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Trip to the beach

Fun at the beach leads to hot, passionate love making...
We are walking along the beach, the water gently lapping at our feet. You are holding on to me, and I can see the love in your eyes. 

You pull me into you and kissed me hard on the lips, I moan slightly as you brush my hair out of my face and run your hands down the side of my body. 

I push you and run into the ocean, giggling. You run after me, pick me up and spin me around. These moments I will always remember. 

I tease you slightly by moving my bikini top over so you can see my hard nipple, its begging for you to lick it, to suck it. I can see a bulge in your trousers forming, and I know it's working. You start to walk over to me, I splash you and run to the shore. I know where this is going to go and I'm excited. I can feel the wetness from my pussy in the already wet bikini. 

You catch up to me and we fall on to the hot sand, you kiss me and pull the string on my bikini. My bare breast are yours for the taking, you take my nipple into your mouth. I moan out as you gently bite and lick me. You can taste the saltiness of the sea on my hardening nipples. Your hands are roaming all over my body and your hard cock is pressing onto me as the waves are covering our legs.

You want me, and I need you. You stand up and look down at my nearly fully naked body, I can see the lust and love in your face. 

You pull me to my feet and lead me into our private villa on the beach. As soon as we step through the door you push me against the wall and pull the string on my bikini bottoms. They drop to the floor and you get onto your knees, you push my legs apart and start to lick my clit. I scream out as you expertly circle my clit with your tongue. You push a finger into my wet waiting hole, then a second. You play with my g spot as you suck on my clit. I start to contract as my juices are gushing out. I cum hard and you hold me up when my knees become weak. You keep fingering my soaking pussy as I continue to cum. I moan loudly and grind on your fingers. 

You pull your fingers out and make me suck them clean. 

You grab my arms and pull them above my head as you kiss me, pushing your tongue in and out of my mouth, kissing down my neck and then my breasts again. I want you so bad. I drop to my knees and pull your shorts down. You big cock is finally free and it's yearning to be touched. I take you into my mouth and you groan. I lick and suck you, passion overtakes you and you grab my hair. You shove your cock to the back of my throat and make me gag. I love the feeling of your monstrous cock in my throat.

I start to play with my clit as you make me gag. I rub faster and you fuck my throat, I start to cum and moan into your cock. This sends you mad and you start to pulse, I feel your hot cum hitting the back of my throat. I lap it all up and suck your cock clean. 

You fall to the floor, and I lay next to you stroking your still hard member. I can't resist and I suck on your cock again. I love feeling the hardness and knowing that it's mine and mine only. Your grab my hair and pull me up to your lips, you kiss me. You push me to the floor and spread my legs, you push your cock into my pussy and I feel an explosion, I cum instantly.

You look into my eyes as I cum, your enjoying making me feel this way. You pull out of me and turn me over, I'm laying on my stomach with my arse raised just a little. You lay on top on my back and you push your cock into me again, you tell me how much you love my light little pussy, and that I'm your little slut.

You pull me onto my knees whist staying inside me, then you pull your cock out till just the tip is in and then push hard into me. My knees buckle from the amazing feeling, you are holding on to my hips tight. You push in me harder, a faster, our breathing getting faster and faster, until I scream out for a finally time. You continue to fuck me, while wave after wave of pleasure is coursing through my body. Then you groan loud, pull out of my slippery pussy and cum all over it.

We fall to the floor, laying side by side, you kiss me and say the three words I've been waiting to hear "I love you".

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