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Token Honeymoon -- episode 14

Token Honeymoon -- episode 14

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And finally — the end of the honeymoon.

When the door had been closed for a minute and he'd seen the others disappearing into the distance Dan filled a glass for June and took that and what was left of his own to the bedroom.


June lay still, head snuggled into the pillows, legs spread, eyes half closed. Dan put the glasses on the side table.

"I think I know what you need," he said and slid onto the bed between her legs. His tongue got to work, almost where he'd left off before the boys arrived, slowly licking from as deep inside her as he could go up to and around her clit, treating it gently, feeling how aroused it was, touching it with his lips, caressing gently and then relenting.

He repeated the move over and over, trying to create an inevitability so that her nerve endings would know what was coming next, would anticipate, respond in advance, and gradually come to expect more and more. Increasing the intensity and lingering longer with her clit in his mouth, sucking harder and increasing the speed until he felt her muscles, her whole inner being, responding, building, and finally pulsing until she let out a scream muffled only by the fist she stuck in her mouth.

He relaxed, taking his mouth away, letting her down by gently massaging her legs, slowly working over her belly and then gently turning her over to start on her back. Gradually firmer, finding the knots in the muscles, probing, digging into them until the right kind of moan emerged from the pillow. He ended with her shoulders and neck, firm at first and gradually subsiding until he was feather light and able to kiss her to sleep.

He covered her carefully with the lightest fluffiest blanket and crept out of the bedroom. He silently closed the bathroom door behind him and showered for ten minutes. When he emerged she was still sleeping so he set about cooking.

It was still early in the afternoon, but he imagined she might be hungry when she woke. He made chicken curry because he could pile in the flavours but it could sit and wait until she was ready for it. If she wasn't ready for food it would keep, sooner or later they would eat it, eat it together, and begin what he hoped would be the end of the crazy part of their honeymoon.

He had decided that the rice was done and had turned off the stove under the curry when June appeared.

"That smells wonderful," she said, her voice husky and still full of sleep, "but isn't it a bit early for supper?"

"I had time on my hands," Dan said. "I can leave it now, we can eat when we want to. I think we should go for a walk."

"Are you sure?"

"As long as you're okay."

"You mean if I can get my legs close enough together."

"Something like that."

"But what about you?"

"I'm fine, I've been resting half the day."

"I meant how you're, um, what's the word for it? Dressed?"

"I think that's important. It's part of the experience isn't it?"

"I guess," she said, becoming more wide awake, aware now of a new assertiveness in him. "It's not essential," she said, "I mean I don't want you feeling humiliated. That wasn't part of the deal."

He pulled her close and kissed her. "I know," he said, "but I want to see how the world reacts to you when I'm wearing this."


"Seriously. It must tell any macho guys out there who see themselves as bulls that you're available. Does it work? That's what I'd like to know. If we stroll along the beach what looks will you get, will anyone chance it?"

"Do I have to take them up on the offer?" Her voice had changed, questioning, almost submissive.

"The important thing is to see how it feels for both of us, if you feel excited by the idea, if you're tempted, or wishful."

"But how will you feel?"

"Exactly. How will I feel? I'll never know unless I try it."

"Do we do this with a collar and leash?" she said, knowing in her heart that the answer was no.

"You're playing the hot wife, you decide. I took you to a bar on a leash with a mask on your head. It's up to you."

"Without," she said, welcoming the chance to express her feelings. "I’ll feel better without. Make it casual, like we do this all the time."

Once they were outside they headed for the beach.  The heat of the day had subsided a little but it was still warm enough that there were plenty of people outside. Walking through the camp they attracted little attention.

"Did you enjoy today?" she said, finding the silence intimidating,

"Can that wait?"

"Time to process?"

"Kind of. I don't want to rush it. I thought we could do this, experience this, have supper, sleep on it and tomorrow we do the post mortem and think where to go from here."

June stopped him, holding him, turning to face him. "Post mortem, like you mean picking over the death of our marriage?"

Dan for a second looked shocked. "No, no, sorry," he said. "Bad choice of words.  Call it something else — de-brief, I don't know, whatever you want to call it. The time when we stop and think. We have a day or two more before we have to decide whether to take another week here or go home and maybe have a week to ourselves there."

"But we do have to make some decisions?"

"Maybe; I think it’s time don’t you. I don’t want to make it sound like a management away day, item one on the agenda, fucking, item two sucking, and all that. I love you, more now than ever. I'm sure about that but I think we need some us time. I'm still vague, still unsure about some things."

