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Token Honeymoon - episode 2

Token Honeymoon - episode 2

The honeymoon continues

June thought she had things under control. The last fuck before they slept was wonderful and by the time Dan came, he was close to passing out. June had more stamina; two hundred days of training had to be worth something. She pulled Dan close, making sure he stayed on top of her, keeping his cock inside her and stroking his head until he fell asleep.

Feeling the pressure of his body on top, crushing her into the soft mattress made up for all those nights in New York when she'd lain in a sweaty cooling bed, still throbbing from being fucked but sleeping alone. It had been hard but she had always known that none of those men could spend the night. With her arms around Dan and the movement of his chest forcing her to breathe in synch, she fell asleep in heaven.

He woke after a few hours but by then she was sound asleep. For a moment he was disoriented but seeing her face in front of him, even in the dim light, was enough to awaken his memory. He smiled, slowly placed a gentle kiss on her forehead and began to slide out of her. It took a minute to ease himself to the side of the bed and then another to creep to the bathroom.

He closed the door and sat, conscious of not being alone for the first time in two hundred days, trying to pee silently so as not to wake her. He was almost ready to return to bed when his memory caught up with him. Still drowsy and sitting listening to the liquid sounds below him, his mind began to fall back into his dreams.

He saw June, naked on a bed, except she was barely visible under a big guy doing his best to drive his massive cock right through her. It was a ridiculous image, manufactured in some way by his overactive imagination, but that was the point, wasn't it? It was beyond real, and deep down he knew that whatever the truth was, his brain could always invent something worse.

Most days of the week he was a confident man. He had always deliberately cultivated a proper amount self-doubt because that was how you learned. It kept you grounded, stopped you overreaching yourself. He couldn't stop his well-trained brain asking if he had over reached when he married June? Was she too much for him?

Whatever the truth of it, his brain could invent any number of bigger more impressive lovers for June. If this had been work, he could have dealt with it; he knew how to handle bullies and difficult people, but here there was no escape, the bully was in his imagination. A superior man who could best him and belittle him, who knew his every weakness. He couldn't abandon June, couldn't walk away, but how could he cope? He was trapped in a nightmare.

Had her taking the course in New York been a mistake? She'd blossomed; she'd empowered herself. It was impressive, awesome, but what had he done? While she had become a new woman all he had done was renovate a wrecked old house, getting it ready for a marriage that would never be the same. He'd never catch up. Sitting there in the bathroom he couldn't find the energy to stand. What time was it? His watch was by the bedside, but what did it matter? It was the middle of the night; the middle of a nightmare, time might as well stand still.

There was no way she could not have gone to New York, she'd have been fired if she hadn't, and they needed the two salaries, and now she'd earn more as well. They'd agreed it way back and then there'd been the rush to get married before she went and they'd seen the house and it all seemed perfect.

She'd go away and he would do up the house, starting with his office so that he could do his design work at home. He'd keep busy, save on commuting and they'd end up with something great. They would have the idyllic life they'd imagined in a beautiful house for half the money it would cost on the open market. Now here he was sitting in the dark wondering where it had all gone?

He tried to close his eyes, somehow hoping that would shut out the bad dream. For a moment he thought it was working until he felt the tears running down his face. The nightmare was inside his head, not in the bathroom. It was all around him, inescapable. 

He pressed the flush and stood silently leaning against the wall as the sound of the plumbing subsided. Eyes closed, tears streaming down his face he didn't hear the door open, didn't hear her tiptoe towards him, didn't see her stop, inches away, her face collapsing in sad horror as she saw his tears.

"Oh God," she whispered. "What have I done to you?"

"I can't get it out of my mind," he said, almost as if he was talking to himself.

"Oh shit," she said for the second time that night. "Dan, wake up, you're having a bad dream."

His eyes opened, the lids dragging slowly upwards and then suddenly staring and wide at seeing her there.

"Was I dreaming? Did I say something?"

"You moaned when you flushed the john," she said, trying to sound matter of fact. "I thought maybe you weren't well. You are okay, aren't you, you haven't got food poisoning or anything?"

"No, I'm fine, I just had to pee."

"You're not fine," she said. "You're crying. How long have you been here?"

"Don't know, ten minutes, maybe twenty. I don't know."

