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Token Honeymoon

Token Honeymoon

Their honeymoon is interrupted by unforseen circumstance which leads to something else

He had sex on his mind all day. Two hundred days; four thousand eight hundred hours since he'd kissed her goodbye. They'd had an eighteen-hour honeymoon in the airport hotel before her job sent her a few thousand miles away. Eighteen hours and nineteen minutes from when they signed the register to when she got on the plane to New York.

He couldn't go with her, it was beyond their means and it would have killed Dan's emerging career as a freelance designer. He had to stay where he was, working and living in the house they’d bought, and spending every spare minute rebuilding and refurbishing the place.

The biggest miracle was that they got married at all. Her posting to New York was a surprise; June got the offer with no warning because someone else had dropped out. Four weeks of mad panic had found a venue, corralled the relatives and completed everything just in time. It was crazy, but being married even if apart felt better than not married at all.

June phoned every night. Working at home meant that when Dan slept didn't matter. Often he was getting up early in England as June was ready to sleep in New York. He would tour the house Skyping on his mobile or carrying a web cam, showing her the work he’d done. She'd be in bed or on the bed in the hotel, sometimes in the bath and rarely wearing much.

Dan liked that; it made their marriage feel real. Like her, he was often naked when they spoke. It made him feel safe, hiding nothing — he bleary eyed from sleep and she tired at the end of her day. He worried about her because she often looked weary. Her previously immaculate hair was often rumpled and dishevelled. She felt closer that way, being unguarded with each other was important. It made Dan feel safe, made him feel that they were honest with each other. She wasn't dressing up for him, he could see that she was working hard, even if it wore her out. Seeing her like that made him feel married; him finishing their house and building his reputation; she getting on with her career. They'd moved on from dating to real life.

“You’re not overdoing it?” he said at least once a week. “You look tired.”

“Oh don’t worry about me darling, I’m fine. I’m trying to keep fit. I always call you after my workout, so I have nothing else to think about except you. Don’t worry about me.”

It went on like that, counting the days and somehow as the time got nearer she looked more tired and the time she could spare on the phone got less. He worried more.

“Don’t fret, it will be okay when I get home.”

He missed her at the airport. It made no sense, how could he miss her? He searched frantically for an hour, pestering the desk clerks who had better things to do than deal with anxious husbands.

“If she missed the plane there’s another getting here shortly,” was all he got out of them. Was that possible? Obviously, or they wouldn't have said. As far as he could tell her flight was full, so maybe she got bumped back, and that was why she didn’t answer her phone.

Ten minutes before the other flight was due to land he got a text.


He tried to phone back but got no answer, so he texted YES, picked up the car and drove over there.

What did the message mean? Was she already here? Did she catch an earlier flight, or had she realised she was going to be late and sent him to the hotel so he could relax. Relax? No chance, he couldn’t be more on edge. He hung around in reception but couldn’t see her and eventually he collected the key from reception. He'd wait in the room, send her a text once he was there. She knew the room number, the same honeymoon suite they stayed in two hundred nights ago, the night of the wedding, the night before she left.

 Did he get it wrong? Was he supposed to meet her here? The last thing he’d said on the phone was “See you at the airport.” Stupid; airport could mean the airport hotel couldn't it? Idiot; he was so anxious to see her it had taken over his brain, crowded out everything else.

She knew he'd booked the room. She knew which room. They planned it the last time they were together, so that they could carry on their honeymoon as though the last two hundred days had never happened.

'I could have spent the day there after I dropped the luggage,' he thought, his mind running back to the honeymoon suite with the enormous bed and the balcony and the hot tub. At least he'd filled the tub and set it going and put the champagne in the fridge.

What the hell, better late than never and she’d be there soon. As he stepped out of the elevator he was surprised to find a large man, maybe six three, broad shouldered, built like an American footballer, waiting to go down. Odd, there’s only one room on this section. He must have got the floor wrong. Was he living proof that footballers get too many bangs on the head? The guy smiled at him and wished him good day, a soft mid-west accent. There was something about the way he looked, as though he knew something, or knew who Dan was, or maybe Dan should know who he was? He'd hardly watched a game this season, too busy with work and the house. Well now the house was done he'd have time to watch again.