"Like what?"

"How to love you, how to make you happy?"

"Oh, Okay," she said. "Yeah, okay, tomorrow, but one condition."


"Well three actually.  Total honesty. Okay?"


"Two; nothing off limits, and three no quitting. If I say something that upsets you, it won't be because I meant to, so you have to say ‘That upsets me,’ but you don't not talk about it and you don't run away. We deal with it, we learn, yeah?" She held him, her gaze level, serious, fixed on him. "I promise you everything I say, anything I say will be out of love for you."

She stopped, still looking at him, her gaze asking questions now. "I know that sounded God awful serious, but you started it."

"Fine, agreed,’ he said. "Very seriously agreed. I'm okay with all that. One other thing, if I get so I can't help kissing you or hugging you—"

"Or fucking any hole I have — we stop for that. That and the occasional snack."

Dan stood still, looking at her as a broad smile crept over his face, he pulled her to him and kissed her carefully, with deep love and then pulled away. "To the beach for our last data collection session."

She laughed, putting an arm around him. "Data collection," she said and they set off through the gateway to the beach.

'Like we do it all the time' trying to keep that in mind Dan did his best to walk as though he'd done this a thousand times.

Acting normal, faking normal really, is much more difficult than it looks. He became aware of every muscle, conscious that his gait had become a caricature of normal. Whatever he did to take the tension out of his muscles became an exaggeration seconds later. After fifty yards and in a space on the beach were there were no people near, he stopped.

"I need to do something to get rid of tension," he said.

"Like what?"

"I wish I knew, jog maybe or so some exercise or yoga or something, even swim maybe."

June put an arm around him. "I think I understand," she said. "It's easy for me I'm just walking. Let's run down to the water and swim or at least splash and see how it goes after that. We need to laugh, lark about, be idiots."

"That should be easy."

June didn't rise to Dan's remark, she simply shot him a quizzical look and set off running to the water. Dan had no choice but to follow, rapidly falling behind as the weight of the cage reminded him of it's presence. He probably could run, but somehow didn't dare. He could hold the thing but what would that look like? He jogged, as carefully as he dared. The water was fifty strides ahead, but given how shallow the beach there was another fifty strides before the water was deep enough to cover the cage.

June was almost fading into the distance. Damn. He should have said don't leave me. She hadn't even turned back. She was now almost thigh deep in the water, another few seconds and she'd be swimming.  At this rate he was a minute behind her and even though there was no one close he felt exposed. He did his best to hurry for what felt like the longest minute of his life.

He was finding out, that was for sure. June was swimming, putting distance between them when he hit the water. Once it was half way up his calf he slowed even more, speed was impossible. He kept going until he was knee deep and gave up, sitting down in the water, watching June's head, bobbing along as she swam. He loved to see her being carefree but could he keep up?

He sat in the water, trying to relax, watching the waves come towards him, hardly waves really, more like someone unrolling a carpet towards him. Out of curiosity he let it come, the water barely up to his nipples and then the wave, hitting his chin, splashing up his nose, making him stiffen and accidentally fall backwards. He closed his eyes, submerged, desperately trying not to laugh as he shoved himself back out of the water.

“Idiot,” he said out loud. What was he bothering about? The weight of the cage made him worry that his balls would be torn off, so he walked slowly. He chose to wear this thing so he should wear it with pride, be dignified.

“If you're going to wear it then WEAR it,” he muttered.

He stood up, water cascading off him and strode deeper into the water. June was standing now, facing towards him, coming towards him, but between them, walking towards her was a man. A little taller than him, fit looking, clearly aiming to intercept June.

He wasn't close enough to hear how he greeted her. She slowed her pace to pay attention, was she being polite or being interested? She stopped walking, engaging in conversation. There was something about the guy's body language, attentive, very attentive. Dan was still moving forwards but with the water half way up his thighs it was even slower going.

By the time he got to them they would have had almost a couple of minutes of conversation. How much can you say in two minutes?

The guy had turned now, walking in step with June, walking close to June and now they could both see Dan, see the cage no doubt. He stopped, waiting for June to come closer.  

"Hi," he said. Had June told the guy?

"Butt out fellow,"

"Sorry?" said Dan,  "are you talking to me."

"You don't have anything to offer the lady do you, I mean, wearing that thing someone has you under control don't they, so butt out."

