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This is a true story.   I have changed the names to protect their privacy.   I am a seventy year old retired Federal Investigator and in earlier years a Naval Officer.   I have been a widower for six years.   My name is Bill.   This is the story of my two closest friends, Jim and Dot Hanson.   Jim is seventy-one and Dot is sixty-nine.   They have been married for forty-nine years.   Jim and I became close friends when we served together in the Navy in the late sixties.   We live in the same neighborhood and frequently enjoy golf and dinners together.  

Jim and Dot are in great physical condition.   They run and workout in the gym several times a week.   Dot is a retired Phys Ed teacher and still teaches an aerobics class once a week.   She has a figure a teen-age girl would die for.   Rock hard abs and nice medium sized, perky tits that have just a little sag to them.

One day recently Jim called to ask if I would like to have lunch because he wanted to discuss something with me.   When we met he said that Dot was acting a little strange and he didn’t quite know what to make of it.   She bowls two mornings a week on Senior mixed league (both sexes) bowling teams and normally arrives home around 12:30 PM following bowling .   Lately she had not been returning home until around 4:30 or 5:00 PM.   This has been going on for three or four weeks.   Also, she has been going out in the evening once a week for what she described as a night out with her two girl friends, returning about midnight.   The other night Jim received a call from one of her girl friends while Dot was out.   Jim told her that he thought Dot was with her.   This made Jim a little uneasy but he said nothing to Dot.   The following week while she was on her night out with the girls he made a call to both of her friends homes disguising himself as someone organizing a new bowling league and giving a false name.   They were both at home and not out with Dot.   On the next bowling date he parked across the street from the bowling alley and about noon saw Dot leave and drive to a small shopping center just down the street where she got out of her car and got into a car with a man he had also seen leaving the bowling alley about the same time.   Jim followed them to a house in a nearby neighborhood then kept on driving for fear that he would be seen.   When Dot got home about 5:00 PM he asked “why so late”.   She said she was out having lunch and shopping and lost track of the time.

I told Jim to just act natural around Dot and I would put my investigative skills to work to see what I could learn.   On Dot’s night out I tailed her to a house in a nearby neighborhood and was surprised to see that it was the home of a guy named Hank that frequents the same bar I do.    He has been a widower for the past two years.   He is in his sixties and in great shape.   He runs and works out at the same gym I do.   I never liked him because he brags about his sexual conquests, most of which I don’t believe.   Hank opened the door embraced Dot then let her in.   I watched the house for the next hour then looking down the side of the house saw a light come on in a back corner room.   I grabbed my digital movie camera and sneaked down the side of the house.   I was lucky because the shade was up about two inches from the bottom and I had a great view of a small bedroom.   I gasped when not more than five feet from the window Hank was bare assed naked with a rock hard erection and pulling Dot’s slip over her head.   She wore no bra and thin bikini panties.   She was beautiful with a slim hard body, medium sized tits that stood up beautifully for a lady her age.   Hank put his arms around her and kissed her passionately then gently pushed her down on the bed and began to kiss his way down her body until he reached her panties.   Hooking   his fingers in the waist band he gently pulled them down and completely off where he began to kiss her feet and work his way up the inside of her legs, then her thighs which she spread wide to accept him.   Her pussy was completely covered with short layer of pubic hair.   I t was trimmed to perfection and her pussy was beautiful.   He kissed her pussy them gently parted the lips with his fingers and sucked her clit in and out of his mouth.   After about ten minutes of clit sucking he pushed his tongue as deep as he could and lapped her inside for another ten minutes.   All the while Dot was panting and groaning with pleasure.   He then kissed his way back up her body and with his face dripping with juices from her pussy he kissed her passionately on the mouth.

