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True Love Found

I was raised an only child by very strict Protestant parents.  As a girl born int the 1950's, it was expected you would grow up living at home until you were married and then have your family.  Sex before marriage was not permitted and that was drilled into my head, daily.


From the time I could talk, I wanted to be a nurse, and when my dad had his first heart attack when I was five, he was admitted into a Catholic church run hospital.  In those days, children were not allowed to visit, but Mother Superior felt it would do my dad good to see his little girl.  I was permitted a five minute visit, and then I spent time with Mother Superior in the hospital cafeteria, having ice cream, while my mother visited with my dad.  The nursing sisters looked like angels in the long white habits, with aprons worn over them and their starched wimples, their quick, quiet steps made them look as if they were floating along the corridors.  I was in awe of these women, and it only reinforced in my mind that I wanted to be a nurse. 


When I graduated from high school, I entered into the last class of the Catholic church-run hospital nursing program.  It was very regimented, and we had to go to Latin Mass every day, which was quite a revelation to a Protestant girl.  I grew to love the time spent in Chapel, and found a peace there that I had never known before.  It was noticed by Mother Superior, who asked me if I would like to join the order, and continue my work and studies with the opportunity to nurse in many countries. 


She explained the vows of poverty, and chastity, and they didn't seem that bad.  I grew up poor, and was still a virgin, and told her that.  She smiled at me, and without even a thought, I said yes.  I finished my nursing program, but no longer lived in residence.  I lived in the Convent.  I took my vows two years later, and spent many faithful years of service to God and the church. 


As I aged, I began to wonder what I was missing in my life.  My parents were no longer living, and I was feeling lonely and somewhat depressed.  I considered leaving the church, and this weighed heavy on my mind.  At 45, I had nothing, no home, no family, no friends outside the church.  I had started working on my degree in Nursing at my home town University, working in the same hospital that I trained in.  I had come full circle. 


While in University, I was introduced to the Internet, and this opened up a new world of possibilities for me.  I did indeed leave the church and struck out on my own. 


Two years later, I had my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, my first apartment and a life ahead of me that was not confined my church rules any longer. 


I was afraid to date, but wanted to meet a nice man.  I turned to the Internet.  I knew there were predators on the net, so I was pretty careful.  One night while sitting at home brooding about my life, or lack thereof, I surfed into a site that "published" erotic stories.  I blushed as I read some of them, and my womanhood started to throb, in places that I never knew had a pulse, much less life.  My stomach began to ache, and as I read a story about a woman masturbating to climax, I wondered what that would feel like.  I did as the character did in the story, and OH MY GOD!!!  Well, I became a very sexual creature after that, reading and learning about my body.  I even ordered vibrators and dildos off the net, and learned to pleasure myself. 


I sent a private message to one of the male authors on the site, and we began to communicate, through email, and private chats through instant messaging.  Our email took on a more urgent sexual nature, as did our chats.  We fell in love.  He was in an unhappy, unfulfilled marriage, and had filed for divorce years ago, but had never followed through on it.  So now, not only was I, a former nun, taking great pleasure in the sexual side of my body, I was also involved in an affair, on the Internet, with a married man.  I was deeply troubled over this turn of events in my life, but also so deeply in love for the first time in my life, there was no way I could turn my back on this wonderful man whom I had found. 


I took vacation from my position, as a Nurse Manager, in a non-church run hospital, and made arrangements to meet the man of my dreams.  He knew of my life, for there was nothing I could not tell him.  We picked a city sort of half way between the cities where we lived, and decided to meet there. 


I drove, rather than fly, to our rendezvous city.  We had decided to rent a cabin in the mountains, that would afford us the privacy we needed.  He was there, waiting for me, when I arrived.  I parked my SUV, and got out and looked around at the beautiful scenery of the Rocky Mountains.  I registered my vehicle at the office, so they knew I was staying there, and was given a key to our cabin. 


I walked to where our cabin was situated in the wooded area.  There were about a dozen or so other small cabins scattered about the woods, giving the occupants the privacy needed for a romantic getaway.


My heart started to race, and my face felt flushed.  My stomach ached with sexual tension.  The butterflies there were lurching like they were playing beach volleyball. 


I got to our cabin, and there was the man I love, sitting on the deck with a soda in his hand.  He stood as I got nearer, and came down the steps to meet me.  I stopped, watching him descend the few steps from the deck, and when he held out his arms to me, I flew into them, knowing that this was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with.


He held me, and kissed me, and I didn't care who saw us.  I was in love for the first time in my life, and it felt wonderful to be held by another human being. 