As he stepped along the corridor he wracked his brains; had he met the guy somewhere, was he really a footballer he should have recognised or an actor maybe? It wasn't someone famous like Will Smith was it? Still puzzled he unlocked the door and stepped into the anteroom, pausing to hang his coat on a peg.

A voice he’d only heard on Skype for two hundred days called out.

“Did you forget something?”

Did he forget something? Was he supposed to bring something? The flowers were there, she must have seen them. The champagne was in the fridge, or at least it was four hours ago. Maybe she hadn't found it.

“Champagne's in the fridge,” he called out, "it's disguised as a cupboard below the TV."

“Dan? Dan, you’re here?” The door flew open and there she was, naked, hair flying like it was in a hurricane, a smile a mile wide and she was leaping into his arms.

“Was I supposed to remember something?” he said a minute later as they lay side by side on the bed.

“Oh, um, nothing, my little joke,” she said, climbing all over him and beginning to tear off his clothes.

“I’ve missed you so much,” he said.

Her hand found his cock. “Yeah,” she said. “I can see that. Shall we talk and then fuck, or fuck and then talk.

“Let’s do it in alphabetical order.”

She stood up, pulled the last of his clothes off him and a second later had his cock in her mouth.

“How much have you got?” she said.

“Two hundred days worth.”

“Really, you haven’t... I mean, you’ve kept it all? I thought... like when we Skyped, I mean I could see it, so hard, and you didn’t? I mean when I hung up you stopped?”

“I said I would.”

“Oh darling,” she said. “I never thought.” She giggled, “So there must be enough to fill all my holes over and over. Oh wow, what a treat”

"You mean you thought I was beating off after we were on the phone?"

"I guess," she said, looking up at him her eyes searching his for a second. "I'm sorry, that's ungracious of me darling. I should have known you'd be good. Oh dear."  She lowered her head back onto his cock still mumbling, berating herself.

"I thought it was only fair," he said, "I mean wasn't as if you could have sex was it?"

"Oh God," she said, "I really owe you this." She mumbled something else but her mouth was full and he didn't catch it.

Seconds later he groaned and was shocked as she pulled his cock deeper into her, swallowing and ramming her head down so hard she almost bit his balls, and she didn't let go, sucking and swallowing until she'd taken every drop.

"Wow, When did you learn to do that?"

She looked up coyly and hesitated for a moment.

"I um, read about it… Did I do it right?"

"How the hell would I know," he said. "That's my first time, but I'd love to have it again."

"You will darling," she said. "You will, lots and lots of times."

She crawled up the bed. "Can I kiss you?" she said.

"Is your mouth still full of you know what?"

"Mmmm, some," she said.

"So this is another first?"

Her lips engulfed his and her tongue began to explore his mouth. He struggled for a second, finding it hard to breathe, his senses overwhelmed by the new taste, fighting to avoid it but unable to resist her. He gave in and began to laugh.

"Fun isn't it," she said.

"So you've been spending the time reading and watching porn? Is that how you know?"

"Sort of, well, yes a bit. I'll tell you more later. How long before you think you can come again?"

"If you do that to me, not long. Why? We've got all day."

She kissed him some more, pressing him into the bed, her hands all over him, her mouth exploring everywhere she could and rapidly finding her way back to his lips.

It didn't take long for her hand to feel him growing again.

"I want you to take my virginity," she said.

"Don't be silly we did that the last time we were here."

"My other virginity," she said. "The other hole. From now on we're properly married, we can be together all the time, I want you to take every bit of me."

Dan's breathing changed, he kissed her back as hard as he could, trying to disguise his nerves.

"I've never even thought of doing that."

"I want you to, I really do. I've bottled up so many things I wanted you to do to me, do with me, and I have to have that now."

"A mate of mine called it a three hole fuck."

"Has he done it? Did he talk about it?"

Dan laughed, trying to get past the embarrassment. "He was bullshitting to sound big."

"When you see him you can tell him what it's really like. Would you like that?"

"I'm not sure, um, not about doing it, but about bragging about it. I mean it might make you sound like a bit of a slut."

"Well yes, but your slut, your very own personal slut."

"You are something else. What did I marry?"