"Come back to bed, darling. Standing here in the dark won't help anything." She linked her arm through his and drew him gently towards the door. In the bedroom she let him sit on the bed and then knelt in front of him.

"Tell me about it," she said. "I'm not going back to sleep until I know what I've done to you."

She took his cock in her hand, stroking slowly, kissing it from time to time. She didn't so much interrogate him as make space for the words to come out. Smiling, stroking, kissing, creating a safe space for him to somehow sink into and talk. 

His fears came first - how would he know she loved him if she had all these men in New York and never told him - how would he know? How would he believe anything ever again? It went on from there until finally, he managed to say the most important thing, the deepest fear, that was so hard to say.

"What, um, what if…"

"What if what darling? I can't guess, I can't say it for you."

"If I'm not good enough, not, not what you want, not what you need."

"I'm here." she said and said it with as much finality as she could muster, not angry, not sarcastic, just a very solid statement of reality.

"Now," he said, "but what if you need more and better?"


"Better than me. I saw that footballer yesterday, stronger than me, bigger than me, I bet he has... um, well, I dreamed I saw you with… with this huge guy with a monster cock and I felt like nothing, like nobody. I yelled at him in my dream and he didn't even hear. I couldn't shout loud enough and you didn't look at me at all, you never knew I was there."

"Daniel, you're not dreaming now." She slowly stood up, let go of his cock and forced him to look at her. "I'm truly sorry, I'm heartbroken that you had that dream darling, and I should have thought of that, but dreams are strange things, if you work at it you can change them. Did you know that? Maybe that's something we'll need to learn to do. In New York, I dreamed of you. I should have told you that on the phone, but I didn't because it hurt too much to say how much I missed you."

"You did say."

"I know, but if I'd told you about the dreams I would have broken down. I, well, I couldn't face saying how much I missed you."

"But you slept with all those guys."

"I didn't sleep with them." This time there was ferocity in her voice. "I was wide awake when I fucked them. None of them stayed the night - they often wanted to but I said no. I always phoned you afterwards and I slept with you in my dreams, Danny darling. Try to remember this; I had two hundred and sixty-eight men in the last two hundred days; you and two hundred and sixty-seven others and I came back to one of them."

She continued, "With all that to chose from would I have come back to someone inferior? Would I have come back to someone I didn't want? That I didn't love? To someone who wasn't enough for me? I could have stayed in New York. I was offered jobs there. I could have done anything I wanted. I'm good at sex, really good actually, I could have made a living at it; earned more than I will at work, but I didn't. I came home to you."

She stepped a little closer, pulling his brow to her breasts, kissing the top of his head.

"I'm certain where I want to be and who I want to be with. Be with every day, but I admit I did get to like sex, I liked having all those guys, not because I'm trying to replace you but just because it was fun. Think of it as a side effect of me learning to be good at it. I know it's a lot to ask and maybe it would be better if I liked something else."

"Something else?"

"Like sport or sculpture or something. Nothing comes without a risk. Imagine if I was an artist sculpting naked models, would that be any better? I want to work on this with you. I have lots of ideas, but we have to find your way as well as mine. Our way. At least half of those men would have had me over and over if they could. I'm worth keeping Dan, even if I fuck hundreds, thousands of other guys I'm worth keeping. I want you to find your way to knowing that. I won't fuck anyone else until you're happy."

"But you'd like to?"

"Dan, I'd like to eat ice cream for breakfast every day, but I don't because I wouldn't like to be twenty stone. I'd like to tease and fuck lots of guys, but not if you can't cope. You being happy is the most important thing. Anything else comes after that."

"And if I was never happy with it."

"I'd cope," she said, tipping his head back and bending to kiss him again. "I'd cope, but really, love, I think we can take it further."

"How?" he said, tears pouring down his face. "I'll have nightmares every time you're with someone else."

"It won't be at night," she said, "at night I'll be with you."

She wiped away his tears. "Oh hell, I get it, I'll fuck someone and come home and fuck you as well and fall asleep happy and you'll be awake half the night wondering what it was like; wondering if you're hopeless by comparison. Is that what's worrying you, is that how you imagine our life?"

"I don't know," he said. "I just don't know." He stopped for a second. "It's worse than that."

"How could it be?"

"They will always be better than me."


