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Two Worlds Collide (part 2)

part 2, it makes more sense, and you get to know the characters if you read part 1=)
The girls turned onto Amber's street, still hand in hand, side by side. Amber led Hanna through the doors of a two story apartment building, and up the stairs to the second floor. They walked to the left, coming to a halt in front of apartment 2B. Hanna started to let go of Amber's hand.

"It's okay, my Dad doesn't care. He's most likely drunk anyway." Amber said as she grabbed Hanna's hand, holding it again, tighter than she had been holding it.

Hanna didn't know what to say. Amber unlocked the door and the two girls walked into the small apartment. Amber pointed Hanna in the direction of her room and told her she would be there in a few seconds. Hanna walked into Amber's room. The walls were barely visible, but what could be seen beyond the endless amounts of posters, was painted bright red, just like Amber's motorcycle. There were posters of everything from motorcycles, to cartoons, to girls in bikinis, and some music posters including a Beatles poster, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Katy Perry, Aguilera, and Glee. Hanna had thought her and Amber were completely different, but they both liked the same music, and as they would find out later by talking, the same television shows, as well as other things they had in common. There was also one wall covered with overlapping drawings, that looked similar to the sketches Hanna had seen in Amber's notebooks during class. Hanna sat down on the low bed, and waited for Amber.

"I'm going to Hanna's house tonight, so I'm just here to grab some things." Amber yelled into the kitchen while walking towards her room.

"Please don't go anywhere baby girl. I can't lose you. If I did I don't know what I would do anymore." Said Amber's dad, his speech slightly slurred due to alcohol.

Amber shut her bedroom door, ignoring what her dad said. "He does this all the time. He has never been the same since my mom died. All he does anymore is drink." Despite how tough Amber looked, Hanna could see right through her, and could tell she was in pain, and on the verge of crying. Hanna walked up to Amber, and lifted her head up, kissing her softly on the lips.

"It will be okay." Hanna whispered into Amber's ear, hugging her tightly.

The door swung open, causing them to jump, and Amber's dad stumbled into the room. "Where are you going Ambie? You're going with this girl? Who the hell is she? How far is her house, it better not be on the moon. I'll drive you so your safe."

"Yes I'm going with this girl, her name is Hanna, I met her in school. She only lives a few blocks away, so we can walk back, we will be fine Dad."

"Okay, be careful, don't get in an accident. Come home soon, you know how I get when I'm alone." Amber's dad said as he turned, walking on wobbly legs back into the kitchen.

"Sorry, he gets pretty bad sometimes, he has good days and bad days, and unfortunately today is not a good one for him." Amber said, while throwing clothes into a bag.

"It's okay, I understand. My brother died a few years ago. So if you ever wanna talk... or not talk, I'm here." Hanna said, softly gazing into Amber's watery eyes.

At that moment, Amber wanted to say "I love you" to Hanna, but she didn't want to scare her. It was too soon to say it. Little did she know, Hanna was thinking the exact same thing, as they stared into each others eyes.

Amber broke the eye contact. "We should go before my dad gets worse. I'll call my aunt to come check on him later."

"Okay." Hanna followed Amber out of the room.

They walked past Amber's dad, out of the apartment, without a word, all the way back to Hanna's house.


The sun was beginning to set, as Amber and Hanna sat in Hanna's back yard, staring out into the sky. Hanna was leaning her head on Amber's shoulder, her arms wrapped around Amber, connecting on the other side, holding her tightly. They were not really talking much, both of them thinking about all the events of the day.

Amber was the first to break the silence. "She died in a car accident. She was in the hospital for three years in a coma, before we finally pulled the plug."

Hanna squeezed Amber a little tighter. She looked up at her face and noticed a single tear, illuminated by the glow of the sun. She gently wiped it away, her hand lingering on Amber's left cheek, before slowly pulling away. Hanna leaned her head back down on Amber's shoulder, tears beginning to pour like waterfalls from her sparkling blue eyes.

"He was only ten years old. He had cancer." Hanna said in a shaky voice.

"Shh baby, it will be okay." Amber replied, rocking Hanna back and forth, as tears were steadily falling from both sets of beautiful eyes.

After a few minutes of crying, both girls calmed down.

"You know, I blame myself for my mom getting into the accident. It was the day that I came out to her. I told her I was a lesbian, and she left the house without a word. I will never forget the look of disgrace she gave me before she shut the door to the apartment." Amber continued; fighting back more tears.

"It's not your fault. Just like I couldn't know my brother had cancer, you couldn't have known. You didn't do anything wrong." Said Hanna, in the strongest voice she could find through her sobs.

The two girls held each other, cuddling until the sun disappeared, as darkness began settling across the sky, the stars and moon growing brighter, as the colorful pinkish purple sky turned darker and darker.


The girls walked, arms still around each other, into Hanna's house. Since it was hot outside, Hanna suggested they should sleep on the pull out bed on the couch, because the air conditioner in her living room made the room a lot more comfortable than Hanna's stuffy bedroom.

Both girls changed into long t-shirts and short shorts, ready for bed. Amber helped Hanna pull out the bed and put sheets on it. They both got into the bed, but neither of them was tired. They stayed up talking, laughing like they had been best friends forever, sharing stories, and secrets about themselves.

"You know, you probably won't believe me, but I'm still a virgin." Said Amber.