"Yes," said June. "He is under control. My control."

"Oh yeah? So I guess you need some satisfaction elsewhere. I'm you're man."

June turned to face the guy. "No you're not," she said. "This is my man, I have his key around my ankle."

That's when it all went crazy, she tried to swing her ankle out of the water in a spectacular high kicking gesture. The water was too deep and a wave came at the wrong moment. Her ankle did get clear of the water but June fell over backwards and disappeared from view. Both men reached forward to catch her, to pull her back to her feet but the big guy was nearer, he grabbed June and lifted her clear of the water.

"Thanks," said Dan as June spluttered. "Sorry to disappoint you but you've stumbled into a honeymoon game. Sorry to give the wrong impression."

June was less sympathetic. Still getting her breath back she spluttered, "under that thing he has a bigger one than you, I had to damn near freeze it to get the cage on. Thanks for the offer but I'm all fucked out for today. That thing is the only way I can get some peace."

There was a moment's hesitation in which Dan almost felt sorry for the guy; to come so close to someone as sexy as June and have it pulled away had to be hard and he was hard. Tough.

"Yeah, okay," he said. "You shouldn't lead guys on like that." June said nothing, knowing she hadn’t led anyone anywhere, but content to leave the guy a way out. She wrapped her arm around Dan and headed resolutely towards the shallow water.

The guy did the only thing he could do, dived in and struck out to sea, swimming with all the style he could muster.

"Whoops," she said, hugging Dan closer. "Sorry I should have waited for you."

As they paddled through the shallows she said,"Did you notice?"

"Notice what."

"The key's gone. It's not on my ankle, it must have come off in the water. I saw it when my kick went wrong but I didn't dare say with that guy there. If he'd dived in and found it who knows what daft ideas he'd have."

As they cleared the water she pointed at the bracelet, "See," she said. "It's not there. What are we going to do?"

"Right now we're going to walk back home, have a shower and eat."

They walked in silence, Dan trying not to be smug, secure in the knowledge that he was finally one step ahead. He'd been surprised that June hadn't noticed the missing key earlier, but the way it worked out couldn't have been better. Keeping the secret another few minutes felt hard, but the rule they agreed was no secrets past bedtime wasn't it, so a few minutes shouldn't matter.

Her silence began to worry him before they were halfway back. She was pensive, looking at the ground and paying no attention to anyone else.

It made him think about secrets for the first time. He'd never had any before, apart from buying the field and the wood. He'd been looking forward to sharing that when they got home.

He could create another surprise. He had a plan of the house and field in his laptop; could he design a racetrack that couldn't be seen from anywhere outside their property? It ought to be possible, he had the layout and the elevations, he could email the farmer who he'd bought it from, send him a plan and have him mow a track before they came home. It was worth a shot.

"What are you thinking about?"

"What you said about the field and the wood back home, trying to plan it in my head."

"Naughty boy," she said. The thought seemed to brighten her mood. "Really, that's what you were thinking about?"

"Yeah, I think it's the dressing up that did it."

"You want to dress like that with pony girls around."

He paused, letting them get nearer home. "It might be essential," he said.

She squeezed his hand. "Thanks."

"For what?"

"For being you."

When they got home they both showered and as she lathered him all over and washed away the suds she ended up holding the cage,

"What are we going to do about this?"

"I thought I was wearing it until tomorrow."

"Yeah, well, even so, what are we going to do tomorrow?"

Dan dried himself and made his way to the kitchen, turned on the stove to heat the curry, put the rice in the microwave and started to set the table.

"How do I look doing this? Would it be good dress for a dinner party?"

"Dan, please, stop teasing."

"Teasing? Me? I thought I was just getting used to it."

She stood, pensive, looking at him, watching carefully. "You've got a secret plan haven't you."

He turned, starting to speak. "Don't," she said. "Look I get it. I'm trying to pay more attention to you, the real you not the imaginary one that’s been in my head the last half year. On the beach you were bothered by it but now you're not."

"Maybe I learned something on the beach."

"Yeah, Yeah, even you don’t learn that fast."

"You defended me," he said "You told that guy to push off and you didn't have to. I liked that."

"He had a nerve."

"He did, but you can't blame him."

"He wasn't nice to you."
Dan stood smiling, arranging the cutlery, glancing at the stove and retreating to give the curry a stir.

"When did you lose the key?"

"In the water."