"Why would you bother with them if they weren't? What would be the point? If they weren't better than me you'd stick with me."

"It's not that simple love. It's the variety that's fun. You don't play the same tune over and over, sometimes you like a change."

"But you always come back to your favourite, is that what I'm supposed to think?"

"I've never done the same man twice, apart from you. No matter how good they were I never did them again and I don't plan to. What that means is that I will never know in advance how good they are and anything they do I'll tell you about so you can do it too. You'll get better and better, we'll get better and better."

June looked at him for half a minute, for a second chewing her bottom lip.

"Oh well," she said. "Neither of us are going to sleep now so I might as well start on phase two. I was going to save it for when you needed entertainment, but I think, well, what I think doesn't matter, it's you that matters."

She kissed his head again and moved over to her suitcase. "If you feel tired enough to sleep just say, but until you do there's some work to do."

She glanced at him, studying his face and all she saw was confusion.

"Some alcohol first," she said, moving to the fridge and grabbing a bottle of champagne. "This will help you relax."

She poured two glasses and then pulled her laptop out of her bag.

"This may drive you completely insane but please try it. I kept records. I'm going to open a file with a picture of every one of two hundred and sixty-six guys. It's a lot to ask but I want you to look at every one and pick out the ones that make you feel the most jealous. I don't think any of them will match up to the monster in your dreams, so with luck that will make a start. This really is every one, apart from the footballer today, I didn't have time to upload him. You don't have to imagine them, they're all here," she giggled for a moment, "warts and all; well no, actually none of them had warts, I wouldn't have risked that."

There was a pause as the computer came to life and then she found the file.

"I'll put sixteen on each page, that should be big enough for a start."

"That'll be seventeen pages," he said.

"Sounds awful, doesn't it. Maybe I did overdo it. I thought if there'd only been half a dozen it would have felt more like affairs, wouldn't it? Well, that's what I thought, so I deliberately went for as many as I could get, and well, you know, New York's a big city. Ready?"

The first set of pictures sprang up on the screen.

"Pity we don't have a projector," he said.

She laughed, kissed him and then suddenly jumped up. "We do have a giant TV in the other room, I bet it takes an HDMI lead. Hang on darling, your wish is my command."

She grabbed the laptop and ran into the second room of the suite, telling him over her shoulder to wait while she got it ready. A minute later she reappeared and dragged him into the room.

On the TV was a huge picture of June. lounging on a bed in the most seductive pose.

"Wow," he said. "What's that?"

"That is the picture your slutty whore of a wife used to attract men off the internet so she could have her way with them."

"I can see how it would work."

She clicked a remote and another picture appeared, this time the two of them together, him smiling at the camera and her in her wedding dress.

"In case you'd forgotten," she said. "I used to put that picture on the TV every night when anyone visited."

"You mean all those guys saw that?"

"Every time. I didn't want them getting any ideas, I wanted them to know they were standing in for you."

"Very clever," he said.

Sitting on the sofa, suddenly unable to decide what to do with his hands. He reached behind him clasping his fingers behind his head, intertwining them but unable to get comfortable. He changed, leaning forwards, moving his hands to his knees, looking at the floor. "Are you just saying that to make me happy?"

"Wait till you see the videos."


"I videoed every one. You have a lot of homework to do but by the time you've finished there won't be any monsters left to imagine."

"You were always going to show me?"

"Always. Well, if you wanted to see. I did feel guilty. I kind of knew I had to be super honest afterwards. When I saw you crying just now I felt terrible. My stomach dropped through the floor. If you'd done this to me — I could see it as clear as day and I felt sick. At least I can own up to everything and not have any secrets; so right now I'm really pleased I made all the tapes."

"But that wasn't why you made them?"

"Not totally. It was a lot of things, a lot of things. I was turned on by performing, that was part of it and I was trying to learn, so studying the tape afterwards helped me get better. I made notes and everything. You can read those too. That's how it started and then I read about men who like to see their wives having sex with other guys; some like to hear about it, or get sex texts and some like to watch. I thought if you were like that then you'd want to watch. What do you think?"

"I have no idea."

"Don't you ever watch porn?"

"Not since the wedding, I've spent every hour I wasn't working doing up the house, on the phone to you, or asleep."

"Damn… Now I do feel like a selfish cow. I was secretly having fun and you were working on our house."

