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Unexpected love triangle 7

Is Jacob still thinking of Jenny? Or has he moved on?

"Come back to bed sexy," the blond haired girl in the room called out to me.

I had some pretty crazy party last night with my friends and had somehow ended up at this chick’s house, and I can’t even remember what the hell her name was. I woke up this morning butt naked in bed with the blond girl sleeping on my chest as if we've been dating for months.

I needed to get home, but maybe another quick fuck isn’t going to hurt right? It’s not like I’ll ever see this hot chick again anyways.

I walked back into the blond girl’s room with just my boxer on and she smiled when she saw that I wasn’t leaving yet.

Horny bitch, sleeping with someone she barely met and wanting more. Well I’ll give her what she wants and then leave.

For a horny bitch, she had an amazing fucking body. She had nice toned legs which was sexy as fuck, small perky breasts that was probably an A-cup, flat stomach and a nice toned ass. She had all the right curves and just staring at her made my cock stir.

I took off my boxers and climbed up the bed to the fucking sexy blond.

I tore off the sheets she had wrapped around her body and went straight to sucking her perky breasts. She moaned out loud and clung to my head as if her life depended on it.

Ha. Horny bitch.

I grabbed her other breast to give it attention and my other hand slid down to her bare pussy to give that some attention too. She moaned loud and pushed her pussy up against my hand to get more.

I slid my fingers into her hole and she groaned. She was soaking wet and was horny as fuck.

I started to pump my fingers into her and she moaned and screamed out loud in pleasure.

Hm, so she’s a screamer huh?

I grabbed the sheets on the bed and stuffed her mouth with it to muffle the scream. I smiled as she looked at me wide-eyed.

She raised her hand to her mouth, about to take the sheet out of her mouth. “Tsk tsk tsk. Don’t do that,” I told her, holding her hand down.

“If you remove it, I will stop pleasuring you and leave,” I threatened when she tried to free her hand from underneath my hold.

She instantly stopped moving at the threat I made and nodded her head for me to continue. I smiled at how easy it was to get her to listen.

“Good girl,” I said to her as I pinched her nipple between my thumb and finger.

She threw her head back and moaned.

I dove back in and started sucking and flicking her nipple in my mouth. I could hear her muffled moans and I smiled.

I let my tongue drag down her stomach to her pussy and licked her clitoris making her buck under me. I licked and sucked until she was on the brink of her orgasm and I stopped, making her groan her disappointment.

I took the sheets out of her mouth and stuck my fingers in it and she immediately started sucking on it as if it was my cock.

"Mmm," she moaned in approval as she continued to suck my fingers. She let it pop out of her mouth and smiled at me.

She reached for my eight inch cock and started stroking it slowly.

While still stroking me, she got up onto her knees next to me and pushed me onto the bed so that I would be the one lying down. Once I was on my back, she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it.

This bitch knew how to give a good blow job.

I moaned as she deep-throat me and I can hear her gag which only intensified my pleasure. I put both my hands behind her head to push her back down when she was going to come back up.

She didn't fight me, she let me push her head back down as I started to fuck her mouth as if it was a pussy.

"Ohhhhhh yeeeessssssss," I moaned out as I could feel my balls tightening and knew that I was about to cum.

I hope she's ready to swallow, I thought to myself as I continued to violate her throat.

I thrust once, twice and a third time, then I came. Spurting my cum down her throat as I groaned out my pleasure and as she struggled to come up.

When I was done, I let her head go and she came up gasping for air. I smiled as I realized that she had no choice but to swallow all my cum.

"You fucken bitch!" she yelled out at me punching me on my chest.

Ha. What a weak girl. But it angered me to think that she would even dare hit me. I'll make her pay.

With that in mind, I grabbed her hands together and flipped us around so that she was the one lying down on the bed and I was the one on top.

"Don't you dare hit me again," I threatened.

She looked at me with a hint of fear and I smiled.

"I'm going to punish you for thinking you had the right to hit me like that, you horny bitch."

"Get away from me you asshole!" she yelled out but I only smiled as I touched her wet, soaking pussy.

"You're telling me to get away from you, yet your body is telling me to give you more," I said to her with amusement in my voice.

Her face scrunched up in hate and it only made me smile more.

I pried her legs open and got in between her before she managed to close it.

I shook my head smiling and said, "You don't need to act as though you don't want this. I already know that you do."

I held her hands up above her head and ducked my head down to her breasts to suck her nipple. She thrashed her body around as if to shake me off, but I only tightened my grip on her wrists.

I bit down on her nipple when she didn't stop moving and she moaned out loud.

Oh, so she likes it rough huh? I could do rough.

