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Twenty-fifth wedding revelations.

Celebrating and recalling their wedding day for their Twentyfifth Anniversary

Heather was dozing as she realized that Keith was standing next to her side of the bed, delivering her morning cup of tea. She wanted to pretend that she was still asleep and lie in for a few minutes more. But, not a hope as she felt Keith's lips brush her cheek, and then run a series of kisses angling towards her neck. She knew full well that he was heading to the tiny but very sensitive spot just behind her left ear.

Smooch! On target. Heather giggled, she always giggled when he kissed her on that spot, she had no control over it. Keith had discovered the spot very early on and now years later, he still enjoyed taking advantage of it. She knew full why he had kissed her on that spot, it was going to be a very busy day ahead. Damn, now she was awake, and she needed to pee as well.

Heather sipped her tea and tried to stay in bed a few moments longer, but she needed a trip to the bathroom. Reluctantly, she slipped her legs out the side of the bed and headed to the bathroom. A couple of minutes later she returned, took a couple sips of her tea and looked at her alarm clock. It was later than she thought, but still earlier than she wanted.

Keith was sipping on his tea as she snuggled back down. She felt she was not ready to be up yet, and she knew that Keith would get up before her anyway. The rest of the house would be quiet, but that would change as various members of their family and their friends arrived during the day.

Keith snuggled back down too, shifting over to her and closed in against her back, his arms wrapping around her. It sure felt good in his arms, she had always found it reassuring to be in his arms. She was aware that Keith's left hand was now resting against the side of her right breast, while his right hand went over her middle.

They lay together for several minutes like that, close and warm against each other. Then Keith's left hand began to very slowly moving up and down, brushing against her side, his right thumb also began to move making small circles against her tummy. Heather moved slightly, allowing Keith to shift his left hand more on to her breast.

Keith's gentle strokes began to get her aroused. Heather felt her nipples harden as she felt his hands brush lightly over them. Heather really liked how he would slowly get her more and more aroused, just by teasing her breasts. She pushed her head back and over towards Keith and kissed him.

"Mmmm, Ohhh..." she murmured.

Heather felt Keith take hold of her nightie, tugging at it and pulling it up. A minute or so later he eased her nightie up, free of her breasts, she raised her arms up and then he slipped her nightie up and off. Heather snuggled back down again as she felt both of his hands on her breasts, teasing her nipples as he began to squeeze them.

Keith pinched her nipple, making her gasp and whimper as she felt the associated jolt between her legs. Heather took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. She felt him squeeze her nipple, then roll it between his thumb and fingers, it felt so good. She felt the dampness between her legs begin to spread.

Keith squeezed and cupped her breasts, rolling them about and stroking his hands over them, getting her very aroused, making her begin to breathe hard. Keith squeezed her left breast, pinched and pulled hard on her right nipple. The effect was electric, a sudden powerful jolt between her legs, and it bounced back inside her, a short sharp orgasm making her gasp out loud.

"Good girl," Keith whispered in her ear as she convulsed.

Keith lowered his head onto her chest, seeking out her left nipple, drawing it up into his mouth. Heather groaned, the sensations driving her arousal increasingly high. She stretched out her legs, and then drew them back together, feeling the wetness spread along her divide. She wanted to grab hold of his cock, but Keith had now rolled over onto his tummy, denying her access.

Keith held her nipple deep in his mouth, rubbing it over with his tongue, his hands were busy on her breasts, squeezing, stroking, cupping and rolling about. His fingers teased her other nipple, rubbing it between his thumb and fingers, squeezing and tugging on it. The ongoing sensations were driving her wild.

Keith sucked her nipple deep into his mouth at the same time he pinched and pulled her other nipple. The effect was more powerful than the last time, giving her a hot wire connection directly between her legs.

Heather gasped and arched up as she felt a brief squirt of wetness onto her inner thighs. She felt the orgasm ripple up and down her body, while she felt her taught legs quivered and her toes curled in. She sucked in a shuddering breath as Keith moved his head up to briefly kiss her neck, whispering to her, "That's it, good girl."

Keith moved again, going back down onto her right nipple, making it extend as it slipped into his mouth. For a minute or so he rubbed her left breast with his hand, then he eased his hand down over her belly. Carefully he rubbed back and forth, before easing his hand onto her mound.

