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Two Worlds Collide (Part 1)

A tale of two completely different girls who become friends, and maybe more...
Note: There is going to be more than just this one part. I will be writing maybe another 2 parts, possibly more, I will see where it goes. Here is part 1, part 2 will follow up in the future. There really isn't any sex in this installment, because I wanted to explain the story of the characters, and didn't want to put everything into an insanely long story, so I decided to split it up.

There was just something about Amber that made Hanna want to get to know her. Amber is a Bad-Ass type of girl. She never had any close friends, at least not any that were girls, she got into fights, and didn't care about her grades, barely passing her classes. On a typical school day, she arrived on her bright red, Harley motorcycle, wearing a leather jacket, that always matched her choice of leather boots for the day, with skinny jeans, tucked away neatly into her boots. She wore her curly chestnut-brown long hair pulled back in a loose pony-tail, which she would let loose after taking off her helmet. Her eyes are a deep emerald green color, and she always wore makeup. Bright cherry-red lipstick, dark smoky eyes, thick black eyeliner and mascara, and usually wore black or bright, neon colored polish on her nails.

Hanna, unlike Amber, is, or at least she was before she met Amber, a sweet innocent girl. She had a few friends, and got along with everyone, and was known as the nicest girl in the school. All of her teachers loved her, and wished that all of their students were like her. Hanna never had any boyfriends, and only made out with a boy once while playing spin the bottle. Hanna was very pretty. She had long Golden-Blonde hair, that she either straightened, or curled on school days, always making sure it looked nice. She didn't even need to wear makeup, because she was pretty enough not to, but she did wear eyeliner, a little bit of mascara, and depending on if she wanted to or not, some eye shadow, but nothing that really stood out. When she did wear eye shadow, her bright blue eyes looked even brighter. All she wore on her lips was chapstick. Hanna wore anything from jeans, to skirts and dresses, but always looked cute and innocent in whatever she was wearing.

Amber was just starting off her Senior year at Fairfield High, as was Hanna. They had never had any classes with each other, until this year. They were in three of the same classes, science, history, and photography, and both girls shared the same lunch break as well. Hanna had not seen Amber in history or science, and was beginning to wonder if she was ever going to show up to any of the classes that year. It was the first day of classes, and Hanna was sitting in her seat in photography class.

Bell Rings.

The teacher began to call off the names from the attendance sheet.
"Karen Adams?"
"Brian Branch?"
"Amber Carter?"
"Amber?" asked the teacher again.

Just as the teacher was going to continue, Amber walked through the door, and took the last empty seat next to Hanna.

"And your name is?" asked the teacher.

"Amber." she replied, carelessly tossing her bag on the floor to the left of her desk.

"And why are you late Amber?" the teacher questioned.

"Girl problems." Amber replied.

"Okay just don't let it happen again." Said the teacher.

The teacher finished taking attendance, and started explaining the first project the class would be working on. They were going to be working in pairs, inside and out of school. The teacher paired the students up, pairing Hanna with Amber.

"Amber, you will be working with Hanna. Maybe you will learn some manners from her." the teacher remarked.

Amber rolled her eyes. The class continued, and the teacher explained the rest of the project, handing out papers explaining everything. For the last five minutes of the class, he told the class it would be a good idea to exchange numbers with their partners. Hanna tore a piece of loose-leaf out of her binder, and neatly wrote down her name and number. She handed it to Amber, who took out her phone and entered Hanna's number as "Hanna Good Girl Hanson" and closed her phone. She said she would send Hanna a text so she could save her number. Hanna felt butterflies in her stomach as Amber spoke to her. All she could manage was to nod her head in response.

The bell rang, signaling the end of the day. Hanna walked to her locker, thinking about Amber, and trying to figure out why a girl would cause her to have butterflies. She has had crushes on boys before, but all of the guys she had been interested in, had already been taken by popular cheerleader bitches. Hanna could not stop thinking of Amber, and couldn't figure out why. As Hanna walked to the bus stop, she received a text from Amber,
"Here's my number goody two-shoes."

Hanna caught herself smiling after reading that text and quickly closed her phone. As she waited at the bus stop, she saw Amber zoom off on her motorcycle, down the street.


It was finally Friday, and the two girls entered photography class. The first week had been kind of boring, because it was just taking notes about how to use SLR cameras, and the different parts of a camera, the steps taken to develop film, the different chemicals used, and the history of cameras, all the way back to the pinhole camera. Amber didn't even bother taking any notes during class, instead she spent her time drawing and doodling in her notebook. Hanna on the other hand, took notes, keeping them extremely organized and neat.

"Great I don't have to take notes in three of my classes cause I can just cheat off of goody two-shoes." Amber remarked, in a sarcastic tone, under her breath but still loud enough for Hanna to hear.

"I'm not as good as you think I am Amber." Hanna whispered back loudly.

"Girls, is there something you would like to share with the class?" The teacher asked, looking towards Amber and Hanna.

"No nothing. We were just discussing our assignment, sorry, it won't happen again." Said Hanna, who's face was now a light shade of crimson.

Amber laughed as the teacher turned around, walking back towards the front of the room.

"Shut up!" Hanna said, playfully hitting Amber.

