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Two girls meet (part 1)

A love story about two girls, who finally meet after talking online for a while to each other...
She looked so stunning, standing there, at the airport, just waiting. I have never witnessed such a work of art. She was standing there, about twenty yards away from me, looking around. I can't believe I was finally going to see her, in person. We have talked for endless amounts of time, and now, finally, after what seemed to have been an eternity, we were in each others presence.

It was almost like the best dream I have ever had, except even better. Just as beautiful as I had pictured she would be. Her soft, brown hair, framing her face perfectly, her eyes, hidden behind sunglasses, her flawless figure, shown off by the jeans and the shirt she was wearing.

For a split second, I could not see anyone, but her. I almost crashed into a few people, because I was so caught up in admiring how amazing she looked. Finally, even though she was wearing sunglasses, I could tell her eyes gazed right back into my blue-green ones.

"Lilly! You're finally here," Emma exclaimed, running up to me almost knocking me down, hugging me tightly.

"I'm finally here," I said, smiling, while hugging her back.

After a few moments of holding onto each other, savoring the moment, we broke the hug, and started walking out of the airport.

"I'm so happy we finally get to meet. I feel like I have known you my entire life, and your meant to be here," said Emma, as we walked into her gorgeous apartment.

"I know, how have I not known you forever? It's like we share a brain," I replied, secretly hoping we shared the same feelings as well. "Your place is amazing by the way," I said, throwing myself onto her couch.

I was so excited to finally be with Emma. I felt like the words, "I want you," were written across my forehead. I wanted to just kiss her, and feel her perfect, soft lips, pressing back into mine. I wanted to cuddle with her, and kiss her, and so much more.

We sat in an awkward silence for a few seconds, both of us seemed to be wrapped up in our thoughts. Suddenly, Emma broke the silence.

"So, now that your here what would you like to do? Do you wanna go out, or stay in it's up to you."

"As much as I would love to have you take me on a tour of the area, I am so tired from flying here, so lets just stay in," I replied with a smile.

We sat there for a second, just looking at each other. Then Emma got up and said teasingly, "Well since your actually legal here, I'm gonna make us drinks!"

"Sounds good to me," I shouted after her, as I watched her walk away into the kitchen.

She came back holding two martini glasses, set hers down on the small glass table near the couch, and handed me my glass.

"I'll be back in a second, I'm gonna go get a few movies from my room," Emma told me. "Make yourself at home."

And with that, she disappeared into the other room, and came back with a bunch of movies. We decided to watch an animated rated G film first.

As it got darker, we watched a few more movies, and ordered pizza. We were a little tipsy by the time the sun set, at about 8:00PM. The credits were rolling by rapidly on the screen for the movie Black Swan.

Since it was getting dark, we decided it would be fun to watch a horror movie. We decided to watch the movie Pulse, which Emma had not yet seen. Even though I have already seen the movie, it still scares me.

About halfway through the movie, we started getting really scared. At one of the really scary parts, Emma's house phone rang, and we screamed, jumping right into each others arms, holding each other for dear life. We started laughing, and then she went to answer the phone. It was just her mom calling to say goodnight.

After the phone scared us half to death, we were sitting really close to each other. My hand was resting, right next to Emma's hand, only centimeters, maybe even just millimeters apart. The movie went on, and we got more comfortable. She leaned her head, and rested it on my shoulder for the rest of the movie, occasionally both of us jumping here and there.

By now, we were slightly intoxicated. The movie ended, and we decided to get ready to go to sleep. We took turns showering, and then brushed our teeth together, and got into our pajamas.

"Oh by the way, just saying your sleeping in my bed, not on the couch, cause I'm scared," Emma said, laughing.

"Oh I see your trying to seduce me," I said teasingly.

"Maybe I am," Emma said, with a devilish smile.

Emma grabbed my hand, and we stumbled into her room, and fell into the bed. For some reason, we had the giggles, and could not stop laughing. We started talking about random things, laughing at everything we said, thanks to the alcohol in our systems.

We talked for a while, just laying on Emma's bed, side by side, facing the ceiling. Somehow, the conversation switched over to relationships, sex and stuff along those lines. Turning to face me, Emma asked, "So it's really true that you have never been kissed?"

"Mhm, one hundred percent true," I replied, in a small voice, without turning towards her.

Emma paused for a few seconds, and then asked, "So have you ever wanted to kiss someone?"

"Of course I have wanted to. But I was just scared. I just don't wanna make a fool out of myself," I said turning to face her.

Neither of us spoke for a few minutes. We were lost, staring into each others eyes. Then Emma broke the silence, "Do you want to kiss me," she asked, inching closer to me, her voice soft, almost in a whisper.

With our faces inches apart, I was at a loss for words and could only nod my head yes. Then it happened. My first kiss ever. And Emma's first kiss with a girl. Emma pressed her soft, perfect lips into mine. Just an innocent kiss at first, the most perfect first kiss I could have dreamed of. Emma broke the kiss, pulling back slowly. We both opened our eyes, smiling, and she asked, "So how is that for a first kiss?"

I responded by kissing her again.

This time, our mouths opened slightly, our tongues testing the waters. We kept kissing, and both of us started getting more into it, our tongues now exploring the depths of each others mouths. I never wanted that to end. I felt like I was caught up in a realistic dream, and I didn't ever want to wake up from it. We kissed for hours, and cuddled, falling asleep with our bodies against each other, holding each other. Both of us, smiling in our sleep.

To be continued...
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