"Ohh, you have been to the salon again, I do like this," Keith whispered to her as his hand felt the now bare soft skin of her mound.

"I knew you would like this," She replied. "I went back to the original place, just for you and for today."

Heather was still breathing hard as she parted her legs to allow his hand to explore her freshly waxed and now very sensitive pussy. His touch was exquisite, he very gently ran his fingers up and down her divide. She felt her nipple being sucked firmly into his mouth, and that made her explode again.

Heather desperately wanted him inside her, fucking her. But Keith had other ideas. Holding her down, he slipped his finger into her very wet divide, finding her clit and rubbing it back and forth while he again sucked firmly on her nipple. She whimpered as he eased a second finger in beside the first, gently squeezing her clit between them.

Keith's fingers drove her insane, then she felt them at her entrance, and he carefully slipped them inside her. He curled his fingers up and he pulled them back, then pushed them in again. Heather's head arched back as she shut her eyes, gasping hard for air as her whole body reacted to the intense sensations.

Heather suddenly pulled her legs together, trapping his fingers inside. She arched and squirmed, her whole body went rigid and then she exploded with an insane intensity. She cried out as her body convulsed against his, a fresh surge of wetness flooded between her legs and over his fingers trapped inside.

Heather looked desperately at Keith, he grinned at her. He whispered again to her. "Good girl, you are doing well."

He began to roll away from her and onto his back, pulling her up and over by his hand stuck between her legs. She clung on to him, rolling with him then spreading her legs wide to straddle him. With one swift movement, he withdrew his fingers, just as his cock slid along her lips, and drove quickly and firmly into her. Their bodies met together, skin on skin, her bare pussy against his bare base.

Heather orgasmed hard, squealing out as she did. Keith pulled her close as she convulsed against his body. He encouraged her again, whispering in her ear, telling her she was going so well. Keith thrust firmly into her, and she lay there totally out of control, as the ripples of her orgasm bounced about her body.

Keith spread his legs, making her part her legs further, drawing her mound down harder onto his base. Keith thrust in hard a dozen or so times, then her whole body erupted.

"Oh my God!" She squealed as the orgasm hit her. She felt the powerful squirt flood between her legs again. She saw bright flashes in her eyes, her world spun, and then she felt Keith driving his rock hard cock even harder into her.

Keith ejaculated deep inside her and that triggered her again. Her entire body clenched and spasmed a dozen times or more within the space of a heartbeat. her cry rattled about their bedroom. Again brilliant flashes filled her eyes and then everything went dark. She collapsed against Keith, going limp and silent.

Heather lay utterly exhausted on top of Keith, her head on his left shoulder, her eyes closed, her body limp and splayed out on his. She seemed to be hardly breathing, as her final orgasm drained her so deeply. Her whole body was awash with the afterglow.

“Breathe. sweetheart,” whispered Keith, “breathe.”

Heather did not respond.

“Breathe,” Whispered Keith again, “come on my love, breathe.”

There was still no response. Keith raised his hand up over her, then brought to down hard onto her backside, giving her a very firm spank.

Heather gasped, then she drew in a shuddering breath. With her breathing restarted, Keith gently ran his hands up and down her body, through her hair and again slowly over her back. It had been a long time since she had gone so far as to actually stop breathing after such an intense orgasm. Now it was a waiting game for him, he had no way to tell how long it would be before she recovered enough to be able to move again. He didn't mind, he cradled her body on top of his, gently stroking her, feeling the warmth of her body.

Heather's breathing had eased, and now she was in a very deep sleep. He still cradled her, unable to move unless it was an emergency, and even then with great difficulty. He hadn't expected her to get so ecstatic as he made love to her. It was about once every three to four years, she would hit such a sexual high, and then she would kind of get knocked out by her orgasmic release. His only regret was that she would be very slow and drowsy for the rest of the day, almost like a hangover, but orgasm induced.

A few minutes later he heard Erica getting up and heading to the bathroom. Erica was their fourth daughter, almost eighteen and in her final year at the local high school. While she had a couple of boyfriends in her life, she was currently single and focusing on trying to get top results for her final exams.