"A very eager slut, who's waited four thousand seven hundred and ninety-two hours for this."

His mind drifted into arithmetic for a second, remembering the nights they'd played the same silly games. "And seventeen minutes I think, since the last time, before you caught the plane."

"There's some lube on the bedside table, use a condom and plenty of lube and take me."

June rolled onto her face and stuck her arse in the air.

"Why the condom?"

"I didn't have time to get clean."

"Oh, right. Just shows I have no idea what I'm doing," said Dan.

"You're doing me. Take it slowly, you're bigger than I remember, so be gentle."

"How come you thought I was small?" he said as he applied lube. "You've seen me every night on Skype."

"I don't know love. Oh, I shouldn't have said that should I."

"It's okay," he said as the head of his cock made contact. "I guess most guys would take it as a compliment, you know, being told they were bigger. It beats being told you're small."

He eased himself against her opening, pressing gently until he felt it give a little.

"Go for it. Ram it in. Don't care if I scream."

She did scream. She screamed and yelled and moaned.

"Fuck me, fuck me, all the way, don't stop, don't stop."

Dan struggled to keep up the rhythm, desperate not to hurt June but driven on by her voice. She reached between her legs exploring quickly, squeezing her labia together but at the same time working her clit, getting herself as close to coming as she could, hovering on the edge until she could feel Dan getting closer. When she thought he was almost there she forced herself back against him; jamming every last millimetre of his cock in as far as she could get it.

As she felt him about to come she gave her clit one last squeeze and collapsed on the bed with waves of muscle spasms running the length of her body. She turned her head, twisting around to look at him over her shoulder.

"How was it for you?"

"Unbelievable. So last time we were here I took one virginity and now I have the other."

"And you had my mouth ages ago. You've had everything about me. You need time to recover and then we need to finish off properly." She chuckled, twisting under him. "Is that thing ever coming out of my arse?"

"I'm exhausted. I don't think I can move. I had to get up very early to meet your plane."

Still giggling she spread her legs and then drew up her knees; reaching forward to grip the bed head with her arms she pushed forward with a kind of breast stroke leg kick as she pulled with her her arms and extricated herself. As his cock came clear he rolled off her to the other side of the bed.

She rolled the other way and for five minutes they lay there panting, holding hands, gradually getting their breath back.

Dan looked at her, smiling, lost for a moment in complete adoration.

"I was worried," he said. "It's been so long. I know we talked, we Skyped and all that but the real thing seemed so long ago."

"It's all over now, I'm back, and that couldn't have been better. Some girls don't like it the first time, that's what I read, but that was great, you were great, I felt so full."

She lifted herself on one elbow to see him better and twisted slightly.

"Oh shit," she said.


He followed her gaze downwards to where a flow of semen was emerging between her legs.

He stared at her, puzzled.

"That was a surprise for later, after you had me again."

"I don't get it, what's the problem."

"Oh you poor innocent darling, God I love you." For a second she frowned biting her lip and screwing her eyes shut as a tear emerged.

"Fuck, it wasn't supposed to be like this. Oh God," she said again. "Look, what do you see?"

He laughed, "Well it's obvious, it's cum leaking out of you."

She rolled towards him and kissed him.

"Ask yourself my darling husband, how did your wife's pussy come to be full of cum, when you haven't fucked it yet and you've just used a condom." She paused for as second surveying his puzzled face. "Oh hell, I've so totally screwed this up. I was trying to be too clever. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

"Love, what's going on? I know I'm being thick."

"Did you meet a football player at the lift?"

"Yeah, he gave me an odd look, I think he thought I ought to recognise him."

"No darling, he gave you an odd look because he'd just fucked me. Oh God, where do I start."

She reached out to hold his hand.

"I'm a bad girl, but I love you dearly. Please let me tell you all about it. I wanted to talk about it after you'd had me every way you could. Once you'd reclaimed me completely. I wanted you to know that I love you, that you owned me before I owned up."

Dan sat up on the bed staring at June, looking lost and confused.

"So you're… with this footballer… having an affair?" The words fell out of his mouth, stumbling, barely in enough order to make sense.

"No love, nothing like that, I don't expect to ever see him again."