He reached down and put his fingers in her pussy and rubbed his dick with her juices to make it slick.   He then entered her slowly as she gasped for air panting and groaning in pleasure.   He went in and out very slowly but driving his dick to the hilt in her pussy.   He would take a long pause at the end of each down stroke until she would begin to writhe under him.   This went on for at least half an hour until he all of sudden stiffened his whole body,   groaned and collapsed on top of her.   They laid that way for about ten minutes then rolled over so that she was on top with his dick still in her.   After another ten or fifteen minutes she started to move down his body sucking on his nipples then kissing her way to his half limp dick.   I heard him say that he didn’t think he could get it up again.    She said just watch me grabbing his dick in both hands and squeezing until a large glob of cum emerged.   Her tongue flicked out and cleaned it off.   She then took just the head of his dick in her mouth and appeared to be rolling it around then popped it out.   She kept popping just the head in and out of her mouth as he grew to a rock hard erection.   Then very slowly she took his whole dick all the way to the hilt down her throat and continued up and down very slowly.   He groaned louder and louder then became rigid and I saw her cheeks bulge out and cum slowly seep out of the sides of her mouth and run down her chin.

She slipped his dick out of her mouth and moved back up his body to his mouth and kissed him passionately.   Cum escaped from their mouths, ran down and dripped off their chins.   They again collapsed and fell asleep.   I couldn’t leave now because I wanted to see if they could do     anything else.   I also wanted to film more if I could.   It was during this break I realized I had blown a load in my pants without even touching my dick.   I had cum running down my leg all the way to my socks.

To my amazement Dot started to move in just a few minutes.   Hank was lying flat on his back with his eyes closed and his dick completely deflated.   Dot crawled down, took his dick in her hand and began to flop it back and forth.   Hank said I think it’s dead.   Laughing she said lets see.   She took the limp piece of meat in her mouth and began to roll the head around.   At the same time she was jacking it up and down with her hand.   It began to stiffen up again.   She then crawled on top of him so that her pussy was over his face and as she sucked his dick he licked her pussy.   I saw him begin to stiffen and then he yelled and I saw cum running out of her mouth and down his dick as she continued to suck him.

This was the end of their love making.   She got up took a quick shower and left around midnight.   I had no idea how I was going to break the news to Jim because I was afraid it would kill him.   I decided I needed to know more before I told him anything.

A few days later I called Hank and suggested we meet at the neighborhood bar and knock down a few beers.   I wired myself to record our conversation and met him the next day.   We took a booth and ordered our beers then I told him I just needed someone to talk to because I had been feeling so low lately.   I confessed to him that since my wife died six years ago I had not been with a woman and it was about to drive me crazy.   He told me I needed a plan like he had.   That his plan had allowed him to score with two women out of three he had tried it on.   He explained that rather than trying to chase loose women he looked for good looking married women of high morals who would never cheat on their husbands, especially those with good hearts who were always up to helping people with their problems.   I asked him how in the world you could get a woman like that in the sack.   He said you needed a scam that appealed to their instinct to be helpful.   I asked him to explain.

He told me about the beautiful aerobics instructor he bowled with, named Dot, who had never cheated on her husband in forty-nine years of marriage and still loved him more than anyone in the world.   He explained how he started telling her how low and lonesome he has been since his wife died two years ago and how at times he just wanted to end it all.   She took the bait.   She started hugging him every time she saw him and touched him when she would pass him at the bowling alley.   She became a real touchy feely person with him in an effort to cheer him up.   One day he pretended to be especially low and confided in her that he just could not bring himself to pack up and get rid of his wife’s clothes.    Dot offered to come over to his house and help him pack and take her clothes to Good Will.

