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Truth Hurts (part 1)

Shelby though Mason was the one........
Shelby was happy, being a 17 year old, very pretty girl with an amazing boyfriend, who wouldn't be? She was 5'9, 110 pounds. She played basketball, volleyball, and soccer. She wore short-shorts all the time and low cut tees that hugged her amazing round ass and size 36C breasts. Her boyfriend, Mason had medium length brown hair, a killer smile, and amazing hazel eyes. He was 5'11 and on the football team. Her best friend, Jake was gorgeous; they'd been best friends since they were 5. Little did Shelby know, Jake had been in love with her since forever, and jealous of every boyfriend she'd ever had. So that were we are today.

Shelby and Mason held hands on the way to biology. Jake walked very close to Shelby and was jealous as hell. Mason and Jake were good friends, Mason knew Jake had been in love with her, but Mason asked Shelby first. They had a huge fight and were no longer friends, so Mason taunted Jake with Shelby. Jake was jealous as ever because Mason kept kissing her in public. Shelby finally said "Mason stop, come on we're at school and Jake is right there".

Mason said, "Come on babe, I'm just messing around, Jake doesn't care, right man?"

Jake rolled his eyes and said, “Whatever, Mason," and walked into his chemistry class.

Shelby, now pissed with Mason, sat down with a huff. Shelby said, "Mason you have to stop flaunting me around like some trophy, I really hate it when you’re like that."

Mason said, "But babe, you’re totally hot!"

She replied, “Is that all you care about?" And then stormed off.

Later that night, Shelby decided to smooth things over with Mason after the fight. So she got in her truck, and drove to Mason's house. She tried calling him, to let him know she was coming over, but he didn't pick up. She made sure not to come too early; Mason was always pushing her to have sex with him, push, and push. Shelby didn't want to, something in her heart told her Mason wasn't the right guy yet, or to wait a little longer, they'd had many fights about this topic in their relationship. She got out of her car, fixed her hair and makeup and then opened the front door to find Mason fucking Jessica Miles, the school slut. A single tear fell from Shelby's eye.

Mason saidn "Oh shit, Shelby I swear I can explain."

She ran off, she didn't want to hear it. She screamed back at her Mason, the love of her life, "WE'RE DONE!" And got back in her car.

She drove too fast when she was mad and she knew it, Jake was always there when she did this. She knew he was the one person she wanted to see right now, the one person she always wanted to see.

Jake couldn't take this anymore, he was going to call Shelby and tell her how he felt. No, he argued with himself, he was going to go in person to tell her how she felt. Just as Jake opened the door Shelby fell through it, soaking wet and crying her eyes out.

Jake protectively wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against his warm, safe chest, wanting to protect and keep her there forever. He pulled her over the couch and let her cry herself out, until it hit him, why wasn't Mason doing this, unless this was about Mason.

Jake was very attractive himself, he stood a tall 6'5, 150. He was thin, but fast and strong, on the basketball team and baseball captain. He had medium length blonde hair and killer blue eyes, and a smile that could melt your heart. He always knew if he'd asked Shelby first, she would have said yes. Sure he'd had other girlfriends in the past, but he could never keep his mind off Shelby. And here she was crying her eyes out in his arms, but he knew he had to wait to tell her.

What could be wrong he thought? The worst thought came to his mind.....what if Mason fucked her? When Shelby's cries slowed a little, he carried her up to the guest room, where she stayed when she stayed with him. As he was carrying her, Mason burst through the door and shouted at Jake, "YOU KEEP YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF MY GIRL!"

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