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Tommy and Me (Part II, Prom)

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Also a TRUE story (you probably should read the first one, too)
I pulled my gray dress up my body and my sister zipped it. The purple, blue, and pink flower design on the back hid the zipper well enough. My hair had the perfect amount of Pouf in it, and I was ready to go.

Tommy's red Chevy pickup truck turned into the driveway and he hopped out. Tommy stopped in front of his truck to fix his tie. He wore the classic black tux, a gray vest, and a gray and white striped tie. Once he was all spiffed up he headed up to the Victorian style house and knocked on the door.

My dad poked his head out and waved Tommy in.

When Tommy saw me his eyes lit up and his smile spread across his face. He came up to me and enveloped me in a hug. My parents and sister awed. ,

Tommy put his mouth to my ear, whispered, "You are gorgeous, babe" and kissed the tip of my nose.

He pulled away and looked at my dad.

"So, where are you and your friends going to eat?" he asked.

And with the straightest face Tommy said, "Subway."

My dad laughed, "Honestly? For your senior prom you're taking my daughter to subway..?"

"Daddy.. The tickets were expensive as it is. We don't need to go to some fancy restaurant. Oh, and, you'll love this, we're going bowling afterwards..!" I said.

"You are ridiculous. You know, for my senior prom I took your mom to this really fancy restaurant and hotel," he said.

We all laughed, especially my mom.

"Honey, we didn't even make it to prom, so just shut up. You're giving the teenage boy too many ideas."

After a while of trying to convince my dad that what he had just said was slightly disturbing, we headed out. Tommy squeezed in front of me and opened the passenger door and held my hand has I tried to climb in.

Tommy and I were the first ones to Subway but eventually the rest of our friends showed up. We were laughing and shouting and having a good time.

All of the guys had picked their girlfriends up in their pickup trucks so that when we left Subway and the bowling alley it would be rather loud and ostentatious. A convoy of eight or so pickup trucks all tail-gating each other draws a lot of attention.

A couple of hours later, when it was time for the dance, we all went in and partied our asses off.

Tommy and I wanted to go "do it" as it was put, so I called my mom and asked her if it was okay if I went to a friend's house for the night. She, of course, said yes. Tommy did the same. It worked out so perfectly that we didn't even care how stereotypical it was.

Our friend, Connor, had rented a hotel room, but the way his date was going it was obvious he wasn't going to use it. The group headed out to the parking lot and easily found the mob of pickup trucks. The guys complained to each other about how they weren't "getting any" and the girls complained to one another about how their high heels killed their feet. I hung on Tommy's arm, happy that my well worn high heels didn't pain me. And he was obviously happy that he was "getting some."

We had some trouble finding the hotel, just because Tommy took a million wrong turns. And when we finally found the place, the receptionist gave us a look like "If I knew who your parents were I'd call them right now." We ignored her and headed down the hallway to our room.

Once we made it to the room Tommy carefully unzipped the dress and unclasped my bra. I turned around and undressed him. He put his lips to mine and stuck his tongue in, swiveling it around mine. He wrapped his arms around me, engulfing me. As we headed to the bed I slipped my underwear off, and he also wiggled out of his boxers.

He laid me down on the bed and laid on top of me. His hand slipped down to my waiting pussy and began to rub it. He went from kissing my mouth to kissing my neck, to kissing my tits. He kissed all the way down to my clit. When he got there he began sucking on it and fingering my hole.

He kept licking my pussy until I was good and wet, from my own juices and his mouth. He then stood over me and slid his cock into me, using my juices as lube. He pounded my pussy until the bed knocked on the wall.

With each pound I moaned a little louder. I could feel the first climax of the night coming. And when it hit I arched my back and let out a loud moan. Tommy teased my tits with his hands and bent over to bite and suck them while I climaxed, making it just that much more enjoyable.

I watched him suck on my tits and nibble on the tips, teasing me. He was about to unload so he pulled his cock out. I sat up and rubbed his hard cock. His delicious juices shot out of him and landed on my cheeks. I took my finger and slowly rubbed it into my mouth and swallowed. I pointed his cock at me and licked the remaining come off of it. I took his cock into my mouth and rubbed the base of it. Tommy let out some groans, clearly enjoying his blow job. Once I got him to the point of nearly exploding again I laid down on the bed and he climbed on top. I pushed my tits together and he squeezed his cock in between them. He fucked my tits for a while and then exploded onto my face. I licked it up while he watched and fucked my tits.

Tommy repositioned me so that he could fuck my ass, and when he slid it in I let out a loud gasp that turned into a long moan. Tommy grabbed my hips and pulled them up a little bit. He slid his entire cock into my ass and I moaned loud enough for anyone next door to clearly hear. He slowly pulled it out and then rammed it back in. He repeated this process until I was nearly screaming in pain and enjoyment.

He slid his cock out and rammed it in my ass one last time. He slid it out all the way and flipped me over. Without putting his cock into me he leaned over me and kissed my nose. He then put his hand on my chin and pulled my mouth open and slid his tongue in.

He grabbed hold of my hips and rolled over so that I was on top. I smiled devilishly at him and slid his cock into me. I sat up and ground myself onto his cock. I rolled my hips in a circle and then backwards and frontwards. I leaned forwards, letting my tits dangle down for Tommy. He grabbed ahold of one and rubbed it. I then slowly pulled my hips up and slowly brought them back down on his cock. I sped up with each motion. As I was going up and down on him I mixed in a forward motion. He groaned and squeezed on my tits hard.

I could tell he was about to unload so I slid off of him and positioned my mouth over his cock. Right before he came I slipped my mouth over his cock so that I got all of his come. He groaned as he came. I rubbed his cock a little while longer but then crawled up next to him and laid down. He leaned over me and kissed me. He slipped his tongue in my mouth and licked my tongue. He started kissing and sucking on my neck and he teased my pussy with his fingers.

Tommy took his fingers out and slid one into my mouth and I sucked my juices off. Tommy laid down and I snuggled up into his side. He wrapped his arm around me and, with his other hand, covered us up with the blanket.

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