She was packing boxes as Hank sat on the edge of the bed when she noticed he was crying.   Being very touched she sat on the bed by him and embraced him while he cried.   He had his head on her shoulder and told her that he might end it all because he missed having his wife to sleep and make love with.   Dot hugged harder and kissed him on the neck in an effort to comfort him.   He kissed her back on the neck then moved around to kiss her full on the mouth.   The kiss became passionate and he ran his hands under her blouse and up her back to her brassiere strap and unhooked it.   She pulled back and said no she couldn’t do that.   He broke down and began to cry harder on her shoulder.   He felt her relax and hug him back.   He pulled her down while continuing to kiss her so that they were lying down.   He then began to slowly unbutton her blouse from the bottom up so that she could not feel it.   He got to the top button and moved his head down to kiss her neck and the top of her chest when he heard her breathing increase.   He continued down pushing her loose brassiere out of the way and taking her nipple into his mouth which he sucked gently.   He heard her suck her breath in when he hit the nipple.   He kept moving until he got to the waist band of her shorts.   He slowly pulled her shorts and underpants down together followed by kisses all the way past her pussy and down her legs to her feet.   He pulled the pants and underpants all the way off and started kissing his way back up the inside of one of her legs until he reached her thighs and gently pulled her thighs wide apart.   She put up no resistance so he continued moving his kisses up her thigh until he reached her pubic hair, she tensed and said “no” but before she could move he parted her lips with his fingers and clamped down on her clit with his lips and began to suck and lick on it.   She was panting so hard she couldn’t talk.   She was flooding his face with her hot juices and she screamed with pleasure when he stuck his tongue as far down her pussy as he could get it and wiggled it around as fast as he could.   She grabbed his head and pulled it between her legs as hard as she could and screamed “yes, yes, yes”.   After that he moved up and kissed her passionately with his soaking wet face entered her with his dick.   He said he fucked her brains out.   It was not until his third encounter that he got her to suck him off.  

On this occasion after he had finished eating her pussy rather than fucking her he stood up and pulled her to a sitting position on the bed.    His dick was only inches from her lips.   She kind of froze and looked up at him.   He had managed to get tears in his eyes and looked down at her and said “please”.   She said.   “ I don’t know how.   I’ve never done this before”.   The head of his dick was dripping with pre-cum.   He said.   “Just lick the tip first”.   Her tongue darted out and caught a drop of pre-cum then she licked the head.   She took the head into her mouth as he instructed and swirled her tongue around it as he asked.   Then he had her swallow as much of his shaft as she could.   He had about three more inches left so he told her to relax her throat and try to let the rest of it slide down.   She did it.   It went all the way in till her lips were buried in his pubic hair.   She continued to move up and down and on one of the down strokes with his dick deep in her throat he exploded a huge shot of cum straight down her throat.   As she pulled back he lost two more large spurts into her mouth.   She came off his dick, came up and kissed him passionately on the mouth spraying a mouth full of cum into his mouth.   He almost gagged.   She laughed and said she didn’t want him to miss all the fun.  

I got all of this on my digital recorder so I was ready for my confrontation with Dot.   I was going to try and save their marriage and keep any of this from Jim.   I called her when I knew Jim would not be at home and asked could she drop by my house and help me with something.   I told her that I would save the details until she got here.   Being the great helpful person she is she readily agreed.  

When Dot arrived I asked her to have a seat and told her she would probably need a drink, which she took.   I told her I was going to try and save her marriage to which she gave me a shocked look then put her face into her hands.   She then looked up slowly and asked what I thought I knew.   I told her I didn’t “think” anything.   I told her I was going to show her a video over two hours in length and that I insisted that she watch every bit of it.   She said she might but wanted to see what it was.   I connected my video camera to my fifty-two inch HD TV and hit start and in full living color she saw herself with Hank.   She gasped and said she could not look at this.   I told her she had no choice.   I told her that I insisted that she watch every bit of it or I would give the memory chip from my camera to Jim.   She then agreed and I started the recording again and she watched every bit of it with tears flowing from her eyes.   I then told her she had to listen to a voice recording I had made of Hank.   After hearing Hank describe the “scam” to get in her pants she was outraged that he had taken advantage of her.   She said that she had gone her whole life until she met Hank and had only had sex with Jim and she had never had oral sex before.   She said that she felt like a sex slave to Hank.   She had let her good, loving nature trap her into this relationship.   She was afraid if she quit that Hank would kill himself and that she would blame herself and would not be able to live with the grief.   I told her that I was going to tell Jim that I found out through some of my bowling friends that you had been helping this bowling friend get his affairs in order after the death of his wife and I want you to find a way, in a by the way manner, to tell Jim the same thing, without any reference to sex.   I will keep your secret and I will make sure that Hank does also.