After her visit to the bathroom, she headed to the kitchen before returning to be outside their bedroom door.

“Mom, dad, do you want a cup of tea?” She called through the door.

“Not just yet, thanks, Mom's asleep,” he replied.

“She's asleep? How can she be asleep? You guys most likely woke half the neighborhood.” Her tone was somewhat accusing.

Keith sighed, as there was a small element of truth in that, Heather had been very loud at the end. “We will get up in a wee while, thanks for the kind offer.”

Then a sudden thought crossed his mind. “Erica, do you have any of those chocolate frogs left?”

“I think I've got one left, I wanted to save it up.”

“Can you please let mom have it? I think she is really going to need it when she wakes.”

There was silence for a minute or so, “I guess so, but you have to get me some more, okay?”

“Yes, I will get you more chocolate frogs, the same type too.” Erica had been very keen on her favorite type of Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs.

Keith relaxed back, his wife still deeply asleep resting on him. He could feel the wet patch under his backside slowly getting more and more uncomfortable. There was very little he could do, he slowly ran his hands up and down her back, then through her hair again.

Twenty minutes later she let out a soft groan, then fell asleep again. Keith was quite ready for her to wake so he could go to the bathroom and shower. He rolled his head to the side, he lifted her up just enough so he could make out the alarm clock. It was already after nine, and he did need to be up as guests were due in starting about ten.

A few minutes later Heather groaned again, lifting her head up slowly, then she decided that was a bad idea, and lowered onto Keith's shoulder again.

"Oh fuck. I did it again, didn't I?" she murmured.

"Yeah, you, umm, we did it again, and we need to get cracking, it's after nine already."

"Fuck! What you did to me was just so insane."

"I'll make you a fresh cuppa, we do really need to be getting up."

"Oh God! That means moving, I can't move." Heather tried to lift herself up and failed without even moving a tiny bit. "I think I'm stuck."

"Yeah, you are stuck," He chortled, "come on then, together."

Heather was totally unable to move but after three attempts they rolled halfway over, and Keith was able to slip away from her. Heather groaned and slumped back down on the bed. Keith shook his head, she seemed asleep again.

Keith headed to the kitchen to put on the jug followed by a trip to the bathroom. He returned to the kitchen and made tea. Erica arrived with her chocolate frog, glaring at her dad.

"You owe me for this. Big time dad, big time."

"I know, don't worry, you will get more chocolate frogs to replace this one."

Keith took the tea and the chocolate frog back to Heather. She had gone back to sleep again, so with some effort, he managed to wake her. She protested and didn't want anything to do with the chocolate, but he was able to break off a small piece and get her to eat it. Steadily he fed her all the chocolate, and that perked her up surprisingly well.

Keith kissed her again. "Happy Anniversary my love."

Keith managed to organize his own breakfast, a small breakfast for Heather, then shower and get dressed before their eldest daughter Bernice and her husband Phillip arrived. Bernice was twenty-four, she was now six months pregnant for the first time and she was carrying twins, much to the delight of Phillip.

Heather emerged a few minutes later, still looking somewhat washed out. She hugged Bernice and Phillip, before sprawling out on the sofa.

A few minutes later Keith's brother Steve arrived, looking very fit and well. Then a trickle of others arrived, Carina, their second daughter, who had not long celebrated her twenty-second birthday arrived with her fiance, Mark. They were closely followed by their third daughter, Dawn, now nineteen and her partner Sophie. The last to arrive was Keith's dad, Dougal, who now used a cane to assist him to walk.

They all gathered in the lounge, chatting and sharing a morning tea that Dawn and Sophie organized.

The doorbell sounded. "Erica, can you see who's there?" Called Heather.

Erica went to the door and opened it. Standing before her stood a smartly dressed woman. Erica looked in surprise, for the woman was Fiona Hudson, a longtime radio and television host and local celebrity.

"Mom!" She called a bit too loudly. "Mom! It's, it's Fiona Hudson."

"Bring her in, " Heather replied, "we are expecting her."

There were introductions and laughter as Fiona recalled meeting them previously at Heather and Keith's tenth wedding anniversary. Chatter carried on, histories were compared, and soon it was getting close to the ladies to organize the lunch, as the guys were going to be in charge of the evening meal later on.