"You did say that you were doing it for me."

"I was, I was, oh God, darling, please believe me I was."

"I guess if you had fun doing something for me, then it ought to be okay, I ought to be pleased."


"I'm still in shock. It wasn't what I was expecting tonight."

"Not the first part?"

"Not really, the first part was beyond anything I could have imagined, and... um"

"So was the second part." She said, interrupting.

"Yeah. Yeah, I guess so." He looked at her and for the first time in an hour she was rewarded with a weary smile. "I kind of can't win. If I can't believe you, I'm fucked. If I do believe you then I need to get my act together because I've got a lot to catch up."

"No love, don't think like that. Please don't think like that. There's no pressure. I've just blown your world apart, you're entitled to take as long as it needs."

"Two hundred days?"

"I hope not," she said and for the first time, she saw a real smile.

"Look on the bright side love, two weeks lazing by the Mediterranean should help."

"It could be exhausting for you."


"All those romantic Frenchmen and I promised not to fuck any of them until you're happy. I'm bound to be randy, so you'll be working hard."

He looked at her, standing there naked and despite the hour, so alive, so enticing. He glanced at the picture on the TV, the two of them together on what was certainly the happiest and perhaps the most scary day of his life. There she stood, so sexy, so erotic and she came back for him. He reached out and held her hand.

"If you can you put three rows of eight on the screen, I'll pick one on each screen? That'll give us a top ten. We can take it from there."

"You said we?"

"I'll watch all the movies but you sit here with me. You have some explaining to do. You can tell me what was good about them, tell me what you learned and show me. Every position you've tried with them, you can do to me, or with me. I want to know about every guilty pleasure, everything you enjoyed, if we are going to stay together then we do this together. It may be a bore getting me up to speed but it ought to be worth it. I need to get good enough that I can feel confident and maybe even improvise."

She kept her hand in his, stood in front of him and ran her other hand down her belly to her pussy, losing several fingers inside.

"I'm getting wet thinking about it. I never imagined this."


"The angst, the guilt, it's turning my insides to jelly."


"Daniel, sometimes your lack of imagination does you proud. I know what's on those tapes, they are unedited, I'm going to be exposing every inch of myself, my behaviour and my personality to you. You'll hear every thing I said, even when I was having my brains fucked out, even when I was with the best of them, every unguarded word. You just said 'If we stay together.' You raised the stakes a million.  I didn't plan it this way. I was going to edit the tapes, make them polished, fun, for your titillation, your own personal porno."

She continued, "Seeing you crying has turned me upside down. It made me see it all so differently; so now you are going to see everything. I don't know what you'll think of me, so… yeah, angst. Loads of angst. My whole future could hang on what you think of those tapes and I can't change them. I'm scared, but you have to see everything. Every time I look as though I'm enjoying it I'll feel guilty, but I want you to do it and you're right, I have to be there and own up for everything."

She knelt in front of him, leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth, sucking briefly and then sighing, trying to speak with a mouth full of cock.

"I like it… when it's small… like this." She pulled off for a second. "I love the way it grows in my mouth."

He sighed. "Are you going to show me these pictures?"

She sucked for another minute, pulling off when he'd grown to almost full size.

"Of course master," she said and hit a few keys on the laptop, a second later the screen was covered with naked men. She watched him study them, looking at him more than the TV, hardly breathing. He whistled, quietly as his eyes moved across the screen.

"Some of them are nothing special."

"None of them are special."

"Well," he said, his breath escaping in one long exhalation. "That one, um.. number eleven probably takes the prize on that page."

"Okay, now for the scary part. Do you want to click the link or do I?"

"Show me."

"Each picture is a link, hit it and the video will open."

"How long is the video?"

"They vary, some of these guys came really fast. Click it, we can always play it fast if it's too long or boring."


She laughed. "Yeah, boring, some of them are boring, totally forgettable, at least until I got better at it."

She clicked and the scene changed. "I had the GoPro set up on a cupboard," she said. "Mostly so it took in the bed. If I'd had a camera man it would have been better."

"So is that going to be my job?"

"Should I see that comment as a good sign? There'll be nothing to film until you're happy with everything."

"I'm teasing," he said. "Run the clip."

"Thank God for that."

"For what?"

"Teasing. I think that might be a good sign."