The class ended, and Hanna and Amber walked out of the classroom together. Amber walked with Hanna to her locker, because she wouldn't need to go to hers anyway, she didn't take books home to do homework.

"Oh we are so sorry it won't happen again. We will never talk in class ever, because it's so wrong." Amber said mimicking Hanna's voice which is higher pitched than Amber's normal, slightly deeper, slightly raspy voice.

"Seriously what the hell stop!" Said Hanna.

"Oh my, you said hell, isn't that a curse!" Said Amber, teasingly. "Come on I'll give you a ride home."

"Don't you drive a motorcycle?" Said Hanna.

"Yeah, don't worry I'll let you wear the helmet, not that I'm gonna crash anyway."

"Okay, I guess so." Hanna said, smiling, even though she was terrified of going on a motorcycle.

She decided to just go with Amber, because she didn't want Amber to think she was a complete pussy. They got to Amber's motorcycle, and Amber handed the helmet to Hanna. Amber got onto the motorcycle, and Hanna got on behind her.

"You should probably hold on unless you wanna fall off." Said Amber.

"Oh right." Said Hanna, hesitantly wrapping her arms around Amber's waist.

Amber started the motorcycle, and started off slow, so Hanna could get used to it. Hanna held her arms tightly around Amber's waist, as if she was going to fall off a cliff. Hanna let her head rest on Amber's left shoulder, and breathed in her intoxicating scent. She smelled like Ed Hardy perfume, which was Hanna's favorite. Hanna liked the feeling of holding Amber's waist, and silently wondered if Amber liked it too. They arrived in front of Hanna's house. She lived in a beautiful white stone house, with freshly cut grass framing a pathway leading to the light oak wood door.

"Do you wanna come inside?" Hanna asked, noticing Amber admiring her house.

"Yeah sure." Amber said smiling. She parked her motorcycle in the driveway, and the two girls walked inside.

To Amber's surprise, Hanna asked her if she wanted some wine.

"Yeah that would be awesome. Wow maybe you aren't such a good girl after all." said Amber, with a mischievous smile.

Hanna was relieved her parents were out of town for the weekend, and she had the house to herself. She brought two glasses of wine over to the couch, where Amber was sitting. The two girls sat on the couch discussing their project, sipping on their wine. Amber didn't do much of the talking. She was mostly just admiring Hanna, noticing how beautiful she is. She was pretty much agreeing to whatever Hanna was saying.

"Hello! Are you even listening to me Amber?" Said Hanna, suddenly snapping Amber out of her daydream.

"Oh yeah, uh, I agree with whatever you wanna do. Fine with me." Said Amber coolly.

"Okay, well for the people section, I think we should just take pictures of each other, cause that's easier than finding other people." Suggested Hanna.

"Oh so you wanna pose for each other naked and take pictures?" Said Amber, laughing.

"No, Amber it's a school project, seriously?" Hanna said laughing.

Despite Hanna's face turning bright red, she kind of liked the idea, and wondered what Amber's body looked like. She could not believe she was thinking dirty thoughts about another girl. Did this mean she was a lesbian?

Amber watched as Hanna got up to refill their wine glasses, walking into the kitchen. Hanna returned with more wine, and suggested that they should watch a movie. They flipped through the on demand on the T.V. giggling as they passed through the adult movies.

"Did you ever watch any of these?" asked Amber, laughing.

"No, but apparently my parents have, according to the recent purchases." Said Hanna, grimacing at the thought of her parents actually having a sex life. They decided to watch "Friends With Benefits" a funny movie, with some sexy scenes in it. The movie played for a while, and both girls watched and laughed, and then a sex scene appeared on screen, and both Amber and Hanna fell silent.

"Wow she is so fucking sexy." Amber said.

"Yeah she is." Hanna said softly. She couldn't believe she had just said that out loud.

Amber looked at Hanna saying, "So you find girls attractive huh?" Amber inched a little closer to Hanna on the couch, with a seductive look on her face.

"Well yeah, but I- I like boys, and-" Hanna stammered, getting cut off by Amber's lips pressing into hers.

Hanna was surprised, but in a good way. She couldn't help but kiss Amber back, figuring maybe the wine was causing this to happen, but enjoying it either way. Amber heightened the kiss, by moving her hands, one up to Hanna's face, sliding it through her luscious gold locks, and one around to Hanna's back, pulling her in closer. Hanna gave into to Amber, letting Amber's tongue slide into her mouth, dueling with her own tongue. Amber's lips were a perfect match for Hanna's, both of them with lips that were not too small, not too big, fitting like pieces of a puzzle, locked together in a passionate kiss. After a few minutes, they came up for air, looking into each others lust filled eyes.

"And I guess I like girls too." Hanna said, giggling, finishing her thought from before.

"When do your parents get home?" Amber asked.

"They're away for the whole weekend." Replied Hanna, smiling. "You can stay here if you want to."

"Yeah sure, I'll stay. I just have to run home and get some things, my house is only two blocks away, wanna come with?" Asked Amber.

"Okay. But we are walking there, cause you had wine." Hanna replied.

"Ugh. Fine." Said Amber, rolling her eyes.

The two girls walked out the door, Hanna, stopping to lock her front door. She ran a few steps, to catch up to Amber and grabbed her hand. The two girls walked down the block, hand in hand toward Amber's house.

To be continued...
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