During lunch, the topic of conversation drifted about to various things currently on television, and the subject briefly went to the series of Married at first sight. There were a few rude comments about how crazy people must be to even consider such an idea. It was only Sophie that noticed that Heather had gone bright red and quickly left the table to go to the kitchen.

Sophie asked Dawn if she had seen her mother blushed, or what has caused her to blush. Dawn was unable to offer any ideas.

Fiona leaned in close, "We can talk about this a bit later."

After clean-up the men went out the back to organize a marquee while the ladies all gathered in the lounge again. Everyone was quite keen to hear more about Bernice and her twins and how she was coping with her pregnancy.

The doorbell rang again, Erica went to open it again, and again she yelped.

"Oh my God! Mom, It's John Humphries." Erica's voice was edged with panic.

"Take him out the back. We are expecting him as well."

John Humphries was another very well known radio and television host and news reader. They exchanged greetings before Erica escorted him to the back.

Shortly after another couple of Keith's workmates arrived, they were all taken out the back.

The conversation drifted again before coming back to pregnancy. Then Bernice rounded onto her mother.

"Mom, I can't help noticing my birthday was almost exactly nine months after you two got married. The question I want to know is, did things happen before or after the ceremony? The other odd thing, I have tried to find out but nobody is telling, is how you two first met. It's almost that your life together started the day you two got married."

Chaos kind of erupted. Heather went bright red, and Fiona had a bit of a coughing fit. Sophie whispered to Dawn, and both looked at Heather seeing the same deep blush Sophie had noticed earlier. Both Carina and Erica looked puzzled, hoping that this wouldn't end up as some kind of family fight.

"Actually, it's kind of all my fault." The words hung in the air before everyone turned to Fiona, who also seemed to be blushing. "Well, partly it's my fault, and partly John's, as well as Steve's too."

"What are you on about?" Asked Erica.

"Heather and Keith's Wedding," replied Fiona.

"Please don't ask," Heather begged.

"You haven't told them?" Fiona turned to Heather.

Heather blushed even more, "No."

"Tell us what, exactly?" Carina asked.

"Oh dear," Fiona sighed, "I think it would be a really good idea to tell them."

"Come on Mom, Tell us all, spill the beans, tell us what happened," Bernice demanded. "We need to know every detail of just what happened."

Heather looked at all the expectant faces. Her heart sank, she wasn't sure about this. "Do I have to?" She pleaded.

"Yes, you do, and if you don't, I will," came a voice from behind them. Everyone turned to see two women entering the lounge from the kitchen.

"Grandma Alice!" Came the cries, "Aunty Beth."

There was a flurry of bodies all lining up for hugs and kisses. Greeting and questions about how everyone was doing. The milling about eased Heather embarrassment, allowing her to gather thoughts and wits again. She hoped the subject would get overlooked.

"Would you like some tea?" Erica asked her grandma and aunty.

But Aunty Beth quickly replied. "The phrase you want is, 'Would you like some wine?' The answer is, yes, I would like some wine, thanks, Erica."

"I will have fruit juice, thanks Erica," piped in Bernice.

Drinks and wine were organized and then chatter resumed as everyone found a good place to sit. But the chatter didn't last very long; the subject of Heather and Keith's wedding returned. Heather began to blush again.

"Now mother, the question was asked, and you need to answer it."

"I'm not too sure how it all started, but the local radio station decided to run a kind of competition, for finding their bachelor a wife, they called it, I think, 'Two strangers and a wedding,' is that correct Fiona?"

"Yes, two strangers and a wedding," replied Fiona. "We had Keith already picked out. Well actually John and Steve decided that Steve's little brother Keith needed a wife, having joked one day about the only way he would get married was if someone walked up to him at a wedding and said 'I do!' John and Steve thought it a grand idea. But they actually didn't intend to tell Keith until the day arrived. Somehow the station manager decided to take up the idea, then I got the job of finding a suitable wife."