She sat down, looked at her ankle, closed her eyes, opened them and looked at him. "I don't know… but you do don't you."

"Alec stole it when he was holding your legs. I watched him."

"You knew all along? I didn't have it when we walked down to the beach?"

"Yup, but your mind was on other things. I thought there was a lesson in it and I didn't want to stop what we were doing."

"Shit. I never get anything right do I?"

"It’s not you, not only you. Each time we've played with other people they haven't played by our rules. Ray tried it on. Bob did too —"

"But you caught him at it." She looked up for a minute. "You saw Alec take it and you let him. Why didn't you stop him?"

"Well I would have if he'd pinched the right key."


"Sandy asked me if the cage bothered me. I said no — so long as you didn't lose the key. As I said it I knew she'd tell Alec. Luckily I’d been feeling a bit paranoid and I'd already swapped it. I hid the real key in our room and the room was locked. After Ray and then Bob I wasn't risking being caught out again."

"Apart from catching out your wild irresponsible wife." She stood up slowly, carefully moved her chair back.

"Would you get the key please, I want to take it off right now."

"I thought I was supposed to sleep in it."

"We can do that another time. I want to stop the sex games right now."

"There may be more to learn."

"Dan, get the damn key. I want that thing off before we eat."

Dan fetched the key.

"Really," she said, "I'm supposed to torment you, get you as horny as hell and then tease you, make out that I’m never taking it off. I can’t do it, I'm done with games for now."

She knelt in front of him, unlocked the padlock and carefully removed the cage. She held his balls lovingly for a second before taking his cock in her mouth and toying with it for a few seconds until it started to fill.

"Okay," she said. "Everything seems to be in working order. Lets eat. There's something else I want to talk to you about and I don't want anything getting in the way."

Dan served the food, poured some wine and they sat to eat.

"Where did you learn to cook? More to the point how and when? You couldn't do it before I went to New York, unless you were damn good at keeping secrets."

"I had to didn't I. Our place is out in the country, I couldn't exactly nip down to the pub every night because I didn't know when you'd phone. I soon got fed up with eating out of tins so I got books, watched videos, and set about it. If you're systematic it's surprising how fast it comes together." He grinned. "Just as well you weren't around."

"Was it that bad?"

"I think the signature event was the first time I used chilli." He looked up and grinned again. “I was waiting for the electrician to finish the ring main so the stove and the fridge were both off. I had the minimum food in the house. I had some chicken and foolishly thought I’d experiment. I chopped it all up and made this chilli thing. I'd never used the stuff before and I didn't really know how much to use."

He grinned at her again."It was a Sichuan recipe." he said."Did you know that if you have enough chilli your mouth actually goes numb? I think I drank a couple of beers before I realised that the alcohol makes it seem even hotter. Water is slightly better. I was busy, I didn't really have time to go shopping because I'd promised to run all the wires for the electrician, so it had to last that night and the next day. I must have drunk gallons of water."

He sipped a little wine. "That's how I did it, learning from mistakes."

She sat shaking her head for a few seconds.

"Learning from mistakes," she said. "Yeah, I get that. I don't know how you feel about this but there's something else I have to learn, something that's very important and I don't know how you'll take it. You know what I'm like, I go at things —"

"Five hundred percent," he said

"Yeah… Dan I was wrong about sex. It mattered to me back then and I did what I always do, got obsessed about it. Because I was away and I missed you and I'm dumb—“

“You’re not dumb.”

“I acted dumb,’ she said. "I acted dumb. I didn't talk to you about it. I think I didn't dare admit to you that I was no good at sex."

She started to tear up, looked at the table for a second, looked back at him, wiped another tear.

"What I should have learned was how to be a wife. I don't know the first thing about that."

Dan reached out to hold her hand. "It's okay, love."

"It's not okay. Well, no I don't mean that, it's okay that you're okay, but I still have to do it. I have to get it right…"

"Who would you have learned from? I get it love. Your Dad died, your Mum was a single parent and then she died. All your friends at uni were more interested in sex than marriage, I get it."

"Yes," she said, "and I’d found this wonderful man who got me through all that and I was desperate not to lose him."

There was a long pause, still holding his hand she dipped a fork in the curry and took a mouthful, savoured it, grinned at him and took another. "This is so good. You're a better wife than I am. Dan, how am I going to manage when we get home. you'll be at home and I'll be covering half the country selling things. How will you trust me?"

"I just watched you bat off that guy in the water."

