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Tuscan Break

The first meeting of an on-line lover.
The warm Tuscan sun had finally moved gracefully on her way leaving the air to freshen with the onset of evening. I knew that you would be here soon from your arduous flight from New York and my heart skipped a beat in anticipation. I had already been here for a day and a half to acclimatise to the weather, glad that I had left the English rain and wind behind. I had been shopping in the San Lorenzo market in the afternoon and I was busily preparing a meal for your arrival. I had made the passata from crushed almonds and biscuits, mixed heavily with anchovies, a few cloves of garlic and pernod. The chicken had been marinaded in it for a few hours. The pasta would only take a few minutes and I had bought a few bottles of nice Italian Merlot which we would drink with dinner. Yes I thought to myself, You will enjoy this.

I showered and shaved, dressed in freshly pressed black trousers and a crisp white shirt which I had left undone to about the third button. I had put on a small amount of Bleu aftershave as I did not want the scent to take anything away from the Chicken, that had now been slow cooking for about three hours in its passata coat.

I had set a table outside as the temperature had not dropped enough yet to be cold and put some candles in the middle. Etta James was singing about her love finally being requited, her voice was ripping my soul to shreds. I returned inside to light a small fire for effect.

We had been talking over the net for about a year and I knew that although this was the first time we had met, by the end of the evening, our souls would be joined. I felt like a schoolboy preparing for his first date. The butterflies in my stomach were swarming.

So everything was prepared apart from my heart..

The villa was being borrowed from a good friend of mine, who was on business in the UK, and had graciously lent it to me for a well deserved week long break.

I heard the taxi pull up and I rushed out to help with your bags. You got out of the cab, and I paid the cabby's fare and sent him on his way... I turned to look, and my heart stopped beating.. You were stood in front of me, taller than I had expected, dressed in blue linen trousers and a simple white blouse. You were about a size 12-14 in European sizing with sumptuous long blonde hair and large sunglasses. You were an absolute vision of elegance. If I could paint, the picture of you at that moment, would be my magnum opus...

Unsure of the protocol, I walked over to you and said "Hello Mia". You stood there without moving for a minute before rushing over into my waiting arms...

I could have stayed holding you there all night, but after what seemed like hours but was only in reality a couple of minutes, I let you go and picking up your bags led you inside..

I put your bags in the guest room not wanting to presume anything. You followed me in and removed your sunglasses, My breath was caught short as you had the bluest, most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. I could see in them that you were as nervous as I was. I hugged you again picking up the faint scent of Lauren from your hair. "Are you hungry" I asked taking you by the hand and leading you outside to the table. "Famished" you replied...I could see by your nose that you had picked up the smell of the dinner. I poured you a small glass of merlot and rushed back into the kitchen. I took the chicken out and sprayed some more pernod over the top of it. Lighting the liquor, I watched the flames engulf it before quickly simmering then dying. Using a knife and fork, I shredded the chicken. Poured the spaghetti into two dishes then spread the chicken, passata and juices over the top.

I took the plates out to you and saw that you were getting lost in the music. "Dinner is served", I said with a cheeky smile. Placing the dish in front of you, I walked around the table and sat opposite.

Mia, I honestly cannot remember anything that we talked about during that meal. I remember being entranced by your beauty, elegance and eloquence. I was absolutely lost in you for the entire meal. We must have taken a good half hour to finish the dish off as we just continually talked and smiled at each other.

Suddenly I felt your hand touch mine, our fingers intertwined and nothing was said for several minutes. I realised suddenly that it was very dark, only the light from the candles and the dim lighting from the villa cut the night and provided a little illumination.

I hesitantly pulled you up and our bodies met by the side of the table. moving us away, so that we did not bump into it, we started to dance very slowly. You moved with such grace and poise that I could not contain myself and raising my hand to cup your face, I gingerly drew your lips to mine.

The kiss was long and deep, I should have known what a great kisser you would be...but this?....., I found myself getting very aroused, the insolence of my cock pressing into you as our bodies rotated. You let out a small "oh" as my hands travelled down your back and onto your buttocks pulling you into me. Our kisses became more ardent as I felt your hand move to the fabric of my trousers and felt your fingers straighten me against you. We lost ourselves for a good three tracks of the album, making out like schoolkids.

I slowed down and kissed your neck and shoulders gently, your scent driving my desire... I couldnt take much more, so grabbing your hand I led you awkwardly inside...The open fire was small but hot against us as I pushed you back onto the sofa...Kneeling in front of you, I resumed kissing you as my fingers slowly undone your blouse before slipping it off you....

"Are you ok with this?" I breathed heavily.. "Please" was the only word you said. I reached behind and unclasped your bra, slipping it off gently. your breasts were full with wide areolae. They were magnificent.. My mouth enclosed first one nipple then the other. As I sucked hungrily, my fingers found the button of your trousers and started undoing and removing them. Pulling them down, I glanced at your body and was awestruck. You looked like a pre-raphaelite beauty, seductive and alluring.
My kiss returned to your nipples then my tongue started travelling downwards to your navel, before finally tracing the fabric of your sodden panties. You smelt heavenly and after reaching behind you, the panties were soon also removed gently tugging them off and placing them with your other clothes.