"I heard about the competition on the radio while I was at work. Everyone else thought it a ridiculous idea. Then one of the girls made a snarky remark about how nobody would want to marry me when she had already been divorced a couple of times. I didn't intend to enter, but I was in town at lunchtime, when I discovered the station radio car outside the bookshop I went to visit, they had the third book in a series I had wanted for ages, but by the time I got there, someone else had snaffled it up. Somehow, Fiona persuaded me to enter, as I was at the upper limit of age they wanted."

"We had over five hundred women enter, it was a crazy time. We needed to trim down the numbers and then select the final ten for a week-long competition to find the bride," Fiona explained. "We were able to cut out a number who entered, mainly due to the fact that they were or had been already married. Then those who had made some kind of false claim, over or underage, etcetera. But we still had over one hundred hopeful brides."

"I was asked to turn up at a hall, where we had brief interviews, chatted a lot, had lunch, then we filled out more forms, and then waited and waited. After a while they started to give out goodie bags, saying there would be an announcement in a few minutes. I was quite happy to have spent the day and to collect a nice bag of stuff."

"I got to call out the final ten contestants." Fiona carried on. "There were a couple of real beauties amongst them, I honestly thought that Vanessa had it all sewn up, she was simply stunning." She took a breath. "One by one, I called out the names, I can't recall them all now. There was lots of cheering and applause for each one. Then came the last name, I paused dramatically so everyone was ready, then I called out, Heather Jackson."

"I had already started to head towards the door when the last name was called out, I really didn't think I had any chance of being called," she sighed. "It took a minute or so for it to sink in that they had called my name. Everybody was wanting to congratulate me, and giving me hugs and slaps on my back. I slowly made it up to be with the others. I was stunned that I had got into the final ten."

Heather shook her head, taking a moment to pause.

"I hadn't told anyone I had put my name into the competition. But Beth was listening and heard my name. We didn't have cell phones then, but my phone was running hot when I got back home. I still didn't rate myself as the one that would be picked, most of us thought it would be Vanessa."

"I had to get a few friends and family together, go to interviews, get my friends to interview his family to make sure we would have a chance of being compatible. It was a crazy week, I had to be live on air too."

She paused and took a sip of her wine. "Then the final selection day arrived. It was really weird. Beth had to almost drag me along. One of the final ten had pulled out. I was struggling to go, knowing that Vanessa would get to be the bride."

"I had the job of giving each one their final live interview," Fiona commented. "They all gathered looking wonderful. I didn't know who was going to be selected. There was quite a gathering and it got quite cramped in the studio. I ran overtime on getting through the last minute interviews. Then we had lunch and we waited while John took the afternoon show. Eventually, the selection was made, and we went live on air again."

"We all waited for the announcement, everyone was sure it was Vanessa, she really was the loveliest of all of us there. They lined us all up ready for the announcement, with Vanessa in the middle, I was on one end."

"Oh, how I remember that day, I had the result in my hand, but still concealed. The manager and John were all there, it was a big event, one of the more wacky ideas that really took off." She looked around the room and noticed everyone was waiting for her to explain how it all happened.

"I held up a card, with the name still hidden, I had to read out a prepared statement, then with a flourish, I read out 'Our new bride to be is... Heather Jackson'."

"Everyone was stunned, especially me, I really didn't know what to do. Then there was cheering and congratulations. It seemed very surreal." Heather got up and refilled her wine glass. "I had just one week to get ready to be married. I needed a dress, get leave, arrange a bridal party, invite a few close friends, and to tell my family all about it."

Heather took a bit gulp of her wine. "I must have tried on about twenty dresses."

Beth interrupted, "Twenty-three but who's counting?"

"Then I saw out the back, a special, it was a Princess dress, full-bodied, huge floating, glittered skirt, long lacy arms, but it was over double the price of any of the others. I really didn't think I could afford to get it. Most of the costs were sponsored, but only up to a point. But I got lucky, they dropped the price for me, and while it cleaned out most of my savings, I really wanted it."

"Is that the dress in the back of your wardrobe?" Dawn asked.

"Yes, that's the one. It didn't take much to get it altered to fit, but I had to get a new bridal corset for it to fit perfectly. And yes, I still have that too."

"Can I try it on for my wedding?" asked Carina.