"Did that feel good?" She watched his face. "It did didn't it. I'm glad, but that says something, I mean if you weren't worried at all then it wouldn't have made any difference."

"Trusting you is easy love. I've already decided to do that. Trusting me is the hard part."

"I trust you."

"No, me trusting me."


"Not letting myself doubt, that's what I have to work on. Doubt, angst, it's all in my mind, that's what I have to control. You could be as faithful as a rock but I might still be anxious."

"Because of what I've done?"

"Forget that," he laughed, "well, put that on one side. Whatever we'd done over the last half year your job means you'll be away, not all the time but quite often and you'll be in hotels; you know, those places with bars where randy salesmen hang out while their wives are at home. You'll be the best looking woman in the place. Temptation on legs. There's nothing we can do about it. There's no point in you killing yourself driving to and fro to who knows where to sleep at home and rush off in the morning. I have to get used to it, have to trust you. That's how life is going to be."

"I haven't made it easy though have I."

"You have made it huge fun. I've learned things about you that I didn't know before."

"Like what a slut I am."

"That’s not a bad thing. Lots of guys would love that."

"They don’t, they fuck them but they don’t marry them."

"More fool them. A wife who can be slutty and love you… what’s not to like?"

"I still have to learn to be a wife, be your wife."

"We have to learn how to be the kind of couple we want to be."

June had raised her glass towards her lips and stopped, looking at Dan with a serious level gaze and slowly smiling. "You're being very grown up… Don't say one of us has to be. You are. I like it, you make me feel safe."

"I think it may be worth you calling your work and asking if you can have that third week so we can have a week at home before you start back into… well … into whatever it turns out to be."

"I'll talk to them," she said. "I'll talk to them tomorrow."

Dan woke to the sound of June on the phone.
“The thing is... um I don’t know how to put this but you know, what with me being away for the company so soon after we got married... yeah, well I guess. What does my schedule look like for the next couple of months... Yeah, right, well that’s good. What I was wondering  was how much I could work from home the next month or two, kind of work at our end of the patch, maybe the odd day away... Obviously, yeah, I get that… I’ll be able to cope by then...You can.  Fantastic... Yeah, great, see you then.”

 Dan rolled over in bed and waited. June appeared a minute later.

“Can we get an earlier train home?”

“We can try. Why?”

“There’s things I want to do before I go back to work.”

“Whatever you say love.”

“You’re not curious?”

“Of course I’m bloody curious but I’m trusting you; remember?”

June shook her head in disbelieve. “You’re so clever. I think we should have breakfast, you may need to be sitting down for the next bit.”

“The suspense is killing, I’d better make the pancakes.”

Dan sprang out of bed and started cooking.

“While you’re doing that I want to make one more call.”


As Dan started cooking he heard her close the bedroom door.  “In secret,” he muttered as he stirred the batter.

A few minutes later she was back, smiling, bouncy, looking pleased with herself.

Dan kept calm, set the plates on the table and served the pancakes.

They ate and Dan poured more coffee and waited.

“Right,” she said. “Listen and ask questions after. Can you do that?”

“I depends how outrageous you’re planning to be, but I’ll try.”

“I’ve got us a few extra days at home and then they’re going to fix my work so I can get home most nights for the first two months.”

“I do trust you.”

“I know, but it’s not that, well it is, sort of, but not exactly how you think. I want the time to be able to heal up.”

“Heal up?”

“Piercings,” she said. “They take six or eight weeks so I want to be at home every night if I can so that I can look after them easily.”

“Am I allowed to ask what you are proposing to have done, I mean will I like it?”

“I hope so, but I kind of want it anyway. I want to get my labia done.”

Dan frowned. “ You have a beautiful pussy already.”

“No," she said, her voice almost choking with excitement. "I want to be able to padlock it. I want you to lock me up. While you were asleep I woke up feeling guilty again. Yesterday was brilliant for finding out what it was like but I couldn't wear that belt all day at work. I found these pictures on the web, pussies with rings either side so you can lock them up. There's all sorts of ways, you could work on the design."

“I could just trust you. Really I could. I can cope with whatever you get up to so long as I know, so long as you tell me everything. I never would have imagined anything like that and I'd never ask you to do that.”

"But I want it."

“I’d hate people to think I was the sort of man that made you do that. I don’t want people thinking I’m a controlling bully.”