I looked into your eyes to check that you were comfortable with this, but your hands reached for the back of my shaven head in affirmation and pulled me back to you..

Pushing your legs apart, I gently drew my tongue up and down your entrance several times, before plunging it deep within your molten core.. I heard you gasp as I started thrusting it in and out. My fingers went to the top of your mound and massaged and coaxed in time to my tongue. Finding your bud, I teased it gently with my fingers as I felt you breathing heavier. I felt your juices starting to run into my mouth mixing with the garlic, almond and pernod taste from the passata, It was absolutely heavenly, both sweet and sour at the same time. My tongue got deeper and deeper, as it thrust inside of you.

Stopping suddenly, I stood up and slowly undone my belt in front of you. The site of you laying there naked made me stiffen even more, which I didn't think was possible. You brushed my hands away and undone my trousers, slowly dropping them to the floor....Leaning forward, you ran your tongue up and down the outline of my erection through the silk of my boxer shorts. A shudder engulfed my entire body. Gently pulling them down, I gasped as you took my head between your lips.

Running your hand up and down my shaft slowly, you licked away the small amount of precum oozing from the head. I stepped out of my fallen trousers and boxers and quickly removed my shirt, before sitting on the rug and pulling you onto me.

My cock slid into you easily as you lowered yourself onto it. We resumed kissing as I started to thrust upwards. "Darling I am so close" you said, as my nails traced a light scratch up and down your spine. Then feeling you start to tighten, I put my hands on your shoulders and pulled you down as deep as you would go. I reached for your swollen nipples and tongued your mouth as you orgasmed hard on my length, just before I too started spurting my seed inside you. I carried on thrusting as the orgasm engulfed both of us, savouring every wave and watching your eyes widen as you lost yourself in the moment.

Slowing down as the pleasure started to subside, I felt our juices mingle, but I did not want to withdraw so I enfolded you in my arms and we just sat there for moments in front of the fire listening to the muted tones of Etta still playing back outside. no words were spoken, they didn't need to be, we both silently accepted this moment for what it was.

"I am so sorry", I said picking you up into my arms, I had just realised that you had not showered from your flight and you must really be feeling grotty. I carried you into the shower and turned it on full. The shower room was one of the villas best features, it could easily fit four or five people in it. The walls were tiled in a white marble.

I got hold of a sponge and stepping in behind you liberally poured shower gel onto it and massaged it in making the sponge exceptionally soapy. Starting at your shoulders, I ran the sponge gently up and down your back watching in amazement as the rivulets of water travelled down your naked skin washing the soap away almost immediately. I began to stir again and realised that you were losing yourself in the sensation of the wash and soapy massage as well.

I came up behind you and took your hands. I pressed them upon the tiles and made sure that your forearms were supporting you. then I gently opened your legs with my foot. The sponge was then brought around your front and gently started to soap your breasts. My fingers teased and played with your nipples as the water washed the soap away. Your breathing became heavier again. Falling to my knees, I gently started to wash in between your legs, clearing out the juices of our lovemaking with the sponge and my fingers.

I gently teased your buttocks with my teeth as my fingers began to thrust gently inside of you again. I started to gently rub my cock with my other hand to ensure that it would be ready. I heard your breathing start to shorten once more as I toyed with your glorious cunt. I stood up again and raising your bottom slightly I entered you from behind. You moved backwards to allow me to accommodate myself in deeper and I started once more to thrust. " Faster baby please" you whimpered. Wanting to bring you to a second plateau, I complied and increased the speed and depth of my thrusting marvelling at the sight of your back under the torrent of water. I placed my hand in front and gently started rubbing your clit again in time to my thrusts. "Jesus" you said, as I felt your muscles tighten around me. "Now Hunnie Now", I breathed as you let out a small howl and pushed back with all of your remaining strength. I felt you come once more but carried on thrusting as I was not there yet..

Seeing your strength start to fail as your second orgasm subsided, I quickly withdrew and pulled you upright. Seeing my erection still at full mast, you sunk to your knees and wrapping your hands around my shaft started to slowly pump me.... It didn't take long before my own orgasm was upon me, sensing it coming, you wrapped your lips around the end and whilst pumping away with your hand, I finally emptied myself inside your mouth. You carried on sucking and swallowing every last drop, you amazed me.

We carried on showering for a good five minutes afterwards, cleansing ourselves again, kissing and laughing, before I switched the shower off.

Getting a few towels to wrap you in I led you to my bed to take the weight off your feet and walking naked back to the dining room I poured us another glass of Merlot. When I returned with were fast asleep. laughing to myself I covered you over, cleaned up and returned to the room. I crawled in beside you and snuggled into your back, gently kissing your shoulder.

This week was going to be a week to remember...

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