I kissed up her throat to her mouth and kissed her, diving my tongue into her mouth as her tongue wrestled with mine trying to take control of the kiss.

I bit her lower lip and she groaned out in approval at the pain given to her.

"Put your cock inside me," she told me desperately when I let go of her lower lip.

"I thought you wanted me to get away from you? Why the sudden change?" I asked, smirking.

"I said, fuck me you asshole!" she yelled out in frustration.

I didn't move to obey her; all I did was chuckle as she became more irritated with me.

"Shh, patience whore, you'll get what you want when I decide to give it to you," I whispered against her neck and bit her pale white skin.

She moaned as I bit and sucked her skin. I left trailing marks down her body to her thighs and I bit again to leave more marks.

I looked at her glistening pussy and realized that her juices had soaked her bed.

"Oh you're so wet you whore. Are you really so horny? You like it rough don't you?" I asked her before licking the inside of her thigh towards her glistening pussy.

When she didn't answer my questions, I bit her again and she moaned out loud.

"Please," I heard her say.

I looked up at her. "Please, what?"

"Please put your cock in me," she said desperateness in her voice.

I smiled. "Very fucking well then, get on all fours," I told her and she obediently obeyed.

Her ass and pussy was raised up high, as if in offering food to a king and I smiled again.

I grabbed my cock and started to tease her entrance with it. She was so fucking wet. I slid my cock inside her and she moaned out loud.

I started pumping my cock inside her pussy and the faster I went, the more she moaned and the more she moaned, the more her moans became half screams.

I slapped her ass and she shrieked but didn't do anything to stop me. I continued to slap her ass until it was red and hot to the touch.

She became even wetter as the result of the spanking.

"Do you like to be spanked, bitch?" I asked voice husky from pleasure.

"Oh yes! Fuck me and punish me! I've been soooo bad," she cried out.

"Fuck," I said as I grabbed her body and slammed deeper into her. She screamed her orgasm and I slowed my thrust to help her come down.

I took my cock out of her pussy and it was glistening with her juices. I stuck my finger into her hole and when I took it out my fingers were also glistening with her juices.

I smiled and used her juices to rub her little ass hole. She tensed when she felt me rubbing it with her juices and tried to get away.

"Tsk tsk. Didn't you tell me to punish you? Stay the fuck still," I told her sternly and continued to lubricate her little ass hole with her juices.

"No. Not there," she said, panic in her voice.

I stopped and leaned over her back to get my face next to hers. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back making her shriek in pain.

"Trust me, you'll like it," I said and then bit her neck.

I stuck my cock back into her pussy and I pumped a few times as she moaned.

"Let me fuck your ass, whore," I said to her as I continued to fuck her pussy.

"No," she replied but continued to moan.

I stopped moving and she turned to look at me in disappointment.

I only smiled because I knew she would agree soon.

"Fine," she huffed out. "Do whatever you please, just stop, stopping!" she cried out as started to fuck her pussy again.

I fucked her pussy and stuck my finger into her puckered asshole to loosen it up for my cock.

I would lubricate it with her juices while I fucked her and she would moan at the intrusiveness in her ass and the pounding of my cock into her pussy.

She screamed her orgasm again and I slowed to bring her down from it. When she was satisfied, I replaced my finger on her asshole with my cock.

I pushed the head into her tight virgin hole and she moaned in what sounded like pain and surprise.

"Shhh, relax," I told her when she kept trying to move away.

I slowly pushed inches by inches into her ass hole until it was all the way in. I stayed still until she got use to my size in her tight hole and relaxed a little.

I moved and she tensed up again. I leaned over her back and kissed and sucked her neck to try and distract her as I started to slowly fuck her ass.

She started to moan, whether it was because of my kissing and sucking her neck or whether it was because the pain in her ass subsided and was replaced with pleasure, I didn't know. But I started to fuck her ass hard and her moans turned to screams of pleasure.

I reached for her pussy and found that it was even wetter than before. I smiled and fucked her harder like a mad man as she continued to scream her pleasure.

I was close to cumming and I thrust harder and faster. Once, twice, three times, and one more thrust and I came, shooting my cum up her ass as I collapsed against her still slowly thrusting in and out her ass.

When I was done, I rolled off her and onto my back. She moved to my side and hugged me close to her as we both came down from our orgasm.

When my breathing slowed, I attempted to get up and leave.

"No, don't leave, please," she begged me holding me down with her body pressed up against me.

Damn, she was sexy.

"Stay with me for the day. Fuck me all you want, do whatever you want with me. Just stay. Just for one day," she said as her hands reached down and stroked my cock.