Dan brightened slightly. "So was he saying goodbye?"

"Well sort of hello and goodbye, I only met him on the plane... Don't look so shocked darling."

"How am I supposed to look?"

"Sorry love, I never figured out what it would be like, I mean for me telling you and you finding out. There's more to come.  Shit…" She closed her eyes again. "It wasn't meant to come out like this. I'm telling you because I love you. I love you so much and I want to be with you always, always, always. Never forget that."

Dan looked at the ceiling for a second and then right at her. "So you're telling me all your secrets."

"Every last one," she said, "um, plus some more besides."

"Am I going to like it?"

She stopped for a moment, a frown flitting across her face. "I hope so. Well no… Maybe not. Well not at first, but… Um, you'll enjoy the future. Really enjoy, even if the past shocks the hell out of you."

Dan pulled her towards him.

"Kiss me again."

She crawled over to him, wrapping her arms around him and letting her lips linger on his for a second before pressing harder and forcing her tongue as deep as she could, kissing and holding him until they both ran out of breath.

"Right now I'm on a high," he said, struggling for a moment to look at her. "I'm full of endorphins, I feel bulletproof even though I don't know what the hell is going on. Could you hold my cock while you tell me whatever it is. Hold it, don't let go. Does that make sense?"

"Perfectly," she said. "I wish I'd thought of that."

She slid down until her face was at his groin. "Would that be with or without the condom that's been up my arse?"

"Without, I guess."

She pulled it off and took his cock into her mouth, sucking and licking until it was clean. She sat on the edge of the bed, one leg curled around so that her thighs were spread. She took his cock in her right hand.

"It started off innocently, well sort of. On our honeymoon night I didn't think I was very good."

"That's not true. I thought you were marvellous."

"That's because neither of us had done it before. The morning after was better than the first time but I felt awkward. I felt terrible about it. That was all you were going to get of me for ages and ages and it wasn't perfect. I wanted it to be the best ever and it wasn't."

"For me it was."

"Because you're innocent. It wasn't you, it was me. I wanted to be the best imaginable and I wasn't. I knew it should have been better and I had hours on the plane missing you awfully and with nothing else to think about. By the time I got to New York I'd made up my mind that I had to be better at sex, much, much better. I thought two hundred days in New York ought to be enough to learn. It's a big city, there had to be plenty of people better at it than me. All I had to do was find them and learn."

She kissed his cock again and looked up at him. "Okay so far?"

"It makes no sense at all. I mean I hear what you're saying but back home I was still on cloud nine."

"I wasn't," she said with a kind of finality. "You were good, I remembered your tongue in my pussy. It made me wet thinking about it. You were great but I knew I had to improve.

"I can't imagine where you'd start," said Dan, beginning to engage his brain in the issue and for a moment forgetting the football player, "and you had your work to do as well."

"Actually the work wasn't so hard, I thought it would be worse but it turned out I knew a lot of the main stuff already. That training was a breeze by comparison." She squeezed his cock, to make sure he got the point.

"Lucky you."

"Lucky you too. I've learned a lot and all for you." Another squeeze.

"Did you enjoy it… um, whatever you did?"

"We'll come to that," she said, this time with a gentle stroke along the whole length. "I was very brave and very foolish, sometimes both at once but I was driven by wanting to please you. I met hookers on the streets, I joined a load of internet sites, I read everything I could, blogs, stories, and everything in between, some that are so far underground you think your computer might catch fire. Some people get up to such wild things. I just never knew. I went to clubs, I actually worked a few nights in a strip club, you name it, I covered it. The first two weeks of my course were very light, I think they were a bit disorganised and anyway, they wanted us to be able to settle in and by the time that was over I was so into my other learning that I couldn't stop."

He stopped her hand for a moment. "Why didn't you tell me about this on Skype?"

"I did wish you were there so we could have explored together, but, well, on Skype, it was kind of impersonal and with all that technical logging on and web cam stuff I sort of felt as though someone else might be watching. It's crazy, I should have talked to you. You could have done some of the research, but it was kind of nice having you at home all innocent. It grounded me. That's why I never missed a night talking to you. I had to have that anchor to remind me why I was doing it. Does that make any sense?"

