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Under African Skies

Two cyber lovers meet for sex in the dangerous African bush
The early morning sun warmed our naked bodies as Bill and I carefully made our way through the African bush. Before we left the lodge, I showed Bill how to use the Fox walk, using our feet as eyes on the ground, feeling for any obstacles. I also instructed Bill how to use splatter vision to detect the slightest movement of birds and animals. Bill saw the flicker of the ears of a kudu bull with his long spiral horns and the white V between his eyes, first. He was as giddy as a teenager seeing his first naked woman.

As we walked in a dry river bed, the yellow-green bark of the fever trees stood out amongst the green foliage of the surrounding trees next to our path. The tracks of various animals, ground dwelling birds and insects in the soft sand made this the ideal place to introduce my American friend to my world.

Subconsciously, taking in this familiar surroundings, I was glad he came to visit for some uncomplicated loving. Bill and I met online, chatted about films, music, and the weather and once in a while had some passionate cybersex. We were hot for each other and when the opportunity arose for him to visit, we seized the moment.

Tears clouded my vision, the heartache of my failed relations still unresolved. I had to work on it before it destroyed our chances for some carefree loving. Walking in front of Bill, I tried to wipe away the pain of the past. Would I succeed or was I doomed to get hurt because I loved too much?

The long series of clucking notes kok kok kok korkorkorkorkor of the southern yellow-billed hornbill filling the morning air brought my wondering mind back to a spoor in the sand. I crouched down to inspect an unmistakable set of tracks.

“Look at these tracks. What do you see?” I asked Bill in a low voice. Excitement mounted in my body.

“All I can see are marks in the sand,” said Bill softly as he knelt beside me. “They all look the same to me.”

“If you look carefully you will see six different tracks of lions, a male here, two females here and three juvenile cubs here, walking as if the world belonged to them,” I said as I pointed out the different tracks to him. “These tracks are about twelve hours old.”

“How can you tell?”

“Look at the spotted thick knee’s tracks over these lion’s. It is a nocturnal ground-dwelling bird and its tracks look like three canoes,” I said, my face close to the ground and my naked pussy and ass in the air. “These spots are dew drop marks from early this morning.”

Bill feigned interest but I could see that his attention was not where I pointed. He kept looking at my naked body and his erection was also a tell-tale sign that his head was someplace else. He was probably thinking about last night after he arrived at the lodge. Our first face to face meeting was a bit awkward: I wondered if he would like me in person, if he would still be as passionate about eating my pussy as he was during our cyber moments? Would I meet his expectations? These were pertinent questions for me, more so after my breakup with my poly-family. Once in my bungalow, all those thoughts and questions disappeared with our clothes. His tongue played sweet music on my clit, my slit and my tits. He entered me as if he belonged between my legs. We made love for hours.

Again, forcing my mind to concentrate on our surroundings and trying to ignore his aroused state, I looked around and spotted a leopard track hugging the side of the riverbed. Then another. Fresh. Very fresh. I showed the tracks to Bill and put my finger across my mouth.

“Leopard, a female, about ten minutes old,” I whispered. Bill’s erection quickly deflated as my pussy started throbbing with excitement. That was why I loved being naked in the wilderness, to be one with nature. The closer to danger the more alive I felt. I didn’t even bring my heavy caliber rifle as protection along. I didn’t want to play it safe anymore.

“How can you tell?” Bill’s focus returned to the tracks, as he moved closer to me. “It looks like another lion track.”

“The leopard’s paws are smaller and she used all the available cover. See these slender toes? The male’s toes are rounder,” I whispered. “The sun hasn’t reached this side of the bank yet. You can see that the soil clung to the leopard’s soles and dropped off a bit further.”

I took Bill by the hand and followed the tracks into the wind, crouching. Her path led away from the direction the lions took. We painstakingly traced the tracks for about thirty minutes before we came to an opening and saw the leopard in the shade of a marula tree with her two cubs. The spots on her skin camouflaged her in the broken shade of the tree. I had to point them out to Bill whose gaze was still in splatter vision. She rested on her side with the cubs drinking from her teats.

I sat cross legged behind a magic guarri bush to spend a few precious moments in the presence of one of the Big Five. Bill sat next to me in awe, his erection testing the wind.

I tried to quiet my mind, to forget Bill’s body next to mine, to be in the moment, but I was too excited to have Bill all to myself. I wanted to show him all the trees, the birds, the animals, the tracks and most of all, I wanted him to experience my mouth on his dick. I had to push away all thoughts of my failed relationships.