"No way. You are such a liar. You have been in a relationship with like every single guy in school, and kissed a bunch of girls too." Said Hanna, looking surprised.

"Yeah, well kissing isn't fucking, cause if it was, then you wouldn't still be a virgin." Amber said, smiling.

Hanna blushed. "Well I know more than you would think innocent little Hanna Hanson would know." Hanna said, with a devilish grin.

"Oh do you really?" said Amber, raising an eyebrow, smiling back at Hanna.

"Let's just say the internet is a good reference for anything you need to know about anything." Said Hanna. "And to be honest, I looked up lesbian stuff a week ago, when I saw you on the first day of school. There was just something about you. I still can't figure out why I have feelings for a girl... Why I have these feelings for you, but I-"

"I'm in love with you, Hanna." Amber blurted out, cutting Hanna off.

"I... I'm in love with you too, Amber." Said Hanna, as she gazed, lovingly into Amber's soft emerald eyes.

Hanna hesitantly moved her face, until it was centimeters away from Amber's face, their noses almost touching. It was almost as if some type of magnetic force pulled them together, into a kissing frenzy, their tongues down each others throats, both moaning softly into their kisses.

Amber climbed on top of Hanna, straddling her, never for a second breaking their kissing. They just kept getting hotter and hotter, kissing passionately, creating an invisible fire between them. Amber's hand wandered down to Hanna's crotch, her hand over Hanna's shorts. Hanna started grinding her hips, into Amber's hand, moaning softly. Hanna's bright pink shorts had a small wet spot, which grew larger by the second. Amber's pussy was getting wet as well, as she continued kissing Hanna, who was beginning to grind her hips into Amber's hand, harder and faster. Hanna broke the kiss, throwing Amber onto the bed next to her. She climbed on top of Amber, and started lightly kissing her neck, her hands exploring Amber's boobs. Amber has 32C boobs, which Hanna could not keep her hands off of. Hanna felt Amber's rock hard nipples through Amber's t-shirt. She lightly pinched them, through the thin material, causing Amber to moan in pleasure.

Hanna then moved lower, sliding her hands up beneath Amber's shirt, the shirt rising along with Hanna's hands, exposing Amber's boobs. Hanna started lightly kissing Amber's stomach, tracing circles around her belly button, moving up towards her perfect boobs. She took Amber's left nipple in her mouth, gently sucking it, flicking it with her tongue, while playing with the right one with her hand. She then switched to Amber's other nipple, and then she kissed slowly back down Amber's flat stomach, seductively looking up at her face, her eyes piercing through Amber's, sending a message through her gaze, her expression screaming "I want to fuck you." Amber's pussy was soaked with desire from the anticipation of what was going to happen.

"I want you more... than anything I have ever wanted... in my whole life right... now." Said Amber, in a breathy voice.

There was nothing that could stop Hanna from fucking Amber. She was filled with carnal lust and desire, like a ravenous beast, pouncing on its prey. Hanna pulled Amber's royal blue shorts down, sliding them over her thighs, over her knees, over her calves, and finally off completely. Amber's cute black lacy panties still covered her genuine treasure. Hanna took the panties between her teeth, and expertly pulled them off of Amber, as if she had done it before.

"Oh my God, where did you learn how to do that?! That was so fucking sexy." Said Amber, breathlessly.

Hanna laughed. "Like I said, the internet is a good reference for learning about everything." Hanna said, a sly grin spread across her face.

Hanna looked back down to see Amber's pussy. She admired it for a few seconds, noticing that it looked very similar to her own. Shaved, with full lips, that hid her inner labia and clit. Amber was dripping wet. Hanna moved down, her face inching slowly towards Amber's cunt. She gingerly licked a pussy for the first time. Amber moaned loudly, as Hanna's tongue came in contact with her pussy. She had masturbated plenty of times, but had never been touched by anyone else like this. Hanna's tongue felt so good. Hanna could not get enough of Amber's sweet tasting juices. Hanna licked slowly, up and down, occasionally dipping her tongue into Amber's tight, wet, hole, and then back again to her clit. Amber's breathing had become heavier, and she had started to moan louder. Hanna sped up her tongue, licking circles around Amber's clit, causing Amber to moan even more, building her up to an orgasm. Amber pushed Hanna's face into her pussy, grinding her hips, forcing Hanna's tongue deep into her pussy. Hanna moved her tongue in and out, tongue fucking Amber, until Amber exploded all over Hanna's tongue. Amber's body shook, as she screamed in ecstasy, her hands gripping Hanna's head tightly, holding her face against her pussy, until her orgasm subsided.

"Oh my God." Said Amber breathing heavily. "Holy... Wow. That was... So... ugh." Amber could not even finish her sentence. She turned onto her side, facing Hanna, who had slid up beside her. Hanna was smiling at her. Her smile was contagious, not that Amber wasn't already smiling because of her orgasm, but if it was possible, Amber's smile grew even wider.

"I love you Hanna Goody Hanson." Said Amber, tucking a stray strand of hair that had fallen in Hanna's face behind her ear.

"I love you Amber Bad-Ass Carter." Said Hanna. Hana leaned in and kissed Amber, and the two girls fell into another kissing frenzy, the sweet taste of Amber's pussy, still lingering on Hanna's tongue.

To be continued...
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