A couple of weeks later Dot dropped by my house to thank me for all I had done and to invite me to dinner with she and Jim.   She was wearing a clingy sun dress that revealed the shape of her gorgeous figure.   Hard to believe she was almost seventy.   Goes to prove what exercise can do.   She said that she had introduced Jim to oral sex and he loved it.   She told him that some of her girl friends had suggested it as a way to spice up a marriage.   She then asked if what I said on the tape with Hank about not having any sex since my wife died six years ago was true.   I nodded yes and she said we were going to have to do something about.

She said that she was going to try and find me a girl friend but in the meantime she was going to give me a massage which she said is great for relieving tension.    I started to protest but she said that all I had done for her had to be repaid in some small way.   She said that as part of her education as a physical trainer that she also studied sports massage and that she had a great pair of hands.   She picked up her over sized purse and grabbed my hand.   “On to the bedroom.”   She said.    I stumbled along behind her to my bedroom.   “Off with your clothes.”   She said.   I stood there dumbfounded.   “I can’t massage you with your clothes on”.   “I can’t undress in from of you.”   I said.   In a flash of about three seconds she kicked off her shoes and slipped the shoulder straps of her sun dress, which fell to the floor.   She wasn’t wearing a bra, only thin panties, which she quickly slipped down and kicked off.   Standing in front of me bare naked she smiled and said.   “You see mine now I want to see yours.   No sex just a great massage, you sissy.” I was still embarrassed to remove my clothes but I slowly started to take them off.   I was especially reluctant to reveal that I was fully erect so I turned my back as I removed my shorts.   “Lie on the bed on your stomach.” She said.   I lied down and she straddled my back.   She took a bottle of baby oil out of her oversized purse and squirted it liberally on my back and neck.   She started my massaging my head and ears moving to my neck then shoulders.   It was wonderful.   She worked her way down each of my arms and even massaged my hands one finger at a time.   She moved off my back and worked her way down to my butt massaging each cheek deeply.   Then started on one of my thighs right where it meets my butt reaching all the way down my inner thigh to the bed brushing my balls as she went.   I thought I was going to blow a load, but didn’t.   Then she worked with her very strong fingers down one leg to my feet and massaged them too.   She worked her way back up the other leg to my butt them gave me a hard slap on the butt and told me to turn over.   By then my dick was so hard it hurt.   I didn’t move so she slapped me again and said.   “I know you have a hard on.   You wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t.   So turn over.”   When I turned over my dick was like a flagpole all ten inches.   She gasped.   “That is the largest, most beautiful penis I have ever seen.”   I confessed that when I was in high school on the football team that it was a team inside joke that my nick name “Horse” was because of the size of my dick while everybody else thought it was because I was a great runner.   She started massaging at my head again and followed the same routine down the front of my body that she had used on my back.   As she worked her way back up my leg she came to my dick and massaged so close she brushed it and I flinched.   She looked at it very close and said.   “We have got to do something about that.   We can’t have sex but I can extend the massage.”   With that she grabbed my dick with both of her oily, soft, strong hands and began to move slowly up and down my shaft.   I have never had any sex either fucking or a blow job that felt so wonderful.   After a few minutes I felt it coming and all of a sudden I squirted cum about a foot in the air.   I followed by a second squirt as she continued to move her wonderful hands up and down.   All of a sudden she bent her head over my dick and licked the head of it just as I let go my third and largest squirt which went straight into her mouth.   Rather than drawing back she clamped her lips over the head of my dick and sucked very hard as she squeezed tighter and jacked up and down rapidly until I was dry.   “Don’t expect that every time.”   She said.   “I just wanted to see how you tasted and it is great.”   I laughed and said.   “That’s not fair.   I didn’t get to see how you taste.”   With that she jumped up, straddled my face and brought her pussy to within licking distance of my mouth.   She was gushing with love juice.   It was dripping on my face before I started to lick her pussy.   It was great.   I stuck my tongue as far up her cunt as I could and flicked it around.   She groaned and panted and jumped off of me and said that’s enough for now.

She took a quick shower dressed and told me she would try to give me a massage at least once a week until she could find me a girl friend.   As she left I thought “I hope she can’t find one.”    


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