The screen opened to a shot of June standing naked, obviously facing someone out of shot and then a side on view of a man in T shirt and jeans.

"Oh, I remember this guy."


"Not the best to start with, but, well maybe it is. Oh fuck," she said. "I'll shut up."

Sound started to come out of the screen.

"Hi honey, you look ready for it." The speaker had a mild Brooklyn twang. On the screen, June giggled a little, brushed the hair out of her eyes and smiled.

"That your wedding? What happened to the stiff?"

"He's in England,"

Dan chuckled. "You sound more English than usual."

"I'd only been there a couple of weeks by then. I think I picked up some New York towards the end."

"It's okay, I like it."

The tape rolled on, their voices covering June protesting on the tape that her husband was not a stiff. The New Yorker came further into view, stripping as he did. Dan had already seen him naked so there was no surprise in that.

"How do you want me?"

"On your knees bitch."

Dan stiffened as he heard the words and June felt him grip her hand. On the screen, she knelt and started to take the guy's cock into her mouth, tentatively at first and then as it got bigger taking more of it so that by the time it was properly hard she could take about two-thirds of it.

"Is that it bitch? You can't take any more?" On the

On the tape, June gurgled.

"You need to learn how to deep throat. You wanna learn to be a good slut, you gotta take it all." He pulled out and grabbed her shoulders, hauling her up and almost throwing her on the bed. It was impossible to see his face but June's was clear enough.

"What were you thinking? I'm not sure I can read it in your face."

June stopped the tape. "I think, um a little anxious, trying to please and worrying about how I'd learn to deep throat."

"How did you learn?"

"Not with him. There were some guys who were kinder, more sympathetic, happy to play and sort of teach me. Not teach so much, I mean they're not the ones with the throat, but they talked to me, let me play until I started to get it."

"Roll it on."

The next ten minutes showed the guy descend onto her, ram his cock into her and hump vigorously. There was no love in it, no affection, just fucking and when he was done he left with hardly a word. On the screen June lay still for a minute then wiped herself with a towel and got up, she walked out of shot and there was a noise from the left that sounded like the door being locked and then she reappeared. She stared rather forlornly at the camera. She wiped her face with a small flannel and gave the camera a wan grin and picked up

On the screen, June lay still for a minute then wiped herself with a towel and got up, she walked out of shot and there was a noise from the left that sounded like the door being locked and then she reappeared. She stared rather forlornly at the camera. She wiped her face with a small flannel and gave the camera a wan grin and picked up her laptop, typing as she faced the camera.

"Big cock, big ego, small brain," she said. "Must learn the throat thing." She stopped for a moment, leaned back, put her hands under her breasts and lifted them towards the camera. "Wish you were here, Danny. These babies could do with some attention." The screen went blank.

"Still jealous?"

"Jealous? No. Mad, yes. He shouldn't have treated you like that."

She sat on the sofa next to him, curling one hand around the back of his neck, stroking gently.

"That's the point, love. I took all comers, so long as they passed the tests. I wasn't recruiting to replace you. I was trying to find out as much as I could about sex."


"I said on the web site that they had to have recent infection tests, and they had to use condoms. I wasn't about to learn about STDs or bring you an unwelcome present." She snuggled up to him. "Wanna watch another one?"

"Is the web site still up?"

"I took it down before I left, but you can see it, it's still there, just not publishing."

"I wish I'd known. I could have flown to NY and booked in."

Dan watched June shudder and tear up. "I might have died. I'm glad you didn't, well, sort of glad. It would have been wonderful to see you, but being caught like that..."

"Can we skip to the end? Did you record the footballer?"

"It's still in the camera, but I can get it. I haven't seen it myself. This could be fun," she said, jumping up and running back to the bedroom, returning with the camera. She pulled out the flash drive, put it in the laptop, hit a few keys and the bed in the room next door appeared on the screen.

A few seconds later June came into view. Off screen, a midwest drawl was claiming her attention

"Y'all said your guy was gonna be here soon?"

"He'll message me. We have time." As she spoke she was unbuttoning her blouse and sliding it off her shoulders. "Like what you see?"

"Been liking what I saw since you stepped on that plane. Why in hell ain't that husband of yours meeting you right off the plane? He must be crazy."

On the screen, June's face went through an embarrassing series of grimaces.