After a while, I indicated to Bill to move back to give the family the privacy they needed. Our boots made little noise on the soft sand as we slowly retreated, wiping the sand off our naked behinds. Touching my pussy as I flicked off the sand from my ass, a spark rushed through my body, pouring more fuel onto my passion. I hadn’t experienced this desire since my break-up four months ago. I needed him now, his hands on me, his beautiful cock inside me, telling me that I am still desirable, that it was okay to love too much. I also wanted Bill to experience making love in the wild, with danger lurking behind every bush. I wanted to let the wild woman within me free, to be the person I was supposed to be. Not the one trapped in a cage of stifling relationships.

When we reached a large river bushwillow tree a few miles away, I pushed Bill against the smooth trunk and hungrily kissed him, nibbling at his lower lip and inserting my tongue into his mouth. His tongue met mine and we sucked on each other, hungry for love. I trembled as his cock pressed against my lower abdomen, my breasts flattened against his chest. I could feel the precum dripping from his cock, drawing wet pictures on my body. I was sopping wet too. I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my hand, admiring the velvety nature of the purple head, the thickness of his shaft in my hand and small slit at the apex of his phallus. I flicked my tongue over the head, tasting his precum.

Before I could put his erection fully into my mouth, a loud grunt exploded a hundred yards or so behind Bill, causing him to involuntarily jerk forward to cum on my mouth and face. I fell back onto my behind, my legs splayed open. Looking up I saw that Bill’s face was pale as a sheet. I laughed, licking the cum off my lips and wiping the rest of my face with the back of my hand.

“What the fuck was that?” asked Bill, deflated and looking around ready to run.

“Just the kudu bull in rut,” I laughed. Bill calmed down, took a few deep breaths and then he saw me in my lewd position. His cock came back to life as he looked questioningly at me. I smiled and opened my legs a little wider.

Bill accepted the invitation and dropped to his knees between my open legs, blood returning to his face. He stared wide eyed at my wet pussy, his cock ready for more action. I desperately wanted him to work his tongue magic on my clit to make me scream with pleasure. He took his time, starting by planting small kisses on my thighs, running his hands up and down my legs. He ignored my throbbing sex as he moved to my belly button, twirling his tongue around it. Inching his way south to my mound with his tongue, I raised my pelvis to meet him half way. And maybe to hurry him up. Foreplay in the bush should be kept to the minimum, in case another animal decided to interrupt our coitus.

Grabbing his hair between my fingers, I pushed his head between my legs. “Please fuck my pussy with your tongue, now,” I said. But Bill was a patient lover. He took his time to explore my folds. He first kissed my shaved mount, his tongue drawing circles around my sex to my pincher then up again to my clit. His wet touch on my clit sent pleasure waves up my cunt to my breasts and brain. He flattened his tongue to open my labia. Using his finger he rubbed up and down my wet slit. I shuddered. My clit extension down my slit was as hard as his cock. The more he teased me there, the wetter I became. His finger slipped into my pussy, and curving his finger, he touched that soft spot only a few men knew how to manipulate. I bucked against his hand, my legs going in spasms.

“Fuck me now with your cock. I need it inside my cunt.”

He got on his knees between my legs, lifted my pelvis by grabbing my bum with his strong hands. “Put my cock in your pussy, so I can fuck you proper,” he demanded. I had to stretch, but once his big dick was inside, I entered heaven. With my ass raised from the ground and my feet on the soft sand, Bill fucked me, sliding in and out of my wetness. My hand found its way to my clit. We worked in unison to temporarily destroy all memories of my poly past. All that mattered was our lovemaking.

After a while my back was killing me and I had to change position. I asked Bill to fuck me doggy style. “Be the wild man by taking possession of this wild woman,” I urged him on. He obliged and fucked me like there was no tomorrow. I was coming and as my pussy muscles contracted around his shaft I could feel his cock throbbing before his release.

We came together and screamed so loud that I could hear a herd of stampeding impalas and the cackling chorus of a flock of green wood-hoopoes as they fled from the trees. Then I heard the unmistakable warning pffffffft sound of a puff adder snake to our left.

“I want you to do exactly what I tell you to do,” I instructed Bill. “No argument.”

“What the fuck?” He tried to get off me quickly but I closed my pussy muscles around his deflating cock, delaying his sudden movements.

“Slowly. Move very slowly to our right,” I whispered. “We have to get out of here.”

As if in slow motion we moved away from the danger of this cytotoxic snake. When we were out of danger I turned to Bill, flung my arms around his neck and pulled his face to mine. I kissed him softly, my full lips on his. He pulled me closer, squashing my breasts against his hairy chest.

“Thank you for the scariest and most memorable fuck of my life,” said Bill, smiling. At least he wasn’t angry with me. Maybe I could forget the others and make new memories with my new found freedom.

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