"I guess so," Heather replied. "Anyway, I started to have nightmares about the wedding, that somehow it was all a big hoax, but the morning of the wedding was fine and sunny. It finally hit me that, yeah, I was about to get married to a complete stranger. I was full of nerves, really jittery as most of the day was going to be live on air too."

"Oh God Mom, you must have been terrified?" Erica asked.

"Not exactly terrified, but feeling weird. We had breakfast, showered, then had some bubbly to calm nerves. Then we had an appointment at the new beauty salon, 'Body Mystique', where we were meant to get hair and makeup done. What I didn't know, what we didn't know, was that they were now offering Brazilian waxing, it was completely new, and very few ladies had even heard of it, let alone tried it."

"That was one real eye opener." Fiona laughed, "They actually offered to do it free for Heather, as long as we all had it done. From what I recall, we had quite a discussion, and Heather wasn't that keen at first. But when they offered it half price to do us all, Heather finally agreed."

"I was mortified when it was my turn to have it done." Grandma Alice voiced. "I'm not sure who squealed the loudest, but we all had it done."

"I think I was the loudest," Fiona conceded. "It was a really weird feeling afterward too, it took quite a bit to get used to being bare there," she sighed, " I still can't believe I actually recorded myself getting done too."

"After that, we went back for a bit of lunch and more bubbly, then it was getting ready, time for the dress to go on. Both Beth and Mom held me and tightened the wedding corset, they did it up to the inside set of hooks, I had only tried at the outer set and even then it still was very tight."

"Yeah, but you sure did look fabulous in it," Beth said reassuringly.

"It was a bit of a struggle, but I got on stockings and knickers okay, then came the dress. It took quite a few minutes to get it to sit just right, but once in place, I was finally ready."

"While we were getting ready, John and Steve were getting Keith ready. Somehow it had been slipped to him a few days earlier that he was actually going to be the groom for the event. He was just as nervous as we were," Fiona explained. "The cars arrived and I took Heather's bags and placed them in the back of my car, then we got Heather in the bridal car, then everyone else. A few minutes later we arrived, ready to go, and to go live too."

"As I started to walk down the aisle, I felt quite calm suddenly. I could see Keith for the first time, he gave me a shy smile, and I gave him a shy smile too. I could see him going 'Wow' as I approached him. I can't recall too much of the ceremony, it seemed to go in a blur. Then we exchanged rings, they were beautiful.

"Then came the words, 'By the powers invested in me, I pronounce you man and wife, and you may kiss the bride.' It was real, happening. Keith leaned forward and we kissed, it was a sweet kiss, tender and caring."

Heather looked right around her, everyone was listening intently. "We then went off for photos and finding more about each other. Back again for the reception, and then dancing. During a dance with Keith's dad, Dougal, I found out that he had insisted that I should be the bride. He had such a twinkle in his eyes, and I had thought I had seen that in Keith's eye too. I began to realize that this arranged marriage might actually work."

"It was time to send our lucky pair off on their honeymoon. But that's when I made a big boo-boo. Heather's bags were meant to be transferred from my car to the bridal car, and in all the excitement I forgot," Fiona explained. "They were off to a tropical getaway, only a couple of hours flight time away. We had run overtime and there was no chance for Heather to change before the flight, and there was a mad scramble to get their bags onboard. Nobody realized Heather's bags were still in my car."

"The first hour of the flight was nice and smooth and Keith and I got to know each other much better. We were the talk of the flight, honeymooning couple, none of the passengers knew that we had just met. The staff onboard were very helpful and wonderful to us. My only trouble was trying to visit the bathroom, there was hardly enough room in there for me, but my dress had multiple layers. It took some time to go and then get everything back in place."

"I did try to warn you that was one of the problems you would encounter with that dress," Beth laughed.

"We were about halfway to the resort when the plane encountered turbulence, there were tropical thunderstorms about. It became a bit of a rough ride, but there was nothing we could do but hang on. Neither Keith nor I had flown much before this trip. We all got quite shaken up in about the last ten minutes or so. We both got sick and were much worse for wear by the time we touched down."

"Not a good way to start a honeymoon," Sophie commented.