"It's kind of my fault, I told him the wrong flight. He'll be meeting that plane in half an hour."

"But y'all won't be on it."

"No, I'll be here getting fucked by you." By now her bra had gone along with her skirt and she was working on his shirt.

"Wow, muscles. What else have you got?"

"Y'all wanna see?"

"That's the general idea, big boy." Her hands wrapped around him and started to drag his boxers towards the floor.

On the screen there should have been a close-up, the camera zooming in to see nine inches of spectacular but somewhat floppy manhood but the single glimpse was good enough. She took it in her hands and began to play, drawing it towards her lips, kissing the tip and starting to take inches into her mouth.

"What would your little old husband think about you playing with this?"

"I don't know. I'm hoping he'll be okay with it."

"You don't know?"

"I've been in New York for half a year and Dan's been back here."

There was silence on the tape.

"It bothers you?"

"Look, Joe, or whatever your name is, could you just fuck me? I'm just a piece of ass you met on the plane."

"A damn fine piece of ass."

Dan reached over and hit pause.

"Does this guy ever get going?"

"What do you think?"

"He must do. You were full of cream afterwards. But looking at the clock there on the screen, you were both cutting it fine."

"Watch the tape, love."

"Oh, two things, thanks for defending me but, um… the wrong plane?"

"The one I was supposed to be on was overbooked and I was there early, so they offered first class on the earlier one. That guy got the same deal and we ended up sitting together."

"And you thought one more for luck?"

"I couldn't resist. Really I wanted you to fuck me before you found out, so you'd know it was okay, that I was everything you expected — hopefully a bit more than that. I had this crazy idea that if you fucked me right after someone else and it was good that somehow you'd think it was okay."

"I think," said Dan, trying to look her right in the eye, "I think maybe you were a tiny bit guilty and trying to convince yourself it was okay?"

"Maybe," she said. "Or maybe I was simply a dumb slut who can't keep her knickers on. We have to consider that possibility."

"Play some more."

She started it again. Dan was delighted when, with the American's cock down her throat, she glanced at the clock and for that second her eyes widened and she redoubled her efforts. A minute later she was dragging him onto the bed. In another minute he was inside her and becoming seriously energetic. June turned the volume down. Dan looked at her and grinned.

"It's okay love, I get it, you had to talk dirty in his ear to keep him going."

She shrugged her shoulders and grimaced.

"See what I mean love. There's nothing to be jealous about."

"I get it, I really do," said Dan "but promise you'll talk like that to me one day. It seemed to work wonders."

"I can do so much better than that. Have you had enough to get rid of the demons for now? Will you be able to sleep?"

Dan pulled her close. "I'll give it a try," he said. "What was that you said before about controlling dreams?"

"It's called Lucid Dreaming. I tried it a bit in New York. I wanted to dream about you. There are techniques, you know, stuff on the internet."

"Did it work?"

"Yeah, a bit, I think. I did dream about you."

"Can we try it together?"

"I don't think we can have the same dream, darling, but yeah, it would be fun. One thing worked, well kind of, I think."

"Go on."

"I dreamed your cock was smaller than it is. I'd played with all these guys, and some were big, well, you've got the pictures - all sizes really but I think I told myself you were smaller, partly to give me an excuse for playing with big ones, and partly so I wouldn't be disappointed when I got home."

"And were you?"

"No, darling, nothing like. You're exactly the right size, any bigger and I'd never get you in my arse, much smaller and I wouldn't feel you after a big cock."

"Like the football player."

She laughed. "He almost didn't make it — he was so scared of you arriving. He nearly ran away. Come on, get to bed. Set the alarm, I don't want to miss this honeymoon you've booked for me."



Forced by circumstance, Dan and June spent the first 200 days of their marriage apart, June in New York and Dan in the UK. Unknown to Dan, June spent all her spare time teaching herself to be better at sex, learning from whores and from a few hundred men, never the same man twice. In her mind it was all for Dan, so that she could be the best wife possible, but there was a frisson of guilt too, she knew she had deceived him and trying to find a way to make up she gave him tokens, one for every man she had sex with, each token giving him the right to instant sex. Whatever she was doing, wherever they were, she would stop everything and give herself to him as soon as he gave her a token. For all the details, read Token Honeymoon episode 1


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