“Oh,” she said. “But you’re not, not at all." she stopped, gave him a rueful smile, took a deep breath and carried on. "There I go again. Most people will never know, probably no one will ever know, but if I did give in to temptation and, well, um, someone did get to see they’d know what the score was wouldn’t they.”

“Go on, push it," Dan said. "Think it through to the end. You’re in a hotel room with some amazingly attractive stud.”

"No, I don't want to go there. I want to stop all that."

"It might not be so easy."

“Yeah, exactly, I know. That's why I want it. I find the idea enticing. It's like wearing sexy underwear all day, or no underwear, a sexy secret, all day long."

"It might make you all the more alluring. Guys might see that you're turned on. Think about it, some hotel bar and you're sitting there with your sexy secret and some guy will think you're a cock tease and get the wrong idea."

"If it gets desperate I could show him and that would stop it."

A frown crossed Dan's face.


"I had a sudden image of some brute attacking your pussy with a bolt cropper."

June laughed. "God, what a thought. I'd give him a blow job to keep him quiet."

"A brute like that would want more. If he couldn’t have your pussy, he’d take your arse."

"The arse I promised only you could have. Don't remind me."

Dan sat with a philosophical smile. "It was a good promise. I know things went a bit sideways, but when you promised, in the context it was made, it was good."

"But promises are supposed to be kept."

"There's only one promise I want you to keep. You know the one — love and cherish — better or worse — have and hold; that one. Keep that one and I'll learn to cope with the rest."

"I promise," she said. "I started from there but it was really dumb to think that using all those men in New York to learn how to be good at sex was part of cherishing you. That’s how it was in my mind, but my body and especially my pussy learned other things. It developed reflexes, it learned to like fucking, any fucking, and now it needs to learn something else. It needs to learn that it's been locked up for developing bad habits. It needs to crave being unlocked by you and only you. It needs to get wet at the thought of your key and your cock."

Dan sat for a moment staring at her.

“You keep shocking me," he said. "I can just about imagine locking you up before you leave the house but there's some things I need to work on.”

"Like what?"

"I need to figure out an emergency key. I'd feel uneasy if you were away for a week with no way out."

"I'd rather take the risk."

"No. No silly risks. I’ll figure a way so that you couldn't use an emergency key without me knowing. You do realise that the rings would have to be permanent."

"There’s lots of ways, rings are one but you can have holes with like grommets to keep them open and you could lace the holes like a corset. It makes me wet even thinking about it."

"Was that other call to a piercer?"

"Yeah, it's someone I know. When I had my ears done I didn't want to have some amateur job so I went to a proper studio — it was a while ago but it turns out they're still going and they could do it."

"Can I come with you, to choose the rings and everything."

"Do you want to watch?"

"Is that okay?"

"Would you be turned on?”

“Maybe, or scared shitless, but either way I want to be there.”

“Thanks love. I absolutely want you to be there."

“You have to admit it’s a freaky way to end a honeymoon.”

“Better than being handed a pile of tokens?”

“Much better. I might run out of tokens but I could rent out the key any time.”

"Oh God," she said. "That is so fucking sexy. You shouldn’t say such things. it makes me wet." She giggled, stood up, spun and danced.

“I love you. I love you, you wicked boy."

"That was supposed to be a joke."

"Yeah, I know, but… oh shit I don’t know whether to be serious or what." She stopped for a second. "I am totally serious about the wife thing even though I barely know where to start. I want to be your slut and your pony girl but more than anything I want to be your wife. I can do the sexy, now I want to do wifey."

Dan laughed, not at her or himself, but at the world, at expectations and conventions. He beamed happiness at her. He could see a future. What was it George Bernard Shaw said about marriage? 'When two people are under the influence of the most violent, most insane, most delusive, and most transient of passions, they are required to swear that they will remain in that excited, abnormal, and exhausting condition until death do them part.’ Yeah, that was close enough.

I need to take you home," he said. "I’ve made a beautiful home. All it needs is a wife.”

— — the end — —

For the moment that is the end of this saga. There may be more to come when this couple are back home and happen into my head again. I hope those who have stayed with the story to the end have had fun. It was certainly entertaining to write.
I should emphasis again that this was all fiction, based on no one I know or ever heard about. Cap d’Agde in France, the venue for the action is a great nudist resort.  When I stayed there I did not witness any events like those described here, but it was early in the season. An Internet search will find plenty of action alleged to have taken place there. The charm of the place and it’s facilities certainly makes it a believable place for all sorts of fantasies.

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