"Were you scared I'd be upset if you told me?"

"You mean did I feel guilty?"

"I guess, but… well… I don't know."

"This is so different, so hard.. I don't think I felt guilty, I mean I know it was cheating, adultery, call it what you will, but I was doing it for you. I was obsessed with getting to be the most skilful lover I could be and I didn't want you to stop me, I didn't want you to settle for less."

She took his cock in her mouth again.

"I ought to be mad at you," he said, "my insides are turning somersaults, but I can't be mad while you're doing that. That's why you're doing it, isn't it?" There was no reply but already his soft cock was hardening. "There's more isn't there?"


"Lots more?"


"Oh God," he said. "I'm going to have nightmares about this for months. I'll wake up dreaming about you fucking giant football players, wondering if I'm up to it, scared that I'm hopeless. Every time you go out of the house I'll worry who you're fucking and you're so far ahead of me, I'll never catch up."

"I still love you," she said. "Actually more than ever. When you came into the room I felt everything go fluttery inside, I could hardly breathe, I was so glad to see you."

"Even though you'd barely finished fucking that hunk I met in the lift?"

"He wasn't very good. A lot of muscle and a big cock, but no skill worth speaking of."

"I haven't got any skill. I don't know what I'm doing at all."

"But you make my heart flutter, no one in New York did that. Some scared me, and some were very good fucks but no one made me flutter."

"How much more is there?"

"Too much for one night I think, but maybe you don't want to hear it all tonight."

She took his cock in her mouth again but this time she worked up and down it, taking it completely into her mouth, letting it slide down her throat so she could envelop his balls as well, closing her lips around them and swallowing so he felt her throat contract around it.

"Oh God," he said. "How did you learn to do that?"

She pulled off him, briefly licking the tip before she spoke.

"I met this really cute whore in New York, she let me work with her and gave me lessons if I shared the clients. She got the money - well most of the money, and I got the lessons."

"You've been a hooker?"

"A sort of trainee hooker. Damn, I meant to save that for another day. How about that? You're ready to fuck me again."

"Did you like it? Am I going to be a disappointment now? Have I got to go and learn like you did?"

"You could never disappoint me and I can teach you everything."

"But did you like it?"

"Not all of it, but some yes. You're worried I might be tempted aren't you?" Her eyes met his.

"Yes, I mean what else could I think?"

"I did like doing it and I might be tempted. Right. I can't argue with that but I desperately want to stay married to you. There's so much more to you than sex, and sex with you is good and it will be much better because I know what I'm doing now. I so don't want to hurt you, so I thought of a deal. It's kind of ridiculous and I don't suppose there's anyone on the planet who does it, but, well, um… Actually now I come to say it, the whole thing is crazy."

"Try me," he said, watching her face, trying to blink away a tear. "Try me."

She reached under the bed and dragged out a bag. She rummaged in it and pulled what looked like a pile of bank notes, more like monopoly money than the real thing.

"This is fucking currency, you know, like dollars or bitcoins except it promises fucks not dollars. If I fuck other guys, I promise to tell you about them and I'll give you one of these. Each one these tokens gives you a priority fuck. Even if I'm about to go out, if I'm naked in bed with some guy, if you give me one of these you get me right there and then. I promise that every time you give me a token you get a fuck. Fuck me as hard as you like until you come and you don’t have to use a condom like the others all will. You can have any hole whereas they can only use my cunt. I may let them use my mouth, that’s up to me. You can have everything any time and you'll be the only one who ever gets my arse."

"Are these supposed to last the rest of our marriage? How many are there in the bag?"

"No, no silly. Every time I fuck someone else I’ll put another in your account."

"Every time, even if they turn out to be better than me, or worse than me?"

"Every time, unless you want to alter the exchange rate."

"I may end up with loads of spare tokens, I mean if I can't keep up, or I may want more. At this rate you'll get twice as much sex as me."

"Oh, shit, yes. I never saw it that way, I'm not much of an economist am I. We can change the rate, whenever, whatever, any time.

"I’d be buying sex with you as if you were a whore."

"Yes. Well yes if you use a token. We can fuck anytime without a token, if we both want it we'll fuck like any other couple these are for emergencies when you want me and I'm with someone else or even if I'm tired or whatever. One of these gets an instant fuck."