I left her place when it was nearly 5 in the morning. She had begged me to stay with her again, but I had enough fun for now as it is.

We fucked all day, and only left the bed when we were hungry or needed to use the restroom.

We also talked. Talked about life and when I got tired of talking, I fucked her hard until we both collapsed on the bed with exhaustion.

Haylie. That was her name.

Well, it didn't matter anyway I wasn't planning to see that chick again. She was fun, but that's all it was. Fun.

I knew she wanted more, she didn't say it, but I could tell by the way she would hold onto me and the way she talked to me. She acted as if I belonged to her.

I shook my head and opened the door to the apartment I shared with a friend. I looked at my phone for the first time that whole day and I found myself hoping to see a text from Jenny.

But with all the hoping I did, nothing ever came.

I tossed my phone onto my bed, frustrated that ever since I first talked to Jenny, she has taken up most of my brain making me think of her twenty-four seven.

And my god, ever since she told me to kiss her that day, all I could do was imagining it over and over again.

If I closed my eyes, I could still feel her body against mine, her hands in my hair and her soft lips against mine, her intoxicating perfume and her sweet, sweet delicious moan. God, I longed to kiss her again and fuck her as I had Haylie.

I lay on my bed and started to stroke my now hard cock as I imagined fucking Jenny and hearing her sweet moans. I imagined her pussy so fucking tight and her legs wrapped around me as I continued to fuck her, opening up her pussy to accept my size. It would be a perfect fit.

My cum spurted up hitting my stomach as I came and I lay there on the bed, not nearly as satisfied as I would have been if I was with Jenny.

I picked up the toilet paper from the ground next to my bed and cleaned my cum off my stomach. I reached for my phone and looked at my contacts, wondering which girl I can call to come over so I can fuck them.

I scrolled through my contacts and came across Haylie's name. Hm, I don't remember asking for her number. That horny bitch probably put it in when I was in the shower.

I smiled and pressed the call button, calling Haylie since that was what she wanted.

It rung twice before someone answered.

"Miss me already big boy?" she said, sounding horny.

"Come to my apartment now so I can fuck you," was all I told her.

I gave her my address and told her that I expected her there within ten minutes and if she wasn't there by ten, I will call someone else. She panicked when I said that and said that she'll make it before ten.

I hung up on her and smiled.

Eight minutes later, there was a knocking at my door and I walked over to open it.

Haylie was standing at my front door wearing heels and a trench coat wrapped around her body. Her hair fell in curls around her shoulders and her blue eyes looked at me. I pulled her in my apartment and closed the door pinning her up against it as I kissed her sexy mouth.

She moaned in delight and I tore open her trench coat only to find that she was completely and utterly naked.

I stopped kissing her and looked at her body, dumbfounded.

She smiled seductively at my reaction and took her whole trench coat off leaving her with only her heels on. She trailed her fingers against my chest as she walked slowly to the open door that led to my room.

"Fucken hell," I muttered under my breath as I stared at her.

I picked up her trench coat and walked the short distance to my room and found her lying down on my bed waiting for me.

I closed the door and locked it then dropped her trench coat onto the floor before taking off my clothes to join her in bed.

As soon as I reached the bed, she got up and pinned me down, kissing me and stroking my cock. I moaned and she smiled. She let go of my cock and it landed on my stomach with a quiet slap as she got on top of me.

She rubbed her pussy against my cock, teasing her clitoris and moaned at the friction. I could feel her juices dripping onto my cock as she continued to move.

I grabbed her hips with one hand and with the other, I grabbed my cock and pushed it into her.

"Ohh yesss," she moaned as she continued to slam her body down onto my cock.

I moaned along with her as I imagined it was Jenny on top of me. My imagination only made me harder so I flipped us around and pound into her hard. I can imagine Jenny moaning and scratching at my back in an attempt to get me closer to her and I fucked her even harder.

She was enjoying it so much that she started to push her hips up to meet my thrust. Her moans were like music to my ears, and it satisfied me knowing that I was the one who made her moan with pleasure.

I continued to fuck her senseless until I felt my balls squeeze, signaling my release.

"Oh Jenny!" I moaned out loud still stuck in my fantasy. "I'm going to cum!"

My cum spurted out of me and filled her pussy. I collapsed on her and kissed her cheeks, satisfied.

"What did you call me?" a voice asked that wasn't Jenny's.

I opened my eyes and blinked when I stared at her. My fantasy was over and the cruel reality laughed in my face as I realized that it was only Haylie who was in my arms and not Jenny.

I rolled off of her, disgusted with myself and walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

"I'm going to shower. You can leave if you want, or you can stay, it's up to you," I told Haylie without bothering to look back at her as I walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

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