He took my hand, and led me into the cabin that would be our love nest for the next week.  There was a wood burning stove, for a fire to warm us on the chilly evenings.  The king size bed was covered in a downy duvet, with fluffy down pillows and looked very inviting.  He got me a diet soda, and we went out to enjoy the fresh mountain air, and to visit, until dinner time.


We sat there holding hands and enjoying the sound of each other's voice and laughter.  When it was time for the dining lodge to open we walked over, hand in hand, and took a table near the big stone hearth, and roaring fire.  We both ordered the special of the evening, and no alcohol, neither of us wanted our senses dulled by the effects of wine.  We lingered over coffee and dessert before we decided that we could wait no longer.  We walked back to our cabin, again hand in hand.


Once again, the butterflies in my tummy had taken up volleyball, and my pussy started to throb.  If I had been alone, I would masturbate, likely with a dildo or vibrator, but I had the man of my dreams walking beside me, and I knew that this was going to be a very special evening.


He smiled at me, as we walked up the steps to our cabin.  "Nervous?"


I glanced at him shyly, "A little," I admitted. 


"My sweet love, I promise to make this the best experience of your life.  Do you trust me?"


"Of course, I trust you, if I didn't I wouldn't be here Darling."


He led me into our cabin, and I watched as he lit a fire in the wood burning stove.  "I don't want any chill to touch your body, if there are goose bumps on your flesh I want them to come from excitement and anticipation."  I watched as he came towards me and started to undo the buttons of my blouse, kissing the skin revealed to him, with the undoing of each button.  His eyes were smokey with desire. 


As he gently pushed my blouse off my shoulders, he kissed my mouth, and reached around me, and deftly unhooked my bra.  He slowly slid the straps off my shoulders, and soon my small breasts were bared to him, my sensitive nipples hard, and erect.  "Oh my, so beautiful," he whispered with awe, as his thumbs grazed over the budded flesh causing the areola to pucker even more.  He brought his head down and took one nipple into his mouth, and suckled gently.


I could feel the warmth of my sex getting wetter, and my clitoris throbbing with the desire I was feeling deep in my soul.  I heard a moan, and was surprised that it had come from me.  I reached for the hem of his polo T-shirt and tugged it from the waist band of his trousers.  I ran my hands up his cage, and over his chest.  Oh god, the feel of him, under my hands was so wonderful.  The light sprinkling of chest hair tickled my palms and only added to my excitement. 


He pulled off his T-shirt over his head, and stood before me, my own Adonis.  I was struck in awe, at how handsome this man was.  He was just a bit shorter than my own 5'10", greying hair, that I found very distinguished, and hazel eyes, the same color as my own. 


"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known," he tells me as he leads me into the bathroom and turns on the shower.  Our email had often included showering together, so this was a dream come true.  His hands at my waist, drew me closer to him, and he kissed me lightly on the mouth and neck.  He moved his hands to the waist band of my denim skirt, and worked open the button.  The zipper slid down effortlessly, and he pushed my skirt over my hips, leaving me clad only in my white cotton panties.  His eyes roved over my body and the look of desire clouded his face. 


I blushed under his gaze, and I lowered my eyes, only to see the evidence of his excitement for me, and my eyes flew to his face again. 


"Yes, sweetheart, you have done that to me", he tells me gently, and undoes his belt, and takes my hands to undo his pants. 


I am trembling as I undo the button, and ease the zipper down slowly.  I watch his face as I ease his trousers over his hips, and then, he too, is standing there in his white cotton briefs, with a definite bulge in the front. 


His fingers are under the elastic waist band of my panties, and ease them over my hips and down my long legs.  He kneels in front of me, and touches my mound gently.  "You keep this trimmed" he says as he strokes my fleshy outer lips, parting them gently and finding the silky, sexy petals within. 


My hands are on his shoulders for support, as my knees are weak.  I feel his soft fingers touch my clit for the first time, and gently massage it.  I feel his index finger slide into my canal, and my muscles clamp down on that lone finger.  I gasp at the sensation he is causing. 


"I'm getting ahead of myself, I too am excited.  Let's shower, and lie down on the bed, we have all night."  He stands and pushes his briefs down over his hips and down his legs and steps out of them, and for the first time in my life, I see a man, naked, aroused, with desire for ME.  We step into the warm misty shower and let the water gently cascade over our bodies.  Gentle, non fragrance body wash is used as we wash each other. 