"True. The resort people were there to greet us and took us to an awaiting car, other staff grabbed the luggage, I still didn't know mine was missing. This was all before the new security policies came into effect. We arrived at the resort, signed in, they told us we were very lucky as the place was fully booked out. Then we were taken to a jetty to board a water taxi out to the honeymoon suite. It was as we boarded I began to realize my luggage was not there, but the roar of the boat's engine made it hard to be heard."

Heather paused to gather her thoughts, "The short trip was very bouncy as the storm system closed in. There was a small landing, and then a small cottage amongst the palm trees. I tried again to ask about my luggage, but the driver only knew that what was there was all that arrived. He suggested we ring the office to find out more. Next thing I know is the driver took off again, complaining about the storm."

"I had just discovered the bags in my car, but it was way too late to get the bags to them. they would have to wait a couple of days for them to arrive," Fiona explained the dilemma.

"So Keith and I were outside the honeymoon suite, he had his bags, but I didn't have mine, and I was getting upset. The wind was picking up and then a rain squall started to sweep in. Next thing I knew I was swept up by Keith into his arms, he pushed open the door and carried me inside. Then he gently let me down. There was no doubt about it, this was clearly the honeymoon suite, a large kingsized bed, a kitchen and a bathroom. There were no separate beds as we had been told that there would be.

"I needed another trip to the bathroom, Keith tried to call reception, but when I returned he apologized to me, saying nothing could be done now until the morning. Looking about we realized there was no other place where we could put together a makeshift bed. We both looked at each other and we both knew, that while we thought that if things worked out well, we might spend a night together, but now we faced spending the night together a bit sooner than expected."

Heather got up and refilled her glass. "My other big problem was that I had absolutely nothing else to wear. And my wedding corset was getting quite uncomfortable. I think Keith picked up that I wanted to change and he had a quick rummage in his bag to find a couple of teeshirts that might be helpful, but he had little else of use to me."

Heather blushed a little bit. "I headed to the bathroom to change, but I had a lot of difficulty getting the zip at the back undone, I finally got it to move a short way, then it jammed, and I realized it also caught the lace of my sleeve. I went round and round in circles until I realized it was hopeless. I had to get Keith to come in and get me untangled. It took him a few minutes to get it all sorted and he then ran the zipper right down. My dress kind of fell forward before I could catch it, then as Keith left, I looked up and saw that I was standing in front of the mirror. I didn't know if Keith had seen what my dress revealed.

"I took a brief break and slipped off my stockings and knickers, which I put in the basin to wash. Then I tried to get the corset undone. It was still very tight, and I just couldn't get hold of it enough to release the hooks. I tried and tried, but I knew that I was going to need Keith's help again, but I did wrap a towel around me first."

"You were having it a bit rough," Fiona stated.

"Yes, I felt very much isolated, and only Keith to help me. I called him back into the bathroom, he dutifully began to unhook right down my back. Then as I felt the final hook release, there was a big bolt of lightning and a big crash of thunder, and I dropped everything. Keith was right behind me, and I was again right in front of the mirror. I'm sure he was able to see everything."

Heather took a sip of her wine, then she took a much bigger mouthful.

"Keith quickly departed, and I was able to get myself a quick wash. I pulled on a teeshirt and realized it only just covered me. If I was to stretch up, I'd started to reveal myself. I grabbed the towel again and wrapped it around my middle. Keith was waiting his turn to use the bathroom, but he asked me if I had a preference to which side of the bed I would like. I decided I preferred the left side. He seemed quite happy with that.

"Keith returned and went to his side of the bed, he got a couple of books out of his bag, and then he asked me if I would like something to read. I thought it a good idea and found a couple of books of interest to me in his bag. We sat in bed reading for a few minutes when I noticed the book he was reading. It was the third book in the series I had been wanting for ages and had missed out on. I asked him about it and yeah, he was the one who got in before me, before I had a chance to get it."

Heather shifted her position and rubbed her backside. "The storm was getting worse, the rain was bucketing down. There was one hell of a flash and deafening crash of thunder, and the lights all went out. Leaving us in the dark, I got a hell of a fright. Keith asked if I would like to have a hug or cuddle to make me feel a bit better. I think we were both a bit jumpy and nervous about being together in bed.

