hair, trying to convey what reassurance he could.

'Was he feeling jealous of Alec fucking June?' No, right then it seemed little different to June's videos. 'Would he have felt different if he'd never seen the vids?' The question bounced around in his mind. How could he ever know, you can't un-see what you've seen, and you can't unlearn what you've learned. He could see enough of one of June's arms to know she was fingering her own clit, presumably because Alec was failing to provide the right stimulation. 'Too bold, too full of himself. Six out of ten,' he thought.

Alec was contributing enthusiasm and energy for sure but not much more than that. June was still sucking Matt and holding his full attention. She had enough expertise and brain power to manage both of them, but that was no surprise. 'It might get interesting when Alec was done, but would he stick around to watch?'

About then Pat put one hand on Dan's cage and tentatively started to play with the end of it with her tongue.

Dan leaned forward. "June can suck the whole thing," he said. Nothing like giving the girl a challenge. Pat looked up for a second.

"I was worried you might be feeling bad."

"That was the plan, I think — to see if I could cope, maybe even to make me feel bad."

"Should I stop?"

Dan watched Alec getting faster, somehow it was more of a technical experience than anything else. His movements were getting bigger, coming out so far that he was able to confirm where June's fingers were. Then he saw her pull her hand away from her own pleasure and wrap it around Alec's buttocks, her fingers probing towards his anus, working to add another dimension to the stimulation. It took no more than seconds to take him over the top and he collapsed onto June in a series of heaving convulsions.

"Maybe you should watch Matt in action," he said to Pat. "Don't worry about me, unless you need distracting more than I do."

A minute passed as Alec’s orgasm subsided and he found the energy to heave himself off June. By then Matt had come once, changed condoms and was on his second wind.

“Don’t rush it,” said June. “Take it easy, make it last.”

She rolled sideways pushed him down the bed and pressed his shoulders to the mattress. "I'm going to start on top," she said, "give you a chance to wind up slowly."

She brushed her nipples across his chest, and lowered herself on to him, pushed the hair off his face and nuzzled his nose with hers. Slowly letting her lips find his, she kissed him, playing with his mouth easing her tongue into him, playing as though she was a long time lover.

Her left arm sneaked its way between them and she found his cock, gripping the side of it and helping it find its way to her entrance. Once it was there, she stopped it going further, teasing him, edging her pelvis from side to side, feeling it, testing its hardness as her kisses became more insistent.

She didn't dare try to look back at Dan, but in her mind, she tried to keep an image of a sex-starved wife welcoming home a long away husband. It had to look as real as anything Dan might imagine. It could hurt him, it had to hurt, because she had to know whether the hurt excited him or destroyed him.

Matt underneath her was getting sex like he'd never known. This woman writhing on top of him, kissing and kissing and gradually taking his cock into her was something out of fairy tales.

When she had herself completely impaled she held him hard with both arms. "Roll over, I need to feel you, fuck me hard, hard as you can."

Matt needed no second bidding. Seconds later he was as deep as he could get and then she lifted her legs, stopped kissing for a second and turned to Alec, standing by the bed and watching in some awe. "Hold my legs up."

Alec needed no second bidding and the change allowed Matt to bury himself a little deeper. Freeing an arm she pulled Matt's head down, kissing deeper as she contracted her pelvic muscles as hard as she could, gripping his cock, almost sucking it into her.

Alec, holding her ankle found himself looking at the bangle holding the key to Dan's cage. Suddenly Sandy's words at the door made sense. She said 'grab his key if you can.' Could he? Trying to ignore the two writhing bodies in front of him he looked at the key.

The clip seemed flimsy, maybe it would break, maybe the bangle would break. He held her leg against his side with his elbow, freeing his hand to hold the key. He couldn't use his other hand without letting go of her other leg, but if he squeezed the clip?

A second later there was a moan and a surge of energy and her leg almost slipped from under his arm as Matt came in an explosive orgasm, heaving on the bed, actually moving the bed, and the key came away in his hand. Holding it tight and releasing her legs he stood back, leaving the two on the bed to come to their own ending.

Sitting in the armchair Dan had seen the whole thing, but did nothing.

"If I didn't know better," said Pat, "I'd think they were long-lost lovers. Your wife is incredible. How can you stand seeing her do that?"

"She's faking it to see how I'd react."

"Are you sure? I mean, yes I guess you must be, they only met yesterday, so… well… She's good though isn't she."

"What are you going to do with Matt?"

"It depends if he's learned anything. June said I could visit sometime, would you be okay with that?"

"With Matt."

"No, just me."

"This may be a daft question, but have you ever looked at ponygirl porn or stuff like that?"

Pat hesitate, coloured up slightly,

"Um, kind of, once or twice, why?"

"Look at some more before you come."

"Is June into that?"

"Thinking about it."

"That's a secret, right?"

"Just between us. You'd better get ready for Matt. I'm going to get a drink."

Dan headed for the kitchen leaving Pat to watch Matt get off the bed and not quite know what to do with himself. Alec put an arm around him and led him out of the room.

"Aren't you guys even going to say thank you?" Pat stood confronting them as they came into the living room. June still lay on the bed, stretching herself out, looking like a seductive siren, she caught Pat's eye and winked.

"You just had the best fuck of your life and you're just going to leave."

"You reckon?"

"Wasn't it?"

"Better than you, you mean?"

"I think so," Pat said. "What Dan did for me was better than you, so she was making it even."

"Since when did you become an expert."

"Since watching them."

Matt pushed her away. "I don't get it, he's in that cage thing so she's on the lookout for a lot more, you know what."

"It's a game they’re playing. You really don't get it, do you? Let's go home, we need to practice."

She led him towards the door and Alec followed, smirking, clutching his stolen key. Pat held the door open and glanced quickly back to smile at Dan and June. For a second the grin was accompanied by an exaggerated eye roll, then she winked and closed the door.

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