I am timid, but growing bolder as he encourages me with his loving words.  I wash his chest and abdomen, and his back and arms.  He takes my hands and guides them to his manhood, and with my hands in his, wraps them around his member, as it grows harder under my grasp.  "Does it hurt?" I ask him shyly, and he assures me the pain is pleasurable, when I hold him like this.  He tells me to stroke it, up and down, and I do as I'm told.  Under his tutelage, I massage him, and am excited my his moans of delight. 


I am taken by surprise, when he suddenly tells me to stop, and I ask if I done something wrong.  "On the contrary, you did everything right, I'm just not ready to cum yet."


We get out of the shower, and dry off, and he leads me to the bed, holding my hand.  I lay down on the bed, and he lays down beside me on his side.  My heart starts to pound, I can hear it in my ears.  My breathing is rapid, and I struggle to slow it down.  I look into his face, and I see his love for me, a reflection of my own for him. 


He tells me to relax, and enjoy the feelings and sensations, and to not hold back, but to go with what ever I am feeling in the moment.  He leans over and kisses me again on the mouth, and then all over my face, down to my neck and then whirls his tongue in the folds of my ear, and blows gently, causing goose flesh to rise, despite the warmth of the room.  His hands are cupping and massaging my breasts, and soon his warm, wet mouth is on a nipple, sucking it in, gently nipping at it with his teeth.  My back arches, forcing my breast further into his mouth, and he takes it eagerly. 


His hand wanders lightly down my belly, stopping to rim my navel.  His fingertips go to my ribcage and lightly trace their way up one side and down the other.  I moan at his touch.  I feel his hands on my pubic mound, and gently part the outer labia once again.  My knees draw up, in reflex, and drop to the sides, in a silent invitation for only him.  I watch him lick his finger, and then find my clit, and he once again massages it, firmly but gently, inserting the index finger of his other hand into my canal, and thrust it in and out, adding a second finger, to twist and scissor open inside me, preparing my virginal canal for his thickness.  He turns his palm upward, and finds that ribbed sensitive spot on the upper wall, massaging that in the same rhythm as he massages my clit.  He tells me how beautiful and sexy I am, and to relax, and let what he is doing bring me the pleasure he seeks to give me.  I am writhing under his hands, and soon I no longer have the control to stop what is happening to my body.  I feel like I am flying, soaring through a dimension I never knew existed.  I feel the warm wet fluid gush from my body, and over his hand.  "That's my girl.", I hear him whisper.  "Oh god, I want to taste that, not now, but soon, very soon."  He knows I will need all the lubrication I have to make this first time comfortable and enjoyable for me. 


He settles himself between my legs, and guides his member to the opening of my canal.  I feel him slowly exert gentle, steady pressure, and then I feel the faint pop, as the glans of his cock enters my canal.  The sensation of fullness is somewhat painful, and I bear down to alleviate the discomfort.  That helps, and he continues to press forward, slowly, steadlily, inch by inch until all seven inches are buried within the silky folds of my virginal canal.  He doesn't begin thrusting right away, allowing me to become accustomed to having him deep inside me.  He leans down on top of me, and kisses me deeply, his tongue sweeping across my lower lip, and then gently prying my mouth open, his tongue gaining entrance to my mouth, to dance with my tongue.  I moan, for the sensations are nearly overwhelming.  He croons in my ear, to relax, and wait, for the feelings only get better. 


He starts to stroke into me, gently at first, so to accustom my canal to the movement of him.  My hips seem to have a mind of their own, and rise to meet his strokes.  He senses in me the change, and begins to move a little faster and deeper, and I feel him gently bump my cervix.  The sensation is exquisite, and I watch his face as he watches mine.


"Pleeeease" escapes my lips, yet I have no idea what I am begging him for, but he seems to know.  My legs wrap around his back, out of a reflex, to bring him nearer to me.  His strokes now take on a new fervor, and he thrusts into me.  Deeper.  Harder.  Faster.


I am lost, in that abyss of pleasure that only comes from the mating ritual between humans.  The pleasure that I feel, is beyond what I imagined, and far beyond what I had ever experienced from my own hands.  Living a life of celibacy has brought me to his moment in my life, this moment in time, where I am with a man for the first time in my life, at nearly 50 years of age.  I am beyond thought, as my eyes drift shut, and I lose myself in the wonderous sensations that this man has brought to my body.  I feel my deep inner muscles begin to spasm, beyond my control, and I open my eyes to look at the face of the man that I love, who is also now my lover.  He too is lost in pleasure, and I feel his manhood spasm inside me, and soon the white hot lava of his essence is released deep into the recesses of my wet folds. 