"Are you going to be busy like that a lot? Are you going to be constantly fucking other people?"

"No, I don't think, maybe never even, but I've had a lot of sex the last nine months and I don't know if I'll miss it. When I dreamed this up I was desperate to make sure you didn't worry or feel hurt. You have to know that you come first, that's what these are for."

"So you're my whore."

"Yes exactly, your whore, and you’d be paid in the same currency every time I have sex, you’ll be my owner, my pimp. That’s better than being a cuckold, unless that’s what you want, we could do that if you want." She looked at his face carefully for a second. "You don't even know the meaning of the word do you? Don't go and look it up. We'll save that for another day."

"So you liked being a hooker?"

"Really I did," she blinked, grinned and gave him the dirtiest, seductive smile he'd ever seen. "I don't want to do it as a profession but I liked the transactional sex. I was paid and I had to do as I was told. I kind of liked giving satisfaction."

"So from now on, I'm the only one who has to pay? Everyone else gets you for free?"

That stopped her in her tracks. "Um, yes. I didn't see it like that, um… I'm hopeless. I thought I was being nice, paying you back for what I did. Instead, I'm making you pay. We need to work on it. Damn, you're so clever."

"How many tokens are in that bag?"

"Two hundred and sixty-seven."

"Bloody hell, and you were only away two hundred days. That's, um, about one every eighteen hours."

"Mmmm, well there were some blank days." she said, watching his face, trying to raise a smile.

"And these were all different guys?"

"Oh yes, I wanted to learn about sex, not have an affair. I thought of each one as a lesson, I mean that's why I was in New York - for training. I trained to be better at my work and better at being a wife. If I'd had sex more than once with the same guy it would have felt like being unfaithful."

"Did any stay the night?"

"Dan, what do you take me for?… No, um... okay, I get it. It's a fair question. No, none of them did. I already know how to sleep; I didn't need lessons in that. I only ever want to wake up with you."

"I'm still trying to hack the maths, were there some multiples? I mean two at once kind of stuff."

"Mmmm, a few times. That's more tricky because, well because they want to do two holes at once and I wanted to keep one of them for you. One at each end is fine, what they call spit roasting, kind of fun really but double penetration with both at the same end was always off limits."

"How did you manage that?"

"I wore a butt plug."

"A what?"

"I'll show you later, it's a plug that goes in your arse and stays there."

"But if you're in a room with a couple of guys they could overpower you."

"By the time I did any of that I had support."

"Did that cost a lot? I mean how did you manage that?"

"I want you to fuck me, so this is the last question for now, right?"


Her mouth enveloped his cock again.

"Okay, Oh that's nice."

"I used the same currency. Some guys I had sex with wanted to come again. I wouldn't let them fuck me again but I figured hand jobs were okay. I paid them with tokens that they could give to their mates. It made them really popular and it helped my numbers. Cool, don't you think? I invented a whole currency."

"You are a piece of work," he said, pushing her onto the bed and spreading her legs. "Do I have to use a token for this?"

"This one is free," she said, pulling him down, kissing and hugging him the same time. This is part of the honeymoon package deal. Tonight, tomorrow and all while we're away. All free, no tokens. Now stop talking and fuck me, reclaim me, own me.


End of episode one.

Notes on the Token Honeymoon series

For those interested in technicalities for this series I have tried to operate a slightly unconventional point of view. I think the best word for it might be restricted omniscient. The POV is situated within the couple. I allow myself to describe what each of the pair is thinking, as one might for a third person restricted view for either of them, but not normally for both. For the characters outside the couple the omniscience is lost - we see what they look like, hear what they say but have to guess what they are thinking.
For the couple the rules are the same, they have to work on what their senses are showing them, but the reader, through the narrator, is allowed more insight into the thoughts and motives of the two main characters. I adopted this in part because I like experimenting but also I couldn't decide whether Dan or June was the main character. There is the further challenge that discovering what makes a couple a couple is as hard for a writer as it can be for a couple.


This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to any person or place now or in the past is accidental.
The author, Whitebeard, asserts all copyright rights. No reproduction without permission is permitted.

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