"Keith suggested we snuggle down, he had the feeling the lights wouldn't come back on until the morning. I was still very jumpy each time the lightning flashed, I didn't know what I should do. Then Keith leaned over and rolled me over to snuggle in against him. He put his arm around me and just held me. He didn't try anything more, but just made me feel safe."

Heather took a few sips of her wine. "The storm moved on but the power didn't come back on. I still felt jumpy and confused. Keith asked me if I was alright and I told him how I was feeling. He suggested we get some sleep, but I told him I was just too wound up to be able to sleep. He suggested that he might have a good way to help me go to sleep. I kind of freaked out as I expected him to say sex, but he didn't."

Heather took a much bigger mouthful of wine. "Keith suggested that I do an imaginary walk through a rose garden."

"Oh cool," interrupted Dawn, "So that's how you got to learn about the rose garden."

"What do you mean a walk in a rose garden?" inquired Sophie.

"It's a really good way to relax and unwind, You imagine walking through a terraced rose garden, going down and over the terraces. Mom used to use it on us when we were little, I can tell you more about it later," Dawn answered.

"Keith talked me through it, and I began to unwind, it seemed so calming to me. I started to get very drowsy, and next thing I fell asleep on Keith's shoulder. I think I slept for about an hour or so, then I woke feeling much better, still with his arm around me. He had gone to sleep as well. I carefully rolled away, back to my side, and tried to snuggle back down again. But my mind began to ponder, thinking about Keith and getting married.

"I began to wonder about other brides and what they would be doing on their first nights of their honeymoons. I also began to wonder if any of them also had been waxed and what it would feel like making out and getting laid. And yeah, I started to feel excited at the thought. I knew that it wouldn't be a good idea, but I kept on wondering just how it would feel, and it started to get me wound up again."

Heather shifted her position again. "Anyway, I tried to get back to sleep, and I guess I dozed, I woke briefly again and rolled over. Somehow I felt Keith's arm around me again, and I drifted off again, trying to put thoughts about being with him out of my mind. But I kind of had a weird dream that I was floating in a big bubble, feeling amazing and euphoric, getting more and more ecstatic."

Heather Paused and sipped her wine, she looked at her audience and knew she needed to continue.

"I woke up with a start as I began to orgasm. Keith was inside me, and we were in the middle of it all. Then I heard Keith give a big grunt and I felt him begin to ejaculate inside me, and that made me orgasm again. It was a really weird sensation to wake up and not be able to stop. Keith had just woken up too, and he was just as confused as I was.

"Keith asked me if I was okay, he told me he thought that if things worked out well he would have like to be with me, but he hadn't expected it to happen quite so soon. I told him that I had similar thoughts, hoping in due course if things went well, then, yeah. Then he asked me if I was okay with him releasing inside me, as he didn't get the chance to use a condom.

"I sure had a very rapid reality check then. He had ejaculated inside me, and I didn't have my diaphragm, as it was in my luggage, and he didn't get the chance to put on a condom. I was quite unsure, I told him that I needed to check my diary, but there was quite a good chance that things might have happened. He was quite concerned, and asked me how I felt about it, was it going to be a problem?"

"I asked him the same questions too, how did he feel about what had just happened, but deep down I began to realize that I was going to be okay with it, I felt I was actually ready for a family. Then I asked him how he felt knowing that he had just impregnated his bride. Keith took a moment to answer, he told me he was relieved and happy, as long as if I was happy about it too.

"So to answer your question, Bernice, yes, you were conceived on our wedding night."

"Oh wow, Mom, that's an incredible story, and it's now twenty-five years since you two met, and married." Bernice looked somewhat relieved at now knowing about her beginnings.

"The rest of the honeymoon was amazing, we had a lot of fun, and we very quickly fell in love with each other, it seemed we were a match made. Keith told me that usually, he was a very practical man, but on rare occasions, he would just get a deep feeling about something and know it would be true, and he felt that way about us."

The discussion moved on and the wine seemed to evaporate. The barbeque dinner was a roaring success, the place became packed out with friends and relations. Recording and live interviews took place and then late in the evening everyone crashed out. It had been a wonderful day after all.

Later that night Heather took advantage of Keith, stroking and sucking on him before riding on him hard. Once again Heather woke up half the neighborhood.  Well, that was according to Erica anyway.

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