He stills his movements, and lays down on top of me.  I savor his weight, and wrap my arms around him, running my hands over his broad back.  He kisses me, deeply on the mouth, and I return the kiss, our tongues dancing.  It is erotic, as the aftershocks of the quaking climax tremble through our bodies, still joined as one.  We lay together like that for a while, until his limp member slowly slips out of me.  We curl up together, and as we cuddle, we talk the talk of lovers.  I tell him I have never felt so wonderful, or sexy, or beautiful as I have this evening.  His concern that he may have hurt me is touching, but I quickly assure him that he did not hurt me. 


He lays me on my back and starts to kiss me on my breasts, and down my abdomen.  He kisses my navel, and rims it with his tongue, and I gasp as he does that.  His hands are massaging my breasts, and his head moves lower still, and then his one hand is between my legs, parting my labia, to reveal to him the soft, now swollen petals within.  "Oh God, so beautiful", he whispers, just before I feel his mouth on my clitoris, his twirling tongue tweaking that sensitive bulging button, sucking it into his mouth.  My hips buck up off the bed, at the onslaught of pleasure his mouth is bringing me.  This night is a sensual garden of first delights, and my wonderful lover seeks to give me a sampling of all the flowers that there are to be had.  I soon find myself headed to that place, where only this man has taken me, and once again, I let go and fly in to the face of another orgasm, so intense, so soon after the last.  I feel his finger, gently tease the silky entrance to my body, and soon the warm rush of fluid leaves me.  I hear my man murmur to me, "That's it my girl, cum for me.  Let me drink of your sweet nectar."  His words of loving encouragement are all I need to come again, and his is there to lap it up eagerly.


I lie there, gasping, moaning my pleasure, thinking I can go no further, yet he continues to lick and suck and tongue his way into my body.  I feel his finger at the back sphincter, stroking softly, just to arouse me ever higher.  "It's okay," he whispers, and the strokes become firmer, until one finger enters the depths with in.  With that sweet invasion, I scream out in yet another orgasm, so intense, that I fear I may pass out from the sensation.  The room is spinning out of control, and my body is no longer my own.  I have no control over the waves of sexual sensations that are washing over me. 


I am spent, sated, and certainly satisfied.  I smile at him as he leans in to kiss me, and I can taste my own juices on his tongue.  I desire to pleasure him in the same way, but I can't move, my body will not listen to the commands I give it. 


We cuddle together again, and I fall asleep in his arms, the feelings of love and contentment settle deep into my soul.  We wake often during the night, to touch, to tease, to taunt, to arouse.  It is one of these times during the night that I take him into my mouth for the first time.  The feel of the soft skin, like velvet against my tongue, is a contrast in pleasures for me, for he is as hard as steel.  Under his direction, I suck and lick at the sensitive underside and fondle his sac and stroke the sensitive perineum until he comes into my mouth.  The taste of his cum is like nothing else I have ever tasted, and he watches me as I swallow, a slow smile coming across his face, as he reaches for me, and I go to him and he kisses me, tasting himself on my tongue.  "God, that is so hot, Darling!", he exclaims to me, and I look at him shyly, and ask nervously, "Did you enjoy it?"  His answer was to simply nod, and take me in his arms, and hold me, until the sun came up. 


We got up and showered, and ordered breakfast to be delivered to the cabin.  We ate a hearty breakfast, invigorated by the mountain air, not to mention the night of unbridled passion.  We decide to do a bit of hiking, to enjoy the mountain scenery, and the pleasure of being in each other's company.  We spent the day doing just that, walking in the mountains and woods, talking, kissing, and holding hands.  The sweetness of the day was a mere prelude to the sweetness of the night to come, spent loving each other. 


The next morning we woke, and went to the dining lodge for breakfast, and he tells me his is divorcing his wife, and he want to be with me, for the rest of our lives.  We can find a place where we can work and live together, and make a life for ourselves.  He reaches across the table and takes my hand, "If you'll have me."


The tears gather in my eyes, and slowly trickle down my face.  I have never shed tears of such utter joy and happiness.  I have never known such joy and happiness in my life before.  My life has certainly taken a wonderful turn, and I love this man sitting across from me with all my heart.  "Have you?  I can't imagine spending the rest of my life without you."


We finish our coffee, and head back to our cabin, to bed, with the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door knob.  We fumble with each other's clothing, until we are both naked, and tumble on to the bed, giggling like teenagers.  We make love again, slowly, like we have lifetime of happiness ahead of us, which we do. 




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